Where Did The Month Go?

Wow...January is gone baby gone! What happened there?

I had no idea when I wrote on Dec 28 that I was taking the rest of the year off that I wouldn't be posting my thoughts again for a full month...

So who's been suffering through flu season?
Me. Me. Me.

I have officially been sick since two weeks before Christmas, struggling through the ending of Echo of Redemption to get it turned in by an extended deadline. Really struggled through edits for:
Survival Instinct coming in March from Loose-Id
Unholy Promises coming in February from Lyrical
Heart of Change coming in March from Samhain.

I've also started Cries of Penance Book 5 of the Chronicles of Surrender.

This update catches you up to last weekend...and then things got crazy worse.
Sunday my brother passed away and this week has been...

Hopefully, the full moon (tomorrow) will herald in a time of healing and positive influences. Right now I can't promise I will start posting again daily...but I will endeavor to post before another month passes!


Dark Divas Review Sacred Revelations

Content Warning: Shibari, BDSM, Multiple sex partners

Jae’s Review: I immensely enjoyed this book. Sacred Revelations is, in a word, fantastic. This isn’t a short book at over four hundred pages, but there wasn’t a dull moment from beginning to end. I cannot even describe how nice it was to read a book with such a great plot—well thought-out and masterfully executed—as well as outstanding character development. Often authors sacrifice one of these to the betterment of the other. That is not so of this book by Roxy Harte. As far as I’m concerned, she nailed it with Sacred Revelations.

I had the opportunity to read and review the first book in The Chronicles of Surrender series—Sacred Secrets—a while back and rated it four-and-a-half divas because it was an excellent book. This book tops that—hits it out of the park actually.

The character development is outstanding. The three main characters each have distinct personalities complete with their own unique drives, motivations and desires. Each character brought a unique and valuable perspective to the storyline. Written in first person, multiple perspective format, the chapters are laid out in such a way that each chapter belongs to one particular character. Honestly, I have read other books laid out this way and they have annoyed me to no end; however, Ms. Harte executed this method wonderfully and it is the perfect setup for these characters. I was able to get into the heart and mind of each character, and that was imperative to this story’s greatness.

I was quite impressed that Ms. Harte had the ability to write a main character such as Thomas, who is a sadist, and have us love him, but she accomplished just that. I understood his drives and motivations and was able to “get” this character. Actually, we’ll just call me overall impressed and leave it at that.

Ms. Harte impressed me with Sacred Secrets, but she has made a true and loyal reader out of me with Sacred Revelations. Actually, I just purchased three more titles by Ms. Harte and another copy of Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations for a friend. As soon as I finish my new books, I’ll give you a review on those as well.

The third story in The Chronicles of Surrender series, Unholy Promises, is due out in February and, I, for one, am greatly anticipating its release. I am anxious to see what Roxy Harte has up her sleeve for these wonderful characters. If Sacred Revelations is any indication it will be an amazing read.

Warning to readers: I think it needs to be noted that this book contains more intense BDSM content than in a lot of romance books. Be forewarned the main characters are sadists; if that is something that would bother you, this might not be for you. That being said, if you like this genre, even remotely, you will absolutely adore these characters; the emotional entanglements and storyline will, no doubt, satisfy.

Side note: I always like to mention whether I think a story can be read alone as single title if it is part of a series. Here, I’m not sure that’s the best plan. Can the second story be read alone? I’m sure it could hold its own, but you need to meet these characters before going on the journeys they encounter in Sacred Revelations. Your appreciation and enjoyment of this story will be much greater after having read the first one.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Jae!