I have my email set to "notice" new info that hits concerning the keyword Roxy Harte. Today was a four hit day, which totally perked up my happiness level. First, the website of Liquid Silver books, expected but still exciting...

Then, a hit at the blog International Heat...

And big surprise mentions at the blog Kindling Romance and Coffee Time Romance.
This is my first non-BDSM title ... it's a paranormal, but please don't be dismayed. It's still sexy... and has an amazing story if I say so myself. You can buy it or read an excerpt at Liquid Silver books.

Reaper Release Day!!

Kendra Lake has a secret she’s keeping from Detective Jonathon Taylor of NYPD’s Homicide division. Intrigued by her, he will not rest until he discovers what she is hiding from him since she has been linked to at least three crime scenes in as many days.

Born Cynethryth ae Llyn Fawr in seven-twelve ante christum, Kendrah became immortal the day she traded her soul for the cloak of the reaper. To say that she has seen it all...been there, done that...is a gross understatement. She has been loved and given her heart in return but the price of loving again is too great because everybody dies.

When Detective Jonathon Taylor is in the wrong place at the wrong time, careening around a curve doing one-twenty on icy roads with his suidcidal ex-wife at the wheel, Kendrah is there to help the two of them cross over. What will be the price for saving one life?

This is my first paranormal so I am very excited and scared ... no bdsm ... nada. It is wickedly intense though so I hope you will give it a read and let me know what you think:)


My book will be one of those highlighted at the blog International Heat

And sharing my release day at Liquid Silver Books is Vivian Arend with her latest: Rocky Mountain Heat. I love the cowboy on the cover so much I am also posting her blurb here:)

Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but a heap of trouble. But when trouble’s a blonde wearing a cowboy hat with slim legs that go on forever, what’s a man to do? Wanting the sweet girl next door is just wrong. Hell, he was the one that taught her to ride a horse and now all he can think about is riding her. The responsible thing to do is keep his hands off.

Jaxi has other plans for his hands, and his heart. She may have considered Blake a big brother once but that was a long time ago. She’s all grown up now and ready to convince him that she’s just what he’s been waiting for.

Add the complication of two sexy younger brothers who have suddenly noticed Jaxi and things heat up fast. Blake’s gonna have to decide if a little trouble is worth fighting for.

Edited by Roxy Harte:

Reaper will officially be available at 7:00pm EST


The Real Difference...

According to Mistress Matisse writing for The Stranger there really is a difference between kinky sex and vanilla sex besides the obvious kink.

Read Article here you might be surprised.

And thank you to Susan for the link.


Grandbabies Are Exhausting!

My granddaughters arrived Thursday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon, roughly 48 hours later...

I'd forgotten how exhausting a three year old and a five year old can be...
We did the basics, run, jump, play...color with crayons inside, color with chalk outside on the concrete, paint, made story books, went to a butterfly house and learned the difference between butterflies and moths, chrysalis and cocoons, went on a hike, discovered the difference between toads and frogs, went to McDonalds inside playland...watched way too much Sponge Bob Square Pants.

I slept 4 hours in the last 48 but boy the fun we had.


In Case You Missed It...

Don't forget Sacred Secret releases in ebook Sept 7!

Lyrical Press posted an author interview with me on their site. Here it is...

Latest Writing News:

Looking forward to several new releases over the next few months and especially the rerelease of The Chronicles of Surrender which will be available both digitally and in print from Lyrical Press!

Favorite part of being an author:

Having an excuse to daydream and create alternate realities in my mind.

Typical day in the life of the author:

The perfect day begins with a new idea that leads to pages and pages of new material on a current or future work (I try to write a minimum of 1K per day but am very happy when magic happens and 5K rolls out easily; followed by hours of revisions or edits. I try to have six to eight hours of focused writing per week day. Weekends, I general take a break to spend time with my family, unless I have a pending deadline.

How old were you when you wrote your first story, and what was it about:

I was writing Star Trek fanfiction by the time I was eleven, poetry throughout high school, and then a long break during which life was so complicated I only had time to journal. I started writing seriously in 1996 when I wrote my first novel "Invisible Knight" a historical romance never published and which few have read.

What are you working on right now:

Current writing includes several books I am juggling around: three paranormals, yet to be titled, and three bdsm eroticas: Echo of Redemption, Vow of Silence, and Lovers.

Most powerful/memorable thing that ever inspired you to write:

I began writing as an emotional respite from caring for both of my terminally ill parents. Writing has always been my therapy.

Strangest thing that ever inspired you to write:

A soccer match led to a very erotic, very muddy scene in Unholy Promises.

Favorite place to write:

Curled up on the couch with my laptop

Any writing rituals/superstitions?:

I keep a notepad by my bed because my best ideas occur in the moment between sleep and wakefulness.

Strangest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research:

Talked myself into climbing into a shark cage. Maybe not strange, definitely terrifying.

Funnest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research:

Asked my hubby to help me figure out if a particular sex position was possible if both participants had their jeans only as far as their knees and fell off the back of the sofa in the process of experimentation ... well, it was funny at the time.

Favorite scene(s) in LPI titles:

Auction scene in Sacred Secrets

When was the last time you laughed at yourself, and why?:

two days ago, my husband pointed out how identical my daughter and I are ... we tend to trip over our own feet constantly.

Three favorite words:

love, desire, passion

What are you reading right now?:

Jim Butcher's Dresden File series

Three summer reading essentials:

Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon

Favorite summer pastimes:

gardening, hiking, bird-watching

Favorite hobby:


Favorite online timesink(s):

Facebook apps

Advice to authors seeking publication:

Write every day, refine your craft, study grammar, study the publishing houses you wish to submit to.


Roxy Harte Highlighted

As part of their Summer Celebration, I am being highlighted on Lyrical Press's Blog today, stop by and say hi if you can!



Reaper is Coming

Reaper will be released August 31st...
I can't wait.



I was supposed to be playing with grandbabies today ... instead I am working on edits for Sacred Revelations; and grandbabies get to spend the day with their Auntie.

The nice thing about edits is that you get to see how wonderful and amazing your story is after months of not seeing it and often times with a fresh I just sit back and say "Wow. I wrote that."

The horrifying thing about edits is there is so much left unsaid, unwritten ... and I am reminded I have a forth installment to write: Echos of Redemption.

There are some serious loose ends which need tied up...

The menage is being torn at by outside responsibilities, namely Thomas's whose wife and children are still in Africa and in daily danger; Thomas's brother who is also a secret agent, undercover and in constant danger; and lest we forget Eva, who is still holding a grudge against both Thomas and his brother.

And then there is Celia...
And Garrett...

Each dealing with feelings of insecurity and doubt.

I encourage you, if you have yet to start reading The Chronicles of Surrender, please mark September 7th on your calendar so you can start the series with Lyrical's rerelease of Sacred Secrets!

Sacred Secrets Excerpt


Sacred Secrets ...

Lyrical Press will be releasing Sacred Secrets in e-book on September 7. More info to come...

Nice cover though:)

The new tagline is:
"Celia sold herself in a bargain for rough play and a great story - not murder."

An excerpt will be posted here soon, so check back:)


Now Available From Amazon.com

So, if you've been waiting for Roxy Harte books to be available on Kindle ... now is your chance!

Both Voyuer and Edge are available at amazon.com


Just In Case Numbers...

You never know when you might find yourself discriminated against.
Keep these numbers handy!

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127Baltimore, MD 21202-3707 http://www.ncsfreedom.org/index.php

All requests are responded to within 48-72 hours.
If you need more immediate assistance, please call our office at (410) 539-4824.
Emergency contact information is available 24 hours a day.
Internet contact via this page:http://www.ncsfreedom.org/index.php?option=com_chronocontact&chronoformname=ContactUs&Itemid=18


Valerie White, Executive Director Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.156 Massapoag Ave.Sharon, MA 02067781 784



Edits, Writing, and PMS...

As you know I've been working on LOVERS this week, hoping to start submitting it around by the end of the month...and ready to absolutely pull my hair out because every time I tie up a loose thread I find two more...completely ripped out a fatal flaw and started from scratch on one of my secondary characters...yikes...but with eight, yes I said eight, main characters...all interconnected lovers...and written from each character's POV it was bound to get messy.

I sent in a proposal for my paranormal that got only so far as, "maybe this is too much horror" for our audience...hmmm...last time I looked it wasn't very horrorific which just goes to show that both my proposal skills and my blurb skills need work. This time last year I had an amazing editor I could bounce proposal ideas off of and he would point out what worked and what didn't work...but since he has fallen off the edge of cyberspace I am now left to my own devices...sigh.

Maybe I'll just kill everyone off at the end of the paranormal and make it a horror story then I could use the current proposal to sell to a different market.

No doubt, they'd write back and say its too erotic romance for them...

Really, I'm not being bitchy, it's the PMS talking.

It is a frustrating game I play though, bouncing ideas back and forth and hoping someone somewhere will like what I've already written...and not have to go back to square one as is so many times the case. I have dozens of partials sitting on the back-back burner waiting to be fleshed out...and at least six (I think I'm forgetting one) on the back burner almost complete...and four I'm drifting back and forth between polishing up. Which means I am constantly scanning the lists for who is acquiring what in the hopes I have something that will fit...and in the case of the recent Secretary WIP (which is now titled SO YOU WANT A JOB) I started from page one word one and just wrote to meet the need...

The good news is...

Edits are finished on both REAPER and PRODIGAL SLAVE (both coming out with Liquid Silver) Reaper has been through both proofer and readers AND has cover art. Prodigal Slave should be shooting off to the proofer in short order....

A final draft of SO YOU WANT A JOB has been sent in to Loose-Id and is now awaiting edits.

Oh, oh...and PORNSTAR now has a home with Samhain!!! Yes, my lesbian erotica will be published! It also has a new title: HEART OF CHANGE.

And SACRED SECRETS is waiting in queue waiting for a release date with Lyrical Press:)

All in all it hasn't been a bad week...


Promised Photos...

It was a dream vacation ...
My youngest daughter, Beautiful Girl, has wanted to be a trainer at Sea World for as long as I can imagine, so imagine a vacation tied to that dream...

We swam with dolphins, talked with trainers, watched the Shamu show more times than I can count...and had an absolutely wonderful time.

At Shamu Stadium, post drenching!

Can you see Beautiful Girl posed on the nose of a killer whale? I can:)

Or maybe training dolphins?

Ask me how much this trip was worth...


Writing Hard and Fast...well maybe not so fast

I'm working on two WIP's simutaneously...push hard on one for a day, then switch to the other.
One is at 80k on it's way to 100k (maybe 120k)

The other is only at 25k but its endpoint is 55k...

Next week I will have grandbabies for an entire week of summer at grandma's house fun so I feel like I really have to work hard this week to get my WIP's in order. I want to have the first submitted by the end of August and the second by the end of September...

So, if I don't reply to my emails or show up on Twitter, or Facebook, or any of those other places you have grown used to seeing me...that's why...

If you call me and I don't call you back...that's why

So, wish me luck and maybe I'll have a new batch of cover art for you soon:)



I've always taken my deadlines serious...obviously some writers don't.
Read New York Observer article


Okay, That Didn't Work...

I know...I promised vacation pictures...not realizing that all hotel WiFi access are not created equal. So loading onto Blogger was an impossibility...

I was lucky to check my email at the first hotel and at the second hotel didn't do anything.

So, it really was a vacation.
And unfortunately, I won't be logging any real Blogger time for the next couple days.

After a fifteen hour drive, I crashed for six hours, threw some laundry in the washer, wrote a synopsis, worked on edits, and am trying to meet another writing deadline this week in anticipation of edits starting on three different works any day...

Sorry...but there may be few posts for several more days...