Are The Holidays Over YET?

I am in Kentucky visiting relatives...still not writing...and soooo ready for the holidays to be over, but at least I know I'm not alone after checking in with some other authors and finding that nope, they aren't writing either. I feel only slightly less guilty...

Heavy sigh...


Happy Holidays

Thank you all who have taken out time from this busy holiday week to visit my Flog Blog!! So from me and from Sir Hotness...Here's Wishing all of you Wonderful, Sexy Holidays!!!

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Cold, Gloomy, Under The Weather Girl

Today I am pouting from the couch while Sir Hotness cleans and straightens, gets the lasagna ready for the big dinner and gift exchange I'm having with two of my three daughters...

As it was, last year we all were able to celebrate on Yule...
This year the scheduling became much more difficult and so last night Sir, myself and Beautiful Girl celebrated by lighting candles, walking a circle, and eatting a yummy dinner...

Tomorrow will be middle daughter and the 25th will be the oldest daughter and grandbabies...

I better start feeling better soon...


Blessed Yule!

Tonight we will be lighting a fire and celebrating Yule as a family...traditionally the holiday was kept as a vigil on the longest night awaiting the return of daylight, and although I won't be staying up all night, I do plan to wake in time to watch the breaking dawn.


Last Minute Holiday Craziness

Writing has officially been put on hold for the next few days...
Cookies need made, gifts need wrapped (and in some cases bought) and the house needs cleaned...

Hope everyone is feeling the holiday cheer!


Those Priceless Mastercard Ads...

I'm last minute Holiday Insanity...sorry for the brief posts...but hopefully you are enjoying the humor...and if you have a Holiday Stress story...share it with me in the comments or via email at roxyharte at gmail dot com!


Sexy Lingerie Test

You scored 17 Modest and 70 Skimpy!

You like skimpy lingerie. The more skin to be seen the better. Sexy lingerie often doesn't stay on very long. One can spice things up by leaving part of it on during sex.

Take the Test For Yourself!


Dom/sub Makes List...Twice

When Just Erotic Romance Reviews asked its reviewers to name their favorite things, both Julie and Amber placed Dom/sub on their lists! Wow! What a way to end 2007!!

I hope that before 2007 ends you will add Dom/sub (my ebook anthology with BD Dark) as a present to yourself. Buy Dom/sub and warm up those cold winter nights...

On another note...I was asked this week the best introductory book for bdsm and I haven't swayed after two decades, this one has stood the test of time...there is nothing better out there than Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns...by Philip Miller and Molly Devon...

Here is a complete list of everything in my reading library on the subject...
1.Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Philip Miller and Molly Devon (Paperback - Jul 1, 1988)

2.SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman (Paperback - Dec 1998)

3.Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by William Brame and Gloria Brame (Paperback - Jan 13, 1996)

4.The (New and Improved) Loving Dominant by John Warren (Paperback - Nov 15, 2007)

5. Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook by Jay Wiseman (Paperback - May 2000)

6.The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance by Lorelei (Paperback - Jun 2000)

7.The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance by Jack Rinella and Joseph W. Bean (Paperback - Aug 1994)

8.Two Knotty Boys Showing You The Ropes: A Step-by-Step, Illustrated Guide for Tying Sensual and Decorative Rope Bondage by Two Knotty Boys and Larry Utley (Paperback - Nov 20, 2006)


Sunday Funnies...

I know, for some of you this might be a repeat...but I love it...

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Life Intrudes...

I had to postpone my talkcast that was planned for this evening because, well...my other job intruded...with 4 assignments due tomorrow of drive-by appraissals and snow on the way I was out photographing instead of preparing for the Talkcast...


I have resceduled for after the holiday...so hopefully I will have a big listening audience!!



Q's I Answered About Myself At Another Blog

Go ahead, join the fun...copy and replace answers with your own and paste into the comment section so that I can get to know you too:)

1. Name: Roxy Harte
2. Any Pet Names: Petey, Demon Cat
3. Piercings: ears, nose
4. What is the most recent movie you’ve seen in the theater: The Golden Compass
5. Eye color: blue
6. Place of birth: Ohio
7. Favorite foods: Anything made by Sir Hotness:) especially his Curry Chicken, Quesadillas, Lasagna
8. Coffee or Tea: tea
9. Ever been toilet papering: Yes
10. Been in a car accident: Yes. Lost count after eight…
11. Favorite day of the week: Saturday
12. Favorite restaurants: Chinese, Mexican
13. Favorite flower: Orchids
14. Favorite way to relax: Sex
15. Favorite ice cream: cranberry sorbet
16. Bedtime: whenever I fall asleep
17. What is your favorite color: Purple
18. Lake, Ocean or River: River
19. How many tattoos do you have: 1
20. Favorite Holiday: Valentines Day

I know, it's pretty generic...I usually like survey questions that have a little more spunk...ask me something interesting, like have you ever skinny-dipped, where was the most exotic place you ever had sex, what's the dumbest thing you ever said, what's the smartest thing you ever said, where in the world would you be if you could be anywhere...

I could go on forever with more interesting questions, but for now, I'll stick with the generic basics...so, tell me about yourself.


I'm Guilty...

Okay, I've been accused of cheating...not outright laughable...but doubtable...and before you get yourselves all worked up that Sir Hotness and I are headed for counceling, let me explain...

I have this WIP (work in progress) that I wanted to have done a long time ago, but because the damn lead went off on a tangent (we'll call it a love quest) the plot curve went for a roller coaster ride and I pull the entire project on a back burner...

Then created a new WIP
And another WIP
oh, all right, and another WIP...

Sometimes a girl just has to get around you know?

So, the WIP on the backburner has been throwing a temper tantrum in my brain because it wants finished...and most of these temper tantrums wake me up at two a.m. leaving me a little agitated...

Because the truth is, without meaning to, I'm falling in love with WIP 3...and I want to give WIP 3 all of my love and attention right now. And I know, that isn't fair to WIP1, or WIP2, or WIP4...but I'm finding out juggling isn't so easy when true love is on the line...

Sir Hotness's advice was to keep juggling, because even though WIP3 has become the Book of my Heart...that doesn't mean it's the right book at the right time...and WIP1, WIP2, and WIP4 are sure things, because e-publisher's are already aware of these WIP's...so just do the work...get them done...

Oy vey, isn't that easier said than done?
So I am writing...lots of writing...juggling 4 WIP's...

So if you find the blog repeating, don't see me on Twitter, or Utterz, or Facebook, or Myspace, please know that I am there in spirit...but that my fingers are otherwise occupied...writing...and writing...and writing...

(And don't tell Sir Hotness, but WIP3 is getting more time and energy than anyone else, because WIP3 is a needy little thing...and I'm guilty of being in love.)



Okay, so it's typical winter weather in Ohio...gray, rain, cold...but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it...

And what's worse?
Waking up to a second day filled with "I don't wanna's..."

As in ...
I don't wanna go to the doctor's office at one pm...

I don't wanna have to deal with the two rear tires leaking air...

I don't wanna go to the packed stores and Christmas shop for those last minute items that I have put off until the last minute because I don't have a clue what to buy for these last minute people in my life anyway...

The highlight of the entire day will be my daughter's Christmas concert at the school and getting back in front of my computer tonight to write...

This weekend I managed 5K words on a Vow Of Silence and I figured out the plot problem with Unholy Promises (which will make my editor happy)...

I went to bed last night mid-scene and really "I don't wanna..." fell into that catagory as well because I didn't want to go to sleep...I wanted to write.

This all leads to me not being very sympathetic when people in my tell me they don't want to do something...maybe I should be even more sympathetic...but my philosphy tends to be...GET OVER IT...DO IT...THEN YOU GET TO DO WHAT YOU WANT...

So, in response to my own advice I'm wishing this day away quickly so I can do what I want later tonight...


Middle of The Night Wonder...

Why is it that I only write at night?
It's a mystery to me how I can sit around all day, waiting for inspiration, staring at a blank page, fall into bed exhausted from doing absolutely nothing all day (at 10pm) only to wake up at midnight...not wide awake but mindfully awake. What I mean is this...I knew I was awake because I looked at the clock and the red LCD 12:00 glared back at me...I threw the cat out of the bedroom, drank some water...laid back down feeling "awake" but maybe only thinking I was awake because it semmed I was also dreaming...but not really dreaming...plotting...and trust me when I say, that whether dreaming or plotting, Lord Fyre is a magnificent man to be running amok in my brain...

It's that magic moment that I try to describe to Sir Hotness...
I feel like I'm awake and even appear to be awake but I'm not really awake...
It's that moment when...don't say a word...or this thought will be gone..because like dreams...plot lines are wispy bits of nothing, dissolving into thin air...poof! unless they are written down...

That's why most of my notes are sketched out in the dark, almost unreadable until morning...because I refuse to turn on a light...or if it's morning...I refuse to open my eyes...just grabbing paper and pen, and writing, hoping it will be legible...until the idea is completely out of my head...

Then...the lights go on...and damn, it's 4 a.m. ...
Where in the hell did four hours go?

I look at the pages before me, litterally scribbles, and hug them close, thankful that I was awake enough to get the thoughts from my head to the page without brreaking the spell...thankful that I was asleep enough to dream it out...

The problem is now, that I really am wide awake...and I won't be sleeping...because the wispy thoughts now need fleshed out...and there are pages that need typed...

Sir Hotness returns today...I can't wait. I've missed him more than I ever believed possible...

It's snowing...maybe it will be another SNOWDAY...maybe the snow will be a good enough excuse to get me out of the three dreaded commitments that I really want out of for this morning...

Hell, I'm WRITING...I think that's a good enough excuse to cancel absolutely everything today!! (Except for Sir Hotness's welcome home celebration)


Support The Writer's Guild

I'll admit it, I've done my fair share of complaining that the writers in Hollywood are still on strike (I believe it's week 5, correct me if I'm wrong) but not necessarily because the writers are on strike, but because the writers are STILL on strike. If you believe the propaganda, you will believe that writers are just a greedy bunch of thieves, wanting something they really aren't entitled to in the first place...

If you want to know the truth about what the writers are asking for watch the video, or go to the blog...you might just find yourself jumping on the United Hollywood bandwagon...

If embed doesn't play

So, when you see the United Hollywood logo on my site, don't get PO'd at me because you're mad that CSI and about a dozen other shows going into premature reruns, be supportive and proud of me for trying to add one more voice to the cry for fairness and equality for writers...

Every day that the reruns are running and the writers are still striking, I'm going to be hellaciously pissed because this strike shouldn't have ever started in the first place. Add your voice to a United Hollywood...let's work together to get everyone paid for a job well done...

And if your still on the fence over the whole issue, ask yourself, who's more important...the writer who writes the words that make you cry, or the actor who recites them? Ummm....yeah...I'm sooo not on the fence on this one.


So, in exchange for this Winter Wonderland view from almost every window in my house...

I get to shovel the entire driveway...

but Petey and Mr.Bear were ther for moral support...

and I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but there is much to be said for walking in the snow and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature as it only is...


Human Trafficking

Maybe you missed "Sex Slaves in America" on MSNBC last night.
Maybe you really don't want to know that millions of women worldwide are bought and sold as sex slaves or that tens of thousands of those women pass through our borders and are held against their will in our US cities.

If you don't want to know, keep hiding your head in the sand and don't find out the facts for yourself. I'm not that girl. I want to know the facts.

I want to know why an American man would pay for sex with a foreign woman who doesn't speak his language, and quite possibly naive enough, or stupid enough, to not realize the truth, or guesses the truth but is callous enough to not care that the woman he is paying for sex with is being used as a hostage, a slave ... when there are plenty of sex workers in our country who are more than willing to have sex with them.

So, even if you don't want to know about the women, at least check out the statistics on missing children in our country ... and ask yourself where they end up and whose slave they end up as.

Want more?
Google Human Trafficking...

Too lazy to google? This list will get you started...

FBI Division of Human Trafficking

US Dept of State Human Trafficking report 2007

Human Trafficking (TV Movie 2005)

Report Human Trafficking Crimes and Get Victim Assistance:

You can report trafficking crimes and get help by calling the Department of Justice Trafficking in Persons and Worker Exploitation Task Force Complaint Line at 1-888-428-7581 (voice and TTY). New laws provide options for trafficking victims regardless of immigration status. Operators have access to interpreters and can talk with callers in their own language. The service is offered on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. After hours, information is available on tape in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

Learn to protect yourself and your teenage children by explaining to them what human trafficking is (because not just girls are victims)

A first step is to recognize the tools of the Human Trafficker's trade. They love to use classified ads. Do not answer classified ads that promise higher than normal wages or promise perks that are too good to be true and warn your children against such offers.

Hotness Just Boarded His Plane

Yes, Sir Hotness officially started the new job today, which means his new ride to work is a plane ... and while this trip away is only a week, I'm sure it will seem like forever and it's a nice slow warm-up for the longer trips I know is coming ... and while I am extremely happy and excited for him, I'm not sure how productive I'll be today, while my thoughts are on him...but my plan is to WRITE...a lot...the goal is five thousand words a day this week...so I better get cracking!

So in order to entertain you, I thought I'd take you to a piece of short erotic I found this morning...a true gem that just goes to show that BDSM and humor can walk hand in hand...written by William Dean and posted at Erotic Readers and Writers...

Enjoy all and wish me luck toward my 5K!

And safe journey to you, Sir Hotness, I love you and miss you already...


Every Writer Needs A Critique Partner

Being a critique partner is definitely a two way street...a little give, a little take...sometimes you don't love the advice and it makes you want to hit walls...

Then there are days that you give your critique partner advice on a project and she lets you know that you are appreciated...and not full of shit...thus if you are feeling like your own writing sucks, you can at least see that not all of your ideas are crapolla...

For instance, the e-mail I got from Xandra today, holding my breath since Tuesday after the advice I gave her ... made me smile ... made me feel ten feet tall ...

Here's what Xandra said:
"How come you know my brain better than I do? ....
You're a fucking genius. Seriously. Have my babies. Mutant,
cross-eyed, flipper babies. I love you."

Yeah, she makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:)


Electric Advent Calendar

December 1 on the Electric Advent Calendar

For those of you who know me well, you know that obscure films really do it for me. I like bits that make me think, even if the thoughts are uncomfortable, make me laugh, even though it's for all the wrong reasons, or makes me cry, for all of the right reasons. So, for one of you, I would like to say thanks, for sharing this Advent Calendar with me, even though I will be counting down the days until Yule instead of the days until Christmas...though you may be only acknowledging that today is the first day of December--this calendar is applicable, being only about the wonderful gift you receive each day. You see, the reward for visiting this calendar each day is that your reward is a short, obscure film. I'm in heaven! How exciting is this?

And I admit, I previewed several before typing this recommend, because I wanted to make certain that the images therein weren't offensive...and please be warned, these short films were done by students, aged 14-21, from across the UK, and so the version of offensive I am referring to would be their life view opinions, the cutesy factor, or the inane zombie here or there; however, overall, I was intertained, and surprisingly, or maybe not so at all, these young, creative minds caused me to pause and think...and that is the true gift of this calendar.

Each day's film offer's the artists Bio and Location in the UK, sometimes it is a group project and the entire school is highlighted; for example, Court Meadow School for the disabled and The University of the West of England.

I hope you enjoy this Electric Advent Calendar as much I am going to and thank you for your dedication to visiting my page, even though my opinions are varied and most days I wear my rose coloured glasses...

Happy December all...

I Love This Game! Play With Me?

Okay, get your head out from under the bedsheets...
I mean, if you wanna click and play naked, I'm fine by that...
The point is...THIS GAME is so addictive!!! And I sooooo wanna go everywhere!!

Play Here:
Travel Pod

Have fun


50K? You Did IT? Congrats NaNoWriMo Writers!!

What? YOU Did it? Come on, let's celebrate!!!!!!

It's Friday, the 30th ... Don't Forget Talk Live with Roxy Tonight! 10:30pm EDT!!

Join Me Tonight for Talk Live

This afternoon I am Guest Blogging at Sexpressions the Liquid Silver Books Blog...so stop by and say "Hello!" Then get your Chronicle of Surrender characters and character development questions ready, because TONIGHT is........

Tonight's Talk Live with Roxy is in answer to a direct request from a reader to talk about the Chronicle of Surrender's characters and for my writer listeners a chance to talk about erotic character development.

So join me tonight, I'd love to hear what questions you have for me and since I too am in love with Kitten, Garrett, Thomas, George, and Jackie ... Morgana and Tom ... oh the list is too long ... call me to tell me YOUR Fav Character or scene:)

Click here or go directly to TalkShoe (remember if you don't already have an account you can listen but not interact but it only takes a moment to register.)

Call in live, same deal listen but not talk unless you have an account, so if you are calling take a minute to get a user name and password!

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444

Talkcast ID: 72096


Yule Romance ... IPod Style

I know, if you like me, have been on a date...maybe the mood just wasn't right...
But you had your trusty IPod in your pocket, and you were thinking...if only I'd loaded something ROMANTIC...

Well, it's Cali to the rescue (also an IPod lover...and romantic)
Now, you to can own a romantic crackling fireplace in your pocket AND romantic backround music...just in time for the holidays!

Here's a sample ... and bonus ... all proceeds are being donated to charity ... now that's what I'm calling the holiday spirit:)

If the sample link doesn't work for you...or you're at work and just don't time to fully appreciate this gem of an idea... just remember iYule.TV

Kinky Secrets...

I have often wondered how other people manage raising children and having a kinky life. Should it be a hundred percent secret and if so, for how long? Because from my POV, kids are smart, and even if you think you're keeping your dirty little secrets in the closet (or basement) are you really?

Case in point, I'm an erotica writer and even though I spent years writing after the children were in bed, password protecting, and other insanely creative ways to protect my children from the truth, about a decade ago, when my oldest daughter was sixteen she not only found one of my manuscripts (printed and hidden) but "borrowed it." When I discovered it missing, to say that I tore the house upside down looking for it is an understatement. It was gone... It turned up a day later, back in it's original hiding place but much worse for wear and I had a sneaking suspicion that the seventeen year old was involved. I waited for her classes to be over (she was in college at the time) and then I waited for her shift to be over (Sous Chef) going nuts on the inside waiting. When she did finally get home and I asked about it, she was very honest...
"I love it that you're a writer and your book is awesome!" (I wasn't sure whether to feel better because of the affirmation, or queasy that I had inadvertently exposed my daughter to BDSM) "Besides, I needed something for the all-night read-a-thon." (oh, no.) "But it's okay. It was smashing! Everyone loved it! It was passed by chapter around the coffee shop! We even did the best parts as aloud readings!" (oh dear god! I was trying to imagine the scene of her very artistic, Goth college mates, reading my erotica over cappuccino with live acoustic guitar in the background (which if I hadn't been so upset and after having a decade to reflect now seems like a pretty cool way to share my work) ...at this point I had to ask, "Please tell me there were no minors in the room" to which she assured me that she was the only "child" present and she didn't count right, because she was my kid? ... (I'm still having nightmares.)

At this point, we had to have the serious talk, that she was to never do anything like this again ... and ... she wasn't to breathe a word to her sister. Her answer, "Uh Mom, she's the one who showed it to me. She hacked your password, but I didn't tell you that." (My fifteen year old hacked my password? I think I started hyperventilating at that point.)

The next day's conversation with my middle daughter went something like this, "You read something this week that you wasn't supposed to."
"I know, but it will never happen again...trust me...that stuff is so disgusting...I'm probably scarred for life!" (It was okay because she was being over-dramatic in a sarcastic way but I also believed perhaps naively she would never snoop again.)

All I can say, is I survived the trauma of being forced out of the erotica-writer closet... but I still had a third daughter to go ... and she was only eight at the time... and too young to be exposed to the truth. What was I going to do? Because I would need nerve pills to face this situation again.

Somewhere along the line I decided honesty was the better policy ... you just can't fool kids ... so I stopped trying so hard to keep the fact that I was an erotica writer a secret and when the youngest girl was ten or so and asked innocently, "What do you write all day?" I answered with as close to the truth as I thought she needed at that age, "sexy romance novels." With her nose scrunched she passed judgment immediately, "You are too old to be thinking about sex...and writing about it...gross!" (hmmm...I was thirty-six at the time.)

Since that conversation our household has become a lot more open about what I write about, they know that some of my characters are gay, bi-sexual, transgendered...and play naughty games with floggers...and as a result, coming out of the closet as a little kinky myself has made talking to my daughters about all aspects of sexuality a lot easier.

So despite my fears ... I managed to not only raise well-adjusted kids--they've grown into amazingly awesome adults.

Do you have any raising kids stories to share? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


Not Quite Erotica

"She responded with those cries that men long to hear,
the sweet deep moaning sounds that echo the sigh of oceans,
the ebb and flow of fields, the sough of stars."
-Christopher Rush, from his novel Will
The shortlist for the annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award for the most awkward description of an intimate encounter has been revealed. Now in its 14th year, the prize is an award given annually to the author who produces the worst description of a sex scene in a novel. The award is in the form of a "semi-abstract trophy representing sex in the 1950's, which depicts a naked woman draped over an open book. It has been presented each year since 1993 in an attempt to discourage authors from writing crude and tasteless accounts of the sexual act.

Nominees for this years award include:

1. David Thewlis (lately of Harry Potter fame), The Late Hector Kipling
2. Jeanette Winterson, The Stone Gods
3. the late Norman Mailer, The Castle in the Forest
4. Richard Milward, Apples
5. Ali Smith, Girl Meets Boy
6. Gary Shteyngart, Absurdistan
7. Christopher Rush, Will
8. Clare Clark , The Nature of Monsters.

If you don't remember, last years winner was Iain Hollingshead for his first novel Twenty Something, also noteworthy because he was the award's youngest recipient. I'm sure you will all be giddy to hear this year's winner! The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London on Tuesday. The nominated passages will be read by actresses.

You Might Say I'm A Visual Kind of Girl

Someone asked last week on the TalkCast how I come up with my ideas/characters...and honestly, most days I feel like I have an entire library in my head just waiting to be written down ... I've been telling stories and entertaining myself daydreaming for decades and so really ... I don't have to go far ...

But some days, real-life is just ... so awesome ... you know, those funny moments that you will never forget, like the day Forgotten Girl bounced into the cafe with her post-op elastic bandeau covered by only a velour zip front hoodie, and she unzipped and pushed her new boobs together in front of the lunch rush, announcing, "And I got these GREAT BOOBS!" ... great moment ... if it hadn't already been used (similarly) in 13 Going on 30 ... I would so use that...

Then there are people I see, because if anything, I am a people watcher ... my best example was a barrista I saw last summer who had great tats (minor tat fetish) but the most intriguing aspect of her art was that the tats framed her forearms which were deeply scarred by past cutting ... no, I didn't ask her story, none of my business, but I did create a story around the life-trauma that would lead to a beautiful girl becoming tatted and scarred ... wearing her pain as it was ... and that is the focus of the WIP I cannot get out of my head ... "Vow of Secrets"

I'll try to come up with a decent excerpt by Friday ... but for now ... I'll share what triggered some visual moments for me ... and some really awesome chapters ...

I did say minor tat fetish...


You are Going to Love Morgana ... I share a first look at her in Sacred Secrets...but watch out because her full length debut is coming soon!

**Edited note...Both photos were found at preview section of Blueblood ... for more images you can pay to be a member


"So What Do You Write About?"

Seems like a fairly simple question doesn't it? Except that the one asking was my 63 yr old father-in-law and after having met him only twice before...the details might have ruined his opinion of me...

Wide eyed innocence here as I answered, "Romance Novels."

Sister-in-law and hubby both choked on their iced tea simutaneously...
with an evil grin, I kept typing without missing a keystroke.

Aren't the holidays fun?


Thankful ... and Horrified

Today is Thanksgiving and today I am thankful that I live in the USA because I can let it be known that I am disgruntled, which I am about to do, and even though I am sometimes surprised by the rulings our judicial system comes up with ... I am never completely horrified and moved to vomit as I was today. Here's what happened:

Home from work this a.m., he asked, "Did you see the news?"

"News? What news? The news that Britney Spears was a bad parent again? Or the news that the Cowboys Throttled the Jets? Or maybe the Sextuplet That went home from the Fla hospital today?" ... he just raised his brow.
"I'm sorry, I'm only as well informed as USA, AOL, and MSN allow me to be, why what happened?"

He was shocked and amazed that I truly hadn't heard about the young Saudi Arabian woman who was raped (that's putting it mildly...after I did some research, Six men Gang Raped her) and was sentenced to 100 Lashes for her crime.

"Holy shit! A hundred lashes? Seriously? For being raped? Can't a hundred lashes KILL a person?" We're not talking grins and giggles lashing here, folks, we're talking about the real deal by which she will be lucky if she escapes merely scarred for life.

I researched...not a peep in our US Headlines...and actually I'm not surprised...and a note to my dear readers who still love President Bush and continue to idolize him, I apologize in advance for hurting your feelings when you read what I am about to say...I'm not surprised because our US newspapers don't dare say anything bad about the man. Not that there isn't plenty that needs to be said...but that's an entirely different blog...

Today I am Thankful the BBC isn't controlled by our leaders...
The BBC led this morning with this quote by Hillary Clinton:
"I urge President Bush to call on King Abdullah to cancel the ruling and drop all charges against this woman," she said. "As president I will once again make human rights an American priority around the world."

A woman is going to suffer at the hands of her government by receiving not one hundred, but two hundred lashes now, because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So far, President Bush has made no statement that he is as distressed and appalled as everyone else who hears about this travesty... and I don't believe he will because he wants to remain friends with the Oil-rich Arabians ... and really, it's just one girl. Right?

I did mention that I'm also horrified today...

Any thoughts ... other than just bomb the entire Middle East and turn it into a Arnold Palmer Golf Resort? Because that one was already tossed around at the dinner table...

And I have to reiterate here that I am the one always saying End The War ... and today...I was even thinking I might take up golf ...if ...

Just Kidding ...
It just all seems so hopeless some days doesn't it?

So even though I am disgruntled by our current policy, fed up with our current President, and totally outraged at our barbaric world neighbors...I am still thankful that I live in the USA and I am heartened that it is still a democracy. Let's keep it that way.

And just cause I can, cause it's my blog, I just want to say that I am thankful for Hillary Clinton, and whether or not you agree with me that she would be a stronger president than we have now, our country is a better place to live because even though she is just one voice, she damn well knows when to use it...


Happy Thanksgiving

Before I get letters saying the pic is degrading to women everywhere...haven't you ever wanted to be the naked girl spread out on the sushi table? Sorry, maybe that's only my fantasy...

If you are reading this you are on my "I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU" List.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

How Do I Get An Erotic Scene Started?

author Nina Pierce sent this to me in a Private message and I'd like to thank her for giving me permission to move her question and my answer here...hope it's of benefit to everyone...and if anyone wants to dive in with questions, comments of your own...the water's fine:)

Also, this works in real life too people...so if there is something kinky you want to do in the bedroom...try it!!

[QUOTE=Nina Pierce]Roxy,
I have a character in my WIP that is considering experimenting with BDSM with his partner. I'm emailing to ask... ummm... and how does one go about introducing this into the bedroom? Can't seem to put myself in that frame of mind.

Any suggestions on good reads that might have an insight to the beginning of this type of relationship?

Had to ask you as you seem to be quite the authority. LOL! :D

Hi Nina,
Actually this is just the type of question I'm trying to encourage at my Roxy TalkCast ... I'd love to get more authors involved in my current topic "What Makes Erotica Erotic?"

There is actually an AWESOME podcast that covers the very subject of you original question ... how do I introduce this to my spouse, lover, FB etc...that you can listen to by going to Misstress Matisse Podcast ... I think she does a really nice job...

I have a short story that I am working on that involves a person in the scene with someone who is not in the scene...

This is the formula I used for my short story: Poppin' His Cherry
1.From a Dominant POV mention whatever you want to have happen in everyday talk, do not wait until couple is in the bedroom...
for example my male character says absolutely no way to anal and my heroine is just dying to try out a new strap-on...so over lunch, "I got a new toy in the mail today." of course when she reveals, he chokes on his cola...and declines, "Uh-uh, no way, not happening..."
2. From her Dom POV she wants him to keep her request on his mind by adding it into conversation the next day, not asking or begging mind you, just teasing ...example..."You better watch it, mister, or I'll pull out my strap-on" ... the only way this works is if the readers believe she is teasing and he believes she is teasing...
3. From Hero's Submissive POV...he's thinking about it when she isn't around wondering about it...what would it be like? He really can't get the image out of his head
4. Kick it up a notch ...my heroine plays with the rim of his anus the next time they are together...
5. Now he's really thinking about it...so much so that it is interfering with his job, his hobbies etc
6. next romantic encounter open the dialogue again ...My hero asks, "Why would you want to..." showing my heroine's POV as "yes, this is something I would enjoy doing w you...but I wouldn't be asking if I didn't think I could make it enjoyable for you as well" ...
7. my relunctant hero starts to share the faantasy
8. I'm ready to close the deal...my hero asks "Can we try it with a safe word? And if I want you to stop... you will?"
9. Commence the big scene.

Does this help?



Male Dominance and The Brain

I know, the title is all sci-fi...Xandra and Sir Hotness must be rubbing off on me, and yes, as a matter of fact, this is my second post this morning...my most dreaded cliche TwoFer' ...oy vey...

anyway, it is Tuesday, so if the shoe fits...

alas, I stray from my subject...now you will have to bear with me a bit because sometimes my brain takes two plus two and generates two squared or some other quantum variable...so I will be stretching this news story a bit to fit my general purpose, which is to say that BDSM relationships are "good for you."

Yes, take two floggings and call me in the morning ** wink**

In this news article, it is proposed that Male Dominance over a female releases pheromones which actually heal, repair, regenerate etc the Female brain, making her, smarter, stronger, faster etc... and leads to her seeking out more Dominant males to keep the feel good ie "healing" going...

If you think this is good, you should have seen my high school science project contest entries :)

So all of you virile male dominants...get off your arse and go flog someone...it's your duty to humanity...or at least the female populous
**as always I use the words male/female to differentiate only in terms of how one identifies...
***thanks to my crit partner for spellchecking this document, have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY XANDRA

Reader Mail!

I love getting mail from my readers...it keeps me writing after three a.m. when I should be sleeping...

As many of you know, having been awaiting Unholy Promises, this Chronicle has been a struggle and remains so...but I have been filling my time with Vow of Silence, which seems to be writing itself. So getting encouraging mail always helps...

Dear Roxy,
I just wanted you to know that I loved Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations. I was so excited to hear that Lord Fyre was getting his own book! Please tell me that it is going to be available soon! I can't wait! Lord Fyre had me from the moment he flicked his lighter...and then, when he raped Kitten's mouth with his tongue...yeah, that sealed the deal. I want him! NEED HIM! Please tell me he will be available soon!

Wow. I'm glad you feel that way Candice...I had been afraid that having Fyre Flick his Bic might be too much for readers,so it is nice to know that you loved that scene. I know I loved writing that scene...it reminds me of who Fyre is at his center and your letter woke me up to what is wrong with Unholy Promises... so thank you. I am tearing into Unholy today and flicking Lord Fyre with my Bic...I'll keep you posted.

At the request of Y, a huge Sacred fan, I am devoting the Nov 30th Talk Cast to Erotic Character Development...so if you have fallen in love with Garrett (Lewd Larry), Celia (Kitten), Thomas (Lord Fyre), George (Dr.Psycho), or Jackie...please call in and have your questions ready about these main players ... and if you, like me, want to know if any of the secondary characters have future starring roles ... Morgana, Tom, Enrique ... we can talk about that too.

**I used Viggo Mortensen as the face for this blog post because their are very few male actors who have the kind of scary darkness to pull off Lord Fyre. Viggo has potential...


What To Do On A Dreary Day...

Cold and gloomy is November in Ohio...

It's actually really great for me because I don't want to go outside to do anything, which means I'm staying indoors and doing research...and writing.


So what do you do on cold, gloomy do nothing days??????


Sunday Funnies...

Okay, maybe it was the wine (Mitolo Jester 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon) which was so awesome...I kept the entire bottle for moi...

This was really funny...




So today Beautiful Girl was off from school so we went shopping. It was a beautiful day, we were both in a good mood, the stores were PACKED! Like crazy insane, grabbing stuff and...hell, you'd think it was Black Friday already!

But...it was nice, there was Holiday music and...
Did I miss Thanksgiving?

I mean seriously...everyone is in the mood for "Christmas" already!! The neighbor even secured his plastic reindeer and santa on the roof already...

I don't know about this...
I don't know whether to be cranky or just jump in with both feet and wallow in everyone's merriment... okay, I'll admit it, we bought the tree ... you know, new marriage, new house... gotta have a new tree...

But it is in the box in the middle of the living room...yes, we're walking around it, tripping over it...but I keep saying, "We can't put up the tree until after Thanksgiving!"

Sir Hotness wants to know who made that rule...
Beautiful Girl is so excited about the new house, new tree, gotta have a BIG PARTY to celebrate that she would have put up the tree last weekend...

I feel my resolve wearing down...

I actually bought a few presents today...so I really need to put them somewhere...under a decorated tree might be nice...

No, no, no! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! What am I saying?

Does anyone out there have the holiday spirit yet?

Talk Erotica With Me at 10:30pmEDT/7:30PDT


TalkCast Reviewed By Reader

I love surprise notes from readers in my email!! It really brightens my day:)
Here is a note I received today:

Hiya Roxy

I just finished listening to last weeks' talkcast. I am glad we can do that cause i missed out on the last half of the discussion, which covered some great stuff. I think I am really going to enjoy this, it is fun and informative too. I didn't realized how much difference it makes when you just write what a couple may be doing as opposed to describing what they are doing and what they are feeling. That was a great example to hear. Look forward to tomorrow's cast.

Y aka Yvonne aka Alaska (myspace)

Wow, thanks Y!

Next talkcast Friday night 10:30pm EDT/7:30 PDT

If you want to talk/text be sure to arrive about 5 minutes early to get a FREE login account
or you may choose to just listen without acquiring a login.

Can't wait to hear from you!


I Know Nothing About Wine

Don't get me wrong, I love wine...I probably like really stellar beers better...but really there is nothing better than watching Sir Hotness get really stoked over a good bottle of wine. Watching him is amazing and thus I am gaining a finer appreciation for wines...even though we don't like the same kind of wines. I did accidentally pick out a wine we both enjoyed for his birthday, but I picked that wine solely because it was red, over $40. (has to be good right?), and the label had a guy in iron shackles...gotta love a guy in chains:)
He's a Shiraz guy...I prefer a Chianti or a Dry Riesling...but what that equates to is he likes wine that tastes like dirt and cough medicine (my words) meaning picking up those eucalyptus notes...I'm not sure how he describes them, seems like he uses "leggy", "jammy" and "black pepper" a lot...and yet I've never picked up anything that remotely tastes like black pepper when I'm drinking wine.

So, in an effort to be supportive of one of my hubby's fav hobbies, I've been covertly watching Gary V. on Wine Library TV (I think of them as my private Wine Tasting Classes even though hundreds of other viewers are tuned in as well)... because he talks about wine in terms I understand (even going so far as to say it tastes like gasoline) and I don't feel so stupid when I tell my honey, "This tastes like dirt with a back of the tongue licorice taste"...(making my honey extremely happy that I'm picking out "notes" of the "bouquet" even though I'm not using the same words he would use).

It must be love...or else I really do have the wine bug and haven't admitted it yet...although more and more my getaway fantasy's have more to do with Vineyard Tours and less to do with glorious views and hot tubs...mmmm...maybe we could combine both?

All I know is...I will find the perfect wine for Sir Hotness for Yule...I have faith in Gary V...

watch a little Wine Library TV

Direct Video Link

Gary V, my best kept secret officially became a celebrity by being spotlighted on CNN. Congrats!


Visit Mistress Matisse and Monk

I listened to a lovely podcast today presented by Mistress Matisse and Twisted Monk on the topic of "Asking For Something Different In Bed: Advice From the Mistress"

Yes, I could probably summarize in a hundred words or less, but it would kill the fun and charm this couple creates when together...so please, listen...you'll be glad you did.




Monday Funnies

Sir James and Missy sent me this over the weekend...woot! A "How-To" get the conversation going video....

All because I was looking for some volunteers to do some research with me...as I told Sir Hotness, it's all in the name of authenticity in my writing...and men's discomfort level when discussing anal sex and strap-on's in the same sentence...

Direct Link



Wow...the weekend is off to a banging start and then some!Here's what's happened so far...

Friday Afternoon...
Sir Hotnes received word that he got the new job he applied for at work...ie HUGE PROMOTION... which will have a huge ripple affect here at the house over the next thirty days...he'll be moving his work office to the home office, he'll become Travelling Man since 60-80% of his job will take place away from home, and I have been given the opportunity to WRITE FULL TIME and not have to worry about that pesky day job anymore and believe me when I say that transferring the hours I spent trying to sell houses in an absolutely horrible Ohio-market to hours of writing really sexy romances...I'm in tears with excitement because there is absolutely nothing I'd rather be doing than writing! I'm the girl that needs the bumber sticcker that says I'D RATHER BE WRITING EROTICA...hmmm I wonder if Cafe Press can do that...really.

Oooooooo, marketing idea....t-shirt or bumber sticker:

I don't know if it would catch on...hey I think it's kinda catchy...maybe I'll get a test sticker and pop it on the side of Travelling Man's Luggage when he isn't looking:)

Friday early evening:
Escorted to see opening of FRED CLAUSE by Beautiful Girl and her Beau. Yeah, we're all big wimpy eyed babies and teared up at the end...it was funny, different aspects of the scene did it for us...which is so wild to me that it can be the same scene but what triggered the emotion was different for each of us...which really plays into that multi-layered scenes idea that I've been trying to really perfect the art of...

Friday night:
THE TALKCAST! Wow, I was so excited, then frustrated because of technical difficulties, then totally humbled when a caller called in and it was Yvonne...I was excited because Y lives in Alaska and just knowing that she is anxiously awaiting the next Chronicles of Surrender sequel...then she said she was calling me from Las Vegas! Yowsah! She took time out of her vaca to call me? Awe doesn't describe it. Wow. Thank you Y and ALL MY READERS who took time to call or text in...because you are all the reason I'm doing the Talk Cast in the first place and really, the notes and emails...you guys get me through the rough days!!

Saturday afternoon:
I met with a literary agent, and I think the meeting went very well because I honestly believe she would be a strong advocate but honestly it's all dependent on if she loves my writing...because I'm that girl...writing boundary pushing, edgy, erotica...and I want it to go mainstream because I believe it is time for erotica to be recognized as the Literary Art Form that it is!

Saturday night:
Beer Tasting at the Bistro...yummy..although the Russian Imperial Stout, not quite my thing...I really liked the Dortmunder!!


Waking Up To A New Review!

Last night I wrote...and wrote...2a.m. came,writing, 4a.m. came, writing, and then I get a text from Forgotten Girl at 6a.m. and realize I have exactly one hour of sleep time before I have to drive teenage daughter to school, holy crap!

I can honestly say the car drove on autopilot, because daughter is at school, and I woke up two hours later when Sir Hotness arrived home from work and kissed me good morning on the forehead. I remember fleeting glimpses of the drive to school...

Whew! I'm not entirely sure that's safe, but all is well...

Actually, all is great! Chapter Three of A Submissive's Journey is done and I wrote a really hot scene for A Vow of Silence (George Fitzpatrick aka Dr. Psycho's story from the Chronicles of Surrender...mmm...slated to be book 4)... and I started a new shrt story that I am forcing to stay really far back on the back burner until further notice, but it is simmering in my head very nicely...

Yes, a very productive night...

Rewarded by a new review hot off the press in my email box! Yay! I LOVE REVIEWS...especially Good Reviews!

This is what Chris Gerrib of TCM Reviews had to say about Sacred Secrets:
Sacred Secrets: A Chronicle of Surrender, is a love story. Kinky love, involving whips, chains and a memorable scene with hot peppers, but love nonetheless. Oh and there’s also a murder mystery tacked on for good measure. It’s a spanking good read. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

In the story, Celia Brentwood, a reporter for San Francisco-based newspaper Inappropriate Voices, agrees to be auctioned off as a slave at Lewd Larry’s, the Bay Area’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club in town. It’s a 30-day deal, and she plans to write a first-person expose of the whole situation when she gets out. Much to her surprise, Garrett Lawrence, the owner and manager, buys her (paying a quarter of a million dollars!) and takes her home.

This is where things get interesting, as you see, Garrett is gay. Except, well, Celia, or Kitten as he christens her, is making him very hot and bothered. That and the guy who killed Tony, the love of his life, is sending threatening letters, including one with Kitten’s picture on it.

To say their love affair follows an unconventional path from that point on is probably an understatement. But it’s definitely an interesting path. Roxy Harte, the author, keeps the action simmering along nicely. Her characters are quite believable, and the level of writing is very high. This is more then a collection of sex scenes strung together, it’s a novel with high production values. If you are interested in spicy romance, give Sacred Secrets a shot.

I agree with Chris...I'm thinking if you haven't read Sared Secrets, you should definitely give it a shot! BUY IT HERE!


Talk Live With Roxy Harte

Whew...I'm taking the thrilling, scary plunge into podcasting tomorrow night by hosting a show titled "What Makes Erotica Erotic?" and just because I'm that girl I felt I needed to kick it up a notch and so I am hosting a LIVE SHOW with LIVE CALLERS and UNREHEARSED DIALOGUE...


Have I mentioned that whole fear of the unknown is kind of a turn-on?
Heck, who needs floggers when you can have self-imposed TERROR?

Anyway, I would like to invite everyone who has a little free time Friday evening 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT ... to Join Me as I host this Short Discussion on the Nature of Erotica. You can phone in and Listen and Talk, or you can log on and just Listen, or you can Listen and Text, or you can Talk if you have a speaker and microphone...

Here's the info you will need:
WHEN: Friday,Nov 9. 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT
WHERE: www.talkshoe.com or call: (724) 444-7444
SHOW ID: 72096

If you show up a little early, there are lots of easy tutorials to walk you through the process and remember, I'm a Podcasting Virgin too...so let's DO IT the first time ... together

Hope to hear from you Friday!!


Throw This Toy Away Immediately

No, it's not lead paint this time...but the problem toy imorted from China is even more dangerous. Marketed as Bindeez or Aquadots are small beads that if ingested breaks down into a chemical that is also known as the date rape drug, gamma hydroxy butyrate, and in small children can lead to paralysis and even death.

Watch the AP Breaking News Story

Australian officials demanded the immediate recall of BENDEEZ which was named the "Toy of the Year" a few months ago and was thought to be a best-seller here in the U.S. for the holidays as well. I know I saw them advertized just a few weeks ago on television as Aquadots and considered them as a stocking stuffer...

If you have children or someone with children...spread the word that this toy is dangerous and don't take any chances. Just throw it.

Not Sleeping, Not Writing, But Mind Plotting...

So, I've improved a little...three hours of sleep in the last fifty-two hours, so I am once again a semi-functioning author...after awhile the brain just blurs...

Which is actually a VERY GOOD place to be when plotting, so the good news is that even though I'm barely four chapters into A Submissive's Journey ... I at least know where Julia is going and what she's going to do when she gets there...and Yay...how her character evolves...

Lord Draco however, is still a little rough around the edges...but then I like my dom's a little rough, so there's no big surprise...

Be there from the beginning...Julia and Lord Draco's story begins in "Submissive" my short-story e-published as part of the anthology Dom/sub from Loose-Id Publishing...

Buy Dom/sub NOW


Tickle Him Tuesday???

Mmmmm...men tied up...what could be better?


Hey, new game...let's call it Tickle Him Tuesday!!
(*wink* I'm off to find Sir Hotness now)


Today's Mission...If You Choose To Accept It

There's a new book called The Orgasmic Diet I decided that it should be my personal mission to investigate...

Wow...If this book delivers half of what it promises, there will be a lot of really happy women on the planet.

On initial investigation...I could probably orgasm just thinking about a diet that promises a higher libido and Dark Chocolate...I admit the fish oil has me a little concerned but the author has claimed that she has had up to forty orgasms in one day and that's a stretch...but I could set that as a goal number...

Then Sir Hotness said "don't you dare order THAT book..."

Not sure why not, I mean, who wouldn't want a higher libido? And really, is wanting to have MORE SEX a problem?

and besides...I'm over forty and let's face it, those wonderful "peak years" that I waited my whole life for and were better than even my wildest dreams are waning a bit (meaning instead of needing to orgasm ten times a day to be blissful, I can settle for three orgasms a day and it's fine...but I guess the concern is ... what if I suddenly find myself in the place that one is okay? Or *gasp* every other day? I WILL NEED THAT BOOK ... so I should have it on the shelf for when that day comes! Right?)

Yeah, yeah, I do always justify my naughtiness in advance...maybe Sir Hotness won't even notice if my libido is higher *wink* ...that's assuming the diet even works ... as Amazon readers are claiming.

I think a two week trial is in in order...anyone wanna join me on this adventure?
Let me know...we'll compare notes!

Writing...Agents...and Spam...

I am working on three projects simutaneously...
Unholy Promises for Liquid Silver Books ... I really want to have it to them by Dec. 20 which is four mmonths later than I originally planned...and I apologize. Kitten didn't ike the way the story was going and so she stopped speaking to me for a bit; however, I believe that issue is resolved so long as I don't try to "take over" the story again. For a submissive she's pretty high maintenance...LOL.

A Submissive's Journey for Loose-Id ... I really, really want to get this one to my editor by the end of November so it will be the main focus for the next three and a half weeks.

A new project that isn't far enough along to even really comment on but one that is taking me away from working on everything else I have on the back burner at the moment ... including the short story I was trying to put together with my crit partner Xandra ... Originally titled Full Moon ... and actually my editor has this short looking at it to hopefully give me an opinion...

I have an agent meeting on the 10th...
Hopefully we'll like each other and she'll like my work...

And finally...
Spambots suck...I have had to enable the word verification on comments but I did take off the moderation so posts will be seen immediately but hopefully all commenting will be human and not trying to sell faux-viagra because they assume I am a porn site...

Also, if you are human and reading this and reside anywhere in the UK, Nigeria, or Timbuk-fucking-tu and REALLY want to give me money that I have inherited, or won, or damn, you just really love my writing THAT much that you have a spare $363,453. that needs to be claimed, awarded, or just transfered to someone elses account ... I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY ...HONEST ... I ENJOY LIVING PAYDAY TO PAYDAY ... (which incidentally is a step up from the Yogini Vow of Poverty that I released back to the universe) so stop using my blog account to email me! Seriously. Fifty to a hundred emails a week promising me such funds is just a waste of my time, your time, and now...because I am publically addressing this...my reader's time.


Flash Fiction Winner Announcement

First, thank you everyone who played! I know how hard it is to put yourself out there with high emotion quickies!! Second, I want to apologize for the delay in posting this...matters out of my control, of which I'm staying mum to protect someone else's privacy, took my time and attention the last few days...

Here are the two FF that made choosing a winner VERY difficult, and so...I declare a tie... and both of you winners!

by Mima...
Heat shimmered off sand. Sweat dripped into her eye the seventieth time and her temper snapped. Lunging, she tackled, straddled, pinned him. “Admit it! You’re LOST!” she screamed. After staring at his ass for hours, his front was fascinating. Edible. Leaning close, she nipped his jaw. Sand stuck to golden skin, gilding his perfection to that of a statue. “Babe, the sand is hot. Let me up.” “Is it?” she cooed. Setting her hands onto his pecs, she ground down with all her weight, pressing firmly.He lunged up with his head. She pulled back.“Nope. I’m in charge now.”

by Nina...
“This is not what I agreed to, Julia.”“It’s exactly what you what you want, Quade.” Julia bit deep into the taut muscle at his neck. Quade hissed. “Well, then I’ve changed my mind. Undo the cuffs.”“Your body says something different.” She ground her ass against his cock, straining to be freed. “Tell me your safe word.” Julia laved his nipple and sunk her teeth deep. Quade’s back arched, but he didn’t cry in pain. His cock jumped.“Stop.”“Doesn’t work that way.”“Cotton candy.”“I like that. Whipped sugar. Just like you.” Julia stood and snapped the rawhide.

Thank you to everyone who played!


Dom/sub First Month Sales

Excerpt and BUY information

I just received the numbers for the first month sales of Dom/sub and I am very excited! I think this one...at least by the numbers...struck a chord with the readers!


A Submissive's Journey the follow-up to Submissive of Dom/sub will be my prime focus for the next thirty days ... I had been working on two other title's simultaneously ... "Unholy Promises," part of the Chronicles of Surrender seres and also a new stand alone title "Living Vicariously" ...which would have put A Submissive's Journey back farther on the release list than I want it....

So...it's off to work I go ... Hi Ho Hi Ho ...


Back To Moderating Comments

Had a small problem with an e-mailer and I don't want it to spread to the blog so I am taking early precautions...anyway sorry to everyone for the inconvenience of not seeing your comment post for immediate gratification...I will check in and out as often as possible to enable seeing your comments ... so don't worry they're there!

Whew Mima, hot Flash Fiction to wake up to!




Lisa pointed out that my flash fiction post two days ago was hidden under the title of the blog Building a Story...

So here is the repost because she is totally right!

Inspirational Photo:

Here's the scoop...

Submit a Flash Fiction about the picture (100 words or absolutely as close as possible) trying to use the characters from the photo and the WINNER (chosen by moi and my two partners in crime: Beautiful Girl and Sir Hotness) will win one of my books...Sacred Secrets, Sacred Revelations, Unholy Promises (soon to be released) or Dom/sub!

The challenge is open until Monday at midnight:)

Good Luck!!


NCS Freedom

Consider this a public service announcement for NCS Freedom...
What is it?

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression.

This is where you want to go if you are in need of a KINK AWARE professional...maybe a doctor or a lawyer that understands that you are not only kinky but will not pass judgement because you are... Or, if you are a professional and KINK Aware...please go register...

Here's where I get to put in personal story A:
When I was twenty-two and still fairly self conscious about going to an OB/GYN anyway, I needed to go to get stitches because a little overvigorous play went awry... first the doctor didn't believe that I got hurt in the manner I said I did... "vigorous play" because in his words, "Sex can't do this I don't care how vigorous it was."

Boy, do I have news for him...

Then, he had not one but two nurses and another doctor come into the little room and check out my torn twat...

Yeah, I could have died...especially after being asked the third time..."How did you do this?"

I needed a KINK AWARE professional...but I didn't know they existed...

Here is another place you should go and visit, just so you will feel more educated tonight before you go to bed...The website is called Sex In The Public Square.

And do a small favor by filling out this survey if you are in anyway involved in the BDSM Community...NCFS Violence and Discrimination Survey ... because just because we like to tie each other up and spank each other, doesn't mean that anyone else in the world gets to bully or hurt us just because we're different...

Thanks for your time and attention



Building a Story

Submissive's Journey ... the working title for the continuing story of the Dom/sub anthology is off to a slow start ... I have so much in my brain but it isn't going anywhere...

For inspiration I went to a site I used to use a lot when I was homeschooling my teenagers (great lesson plans) and pulled this idea for something fun to do ... you know, writing exercise to get my creative juices going... it's fun, wanna try? No? Here's more incentive:

Write a story...win one of my ebook's

Here's the instructions:
1. Select a portrait—a painting or a photograph—and write a brief story featuring the subject of the portrait, adding traits such as height or tone of voice. Use the basic elements of a story: setting, character, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution. The main character should be revealed gradually through the elements of the story.
Here's the photo I used:

So write a story using the above picture...but here's the deal...100 words or less (called in writing circles Flash Fiction) submit in my comment box to win a copy of Dom/sub! Winner will be announced Monday night so you even have a couple days to think about it. Yay

Today hasn't been a completely useless day...my writing exercise actually led to me writing not a flash fiction but the blurb to Submissive's Journey...Here it is...

Julia Moran spent a decade as the pampered, isolated slave of Master Jasper only to have her life turned upside down by his death. Choosing what to wear and what to eat posed day-consuming dilemmas without the added stress of where to work, where to live and even learning how to write a check to pay her bills, but after almost two years, she's embraced her new life as a junior high math teacher, if still a bit dysfunctional.

The only thing missing is sex. Well that, and really wanting to be bound, spanked, and gagged, but is she really ready to give up her new found freedom for another Dominant?

Everett Hawthorn has created the life of his dreams: a fulfilling job as a Professional Dominant, steady stream of adoring playmates, and a relaxing restored Plantation in the woods outside Atlanta. In full pursuit of the good life—wine, women, and success--he holds the strong conviction that his life would be perfect if he could own the celebrated submissive of deceased, legendary Dominant Jasper.

The old saying that wanting something is more enjoyable than having something may be ringing true for Elliott because the illusive, mysterious woman that he's dreamt of, Julia Moran, is moving in. Despite his attempts to be tame her, the appealing brunette seems to have a chip on her shoulder about him . . . and the competition of living up to the memory of her past Dom, Master Jasper, may be more than Everett is up to. How far will he go to make the dream of taming her reality?

So, think I can write a story around it? Ooo better question...will this blurb entice you to buy the book?

Thanks for participating...I love you guys!!

**Editted note from Roxy Harte: Whew! Is it getting warm in here? Make sure you read the comments because Kayelle Allen just left a Flash Fiction for us to daydream about...Thank You Kayelle! You can visit her at her Tarthian Empire.

Whew hoo!! Chapter One of A Submissive's Journey is complete!!


It's Research...Honest

Sir Hotness woke up to go to work and as usual he asked, "So what did you do all day?" and after I lifted my brow and gave him that look because he knew what I'd done at least part of the day...at least the 9a.m. part...the noon part...and the four in the afternoon part...and the seven-thirty in the evening part...because it definitely included him. (Sometimes having a husband that works nights and is home during the day is pretty damn convenient...because I'm an erotica writer...which means I am either doing research (which in my line of work can get me pretty steamed up sometimes...or I am writing...and if my writing doesn't do it for me, I figure it won't do it for my readers...so I work on the scene until I'm hot and bothered.) It's those moments having a naked male in the house comes in extremely convenient...

...like today.

"I swear...it was research."

Then I showed him exactly what kind of research I was doing all day... first, the pro version...

If it doesn't play...click here.

then an amatuer version...

You would think that after an entire day of watching women take off their clothes, I would stop getting so damned turned on...but no.

Goddess, I love my job.


DIY Rope Bondage ... In Case You Want To Practice on Yourself First

Lovely Mima, I've been told she's the sexiest librarian in NY and author at LSB posted this lovely D.I.Y. Anime at the LSB Forum today, which I promptly "borrowed" for the use of sharing it here, and all other places elsewhere of my choosing ... so, thank you, Mima...and if you ever want some help tying those ropes...call me. NY isn't that far from OH;)

For those of you with a partner willing to tie you up...the above D.I.Y. can also be used to acheive a look similar to the photo below. Just make sure your partner doesn't tie anything tight enough to cut off circulation and have a pair of safety sciccors handy for a quick get out of rope option...
It must just be a day for sharing, because Shayla (yes, another Erotica author...we run in packs)IM'd me to let me know that on Thursday night Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be airing an episode where the murdered victim is bound in Japanese Rope Bondage...I'm always available to voyeuristicly partake in any venture involving rope...

Watch the clip for this week's L&A:CI Here.

Dom/sub Reviewed by a Man

I was intrigued when I received an email from BD Dark saying that Dom/sub has received another favorable review ... and this one ... by a man. Hmmm, I wondered ... would he be bored senseless by the heavy romantic element of Submissive? And would he be as critical of Dominant as my devout readers have been?

The answer to both questions was "No."

Here's what Chris Gerrib of TCM Reviews had to say:

"Dom / Sub is a pair of novellas, just coincidentally starring a male Dom and a female Sub. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the two novellas complement each other quite nicely.

Dom, the lead-off story, is written by B. D. Dark, an alternate pen name for Bonnie Dee. The story is simple enough- guy wants to be a Dom, finds girl who wants to be a Sub, and much hot sex ensues. The initial hook-up is a bit too convenient, but then that’s not the point of this story. Unlike a lot of erotic fiction, there’s actually a plot here, and some character growth. Steve, the titular Dom, needs figure out how to handle a Sub. Especially problematic is that she’s up for quite literally anything. Watching these two figure out their relationship was quite entertaining.

The follow-up story, Sub, was written by Roxy Harte, and is as much a romance as an erotic story. Julia, a long time Sub, is master-less since Jasper, her first and only, died. She’s not handling it very well, and is barely functional. Then she meets Everett Hawthorn, a professional dominant who runs around calling himself Lord Draco. The pair have a stormy meeting, and an even stormier first date. However, from the reader’s point of view, it’s all good fun, and well executed.

If you’re interested in some spicy bondage-type erotica, I strongly recommend buying Dom / Sub today."

Well. I think that's some fine advice! Buy Dom/sub today!!


Deadlines, Distractions, and A Breakthrough...Even If It's Not What I was Supposed To Be Writing

It's three a.m., I am officially getting up in four hours to start another day. Six and a half hours ago I sat before a blank page, seeking to start the new novel, working title: A Submissive's Journey. Officially the continuing saga of Julia and Everett introduced in Submissive, part of the anthology Dom/sub released by Loose-Id...

I got so far as "Chapter One"...
that's it ... just the words chapter and one...

Sometimes writing is so easy...thousands of words fly onto the page without even a glance at the time...usually missed appointments follow...or a call from Beautiful Girl announcing that I am late picking her up from school...again.

then there are times like tonight when any distraction is a good enough reason to leave the white page glaring the words chapter and one...

like my email...

and talking to Sir Hotness on the phone because he is at work and I am at home...

then suddenly mid-giggle in the excited telling of plans and this and that's...something is said...and I shake my head...surely I misunderstood because for a second there I thought he was drawing a line in the sand, totally out of the blue, unexpected, my heart imploding as if it's caught in the vice-grip of some other man's preconceived notions about how things are or should be...

for a second there I thought I was talking to the wrong guy...like maybe the ex-husband who didn't "get me" at all ... the one who never knew I was Poly in the first marriage because he wouldn't have understood that...nor would he have understood that I was Bi.

but no, right guy on the phone...I just had to clarify that he was the same guy who spent Sunday night watching not one but three women taking turns playing with his wife...

it's a funny thing what happened next ... after assurances that no there really was no line being drawn, no squishing of my soul... I hung up knowing I was loved and appreciated for who I am, even if who I am sometimes pushes his comfort zone. Goddess, I love this man.

I went to bed, closing my eyes, thinking that tonight was a wash...no chapter one...might as well sleep, when wide awake I lay... Kitten sudden;y talking in my head, telling me her story, unbelievable, because I'm already 70k words into Book Three of the Chronicles of Surrender, Unholy Promises aka Lord Fyre's Story, and until this moment she's been completely silent, leaving the book unfinished...unendable.

Kitten evolved tonight and told me how the story ends and she wasn't mewing, or even purring...Kitten roared as loudly as a Lioness protecting her turf, protecting her soul...

and this is how the final three-quarters of Unholy Promises unfurled...
excerpt begins here...told in Lord Fyre's POV

The problem with being here, in Garrett’s bedroom, is that we all follow his rules, and here we are real, as nowhere else allows us to be. All other times we wear masks to fit the situation, only here are we real…no masks, no lies…and the real me, Aristotle, though neither Garrett or Celia knows me by that name, is exhausted. Life has worn me out. It’s been a long year. Lattie, my children, Daniel, Eva, and even Garrett and Kitten have played roles in pushing me to this point, though Kitten least of all. She has been my refuge and now I may have lose the only serenity I had by insisting that another woman be allowed into our fold.


I open my eyes to find her kneeling before me, having not heard her cross the room—so very unlike me—but I find that I don’t even care that I’ve let my guard down so very much with her. Placing her hands on top of my thighs, she rubs softly. “Talk to me.”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin.” I answer.

“You honestly love me?”

“Dear God, yes, Sophia.” I call her by her birth name, cupping her face in my palms as I do so, a hug for her face. “If nothing else in my life is truth…that is. I love you.”

She nods, kneading her fingers deeper into my thighs. Half-rising, she pushes me back into the mattress and follows me, moving to straddle my hips. Her lips are on mine suddenly, kissing me, licking me, tonguing me deep and hard. I don’t try to stop her, I don’t want to stop her…I just lay there beneath her, my hands at my sides, not even attempting to touch her, too afraid of breaking the spell that is allowing her to be so aggressive. I sink into the mattress, relaxing, letting her kisses take me to a place I haven’t been in a very long time,the soft wetness of her mouth, the insistent sweep of her tongue, and warmth of her breath in my mouth lulling me. When she pulls back…minutes later…hours later…she whispers, “You won’t leave us.”

My voice chokes as I answer, or try to answer. My face is wet and I realize that her kisses made me cry. “I’m not leaving you. I am yours and I am Garrett’s for as long as you are both mine.”

“Then how can you say that you want her to come here?”

I feel tired and old looking at Kitten’s fresh, sweet face. Though she is far from being an innocent since meeting Garrett or me, she still evokes a certain naïveté. “I don’t know. All I know is it is unfinished.”

Kitten closes her eyes and I realize that she is shaking.

I wrap around her nakedness, pulling her down onto my chest. “Don’t worry. Know that I love you and I will not risk losing you. If it gets to be uncontrollable, you and Garrett come before anyone else in my life.”

"You are mine." She whispers against my chest and her solid warmth on top of me lulls me once more. I am home.

I awake, in Garrett and Celia’s bed. The curtains are pulled but even not seeing a sky, I know that it is late night. I am still wearing the clothes I arrived in, Celia is still naked though tucked into the curve under my arm, her head resting on my chest. Garrett has joined us. He is wrapped around me, also still wearing the clothes he wore this morning, and lying over me, covering me like a blanket. I don’t move, not daring to wake them. In my mind, I capture this moment, hoping to hold onto it forever, praying I don’t ruin everything. Thinking that I am such a fool to need Eva so much that I am daring to risk losing this.

Excerpt ends...
I leave you here for the day, hoping I leave you intrigued, planning on writing more Wednesday, hoping I will be apologizing on Thursday for not blogging because I was writing either more of Kitten's Story or more of Julia's Story...

Wish me luck.