Writing Excitement...

Dear Readers,

Wow! April 2008 is turning out to be a pretty exciting month for Ole Roxy...
2 Contracts...

Control to be released summer 2008 by Loose-Id
Unholy Promises to be released summer 2008 by Liquid Silver Books

and now...
talks have begun to bring Sacred Secrets out as a print edition!
Which has made me jump up and down with excitement!!! YAY! Yahoo! Yowee!!!

So let's talk a little about Sacred Secrets, shall we?
Actually...I'll write it down...you read...it will be easier that way...

Sacred Secrets was actually the third full length novel that I ever wrote and was actually started in 1998...seriously...one of the Great Powers That Be at Liquid Silver actually joked that I write a little slow...

In reality, it was written fairly quickly...in spurts...
between doctor appointments for my invalid parents who were living with me (my mom wheel chair bound following several strokes...and my dad dementia)
and homeschooling my three children...
and trips to the nursing home to visit my first husband (a car wreck left him brain damaged and a quadrapledgic)
ah...ahmmm...and going to church...
and yes, there was a husband in there too...currently ex number 2...but talking about him makes me grumpy...so I don't.

Writing happened in doctor's waiting rooms and at traffic lights...at three a.m. when the house was finally quiet...on napkins, scrap paper, the backs of unopened mail...anything that I could grab and was a writable surface that could be easily taken on the road...and easily concealed from that guy we aren't talking about...

Sacred Secrets was written in secret...
And trust me...it wasn't easy.

So when I think about the eight years it took to get it into e-book format...and over ten years it will take before it is in print...I can admit...it took a little while to write...but I'm also insanely proud that I was able to write it at all...

Find my story about how Sacred Secrets came to be interesting?
Stop back by tomorrow...there's more to share...some of it farly juicy stuff...



Title Change

Okay, so thanks from a little help from a friend, I have a new title for the WIP:

Old Dog, New Tricks...

is now


-Roxy Harte

Here's the unofficial blurb:

Fashion Designer Taylor Cooper has invested everything into her career but at thirty-four international success remains illusive while her biological clock ticks louder with each passing day until serendipity provides her with the perfect man to share her dream life with…

Stephen Barrington Sterling III, CEO of a major financial group, has spent his youth rebuilding the family fortune. At fifty-four, his mid-life crisis is his lack of a family to share his success with…until he meets Taylor.

Together, this jet-setting couple appears to have everything going for them; but looks are often deceiving… and behind the privacy of their bedroom door, they are faced with a very real problem.

Does a woman walk away from love because the one she loves can’t satisfy her sexually?

Taylor Cooper says, “No!” and embarks on a journey into the dark, sensual world of Fem Dom to learn to embrace her own strength and noir sensuality. With great inner courage, she faces the colossal pride of a man more at home in the boardroom than his bedroom and attempts to change the dynamic of their relationship.The question is, will Stephen Barrington Sterling III be able to embrace submission


Let's celebrate with some FemDom moments from the ad world...

Can you identify the ads? Correctly place all 5 photos and win a copy of Control when it is released!!

Mmmmm...Research Day

Ahhhhh...big sigh of relief...one of my big projects (100K words)for the year..Unholy Promises..is entering the editing process and has completed cover art for a summer release date...one of my smaller projects Old Dog, New Tricks (38K words) is revised and going through what I hope to be final edits this week and although artwork for the cover has yet to be revealed, I am fairly confident that everything will come together for a summer release...

So now what?
That's what I woke up wondering this morning...
I have several current WIP: "Poppet", "Lights, Camera...Orgasm", "Vow of Silence", "Hallowed Screams"...that are half to nearly complete that I could be writing on...

But I'm kind of ick today with a stomach virus that has been passed through the family this weekend and landed in my turn today...so nothing too thought provoking seemed a good idea...making it a perfect day for research...

As in, Sir Hotness came downstairs and said, "Whatcha doing?"
"Research", I showed him the pictures...he backed away holding up his hands in a Stop Right There gesture and hightailed it back to his office...

Leaving me giggling...because I can be fairly scary when I wanna;)

So I know that now, you too want to know what I'm researching...right?
Well, I started a WIP tentatively called, "Popping His Cherry" in which the cute girl next girl convinces her very hetero boyfriend that he should let her have her way with his back door...

So here are some links to a few "research" sites:
The 9 Rules of Anal Sex
Awesome Sex Toy Review by blogger Marcello

And the most PC photo I could use for forced femination FemDom


Sex Problems

Romance novels and especially erotic romances rarely focus on sex problems...but lets get real...life in the bedroom isn't always screaming orgasms...

Enter my latest novel, in edits now and coming in July, which asks the question:
Does a woman walk away from love because the one she loves can’t satisfy her sexually?

A pretty challenging storyline, I admit, but it's a story that begged to be told...
I hope to have cover-art from Loose-Id to share with you soon...

In the meantime, lets talk about what's happening in America's bedrooms...
According to research by Bob Berkowitz PhD and Susan Yager Berkowitz,who co-wrote He's Just not Up For It Anymore. "It's estimated that more than 20 million marriages in the U.S. are essentially sexless. That is, having sex fewer than 10 times per year.


Lets review the Top Ten excuses provided in the study:
1. Boredom
Yep, Unadventurous sex makes number one on the list...the article says that enthusiasm and novelty is what is missing...
So, is it really easier to just quit than to light some candles, spray some perfume on the pillows, and invest in a few props?

2.Online Pornography
Okay, I can actually buy into this one because lets face it...can anyone compete on an every night basis with the level of extreme sport that porn has become?

Yep, having kids in the house definitely affects the way we have sex...that's why it is so important to have those times and places away from the kids to have wild, crazy, screaming sex that will not traumatize the children by making them believe that daddy is killing mommy...adding the cost of a hotel room and overnight sitter seems like a bargain to me when the alternative is giving up sex. No extra money? Fine. Impose on a friend or relative for the babysitting and take the sexual urges on the road...we all were teens once and we all had sex in cars, on park benches, in state parks...you get the picture.

Harder, but there are answers, after consulting a physician. Erectile dysfunction is serious, especially as men age...but that doesn't make it solely the man's problem...swallowing a pill may not be advised or necessary...especially if a little longer time spent by the woman is the answer. Pay attention to this...an older guy once taught me how to give the perfect hand job...time and oil were required...I like sesame oil but there are hundreds to choose from at the health food store...do not waste your money on the flavored, thick, gooey, absolutely worthless massage oils out there...start stroking, not too gently either...then plan to fall asleep with exhausted fingers because it may take awhile...an hour should be considered average...if you are willing to spend an hour stroking the guys penis...he'll be willing to do anything you want him to do to trip your trigger in return:)

5.Weight Gain
Being overweight kills sex drive...start on a regimen of salads and exercise together because giving up sexually contentment for the sake of food is so not worth it.

6.Distractions in The Bedroom
I have a rule...no T.V.'s and no PC's in the bedroom...make it yours too. Then add soft lighting, soft music, a zero clutter policy and you will be on the right track.

Well, I have to say that this one was a surprise and am quoting the article directly here, "Almost nothing kills intimacy better than rage. Withholding touch, warmth, and sex can become a form of punishment. Oftentimes, this is because one spouse views sex as one of the few things within his or her control. The only way to eliminate hostility is to talk about the root of the anger. Consider marriage counseling."
In m opinion...don't hold the anger in...talk things out as they happen.

8.Secretly Gay/Lesbian Partner
Communication and understanding and an open mind to the possibility is the answer here...and if it turns out that your partner is decide how best to open your marriage to others so both people in the relationship can find sexual satisfaction...divorce isn't always the answer...

9.Alcohol, Drugs
Sigh, too much of either is a sex kill...decide if this is a problem that needs treatment and go from there...

Such a double edged sword...depression creates lack of desire...meds for depression also numbs sexual desire...find a professional to help with both.

More in the realm of married sex...I loved this article from Prevention magazine because it provided tips for all of us...whether our sex life is fair, good, or great...because we all want exceptional. I was going to summarize the article but really the case studies are interesting..and there are such treats of info tucked in...read it and I think it was worth your time.

Not Sane or Consensual...

I am always distressed when I learn that someone has been held against their will...and the news out of Amstetten, Austria today was especially shocking. A woman came forward claiming that she has been kept a prisoner by her father for 24 years, bearing him 7 children, six of who lived, three of which were kept in the basement prison with her. The children kept with her, now aged 19, 18, and 5, have never seen the light of day...have never been educated...

Jail would be too kind for the man who did this...



Unholy Promises...No Longer Naked

Whew! My soon to be released Chronicle of Surrender: Unholy Promises has a cover! And the cover artist, April Martinez, really did a great job, capturing so much emotion in a single frame...Wow...I'll say it again...WOW!

Lord Fyre has a secret.
His lovers, Garrett Lawrence and Celia Brentwood, know him by the name Thomas Stephanopolis, but that is just one of his many aliases. Lord Fyre is an international agent, wanted in as many countries dead, as alive, and hiding from his many enemies behind the cloistered walls of Lewd Larry’s BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club has kept him safe…

Lord Fyre’s past has just caught up with him.
His twin brother is in danger and returning to Paris to save him is his only choice, but more awaits him in Paris than the cat and mouse intrigue that he left behind…her name is Eva—and she may be the greatest danger he has ever faced.

Oh my, with Eva in the picture, where does that leave Garrett and Kitten?


Sexual Satisfaction Findings...

That's all I have to say about the scientific study which I found by visiting fellow author, Rusty Wick's, blog...Rusty's Ramblings

Only Minutes Needed For Satisfactory Sex

All I have to say is a man did the research...on other men. Period. And really...the test participants were armed with stop watches...were they trying for a race?

Now, I'll admit, with my vibrator...minutes will do...for an orgasm...if that's all we're talking about here...but for women...it takes more than an orgasm for complete satisfaction...

Look, not to be rude, but I don't need another warm body to orgasm...and I haven't since I was eight...but a quick release is just efficiency...not fulfillment...it takes the edge off and makes the day a little less stressful...

But if we are really talking about sexual fulfillment...it's going to take a whole lot more.
And there is no mention in the article at all that mentions anything about the 50% of couples who are unsatisfied with their current sex life (**less abroad)...

As a matter of fact the article claims:
"There are so many myths in our culture of what other people are doing sexually," Brandon said. "Most people's sex lives are not as exciting as other people think they are."

I guess it depends on whose blog you read...maybe all that sexual ecstasy is pure fantasy...

How can I be so certain?
Amazing lovers. Not one. Not two. Not merely a fluke. And I've decided it's all about expectations. If I tell the guy we've got four hours to play...that's how long we play...and multiple orgasms around usually leave the question of satisfaction a fairly mute point.

Okay, even on a purely vanilla level...sex lasts as long as both partners are cooperative...if it's minutes, somebody isn't co-operating...

Is there a place for the Quickie?
Most certainly.
But that should fall under the realm of unusual...not always.

So...by the numbers...according to this study which is the largest and broadest of its kind...AND...corralates sexual satisfaction and happiness...

In Western nations, two-thirds of men and women reported their sexual relationships were satisfying, and 80 percent said they were satisfied with their ability to have sex. About half of the men and one third of the women said sex was extremely or very important in their lives.

In Middle Eastern nations, 50 percent of men and 38 percent of women found their sex lives satisfying. About 70 percent said they were satisfied with their ability to have sex. Sixty percent of men and 37 percent of women said sex is an important part of their overall lives.

In East Asian countries, only about one quarter of men and women reported physical and emotional pleasure with sex, while two thirds of the men and half of the women reported satisfaction with their ability to have sex. Among men, 28 percent said sex was important to them, while only 12 percent of the women did.

I'll just bet, if they armed their participants with stop watches...there would be some pretty quick quickies coming out of the information from the Middle East and Asia...

Today's lesson?
It isn't about speed...slow down and enjoy the moment...


So Many Birthday Wishes!

I had so many friends and readers that sent me birthday wishes, I started to feel spectacularly special...and now today the belated wishes are coming in:) How incredibly wonderful! I also received a sweet video from a friend...which I'm sharing here:

Direct Link
I admit, I share a certain affinity for the Ditty Bops...so if you haven't given them a listen...click,
* * * * *
I spent part of the morning with my crit partner, getting organized...because my backburners are overflowing and I really need to get focused!

Here's the plan...which for me...may change on a whim...but not too much...at least until all of the main writing is submitted...

Editting now for summer 2008 release...
Old Dog, New Tricks
Unholy Promises, Book 3 of the Chronicles of Surrender

WIP to be submitted in May:
Living Vicariously
Lights, Camera...Orgasm

I have 5 additional WIP that are rolling along, but really need to stay focused until these are submitted...most stay focused!!


A Blurb!

Over at Liquid Silver Books Readers Forum there are some impatient fans, demanding a blurb for my soon to be released Book Three of the Chronicles of Surrender: Unholy Promises...

Here's what I have so far...
Blurb begins:

Lord Fyre has a secret. His lovers, Garrett Lawrence and Celia Brentwood, know him by the name Thomas Stephanopolis, but that is just one of his many aliases. Lord Fyre is an international agent, wanted in as many countries dead, as alive, and hiding from his many enemies behind the cloistered walls of Lewd Larry’s BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club has kept him safe…

Lord Fyre’s past has just caught up with him. His twin brother is in danger and returning to Paris to save him is his only choice, but more awaits him in Paris than the cat and mouse intrigue that he left behind…her name is Eva—and she may be the greatest danger he has ever faced.

It's A Birthday Celebration!

Funny thing...I was sitting at home this morning...alone...and it's my birthday. I could be sad because Sir Hotness is on a business trip but don't feel bad about the alone part because I won't be alone all day...its just sitting here alone, it dawned on me that there are probably people in the world who really are completely alone on their birthday...with no one to share it with... so I'm lighting a candle for them today too...

I will forever and always share my birthday with Beautiful Girl who turns 17 today. Yep! She was my birthday present and honestly, having her in my life has been a blessing and a miracle that I will always cherish.

Last night, I went to bed slightly after midnight and I found confetti in my bed and on my pillow...and also on the night stand...and a glittery path through the master bath and over the vanity. Beautiful Girl had been there:) but the celebration didn't end there...she'd also filled the room with balloons and hung pennants that read "Happy Birthday."

So what did I do?
I went up to her room (third floor)... and pounced on her...yep, she was sound asleep...I jumped on her anyway... and threw confetti on her...cause we have double the reason for confetti throwing...then I tossed some confetti on her bathroom vanity before I cloimbed into my own bed...and wrote on her mirro in bright red lipstick:

And this morning there is yet another reason to throw confetti!
Because there is bright news on the horizon because Loose-Id offered me a contract on Old Dog, New Tricks bright and early this morning:) Woot! I'm throwing confetti....
This was especially great news since I have decided to take a break from my day job (real estate agent) because the housing market is what it is... I prefer to see it as serendipidous ...I wanted to write but I was working 12-14 hour days... now the long real estate hours are yesterdays drama and I am WRITING! Yay!!! Throwing more confetti...
I have to make some revisions but am hoping to have it completed for Loose-Id's projected July release date...part of their Hot Hot Hot! Summer Sizzle line up...so now I'm rearranging things again...and pulling this one back to the forefront for revisions...which is awesome timing because the Liquid Silver editor needed time to get to Unholy Promises...so that one isn't going to be edited until sometime next week...leaving me plenty of time to work on Old Dog!
...awww...Sir Hotness just called to wish me a Happy Birthday:)
Where was I?
Oh yeah, shuffling projects...mmm...tomorrow I am meeting with my critique partner and I'm really just going to spend the time focused on my paranormal...and her Male/male...

But then...back to Old Dog, New Tricks...I really hated that title and wanted to change it but it's growing on me...I think I actually like it:) I'm gonna keep it. (I sure hope my Loose-Id editor agrees with that decision...)

So how am I spending my birthday?
After school I'm taking Beautiful Girl out to an amazing Chinese restaurant that has two menus...one public and one private for special customers ... guess which we are ordering from?

Then...we're taking in back to back movies...it's becoming a tradition...
her pick: The Other Boleyn Girl
my pick:The Spiderwick Chronicles

And then?


The Official Game Choice Of Roxy

Wanna play a game? Traveler IQ is my favorite! If you scroll to the bottom of my page...you too can play during those random moments of boredom that happen to all of us sooner or later...

Go ahead...try it! Beat my score! Today I'm trying to beat my high score 170, 987...and Minsk, Belarus is my Achilles...I need to nail that one because the computer seems to remember what I don't know...drats! My plan is to research Minsk...pound it into my brain...and achieve Level 7!

And as far as Minsk goes on a more personal note...not sure I'd ever want to visit...according to the US Embassy based in Minsk, they seem a little unfriendly to Americans.

I know...I'm such a geek.
Post your high scores in the comments section! And don't worry, I won't be offended if you beat my high score. I hope you do! It will challenge me to try harder next time!

Hugs all around!


Say What?

I found this advertisement today...read the label carefully...sometimes that Japanese to English translation goes a bit haywire...want more translation mistakes? Check this site out.

What else have I been doing, besides not blogging?
Not writing...plotting but not writing...my muse has fled...it's going to be a long week...

The good news is...I'm sleeping at night...8 hours a night:)


Why Does This Bother Me So Much?!

Okay, I am going to admit it out loud...I am so conflicted over the Utah polygamists. I spend way too much time checking the news updates. I want to know what is going on...

Especially with the children.
Over 400 removed from the custody of their parents, although from what I have read, the children involved may not even know who their real parents are because a lot of child swapping occurs, including name changing...

So what is up with that?
I don't like my own kid so I trade you for yours?
Or is it a safety thing? Keep everyone confused enough and then does it really matter what is going on anyway? Because would I throw a fit if my thirteen or fourteen year old daughter was forced to marry my husbands uncle Joe who just happens to be fifty-two and has four other wives to worry about? You betcha...but on the other hand, if I think it is really your kid...does it really matter that much?

Uhhh....yeah...in my head it does.

Especially when I read this from aol:
"Last week, agents searching the sect's vast polygamist compound said they found a bed in the sect's temple, above, that prosecutors believe was used for men to have sex with their underage "wives" right after they were "married." "

I can only imagine the horror a young girl would feel being forced to marry someone she isn't interested in...maybe kicking and screaming that she doesn't want this...maybe already "in love" with a cute guy her own age... and then, right there in the church being raped to make it all legal and tidy.

How and why is this happening in our country?
aol has this to say...
"Jeffs, the polygamist leader, is serving two consecutive sentences of five years to life in Utah as an accomplice to the rape of a 14-year-old girl who wed her cousin in an arranged marriage. He awaits trial in Arizona on charges of incest and sex with a minor in connection with arranged marriages of teenage girls to older male relatives."

...from additional reading, he actually held the girl down while she was raped by her "new husband"...

Does this seem reminiscently familiar from an old romance novel I read that was supposedly based in the Scottish Highlands during the sixteen hundres? Yes, it does...and how had fiction seemed so romantic...and this real life scenario comparatively horrifically tragic?

This should seem so cut and dry...
Right is right and wrong is wrong? Riggggghhttt?
But in this case how can right and wrong be determined...?

It seems right that the children should be returned to their crying, broken hearted mothers...but at what cost? Only to be denied what is deemed "a normal upbringing" in this country...to be taught that rape is ok? That it is even sanctified by god?

You will hear me say it again and again...
All religions should share the freedom to live and worship the way they believe...

How does this scenario make me feel about that belief?
Squishy to be certain...

Where does the line get drawn? And who draws it?
One thing is for certain, I do not envy the judge overseeing this case...

Because as it stands...I know what my conclusion is and I think that would probably be illegal in several states...but I think I could also find a few good men, and a few good women wearing strap-ons, who would be more than willing to teach the men responsible for raping those young girls what it actually feels like to be forced into doing something wholly against their will...

I have a million more thoughts on this issue, including the question, If it is deemed socially unacceptable that this activity continues (the raping and pre-arranged marriage of very young girls) then how do you convince generations of women (and men) that they have been brainwashed into believing it was morally right?

Comments? Anyone?


It's Spring...Fashion!

I love fetishwear and this designer, Ego-assassin, is extra yummy.
For the men...

Mmmm...maybe you'd like some plummage with your exoticware experience

Can you guess which one is my favorite?


Interviewed By Joyfully Reviewed

Today had an interesting (read entertaining) beginning.
I was interviewed by Joyfully Reviewed dot com, who I adore, not because they have given me some great reviews, which they have, but also, because they have given me some very honest reviews...which have drastically improved my writing.

So, I've been interviewed before...and with some predictability..."what's your fav color? Fav author? Fav music?...Joyfully asked those questions as well...

But that also asked some questions which seemed so innocuous but which for me drew on something over the top...definitely a brain orgasm moment.

(For those of you without the Roxy Harte abridged dictionary, a brain orgasm is when you are so mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically, overwhelmed with the moment that pleasure/pain sensors are triggered simultaneously within the brain for one of those OH! moments.)

For example:
What makes Roxy...Roxy?
Your story deals with BDSM...what draws you to this genre?

And dozens of others...which you will have to read the interview when it is released...I'll be sure to let you know where and when;)

Today is the LAST DAY TO VOTE for me at www.bondage awards.com


Legalize Prostitution...

Lety's just get one thing stright...I am definitely a supporter of legalized prostitution. Until we can get rid of the stigmas placed on what happens behind closed doors...and sometimes filmed for all to see...America is going to have sexually repressed Senators that have to use our tax dollars to get their jollies...because they are afraid that attemptting to legalize prostitution would ruin their career...

I must just be in a political mood...ie...I woke up in a bad mood (which translates into getting too much sleep because I actually slept long enough to dream and the dreams were bizarre...my version of a nightmare which involved belly dancing, my ex-husband, church and Thanksgiving...I know...freaky...in a sick Carnivalesque way.

And, I found this snippet....if you don't mind a little political humor...basically a guess into what the front runners would enjoy in the bedroom. You can read it here... http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=526575

Beyond that...
For your entertainment and in support of the Hooker Beauty Pageant 2008, hosted by Natalia Fabia, here is a video clip that was aired on Boing Boing TV...


In The News...

Okay, who were the 2500 peopple polled?
Do you agree?

The Harris Poll announced America's Top Ten books today and here is how it stands:

10. The Catcher in the Rye
9. Atlas Shrugged
8. Angels and Demons
7. To Kill A Mockingbird
6. The Da Vinci Code
5. The Stand
4. Harry Potter
3. the Lord of the Rings
2.Gone With The Wind
1. the Bible

So, obviously, my opinion doesn't matter so much...and I agree that Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings need to be on the list due to the enormous impact they've made on today's society...but Gone With The Wind? My mother would have agreed, but I can't say that it affected my outlook on life in the least. And Atlas Shrugged? Published in 1957, I must say, I'm still shrugging that so many people have read it in the last decade to make it relevant, although it was republished in 1996 and maybe that wave of purchases influenced todays voters.

What do you think?

On an even more traumatizing note...
More research has been done into the love/lust connection...as in, "Is he looking at me with love and commitment on his mind?" or "Is he looking at me like he wants a one-nighter?"

According to this report:
Men with a square jaw, large nose and small eyes are more likely to betray the look of lust than of love and men with softer features were more likely to opt for commitment.

It also states that women see masculine men as more likely to be unfaithful and worse at parenting.

Gee, what does that say for our need for every romance novel to feature a square jawed Alpha male hero?

The report doesn't end there. To add a little insult...women who are attractive...more likely to agree to one-night stands going into the relationship. Who knew?


Please Don't Confuse The Two...

I have many friends who are involved in loving, caring, if at times difficult to manage...polyamorous relationships (meaning that they have more than one partner and all partners involved are aware of the fact that others are involved) And I will not say that every polyamorous relationship is sane or healthy, usually the people involved figure it out quickly enough and make the changes necessary to stay sane and healthy themselves. Here is a good link...http://www.polyweekly.com

Polyamory is between consenting ADULTS...

What is not polyamory?
Cheating...which is when only one person knows that they are having other partners involved...and I especially abhor...I cannot say this strongly enough the person who is knowingly in a polyamorous relationship and decides to tell the other that they want to add to the list of partners (until they decide if they like them enough to involve them)...huh?

The excuse is...why tell (them) about x and y if it isn't going to work out...
Uhhh...this is a hard question?
This is (yes I'm going to through the big word out there that no one wants linked to sexuality these days...) immoral! Because (they) are now having sex with all of you whether they know it or not (and do not tell me...I use protection...so they are safe).

That's a whole other soapbox for me...

What is not polyamory?

My heart is breaking for a lot of women today because they have been kept prisoner...prisoner to a marriage that they may (or may not) have agreed to...and married to a church that didn't keep them safe. Now, they are separated from their children while the investigation into the well-being of all concerned is looked into.

I can understand the why.
As in why the kids have been taken from their mothers...
I think there has to be a better solution.

So before you mistake polyamory with **fundamentalist religious polygamy...get the facts. There's a world of difference. Especially when it involves 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old teenagers forced into marriage with older men (40, 50, 60) and used as brood mares.

**The intent is not to show disrespect for any one single religion, because though the target of the sting represented in the news this week, they are not the only guilty religion doing so.

**The sect in the news is a break-away group denounced by the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Spring is Here!

Only one week of voting remains at www.bondageawards.com
So, if you are a fan of Sacred Secrets, Sacred Revelations, or Dom/sub...please vote for me! You are allowed to vote daily, but only once a day. Just scroll down to best erotica writer, and find my name in the pull down list...easy...
What else is new and exciting?
Friday night I slept 9.5 hours...whew...that was the equivalent of the three prior days put together and wow did I feel awesome all day Saturday! Of course, last night I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 am, but I didn't get up until 8:30am so all in all 6 hours...not a bad night.

Why the focus on sleep?
If you have never experienced weeks of insomnia...trust me...sleep becomes a focus.
Not the high of orgasm, but the next best thing...

Today and yesterday, 65 degrees in Ohio!
Sir Hotness and I played outside all day in the garden beds...I am so excited that Spring is here...now if we can get through the next three weeks without any significant snow fall or other disastrous weather...I think my strawberries will be fine (I put 100 plants out and 92 of them have at lest three leaves already...)

Today we got one of the main flower beds ready, omg what a task...I'd had a bird feeder above the bed last year and the seeds had sprouted over winter...and in some places the roots were a foot deep...insane amount of digging...so tonight SOMA is in order...almost every muscle hurts...nope, on reevaluation...every single muscle in my body does hurt.

If you have any gardening stories...let me know:)


It's A Research Day!

What am I researching?

Small towns in Alaska...
Anchorage has a beautiful skyline...but NOT a small town...

I think that I have Sir Hotness talked into taking an Alaskan research trip with me...traveling for inspiration is a tax write off for writer's right?

And boy, oh boy, will I ever be ready for some time in the wilderness...
Today I am operating on an all time low of two and a half hours sleep, but last night I hit the 8K mark on the new WIP...so no sleep in exchange for talking muse was a-ok by me. Who needs sleep anyway? I'm finding it highly over-rated.


Stressed Out...

I just started a new work, titled Poppet, and unfortunately for me...my muse must be on vaca cause I'm struggling and that's stressful for a writer...

Also...I just committed to doing an anthology with Lila Dubois and we gave ourselves an April 30th deadline. Woot! Mine's called Living Vicariously, not sure what hers is titled yet...maybe she'll comment here and then we'll all find out together!

Still waiting for edits to begin on both Old Dog, New Tricks and Unholy Promises...

Still averaging three hours of sleep a night...I think I dozed off at the chiropractors though while I was buried under hot packs...the drool on my cheek was my only evidence of that though...because I don't remember sleeping LOL

I have broken my Pepsi addiction!!! YAY!!! Now I'm relying on Pepsi Max for my caffeine but zero calories and zero carbs which has allowed me to consume almost all of Sir Hotness's birthday cake without gaining a pound...

Come to think about it the higher caffeine and boatload of sugar may be what's fueling my insomnia...thank goddess I have this blog to help me figure things out...

And this contribution that arrived in my email today...

"Play nice, cause time changes everything."

I Am Somebody, Damn It

Don't you hate it when you're surfing around and you're reading something really cool and you just have to comment...but you aren't recognized because as far as the page is concerned you don't exist...and worse Anonymus entries aren't allowed?

Well I am now officially Somebody at Live Journal...so if you use LJ come find me...


Not Sleeping...

It's kind of funny...well, not really...
I was just telling a social networking friend that I have rearranged my life to include sleep...this was yesterday...then I realized...
Sunday night I went to bed at 2:30am...awake at 5:30 am...3 hrs sleep
Monday night I slept 4am to 6:30am...2 and a half hours sleep
and last night? 2am to 6:30am...4 and a half hours sleep

Yikes...I'm averaging 3 hours a night...and that's rearranging my life to include sleep? Is it any wonder I'm feeling a little stressed out?

No relief in sight...tonight I know I'm committed until 2am...
And yes, the alarm will go off at 6:30am...


I Love My Critique Partner...

Today I spent a few hours at Xandra's and thank goodness I did!
You see...Xandra is my critique partner...she has outlasted a marriage, a few not so serious relationships, and a few serious relationships. She is my lighthouse when I can't see through the fog...

The last few weeks have been extremely foggy...

I have the rough outline for what I hope is going to be my break into mainstream novel. It's a little different for me being a paranormal suspense (although it definitely has erotic undertones). I'm so excited about the rough draft...that the actual writing has stalled because of inner drama...

What's my drama?
1...My title doesn't work...I can't start the actual page one without a title...maybe a little OCD...but I just can't type Chapter One without having the title above it...

Xandra saved the day...
She asked me what the book is about, I told her, and voila...2 seconds later she said, your title is, "Poppet." (no not puppet...a poppet)

2...My chapter one was lost all the way at the end of the book

Again, Xandra saved the day, making my last chapter my first chapter...go figure.

Now, all I have to do is write the book.