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This was originally posted on my Reader's Forum, but since I wasn't getting any comments...I brought it out for some fresh air and hopefully fresh reviews...Enjoy
In my upcoming book, Sacred Revelations, the art of rope bondage, Shibari, is explored. This is your peek into what a rope session could start out like. Thank you and Violet for sharing.You can see more of Monk's take on this scene at Sept 8 post www.twistedmonk.blogspot.com

What I loved most about this mini peek into a scene is that it also demonstrated how a rope Dom who actually knows what he is doing can control a scene fairly easily...nice. To have been a fly on the wall once the cameras stopped...

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by violet with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.


What One Will Do For Love

Tonight was my daughter's High School Homecoming...last week was filled with days of shopping to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry. Today, it was all about the hair, the make-up, the nails. Then the moment arrived and I became chauffer-extraordinaire.

Daughter beaming, incredible with her platinum/black hair, teal very short dress and four inch heels and Beautiful boyfriend, tux, shiny shoes, bearer of awesome corsage...are all ready to go. Houston we have a problem. He left his homecoming ticket in his bedroom. Okay, not a big deal, I u-turn and head for his house except his parents aren't home and the doors to his house are locked. I ask the obvious question, "How easy are the screens to pop?"

Beautiful boy looks at me like I've gone mad. So the next question wasn't asked with as much enthusiasm but more of a let's think this through, "Is there any other way into your house?"

His answer, "There's the dog door."

"Perfect!" I say, "Assuming we're not talking about chihuahua's!"

"Not chihuahua's, big dogs, five big dogs...but I won't fit and I can't ask Beautiful Girl to do that...look at her!"

"I'll do it!" I volunteer.

"Aren't you even going to ask if the big dogs are going to chew your face off?" Beautiful Boy asks.

"I've never met a big dog that didn't love me, " I promise; and thus, Super Mom saved the day by crawling through the doggie door and unlocking the back door so Beautiful Boy could get inside, grab his ticket, and take my daughter, Beautiful Girl, love of my life, to the big dance. Nights just don't get much better than this.

2007 Eppie Contest is Open

The press release announced: the premiere e-book contest enters its 8th year with a bang. Authors world-wide, from all walks of life and 23 genres are welcomed to this yearÂ’s event. I decided I'm ready!

Because Sacred Secret has had such great reader response, I decided to enter the 2007 Eppies! So now, the entry fee is filled out, the PDF attachment of Sacred Secrets sent, and Paypal figured out (it wasn't as hard as I thought)...and I'm nervous!


Ready for Folsom 2006?

The countdown to Folsom Street Fair continues as Sunday, September 24th fast approaches!

If you haven't heard about Folsom Street Fair, you are missing out on one of the great joys in life...but then I'm a girl who loves festivals. Mind you, I grew up in rural Ohio where our big entertainment was going to the Pork Festival, the Pretzel Festival, the Pumpkin Festival, the Apple Butter Festival which is about as wild and deviant as it gets as far as public fairs goes.

So imagine my excitement when I grew up and learned that an actual alternative lifestyle celebration actually takes part on the streets! Can you say, "What's the fastest route to SF?" That may be one reason I subconciously chose San Francisco as the home city for my hero and heroine, Garrett and Celia, and their many friends, to make their homes and livelihoods in the series Chronicles of Surrender.

Sadly I won't be attending Folsom this year, but I have friends who will and I am hoping for pictures, lots and lots of pictures! If you go and have a picture to share...send it to me and I will post it!

At the time of this posting, other noteworthy news coming from or about SanFrancisco included...
from Michelle Meyers CNET News.Com
DUBLIN, Calif.--Video blogger and freelance journalist Josh Wolf was on Wednesday given two more days to either turn himself back in to prison or cooperate with a federal grand jury seeking unpublished footage he shot during a protest that turned violent.

Wolf, who said he has no plans to hand over the outtakes from a 2005 San Francisco demonstration against the G8 summit, initially had until Wednesday afternoon to return to the Federal Correctional Institute here, according to an order by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals revoking his bail Monday.

But at the last minute the court gave Wolf, 24, a couple of extra days. That not only allows him to deal with roommate issues, pay bills and downscale his cell phone plan, he said, it gives him time to spread his message about what he sees as an attack on a free and independent press.

No "unpaid journalist" wants to be an "unpaid investigator for law enforcement," Wolf told a pack of reporters who had come to the prison for a press conference and to see him walk through the prison doors. On Aug. 1, Wolf became the first known blogger to be jailed on contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury.

San Francisco is hosting their first annual San Francisco Halloween-in-September rally from September 22nd to 25th so if you hear the hornet-like drone of a single speed two-stroke engine don't panic. I just wonder who planned the two event to coincide?


The Naughty Dutch Girl

This is a copy of the interview that posted on The Naughty Dutch Girl on Tursday!


AuThursday! - Roxy Harte

author of The Chronicles of Surrender, a BDSM erotica series

Q: How long have you been writing?

I've been writing stories, major epics, in my head since grade school. I can still hear my mother yelling at me to stop daydreaming because I freaked her out by staring into space too long. During my twenties, I turned to writing poetry after the loss of my first husband...then in 1996 while nursing both terminally ill parents, I again turned to writing as therapy, joined RWA/OVRWA, and committed myself to learning the art of good storytelling.

Q: Is Sacred Secrets your first published Book?


Q: You write for LSB's Molten Line...was it hard to find a publisher to accept your content/style?

Actually, yes. I've been courting various publishers for years and although several (print and e-book) expressed interest, they also requested major revisions, meaning they wanted my first person POV changed to third. I spent most of 2002 completely rewriting Secrets in third person, singular POV but it lost its intensity so I chose to not release it with that publisher. I'm really glad I held firm to my convictions because seeing the way Sacred Secrets turned out after edits, I can't imagine it any other way.

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

I framed the good ones and burnt the bad ones. I am a firm believer in surrounding oneself in positive energy.

Q: What´s coming up on your schedule, book-wise, in the next year?

Sacred Revelations: Book 2 is slated for release this winter.
Unholy Promises: Book 3 mid summer 2007
Hallowed Screams: Book 4 by Fall 2007.

Also an anthology titled Advertising For Love with fellow LSB authors DJ Manly and Maeve Beckham for late winter/early spring.

Q: What is your favorite quote and why?

Wow, depending on the day and circumstance...
You have to realize, I am a collector of quotes; so this is by far your hardest question. It is a tie between two famous thoughts by Mahatma Ghandi because both are challenges for us as humans to be more than we are. The first, “The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within,” I used as the opening quote to Sacred Secrets. The second, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” is written on my bathroom mirror in permant marker as a daily reminder for both myself and my daugters.

Q: Have you come out of the closet so to speak about your erotic romance writing? If so what was the reaction?

Wide eyes and quiet nervous shuffle..or quick giggle glance away is the usual response when friends learn that I write erotica, more specifically dark, highly emotional, edgy BDSM erotica. "What's BDSM?" they ask and I answer, "You know, whips, chains, leather, pain." Maybe I need a new answer to that question. Though seriously, I try to explain to them that when I write about a BDSM relationship, I think the real story lies in the player's headspace not the bedroom. The relationship is all about what's going on in the psyche of both players, especially the emotional hotspots that can be triggered in the submissive's mind. In my personal opinion, that is the major role of the Dominant, to use his partner's emotional triggers to bring about sexual release, whether those triggers are based in childhood memories or adult fantasy. However, that's not to say that there isn't really HOT sex because there is!

Of course, after I've explained they always say something like, "You don't really do that kinky stuff though, right?" I just wink, smile and ask them if they'd like to see my suede flogger.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?

Erotic romance fiction is not porn.
There are lots of author chats going on somewhere around the globe this very minute about how many pages should I have between each sex scene, should I write the sex scenes and then link them together with a few pages of ordinary day to day stuff to make a story, does vulgar language make it more marketable??
My advice to all of them is to invest in some vintage erotica and read. Erotica is beautifully written scenes that tease and tantalize. Contemporary erotic romance has to remain based in story first...the sexual tension and resulting sex scenes are a result of character growth and story progression.

Q: Where can readers find you on the web?


Q: Would you like to share a sexy teaser with us for Saturday?


Great! Join me on Sexy Saturday when I'll post Roxy's excerpt.
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Sacred Secrets Sept 2006 Featured Romance

RTR Featured Erotic Romance Books

Every month RTR will feature a few new erotica books released by various publishers. The books are chosen based on hype, previous releases by the author, originality of topic and general interest. Check some of them out!


September 2006 ~ Liquid Silver

In hopes of discovering the truth behind the private doors of Lewd Larry’s, San Francisco’s world-famous Sex Club, reporter Celia Brentwood has allowed herself to be sold as a slave. For thirty days, she has given up her every want, need, and desire to club owner Garrett Lawrence, but she can never give up her darkest secret.

Garrett Lawrence has a dangerous secret of his own. His former lover’s killer has been stalking him for the past five years, and he’s set his eyes on Garrett’s newest slave. Now everything Garrett has built, everything he knows, is at risk. And it’s only going to get worse once Celia’s secret is revealed.

As Celia lets herself become Garrett’s Kitten—pampered, pleasured, protected—she realizes that thirty days will never be long enough. But thirty days may be all she has.


Silver Expressions Guest Blogger

Come read what I'm posting at Silver Expresions as their guest blogger! I am totally psyched about the release of Sacred Secrets (wow, was it only a week ago?). I have gotten so many amazing emails and comments! You may remember the contest that I held about a month ago, fellow author Darragha won a free copy of the book and here is what she had to say:

I'm reading Sacred Secrets right now. I want you to know one thing: I could not live like Kitten is on page 55 (LIT version). I want my own cup of coffee. I will not share my coffee and nothing better stand in the way of my getting to my coffee. I would not be a good slave. I would be a very testy one if Master didn't let me have my own damned cup of coffee! Grrrrr.
Love the very unique and surprizing first-person accounts, incidently.


Also, I received a very nice email from Rosemary:

Hey Roxy,
I just wanted to let you know that I read your book
Sacred Secrets, on its release date and I haven’t
stopped thinking about it since. It’s got a great
story, and wonderful multi-faceted characters. I was
so enamored with your book that I can’t wait for your
next installment. Do you have a release date???

So, as far as the next release... Book 2 of the Chronicles of Surrender: Sacred Revelations is scheduled for release Winter 2006/07...that is if I can get the final three chapters ironed out!


What's On My Mind Today

Sometimes you watch a movie and it makes you laugh, others tears.
Water is a movie that will float on the surface of my mind for a long time to come. If you can rent it do so.

Days before I rented this movie, a friend and I were talking and I made the comment that when I go to rent a movie I look for the ones that have only one or two copies. I do so because usually, they are the movies that make us think and sadly, aren't as popular as the movies that let you melt into a puddle of non-thought. Water had two copies, neither rented, a good sign for me...

Likewise, when I read erotica, I want it to have substance behind it, not just a continuous string of sex scenes melted together with predictable plot and badly written dialogue. Which leads to the way I write...focusing on the emotional and psychological nature of the BDSM relationship--I want my readers to be affected by what they've read.

Last night I received my first affirmation in the form of an email from someone who read Sacred Secrets. C.L. wrote me at roxy@roxyharte.com:

I read your book, Sacred Secrets, yesterday and today. It spoke to something in me that I thought was forgotten. For a while, anyhow.
I wanted to say Thank You. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I have been awakened again. It is a beautiful story.

I just want you to know that C.L. made me all misty eyed...I am filled with gratitude that she took the time to share her thoughts. So, now I am going to get back to work on the Sacred Secrets sequel. BTW the ugly baby now has a name:) Sacred Revelations


My Unhealthy Addiction

Okay, for those who know me very well...Tuesday and Wednesday nights are inked out in my dayplanner because of a littl reality show called Rockstar SuperNova. Did I mention this is an addiction?

Addiction with a capital A as in Fucking-A we have Tommy Lee and David Navarro together...need I say more...yummy!

Last night, right after Dalani's performance...lightning hit the transformer and TV zip...technically, it was a total power outage, but hey...who needs lights? That's why the house is full of candles...but the television, comeon, too cruel. I was heartbroken. I'd looked forward to this hour for seven days! (Again, those who know me also know that I pick one television show per week to rot my brain...that's it...one hour...I know, I know, I made an exception with SuperNova and technically it is two hours of television per week...but it is Tommy Lee)
So I'm psyched all day to find out what happened last night...no recap...or barely there itty bitty recap followed by Storm ... gone. I think she may be feeling the effects of sometimes life is so unfair about now. I guess she can always go back to the Balls...actually, her voice solo is very nice, so hopefully we will be hearing Ladylike on the radio soon! Hear her here. I really thought Lucas Rossi was out of there... but no, it was Storm Large. And Tommy, normally the hatchet...couldn't do it...if I wasn't addicted to him before...now, totally.


Sacred Secrets Release

Monday, September 4th, 2006
The day has finally dawned for the relase of Sacred Secrets!

An excerpt for your enjoyment:

The tantalizing aroma of coffee lures me forward toward what I thought was another window to the great outdoors, but no, it is an interior window that opens the kitchen to additional light from the wall of windows in the great room.

Black granite and gleaming stainless steel greet me. I have never been in a gourmet’s kitchen, but I assume that this is what one looks like. I am impressed. I have found Mecca. I would fall prostrate but I wouldn’t know which alter to bow before first.

I pour a cup and inhale, my mind clearing of its spice overdose.

The mug is taken from my hand with a hearty “thank you” and I stagger from the loss of promised caffeine. He pivots and walks away, leaving me shaken that I did not hear him approach.

How can one man be so quiet? I am glad I was caught with a cup of coffee and not snooping. I turn with a pout, not brave enough to glare. From his seat beside a small bistro table, tucked into a corner, he calls me forward with a wave of his hand. I am summoned. It matters not that his mouth is full of my coffee, he could have just as easily swallowed and spoke. The fact remains he didn’t. I inch nearer.

Another crook of his finger tells me it is not close enough. He is hidden behind the spread of Inappropriate Voices.

I inch forward until my knees brush his thigh. His hand leaves the newspaper long enough to pull the towel from my body and drop it to the ground. I gasp, but I don’t think he hears over the rustle of the paper as he turns the page. He hands me the empty coffee cup. He knows I will refill it. I can glare now.

Fresh coffee in hand, I glare at the front page of Voices.

Ohmygod! I am on the front page. That is me. Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Big as life on the front page. I bend forward to read the headline. Quarter-million dollar slave. He turns the page and I can’t read the wavering story below the headline.


The paper drops and I am nose to nose with Garrett Lawrence.

“You growled?” he asks incredulously. He removes the cup of coffee from my trembling hand and it is only then that I realize I’ve spilled it on his bare toes. My gasp is not redemption enough. I lunge for the towel and pat his foot dry.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Are you all right? It didn’t burn you did it? Geez, I am such a klutz. I really didn’t mean—”

“Quiet! Sit!” he barks.

Okay, I’m standing, moving out of reach, trying to look humble, pulling out a chair—

“Not there, Kitten.”

Shit, sitting on a pillow all night was bad enough, sitting on a cold tile floor butt naked is just going to make my day.

I squat and look up to see if he is happy with the effect that he is having on his unstable slave. I mean, I must be mentally unstable to be putting up with this crap. I cannot believe that people do this for fun. This is not a game. This is not fun. This is humiliating and I am too hungry and too hangover to give a—

He is not happy. He is shaking his head no. He has folded the Voices and laid it on the table.

“Not there, Kitten.” He pats his thigh. I close my eyes thinking that maybe the cold tile floor isn’t so bad after all. “Now!”

Okay, I’m standing, I’m sitting. God your leg is warm.

Of course his leg is warm, it’s next to my cold bare ass.

Glancing at the tabletop, I see that the copy beneath the headline is readable from my thigh perch. Wiggling my ass and scooting so that it is not so visible I’m reading, I read quickly:

“Renowned gay bachelor and owner of Lewd Larry’s stunned the community at last night’s auction by not only purchasing a woman, but paying the unheard of sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Speculation reigns supreme, calling the slave purchase a cheap advertising ploy. Those closest to the man refuse to comment…”