It's The Weekend...

Okay, So I've waited ALL week for this...ITS THE WEEKEND!
In celebration I am giving you my fav seduction potion...

Equal Shots of:
Southern Comfort
Peach Schnapps
Cranberry Juice
Pineapple Juice

Have fun!!!!


Twenty Nine Days and Counting

Okay, so May 25th is fast approaching...and I know you know what happens in Twenty-nine days! I'm providing a sneek peak here because if you like me can soooo imagine yourself naked with Johnny...or Keira...or Orlando...you need the fix, because you, like me, have already worn out the DVD's for PC1 and PC2...Enjoy...

Sir Hotness Burned Dinner

I know he'll have to punish me severly when he reads this headline...**giggle**
so in truth, he didn't actually burn dinner, just the rice, which he fairly destroyed...charred black destroyed...and that's difficult to do to rice...unless you get really distracted...

Yes, it's my fault. I was the distraction.
See, I was roaming around the web, checking out lingerie...and every time I'd see something I'd like, I'd hold up the laptop and ask, "Do you like this one?" or "How would I look in this one?"

At some point he tried to convince me I didn't need lingerie...

So anyway, so that it wasn't a wasted window-shopping spree...here's my three favorites...
Exotic Bodywear Crotchless Peek A Boo
Spider Mesh Teddy Bare
Pearl Trim Teddy

So, I'm not sure which one led to the distraction, but just in case Sir Hotness, aka The Cooking God, is not amused by everyone finding out that he burned the rice...I sure hope Xandra is reading this because I need to know where to get one of those foot shaped wooden nail file gizmos that I saw at your house...ya'know...in anticipation...just in case he wants to maybe punish me later...


Today Jolie Cain made my day with the comment she left me and although I am not really deserving of the comparison, I especially liked being compared to Natalie Maine, who stood up under amazing pressure and taught us all a lesson about what it's really like to have the freedom of speech in this country. If you haven't rented (or bought) Shut Up And Sing ... you owe it to yourself to do so.

So the eye candy is awesome...I scrolled through my own page a couple of times just to drool...

In other news, I was kind of psyched about the discovery of a new planet...
...until I did the math on how long it would take to get there on our fastest space craft to date...roughly 325,000 years!
...and according to one scientist, a person here weighing 150 pounds would weigh 250 pounds there because of the difference in gravity...but that same scientist said the view from the new planet would be amazing...Call me crazy but I am not doubling my weight to see the great view!

Today, I finished all of the rewrites for Sacred Revelations and sent it back to the editor... Yeah for me!

And finally, there are some absolutely awesome how-to videos on rope tying by TwistedMonk.com over at youtube.com...eleven when I visited today, from the very basic two column tie (joining two wrists or two ankles or one wrist to one ankle...) to the more complicated hog-tie. Seriously, although everyone has their clothes on, the videos are an awesome instructional tool(as in how to do it the right way so nobody gets hurt). And I can tell you from the one time experience of being hogtied the wrong way...if you want played with a second time, learn to do it the right way...because you may not get a second chance. I've embedded the hogtie video just so you can take a peak at how it should be done, although it takes the skills taught in the two earlier videos to actually put it all together. Hope you enjoy!


Wiccans Win Lawsuit Against Military

Updated:2007-04-24 03:44:25
Wiccans Settle Military Grave Lawsuit
MADISON, Wis. (April 24) - The Wiccan pentacle has been added to the list of emblems allowed in national cemeteries and on goverment-issued headstones of fallen soldiers, according to a settlement announced Monday. A settlement between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Wiccans adds the five-pointed star to the list of "emblems of belief" allowed on VA grave markers. Eleven families nationwide are waiting for grave markers with the pentacle, said Selena Fox, a Wiccan high priestess with Circle Sanctuary in Barneveld, Wis., a plaintiff in the lawsuit. The settlement calls for the pentacle, whose five points represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit, to be placed on grave markers within 14 days for those who have pending requests with the VA.

The pentacle has been added to 38 symbols the VA already permits on gravestones. They include commonly recognized symbols for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, as well as those for smaller religions such as Sufism Reoriented, Eckiankar and the Japanese faith Seicho-No-Ie. "This settlement has forced the Bush Administration into acknowledging that there are no second class religions in America, including among our nation's veterans," said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which represented the Wiccans in the lawsuit.

I Am Not Anti Military

Okay, this is why I avoid politics on my page.
I just want to say I love the US, living in the US...and all its privilages.

I can be anti-war and still be patriotic.
The best thing about living in the USA is freedom of speech. The best thing about being the moderator of my own blog is deleting the hate-comments.

This is a tribute to the men overseas, serving our country. These are the men I want to come home in one piece. These are the men I am grateful to for protecting my rights and my freedoms, while risking their lives for others overseas. Just seeing them makes me want to weep because I know that not all of them are guaranteed a safe return.

God, I love a man in uniform...call me selfish but I want all of our men in uniform back home safe and sound...back home in bed naked is good too...

Before anyone cries foul, these photos were posted by themselves on a dating service page...I am not exploiting hteir sexuality...I am just enjoying the eyecandy they provided. If you would like any information on any of these men you can find them, look at them, write them, meet them...and some of them are even begging on their personal pages to be tied up and dominated...

You can find them at www.malecorps.com


Isn't Enough Enough?

You know, I try not to be too political on my page...because I write erotica, and erotica is fun, exciting, kinda like real sex but not as messy (I mean I guess you could have non-messy sex but could that really be as much fun as messy sex????? **sorry**tangent**

Anyway, today, I received very distressing news, while I was in the middle of watching Bobby with Beautiful Girl...

The distressing news is this...
I have some friends from my past life, that time when I was married to the ex, and as the ex he got to keep all of the Church-Going-Friends and I got to keep all of the New Age Mostly Pagans who he didn't approve of anyway...but that's another rant...

Anyway, back to the friends from my past life, wonderful couple, Baby-Maker and CopBoy, who attend church every time the doors are open, volunteer rampantly, are amazing wonderful people in the midst of a wonderful crazy life, raising six children, the last time I saw them but Beautiful Girl thinks they had another baby or two since then...

They just received word that CopBoy is being sent to Iraq ... tomorrow.

My response was, "What the FUCK? CopBoy can't go to Iraq he has six children!"
Beautiful Girl answered, "Oh, I know, eight I think, and they said at church yesterday that he's leaving and there's no stopping it because everyone else has been shipped out. Did you know that's he's a policeman in real life, not a soldier, just a reservist.?"

I responded, "He has six babies! Eight, whatever! He can't go..."

Then I asked, "Why is anyone going?"
"Why are we still in Iraq?"
"Is this insane that we are still fighting a war that no one is paying attention to?"

I remember watching the nightly news with my Dad every night when Vietnam was going on...not because he was a patriot, or a supporter of the war, but because he was a passifist, and an avid protester of the war, and wanted to be reminded about what he was protesting about. Then, even in the last days of the war, there was film footage showing the war In Action and Everyone paid attention.

After the news we'd sit and make Anti-War Posters.

You know...
"Make Love, Not War"
"Flower Power"

My brother's bag was packed for Canada, just in case his number came up...My Dad would fill the house with the smoke of incense and meditate on World Peace for hours...That was the atmosphere I grew up in.

So I'm ashamed to say that I haven't created one protest poster against Iraq, and to be honest, for a few weeks folowing 9-11, I was in shock, along with the rest of the nation, so I wasn't so opposed to the idea of getting even...but then the truth started coming out...and I just got mad that our President lied.

But, I still didn't protest...
Now, I'm starting to wonder, and maybe it's only because this lovely couple with six (or eight) children are having their family rippped to pieces by the President's lies...

When do I start protesting?
How do I start?
Would anyone even come to a Peace rally if I staged one?

I wish my Dad was still alive to lead the way, because I really don't know where to begin...but I will begin...and this is today's feeble effort...this blog.

I joined CodePink...
Maybe you will too.

Birthday's Are Such Fun!

Mmmm....Presents, cake, HOT WAX...what more could a girl ask for?,
Ohhhhh, the birthday wishes from all my friends were A-Mazing!!

Of course, there always has to be that ha-ha b-d-wisher who goes over the top and absolutely has to remind you in no uncertain terms that you are OLD...
Take my friend from the LSBooks Forum, Kayelle...

To Roxy...From Kayelle Allen
You know, my series of books have all been in the Tarthian Empire, and I regularly fly there. It's expensive, but it's research so I take it off my taxes. Anyway, since it was your birthday, I picked up a selection of insulting birthday cards that younger Kin males might send to older ones...(they're feline -- so kind of 'catty' if you know what I mean)

I'm not saying you're old. It's just that your fangs and claws aren't as sharp as they used to be.
Of course, neither is your mind...

When I grow up, I want to live a long life, just like you.
Uh, ok, maybe not *that* long...

What's the difference between an old Kin male and a young one?
An old one has to get up all night. A young one *is* up all night. *wink*

Just because your furskin's falling out and your fangs are getting loose, that doesn't mean you're old.

Oh, wait. Yes it does.

Mowr anodahkah te ahmee!
Happy Birthday, my friend!



Birthday Weekend

sexy & romantic glitter graphics myspace code sexy images

My birthday is Sunday...and I've always been a big fan of buying my own present...so I always made sure I got exactly what I wanted...yeah, I used the single mom excuse...I bought the gifts, gave them to my kids to "wrap" and then on the big day they would give them to mommy...

Although sixteen years ago I received the best birthday present ever...my youngest daughter, Beautiful Girl, was born on my birthday;)

Yesterday, I offered to take Beautiful Girl shopping so that she could "buy" my present...she said, "I already got your present."

My brain went...Brake...Screech...Crash

"Huh? You already got my present? How? When? Where? Why?"

The answer to all of the above was Sir Hotness...
which is a WOW in and of itself

Then, I realized OMG I have a husband this year...I might actually get a present from a man! I can't even tell you when was the last time I ever got a birthday gift from a guy...hmmm...I remember flowers from a guy in college when I was eighteen...and a cake when I was twenty-four from the now ex-husband (I think that was the only birthday gift I got from him...)

Yeah, now I remember why I started buying my own presents...
and I had such good presents picked out for myself this year, too...

Oooooh, I wonder what I'm getting for my birthday?????????????????


So How Evil Can I Be?

I am unimpressed.
Someone hacked my Myspace.

So if someone messes with you first and then in retaliation, you say like, get a little voodoo on their ass...how much comes back? And is it worth it?

I'll say this first, I'm going to be good.
Because even though someone totally hacked my Myspace page...they are too low beneath me to even retaliate against. Only someone with a small mind would be so mean spirited as to strip out someone's private space.

So that said, that I am going to be good, actually, very, very good...because my belief is strong that the intention they had in mind to do such a thing to me, will come back to them in intention threefold...so as it is, so be it...

Winners Emailed Copies of Sacred Secrets

The winners of the eye colour contest have been emailed and their copies of Sacred Secrets sent by email. If you were a winner and did not receive your copy, please contact me as soon as possible!

My eyes are blue, blue-grey when I'm happy and blue-green when I'm sad or really mad.

The Sun Rise

So, I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise...
and trust me, after the cold. bleak, grey days we've had of late the sun was a welcome sight! Of course, I couldn't just be happy, lifting my face to collect the warmth...I had to start worrying about the planet and wondering why...after three decades of sitting and thinking about other sources of fuel...we as a nation...and I will use we because it takes many people to embrace change to make it happen on a national or global level...why are we still sitting and thinking?

Have you been to the gas pump lately? Is three dollars a gallon not incentive to start thinking about alternative fuel sources?

Hello!? The sun is free. Wind is free.

Personally, I'm investigating small wind technology because out here in the middle of nowhere...there is wind to spare. Although, Sir Hotness and I are also looking into adding a greenhouse to the side of the house to harvest the additional heat it will generate...passive energy is awesome...

Okay...I'm done...
But if you want to know more:
Green Energy Ohio
US Climate Action Partnership

Okay, I'm not done...
One more thought...if the students of an Arizona average age 19.5 can come together to make their campus "green" why can't we come together as cities...small towns...subdivisions...single family dwellings?

Anyway, I'm trying to stay off the soapbox, because I can get a little carried away...but I also want to know...does anyone out there besides me think about this stuff?


The Tax Forms Were Mailed Late, Dinner Was On Time

Is it really the middle of April? With this crazy weather who would know for certain?

Today wasn't a stellar day, but I did do one thing I enjoy...
I cooked dinner!
This is exciting news because since saying I Do, I really haven't cooked...Sir Hotness has claimed the kitchen...not that I mind because he is a brilliant cook.
However, today...because doing my taxes was pushed to the side...until the last possible second...he was doing taxes and I hijacked the kitchen stove...

What was on the menu?
Shepherds Pie and Pineapple Upside down Cake...
Sir Hotness even said it was "very good."
Yeah for me!

Who knows, maybe he'll willingly let me share the kitchen sometimes:0

So taxes got done, and mailed...and I'm pretty certain Sir Hotness will be having nightmares about doing them for years to come...
I actually had only one W-2 for $8.00
te rest of my income was spread out over about a dozen 1099MISC ...not too fun...

But at least he went to work with a full belly
And I am going to bed a cntented wife...
So not a stellar day, but a pretty damn perfect day if you ask me.


Contest Winner Announced

Winners to the contest have been selected and will be notified by email today. They won a copy of my e-book Sacred Secrets: Book 1 of The Chronicles of Surrender.
I chose one entrant from the Flog Blog, one from my Myspace, and one from the LSB Link...so congratulations to the winners!

1.) April aka Lady Vampire/Werewolf
2.) Kim W
3.) Beth S

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered and to everyone who entered but did not win, don't worry, I will be having another contest very soon.


Blogging at Liquid Silver Today!

Today, I'm blogging at Liquid Silver Books so stop by, say Hi, let me know that you are out there:) I've missed blogging, I've missed my readers and friends!! But now, I'm back!

I'll try to blog some more after while...so check back in...and if you haven't entered the contest...please do...I'm really excited about the release of Sacred Revelations, the sequel of Sacred Secrets and Book 2 of The Chronicles of Surrender.

Also, didn't April Martinez do an awesome cover for me?


I Love Contests!!

Don't you just love contests? I do! And this one is Super easy!!
In anticipation of Sacred Revelations, the sequel to Sacred Secrets upcoming release...I am giving away a copy of Sacred Secrets! So ...here we go...


I have a New Website Design! Check it out for a chance to win a copy of the e-book Sacred Secrets, to be awarded Friday the Thirteenth!

For a chance to win, go to my website, www.roxyharte.com, and then contact me from the website link and tell me what color my eyes are (*hint* found in my Bio)...

Good Luck


Upddated Webpage

It's been a year since I changed my webpage and so this weekend I got really ambitious . . . and updated its look! I am sooooooooo excited! It's almost as good as New Release Day . . . it's like giving birth!! Oh hell, just click the link and go check it out!!


It Must Be A Forty-Thing

So what is it about us ladies? I turned forty and got my nose pierced, not because of a mid-life crisis, but because I realized at forty...I didn't need anyone's permission. I define who I am...so why did it take me to reach the Big-40 to get confident?

In the news is forty year old Halle Berry...found interesting:
Berry said she feels more self-assured and confident with her sexuality now than when she was younger. "As I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable with who I really am -- all parts of me -- knowing that my physical self doesn't diminish me in any way, or my talent," she said. . .I'm really happy. I'm in a really good space in my life, and I can honestly say it's not because of any one thing," she said. "It's not because I have a really cute boyfriend. It's not because of my career. It's because I feel good about me." **good enough to date a man ten years her junior...You Go, Girl!

Yeah...she pretty much summed it up.
I wish I could bottle that and give it away for free to every woman out there relying on a man, a career, or how she looks in the mirror today...to feel good about herself.

Me? Yeah, I noticed the grey in my hair is really showing at my roots. . .I even bought hair color to touch up for the Easter pictures I knew would be happening today. Then, I ran out of time and I had my photo taken. . .alot. . .and I do not look twenty-nine anymore, but what I saw in the photos was a strong, confident woman, and I can't say that I ever had a picture taken that I could say that about. It's a nice feeling.

Another woman in the news is 33 year old Alanis Morissette. Not quite forty, she has enough confidence to keep us all going...as is evidenced in this Fergie spoof:

If I wasn't already smiling today...this would have done it for me:)
So tell me if you had a moment when you realized your confidence...


In Celebration Of Found Manuscripts

So, the last few days I've been reworking a manuscript that I thought was lost forever...I wrote it between 1996 and 1998. It is a time-travel with paranormal and historical elements...and is actually the second novel I wrote.

When I first opened it, I planned to just clean it up a bit..punctuation, grammer and such...but I just couldn't leave well enough alone and having now been tweeked by Roxy, it is bolder, more erotic, and has some fairly sinister BDSM moments along with a lighter, playful BDSM moment...

Now, I'm not so sure that I want to release it under a pen name other than Roxy Harte...still waiting on opinions in the comments section...so if you have one...share it soon...

Alternate pen names include: Rona Anderson, Roxanna Heart, or Isabella Randall.

Here's an excerpt from When Lightning Strikes Twice:
“Vacations are supposed to be relaxing.” Jetta Martinelli sighed and huddled deeper into the homespun quilt that wrapped around her shoulders. Ice crystals fanned cheerily across the hand blown glass panes, candles cast a soft glow around the cozy, rustic interior, and a fire crackled merrily in the stacked stone fireplace. It would have made a wonderful photo shoot backdrop for her latest sinfully seductive fashion designs, and she, herself, made a fine portrait of serenity with her waist length blond hair knotted at the base of her neck and secured with red lacquered chopsticks. The simple white kimono, shrouding her lithe frame in flowing silk, only added to the illusion. That is, had she not been pacing the width of the cottage like a caged lioness.
The tour brochures had guaranteed atmosphere.
Atmosphere, she could appreciate, but currently the atmosphere was quite literally falling from the sky…a million metric tons by her calculation. The radio announcer had called it, “the worst blizzard of the century,” just before the automobile she’d rented got stuck in a snow drift, putting an abrupt end to the sightseeing adventure of a lifetime. It was only lucky in that Jetta had been returning to the cabin for additional film at the time and the miscreant snowdrift was just across the moor from her cabin.
Unlucky was the fact that her cell phone had gone dead leaving her with no way of phoning for help and the road she had been driving on was deserted. She assumed because all of the sane people had already tucked themselves in front of a roaring fire with a good book and an even better brandy. An hour had passed, and then another. The novelty of watching the big, fat flakes dance to the ground wore off in the second hour. With dusk quickly approaching and the cabin in view, it had seemed ridiculous to stay in the car; besides, it wasn’t that far to the cabin; and, it didn’t really feel all that cold. The fact that her reasoning had been based entirely from the safety of her car didn’t even vaguely play into the decision to walk to the cabin. Then she trudged through waste deep snow to return to it. That had been six days earlier and she hadn’t been warm since.
Worse, snow continued to fall. She was trapped. However, it wasn’t the storm that had her upset. It wasn’t even the dreadful case of cabin fever that had set up during day three of her captivity. No, it had been a ghost, a spirit, though she hadn’t seen anything, not even a shadow…just a voice. “Come to me.”
Jetta had thought of nothing else since.
The beauty of the quickening twilight, enveloping the moor, drew her attention to the window. She stopped pacing and let out a shaky breath, and tried to still an even shakier hand. An icy breeze blew in through a cracked window sill and lifted the soft tendrils around her face and Jetta mumbled to herself for the umpteenth time just how happy she would be to return to Miami. Closing her eyes, she envisioned home—warm, sultry Miami.
She was losing her mind trapped here in the snow. Intellectually, she knew she’d imagined the voice, but her heart, her gut-instinct knew the voice was real. Worse, she’d only heard it the one time…not that she wanted to hear the voice again, or feel the desperation behind the cry—but it would be confirmation that she wasn’t losing her mind.Jetta shuddered and huddled deeper into the quilt. The chill creeping down her spine having nothing to do with the arctic blast, seeping in through every crack and crevice of the ancient structure, and everything to do with the decision she had to make. Her frustration level mounted with every passing second and she’d already argued with herself for hours.
Coming here was a good idea, I’m glad I came. It’s secluded. Quiet.
It’s too secluded! Too quiet!
I needed time to think things through. I made the right decision. Breaking up with Paul was the right thing to do! He scared me and the men I date have no right to do that.
God, I miss him!
No, no I don’t! How many red flags does it take to say enough is enough? His dominance? His jealousy? His temper?
Jetta sighed and closed her eyes. I made the right decision.
When she opened her eyes again, the view through the window had changed, proving she’d argued with herself long enough. Night had fallen and the day was gone. I will not take him back. With a weary nod, Jetta rested her head against the icy pane. Through slit eyes she watched her breath steam the window and with a shaky finger she drew little hearts in the mist. With the inkling of a smile, Jetta stepped back and eyed her handiwork. She gasped at what she had written under her tidy row of hearts. I MISS YOU. Jetta’s hand flew up to cover her mouth as she faced the truth.
I do miss you, Paul, I won’t lie, but enough is enough and fleeing The States to take this vacation to hide the bruises you gave me is definitely enough! Yes, I admit it, we started out consensually. I like it a little rough, but my god…not that rough!”
Jetta rubbed out the message and saw through the pane that only a light flurry of snow remained falling. Shadows played off the tracks of animals winding through the snow. Rabbits, maybe even a deer. She sighed and focused on her reflection, dark circles played under her eyes. She traced their reflection with her fingers against the damp pane and promised herself she’d at least make the effort to get some sleep.
At least he didn’t follow me here.
He called.
And my phone died. So he’ll think I hung up on him. It’s for the best. I cannot see him ever again!
He called! He said he was sorry.
Exploding sap ended the argument, making her jump. Jetta knew she had to be strong, stand firm with her decision. Slowly she walked over to the fireplace and stared into the flames, a heavy weariness seeping into her bones as she accepted her decision. “God, why did the sex have to be so good? Addictive?

I Have Rejoined The Civilized World!

Yes, after much pleading, poking, and candle lighting, we have INTERNET!!!!!!!!
I feel whole again! I have missed blogging and visiting with my friends so much!!
Life is good again;)
If you haven't heard, Xandra too, has rejoined the civilized world and is connected! Three cheers for Time Warner Cable!
Hip, Hip Hoozah!
Hip, Hip, Hoozah!
I'm so excited, I may have to blog twice a day just to catch up!!

So, here's news from the middle of nowhere...

It snowed all day...not enough to stick to the ground but enough to send all my beautiful perineals into shock...including my roses.

Last night, despite temperatures that dipped below thirty farenheit, my back yard, alas, we like to call it The Prairie, some teenagers decided it was to be their Party Place...I know this because they whooped it up until about 2:30 a.m. (good thing I was otherwise distracted writing, because had I been sleeping, I'd would have had to trudged through the waist high grassland to find them). It was very entertaining to watch them post-party...four of them were giving each other the "walk a straight line" sobriety test in my front yard, the boys both fighting for the keys held in one of the girls grip...thank god she didn't let go, because if either one of the two boys attempted getting behind the wheel I'd have had to pulled on my big girl panties and dealt with them but as it was the girl won (she did a nice Kung Fu Crane pose with a flying front snap kick to win the title of driver...I was impressed) The boys were not impressed and refused to get in the car. I cheered when she drove off without them; however, that wasn't the end of it. No, it couldn't be that easy. Boy 1 decided he was going to moon the girls and so stood in the middle of the road with his pants around his knees, postier doing some kind of white boy can't dance booty bounce...he then promptly fell on his face and laid unmoving in the middle of the road until his little more sober comrad dragged his ass off the asphalt and...yes, you guessed it, back into my front yard.

Life in the country is anything but boring I'm finding out.

Last week, and I'll share this now, because I have tons to catch up on...I heard a weird, very loud, yapping, barking, howling noise...it woke me up...it was two a.m.
So I stumble out of bed to look out the bedroom window at The Prairie and saw six dark shapes cross the field, obviously a pack of something...a very loud something...their yapping, barking, howling went on long enough for me to call Sir Hotness at work to find out what matter of crazed banshee had infiltrated our quiet, country life...
After listening a moment, he identified them. "Coyotes."
I thought he was joking.
"Aren't Coyotes out west? Like in the desert?"
He informed me that, "Coyotes are everywhere."
Of course I had to call Xandra the next morning and she confirmed that, "Yep, we've got 'em too."

(This is a coyote, in case you live in the city like I used to)

I don't know if I can take much more quiet, country living...but I do have internet now, so I at least feel like I'm part of the civilized world again...


Lost Writings Found

The big news of the week...works I had in progress, spanning 1996 through 2002, and thought were lost forever-have been found! I was so excited I almost pissed myself.

These are the stories I've laid awake at night thinking about, trying to recover from my brain, but my brain just isn't in the same creative space now as then and I could muster the right emotion to drudge them back up.

I'm planning to get two of the stories reworked and published as fast as I can...
Living Vicariously
Skin Memory
...I don't know if the titles will survive the editting process. They are good stories, though not from the series I've been working on for the last few years (Chronicles of Surrender).

I also have two historical eroticas that are complete works but really need harsh redrafting and cleaning up...My first works aren't nearly as polished as they need to be because frankly my writing wasn't as skilled in 1996 and I won't abuse my editor that way. The night's delimma was whether to release the historicals as Roxy or use a different pen name. My crit partner, Xandra, advises different alias for the historicals...

So far I'm thinking along the lines of names I like...
Roxanna, Lilith, Moira, Isabella

Any suggestions for Roxy's Historical Alter ego?