I'm Editting Sacred Revelations

Okay, we've all figured out that my internet use is slim to none now that I have to traipse back and forth between the Coffee Shop and the new house...

The good news is...I'm editting Sacred Revelations...yeah! It's always exciting to open a project after not seeing it for a few months. After a few pages, I scratch my head, thinking, "Wow! Did I really write THAT?"
Here's a quick excerpt example from Sacred Revelations to peak your interest of one such scene that had me saying "Wow":

I look at the man lying next to me, looking so incredibly sinful. He sleeps and even in sleep he looks unholy. Totally and inexplicably forbidden. Sleeping, he is too much temptation and I reach my hand out to touch him, the hard plane of his chest, the skin stretched painfully taut over his pectoral muscles, his nipples hard points in the midst of all that stretched skin. Pushing down the cotton sheet that drapes over his body, I look, taking in the angular lines and solid muscle that forms the man.
Where has my shyness gone?
Where is the woman who hid under the covers from Garrett?
I am not that same woman. I do not know where she went, but I am no longer she, and honestly, I am glad that she is gone.
She would have been too afraid to join Lord Fyre for three months. She would have been too afraid of the feelings awakening in the very tissues and fibers of her being, feelings that make me want to reach out and stroke the imperfections of his body. I’ve never seen him naked. Last night that changed and I was too tired, too sore to pay much attention. I am still tired, languidly so, still not wanting to move, but it takes little effort to stroke the length of the scar on his left forearm, long and deep, slightly ragged, even though it appears to be an old scar. I wonder only for a second how he got it, before moving to the next imperfection, a row of round circles, angling across his back, not decorative, not on purpose, though their effect accentuates his power. It is a wonder he survived whatever caused the marks, and because I know instinctively that he is lucky to be alive, I trace each dented, perfect circle reverently.
My touch could wake him, but there is no fear of him waking even though I lie in his bed naked. He too is as naked as the day he was born. Even though, yesterday, I admitted to Dr. Psycho that I fear sex with him, but I explained it wrong, or the explanation was twisted by the time it reached Lord Fyre, because it wasn’t that I feared the sex. I feared my inexperience. I feared not being able to please him. I feared the ultimate outcome—losing Garrett forever if I allowed my baser needs to win and I gave myself to Lord Fyre fully.

I do not know how long we’ve slept; I know only that it is daylight again, and in my mind, time for him to awake. Awake before I lose my nerve and am no longer brave. Awake before I start thinking too hard about consequences, guilt, and judgment.
I smile. Looking at his body, it is so hard not to. He is perfection and it makes me giddy. Perfection in my bed.
I smooth my hand over the flatness of his stomach, dropping lower, finding him hard. Wondering what thought God had when he made all healthy, able men awaken with a hard-on. Awaken. Hard. Oh, shit.

Well, that's it...let me know what you think of your first glimpse of Lord Fyre**grin**


Stalkers and Cover Art

Yowzah...I've been stalked...and found! Yes, our favorite girl, otherwise known as PRICELESS, the one and only Lila Dubois found me at home, tucking in Sir Hotness...

And here I thought NO ONE would be able to find us out in the Middle of Nowhere (I mean we don't even have internet)...

So, from Priceless, I find out that she hijacked the Liquid Silver Blog ... cause I forgot ... Sir Hotness is VERY VERY DISTRACTING;) but, between you and me ...I'm getting a lot of really awesome ideas for the next book that I'm working on which is actually book 3 (or 4) of the Chronicles of Surrender to be titled Hallowed Screams because Sir Hotness is totally dark and I can really appreciate that darkness if you know what I mean ... and we both are totally excited about celebrating Halloween this year ... decorating the house ... graveyard in the front yard, bubbling cauldron in the driveway ....and both of us costumed out in total wickedness... I can't wait... so I have to write fast so that Hallowed Screams is ready in time for a Halloween release (I hope LSB is up for that...hey Rachel???? RACHEL!!?? Are you reading this?? I mean, I know you are busy with a bazillion new writers and all but can I get a Halloween release date??)

so anyway, back to the current up and coming release and my favorite cover artist....yes that would be April Martinez.... cause check out this bad ass cover for SACRED REVELATIONS!!!!


The View From My Bedroom Window

Sometimes, I feel like I'm dreaming ... I have peace and quiet, a beautiful home, the man of my dreams ... he even loves my dog (the outdoor dog who now loves the man because he's a very lucky INDOOR DOG now...)

Whatever happens next ... DON'T WAKE ME UP ... cause like is so fucking good right now, I can't believe it's actually happening to me... Wow ... I love this man ...

Sitting in The Cafe

I sit in the coffee shop thinking about everything I want to blog about...books, movies, politics...I find it hard to focus when my thoughts turn to the books I have yet to write, the projects I have promised ... 2 anthology short stories, 2 full lengths... and the dream book I want to get started on but feel like I have to complete my commitments first ... and wonder, where am I ever going to find the time??

My first answer is to leave the day job I currently have and go to another firm part-time...this is actually in the works and may be the only thing that saves my sanity. So hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I will be able to leave the full time hell-a-thon job that's been taking all my time and energy by the end of the month. the new part time job would begin a full month later, leaving me thirty days of writing bliss in the middle...

The big concern becomes at this point how my new husband will deal with the demented side of his wife who is full fledged WRITING MODE. I don't even want to think about it ... I'm not pleasant ... I drink too much ... I stare into space ALOT ... I write marathon stretches of hours and hours at a time ... and pretty much demand of those around me to just leave me be ...

My kids adjust ... they've seen me in full blown out writer mode before ... Sir Hotness hasn't.

But if I don't write I don't feel complete ... writing is what I do ... it consumes my soul.

Wish me luck as 2007 unfolds because my plans include:

1. Edit Sacred Revelations
2. Write Hallowed Screams (Book 4)
3. Rewrite parts of Unholy Promises (Book 3)

4. Write Demon Lover ... a new project that's been haunting my sleep

5. Finish anthology project #1: Submissive
6. Finish anthology project #2: Date Me, Please!

7. Start the big book ... Wiccan and Out of the Closet

If my marriage survives and my day job plans pan out ... it's gonna be a hell of a year!


Lost In The Middle of Nowhere

Dear Friends,

I wish I could say that my absence has been because I've been locked in a closet, tied to the bed, or otherwise indisposed ... but no. I have no Internet at the new house ...

Sad, but true ... we may have moved a bit far off the beaten track to find a peaceful place to commence our new lives as Mr and Mrs Sir Hotness ... However, parts of living in the middle of nowhere is wonderful.
I now have a hawk that lives in the backyard and several rabbits, though I fear the hawk has it in for the rabbit family ... I'm going to try to arrange for peace talks once the weather breaks.
I can see stars in the sky at night and there is no traffic noise.
There are several barking dogs though ... I never see them ... but at night I can hear them in the distance and whether I am annoyed or amused by their constant banter across the fields is anyone's guess and is hugely dependent on my mood...
Ah, and there is a train ... not close ...or at least not too close ... I think, just close enough, because it's whstle sounds like a lullaby at night.

I hope to have a connection soon ... or at least access to a connection that doesn't require driving back into the city ... although the Coffee Shop has lovely atmosphere and good friends (and not for the good friends to take offence but I don't get any work done because WE spend too much time laughing and talking) ...so that I can resume regular posts!

So, I hope that if you are used to popping by the blog every day ... please continue to bear with me and soon I will have things back to normal ... or at least bask to kinky as usual ...

Hugs and Kisses


How Much Do You Love Your Cat?

One of Sir Hotness friend's, Mizr Happy, sent me an email that was too cute to not share...maybe because I love cats ... I don't think Mizr Happy shares that opinion though...

Original email:

This is just what you need…

Time to grab the neighbor's cat and take up art! See attached photos!!!The book these came from said some of the paint jobs cost $15,000 and had to be repeated every 3 months as the cat's hair grows out.
Some people have to much time on their hands and some have to much money on theirs, must be nice to have $60,000 a year just to keep your cat painted.

Yeah, I think they're cute ... I'm kinda wondering if Black Cat will hold still long enough on Halloween to transform him into Skeleton Cat ... what's your thoughts?? Cute? Cruel?

a little quick internet surfing led me to the book by authors Burton Silver and Heather Busch ... WHY PAINT CATS : The Ethics of Feline Aesthetics ...



There is a day that most writers love ... the day the edits arrive for their Manuscript, putting them one step closer to publication. I'm not one of those writers ...

I dread edits ... so, today I plunged in not quite with both feet but with a skeptical toe dip into the thoughts and reactions of my editor ... and to be honest, Sacred Revelations was pretty clean ... aside from modifier misusage and comma misusage ... I apologize publically to my editor who makes diligent corrections and doesn't complain ... and in this book, there was also a fair amount of French translations ... thank god SHE speaks two languages because I don't and it was only with the aide of Beautiful Girl and her second year french text that I did as well as I did ... sorry, sidetrack ...

back to the skeptical toe dip ... I scrolled, seeking comments ... and scrolled (still looking because with Sacred Secrets, my editors comments held valuable insight into what I was trying to say ...but failed miserably at saying, but with her guidance became intellibible) ...

Halleiluia .... finally ... a comment!
Darn, another misplaced modifier... but then I don't have to go very far to get this comment:

"You haven’t used this term correctly and I’m not sure what you mean here…"

Funny, me either ... in reference to what I wanted to describe ... the view of Garrett's face as seen framed between Celia's legs as he was going down on her... it just didn't come across very well ... so I'll have to rethink that a bit ...

then, back to looking for helpful commments ... insight into the minds of my characters from another's pov ... then finally on page 122 another comment:

" Fuuuuuuuuck. Seriously. This whole scene and the one before... Damn! "

I translate that to mean -- she likes it :) Not exactly character insight but my stroked ego is feeling much better about Sacred Revelations ...

I'm still not ready to dive into the edts with both feet ... I think I'll keep scrolling for comments because I know I have two unresolved issues in my head and I need to know if they became unresolved issues in my editors head ...

Ah, hell, EDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw in a note she wants this back by Feb. 18th ... so much for just dipping in my big toe!!
Wish me luck!