Canadian Breast Exam

A friend shared this banned commercial...I rolled out of my chair laughing my ass off, but I have friends...won't name 'em who were totally offended. Let me know what YOU think!


Breast Fed Baby Causes National Panic?

Click the title to see today' big news story.
I'm sorry, but either MSN is desperate for news or our country has gone stark-raving mad! Granted, I've never been called a prude, quite the opposite in fact...Let's not go there though, suffice it to say I'm an over the top liberal who wishes our forefather's hadn't been pilgrims because our country might have had a fighting chance at being less uptight if they hadn't been.

Summary of the news story: barely shown breast with baby attached causes uproar.
My favorite quote from the story: One mother who didn't like the cover explains she was concerned about her 13-year-old son seeing it. "I shredded it," said Gayle Ash, of Belton, Texas, in a telephone interview. "A breast is a breast — it's a sexual thing. He didn't need to see that."
I'm betting her son has seen more boobage on MTV than he saw on that cover...
But hey, I learned a new word: Lactivist, a woman who supports breastfeeding in public as a woman's right. Did I totally miss the bus on this one? Since when have we not had that right? And who in the hell decided it's a right we now need to fight for?

For roughly four years late-eighties and three years early-nineties I bared in public, regardless of who was watching to nurse my babies whenever they were hungry. Was I discreet? Hell no. Was I challenged? Never. Although once an uptight biddy made a snide remark in a busy shopping mall to which I replied, "And you are watching why?" and kept right on nursing.
Bully for me-I was a lavtivist and didn't even know it!

Enough already.
This is not a news story. This is a few incredibly ridiculous women who are ashamed of their sexuality because the patriarchal fundamentalist churches they are attending make them feel sinful for being born with boobs...


Vintage Bondage

I love it...
Is this supposed to be
Nancy Drew?

I tell my friends,
online and off,
keep your eyes
open for all those
sweet tidbits of
in bodice popping poses,
Bound or Spanked...

If you have any good
examples, just point
me in the right


Toothpaste Commercial

Couldn't resist sharing this commercial with you! Irresistable! Enjoy!


Guest Blogging Friday--Join Me!

Roxy Harte Announces:
I'm guest blogging at SEx Silver Expressions on Friday, July 21
I plan to do several: a.m., lunch time, and p.m. so please visit!
This is my debut SEx blog so I plan on getting your attention!


Sacred Secrets Excerpt

“Trust me, Kitten?” I whisper, so that none but she hears.
My heart swells with even more tenderness when she nods. Then she realizes her mistake, such a slight mistake, and brushes her cheek against mine—twice. One of my men in black steps forward to take her from me, but I shake my head no. Any other owner wouldn’t be given the same privilege and, for the first time in my life, I am using the ace up my sleeve. I own the place, damn it, it’s my right.
I feel her muscles tense in my arms.
“Sh-h, it’s all right, Kitten. Trust me.”
The clear glass isolation sphere is directly in front of me.
God, I hate this; I have never been good with isolation. It is one of the worst things I was forced to endure
during my training. Too much time to think. Too much time to self-analyze. Too much
time to worry about the what next.
I stand Kitten in the center, she is trembling. Fear in this case is good. It will help her understand the importance of obedience here, especially here, where the games can get very, very rough for the one that regularly disobeys. I try to convince myself that this is for the good of the slave, to protect her from herself, to protect her from us. The us in this case being the other Doms. A disobedient slave is what gives spice to an otherwise monotonous routine. Routine is the Doms’ hell in a place such as this.
I secure her feet with the ankle cuffs. I slide my hands up the length of her beautiful legs, I can’t help myself. She is so beautiful. I raise her arms one at a time and secure them in the wrist cuffs. My fingers swirl around the tender skin of her wrists before I lock the cuffs in place. Cuffs not made for comfort, but stainless steel for punishment. She stands spread eagle and such a beautiful sight. Naked beneath the fishnet, exposed, yet fully clothed. I flip the switch that floods light from both top and bottom and she sees herself for the first time in the mirrored glass that will surround her. She can’t see out, but everyone else can see in. She is embarrassed already by what she sees and a silent tear slides down her face. I lean forward to kiss it away, whispering against her face, “No tears Kitten, no smeared makeup, no runny nose. I’m here with you, even when you can’t see me, know that I am here with you.”


Since Darragha, had to mention the
"guy with pierced nipples"...
(see the contest comments)
(I apologize, comments removed to
protect those who needed protecting)

So, here he is...gagged... yum.

Hugs to you, Darragha for triggering my
memory about this pic! And yeah, oogling
this pic, he could almost be the sex fantasy...

No, that is not an admission--I'm not telling!
Contest entrants keep guessing!

You can hear him Live (sometimes pre-recorded)
at www.spreadradiolive.com
Finally, music I can listen to while I'm writing!
He even takes requests! I love this guy! Thank you David!
So spread the word about his site...it's an awesome thing he's doing in LA


Readers Contest

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Watch the Panic Channel video, decide which HOTTIE
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Chronicles Of Surrender

My smart-ass partner asked, "Why surrender?"
And I'm sure the question was valid, I could have used control, pain, mastery...

As it was, a day of angst produced the subtitle to Sacred Secrets and I do thank my friends who made suggestions while I strived to not have a nervous breakdown over it...in the end, I dug a little deeper into my own psyche for the theme of the series and it was a painful journey. It should have been easier...

Surrender is such an easy thing
Surrender is close to fucking impossible

On the yoga mat, in role of instructor I am forever whispering, "surrender" to my students. Sometimes, they don't understand it is surrender that makes the asanas so much easier. The greater life-lesson being that surrender makes EVERYTHING so much easier. What I don't tell them is that though I've learned the art of surrendering to the asana and sometimes the pain of holding the asana, the life lesson is a moment to moment challenge. I'm human, I like control. I like nice and tidy and sometimes life is messy...sometimes downright nasty. ..and it's in those messy, nasty moments that the lesson of surrender is most important.

Those who know me, love me, and sometimes Master me...feel the pleasure I experience when I just give it up! So why is it still so hard to surrender?

Isn't that the bigger question?
If it fixes everything, if it feels good to do it, if it the great karmic healer...why is it so fucking hard to do?

I gained my subtitle not by controlling the outcome, but my surrendering to my psyche, that fantastic place where my characters thrive, seeking insight into the truth behind their stories, and to be honest, they had a lot to say on the subject, quite eloquently in fact, which was unusual. Usually, they go through two stages: curled in fetal postion or screaming at me incoherantly; however, on the underlying theme they were quite clear, even when they didn't really want to admit it, whether Dom or sub, their roles were always fighting or freely giving surrender. Luckily, I am just sadist enough to make my dominants give it up, even if they're screaming incoherently when they finally do--surrender.

Thank you to Edgar T for the use of the visual


Tornado Anyone?

When my cell phone rang, the last words I wanted to hear on the other side of the conversation was my daughter saying, "Mom, don't panic."

Okay, what's the first thing I'm going to do when someone tells me not to panic?
Heart in throat, my entire being went still...right before I demanded,"What happened?"

The good news was my daughter was safe and indoors, the bad news was the neighbors house off its foundation, the other neighbors roof gone, a third neighbors privacy fence tangled in the powerline, still twenty feet above ground in our front yard. And in the yard ten feet away...the 20'x20' solid metal I-beam and sheetmetal roof from a barn several hundred yards away.

And me...miles from home.

Driving fast, pounding rain, storm sirens going off town after town after town, I couldn't get home fast enough...but I did get home and everyone's fine.



Yeah, I know, Self-Googling sounds pretty naughty, right?
So try it sometime! You'll be amazed at what pops up

Okay, call me adventurous...
I googled myself, no lie,
Roxy Harte gets googled

The funny thing is not the expected part
Sacred Secrets and/or combos of name,
title, publisher come up in the Top 6 places

But that about page 3 there was a RANDOM link leading to a noir
electronic band by the name
guessing--entire site is in German, although if
I'm wrong and someone reading this knows for sure, comment please,
cause I'm totally in love here + so wishing I knew German right now)

Sure, I'm a fan of electronica, not gonna deny it
But when I click on a RANDOM mpg file titled "CLOISTER"
and the words are something along the lines of...
and this is not a direct quote...so if ya wanna hear it
yourself you have to click the hot link...

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it--words turn me on.
Words leading to BDSM thoughts, double ditto

So if Bahr: Neumann needs a groupie...I'm there...I mean, at this
point I'm delusional cause he's gotta be singing about my blue eyes right?

...and as far as the Cloister part...yeah, I'm there
So, moral of this story: Google Yourself!
If I hadn't Googled Roxy Harte I would have never heard "Cloister!"
Or became a new fan of Bahr: Nueman. How's that for synchronicity?