Another Echo of Redemption Review!

This review was by Jae at Dark Diva's:
You can read the full review here.

A definite Roxy Harte must-read, Echo of Redemption is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Surrender series. This installment has all the power, emotion and drama that you have come to expect in this series. 

The characters are three-dimensional and always keep you guessing as to their next course of action. I just loved getting to know Lord Fyre’s brother in this story and I’m sure we’ll learn even more about him in the next installment—or at least one can hope, right? The previous story,Unholy Promises, left me a little uninterested in the brother, but Echo of Redemption brought him back around, gave us more insights and allowed us to develop a curiosity about this character. 

The evolution of Garrett, Kitten and Thomas’s relationship was intriguing as well, and I can’t wait to see where Ms. Harte takes us in the next installment. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Garrett’s Lord Ice…because what we’ve seen so far has merely whetted the appetite of possibilities.

As secondary characters go, we have appearances by Dr. Psycho and Mistress Morgana, both of whom I’m incredibly curious to hear more from. Dr. Psycho hasn’t been a big player in the other books…well, readers haven’t learned much about him personally anyway. He’s been a supporting character mainly; however, in this tale we get to learn more about his private life. And he’s moving quickly up my scale of favorites, have no doubt about that. 

If you haven’t started the Chronicles of Surrender series, I highly recommend it. My biggest complaint is that the stories aren’t longer…and that’s usually a good sign for any story, much less a series. I’m already waiting impatiently for the next in this wonderful series.


NEWS FLASH!! Vow of Silence, A Chronicle of Surrender:Dr. Pysho

The good news:
Doctor Psycho's story has just been accepted!!!!!

The bad news:
It won't release until April 2011...
I know, so sad! But Lyrical Press is growing and Growing...YAY...which makes scheduling tighter and tighter.

More Info (this is by no means a blurb just the inner workings of my mind run amok):

Titled VOW OF SILENCE, it is in the writing stage, and will focus of George Kirkpatrick, a once well renowned psychiatrist to the stars of LA, whose career was destroyed by the accusations of a young girl, who found solace and a new identity, Doctor Psycho, at Lewd Larry's Fetish Fantasy Nightclub.

It will reveal the inner workings of Lewd Larrys...readers will meet clients, be privy to client sessions...
It will explore George's relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends...
It will reveal what happens when the young girl, now a grown woman, is thrust back into his life...

So, I'm excited! Need to get writing!!


Echo of Redemption 5-DIAMOND Review!

Got Erotic Romance reviewed Echo of Redemption, Book 4 of The Chronicles of Surrender:)

This is what Starla Kaye had to say about it:

"Love can be so complicated, especially in a ménage relationship. Even more so when the woman involved becomes pregnant by one of her lovers.

Celia has struggled in life and finally found who she really was when she became part of a ménage, one where she answers to two masters. She loves each of them and for different reasons. Thomas owns her soul, but Garrett owns her heart. But she fears that having a baby will destroy the family they’ve become. And, Thomas, the true father of her baby has secrets that threaten everything even more.

The story has very well-developed characters with complicated pasts. Conflicts and obstacles, twists and turns. There is much in the story to keep a reader interested and pulling for the characters to find some kind of happiness in the end. An excellent read."

So I hope you will give Echo of Redemption a try today if you haven't already read it:)
The series begins with Sacred Secrets...
All of the Chronicles of Surrender can be purchased here and if you love Kindle or a good ole paperback go to Amazon.com




I started edits on Cries of Penance...wow.
I never considered the emotion I'd be swallowed up in as I sat reading it, editing it, tweaking it...all knowing that this is the final book for the menage. I've already contacted my editor that the edits on this story is going to take a bit longer than the others have. (no fears...the release date will stay on target)

It's just hard letting go, letting the menage fly...

I'm crying as I type this, broken.
Without knowing the whole story, I'm certain that's hard to understand.

This series was begun during a very emotionally trying time for me--an escape--from the pain I was feeling in real life. I was caring for my parents, elderly and disabled. My father dementia. My mother partially paralyzed from multiple strokes. I was also homeschooling three daughters and watching my second marriage disintegrate. And then everything tumbled...

My father died. My mother died. My first husband-first love-died. My second marriage ended.

Garrett and Celia and Thomas and Jackie saw me through the rough spots.
Is there any wonder I can't reflect back on the beginning now that I'm at the ending without crying?



Starting edits...

Oh so excited! I wish I could share just the beginning of this book with you guys...it absolutely gives me chills...
Good chills.

As soon as I get permission I will share an excerpt, but sadly...too too soon for that.

But it's a great cover:) so I'm sharing it again!

Now, on a serious note ...

If you have followed the series and read Echo of Redemption, you will realize Kitten is pregnant...and even though I know there are porn sites with pregnant women bound and beaten...neither Garrett or Thomas are willing to risk a miscarriage...and having had a miscarriage myself a few years ago... I will not encourage in any way unsafe BDSM play even if it would make a really hot, sexy scene...

That isn't to say there isn't some pretty hot sex...
and some real emotion and humiliation play...
oh, and some lactation play...
and some puppy "woof-woof" play...

It's going to be a fun book...
It's also going to be a serious book because there are so many loose ends to tie up...all those pesky secondary characters...Nikos, Eva, Latisha...Glorianna. Whew...

And is Jackie ever going to have her own HEA? I miss Bernard ...
And Henri, what is to become of Henri?

Have I missed anyone?


Today's Post Has Been Removed


If you read today's original post and agreed, disagreed, or missed it in its entirety and are here only to try to read between the lines or see what the fuss was about...it has been removed.

I appreciate all of my readers and the readers discussions revolving around my stories.

I have disabled "anonymous" comments. If I have something to say, I sign my name. I appreciate it when others extend me the same courtesy.

Because I feel an apology was in order due to what I feel was a misinterpretation that created a misunderstanding, I have since apologized to the members offended.


Roxy Harte


The End of the Series???

I am glad I have so many fans of the series...and everyone is asking the same question now: Is book 5: Cries of Penance really the end of the series? And there is a yes and no answer...

I am currently writing VOW OF SILENCE which would officially be a sixth book in the series, but to limit the confusion about its intent is going to be titled A Chronicle of Surrender: Dr. Psyco (instead of book 6)


I wanted to give the menage closure. I think my readers will be much happier with me if I finally allow Kitten to have a happily ever after...

Unholy Promises was originally supposed to be titled A Chronicle of Surrender: Lord Fyre but because of marketing became book 3 and many readers assumed the entire story would be about the menage when in fact it is about Lord Fyre...

So, hopefully, no more confusion!

And for those of you holding off buying book 4 and 5 -- after the "weird" book in the middle -- I want to assure you books 4 and 5 really do center on the menage. If I had it to do all over again, I might have titled all of the series differently...

So, as it stands I plan to expand the series:
VOW OF SILENCE: A Chronicle of Surrender: Dr. Psycho
HALLOWED SCREAMS: A Chronicle of Surrender: Mistress Morgana
WHISPERED PRAYERS: A Chronicle of Surrender: Nikos

Also, please, please, please be patient. These are very big books and it takes several months to write each one, plus time to edit...plus commitments I have to other publishing houses. I just wrote the first two chapters of VOW yesterday with the hope of completing it by Mid-June which could potentially give it a early winter release.

Now might be the time to subscribe to my blog so you will be the first to hear updates about the series:)

The dream has always been to end on Jackie's story; however, try talking a publishing house into a transexual erotic romance...cross your fingers and if you would be interested in reading Jackie's story make sure to comment! Readers can change the market...


What's Next?????

Eight hours after the midnight release of Echo of Redemption, I started receiving emails asking what comes next? And while I do have  few pending releases, the real question was "How long do I have to wait for the next Chronicle??" Right?


Thomas is torn between saving a past love and protecting the woman in his present. Traveling to Africa to save his wife’s life, he leaves his ménage unprotected against political forces that will stop at nothing to destroy the black ops organization he works for—even if it means attacking women and children.

On the day she thought her greatest challenge was going to be interviewing nannies, Celia finds herself chased by thugs. In order to survive she must evolve from Kitten to Tigress to protect not only her unborn, but also Thomas’s four young children.On the run and without either Master or Lord Fyre to protect her, the question is where Celia’s journey will end.

So, I'm working on edits today and the working release date is scheduled for Fall 2010...
I am really excited that the series is drawing readers into the characters lives. And every book the question is always, can the menage survive? Cries of Penance answers the question once and for all.



So, who has been anxiously awaiting the return of Kitten, Garrett, and Thomas?

Me, me, me!

I know, ridiculous, right? But see, here's the thing...edits happened months ago and I finished writing it way before that, so tomorrow I will start reading Echo of Redemption...and I've missed my characters...a lot!

So, if you, like me, are anxiously awaiting Echo of Redemption--it is NOW available:)
And I am celebrating with some kitty pics...
(scroll down)
AND the first person to email me the answers to the following 5 questions will WIN a free digital copy from moi...


1. Who is Garrett's Number One at Lewd Larry's (first and last name please)
2. What was the name of Kitten's boyfriend in KY pre-Lewd Larry's
3. Who was Tony and whose life was most affected by him?
4. Name Garrett's best friend and tell me something most memorable about this person (your most memorable moment not a trick question honest)
5. Who does Kitten love?

leave answers in comment box but be prepared to send me your email addy if you win... it makes it easier if you are following the blog! Sign up at the right:)



I made the blog loop this am and found Tonya Knapp's post Time, Time, Time about one author's ingenious ways of finding time to write...and I totally borrowed the Writing Time Tip cartoon from her site:)

Not sure if my comment was appreciated or not but I wrote:

"Boy, do I remember the days of writing in car line( always good for an hour) and–soccer, basketball, track, cheer-leading–practice (I think daughters don’t mind as much as boys because having the eccentric writing mom isn’t a bad thing), and at hundreds of doctor appointments…
I bribed my four year old one Big Comfy Couch at a time…
Over time I figured out what works for my primo-productivity (and especially now that my kids are older and understand the concept of “work”) which means going into my office and closing the door for defined work hours. No phone. No distractions.
It’s still a pretty cushy job, I’m my own boss, I set my own hours, and I can wear my PJ’s to the office.
Setting my own hours is a double edged sword because if I work 20, 40, 60 hours a week I have no one to blame but myself if I don’t reach my writing goals for the week.
Which brings me to goal setting. I define a goal for the year (2009 was to write and get accepted 12 novels) and then the big goal into workable chunks (one book per month) and then measurable (20K per week) and depending on how many days I planned to write (3-4K per day) and voila…
So, that’s what works for me…
Now, if I could just teach Petey (my male hound dog) to throw the Frisbee for Jazzi (my gal Aussie shepherd) I could really get some work done!"



Only four days and counting until Echo Of Redemption's digital release! I'm excited and my little namesake is excited too...
Here's the email I received from Roxy Harte, Chihuahua:
Hi Roxy,
This is me waiting patiently for Monday to come 
so I can help mommy read your new book.
little Roxy

And for the rest of you PATIENTLY WAITING... a little excerpt:)

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed
but my soul.”
Judy Garland
Chapter 1

San Francisco , CA
January 21

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, a man on my left, a man on my right, I have no idea
who to look at, so I stare straight ahead. Garrett. Thomas. My men. Known to me as Masterand Lord Fyre. Our ménage is still intact. I sigh heavily and both men squeeze a hand. I hadn’t noticed before that they are each holding one of my hands. Across the room, I can see their faces reflected in the darkened floor to ceiling bank of windows, framing the inky night sky. I try to read their expressions, but it is impossible. They aren’t looking at me. They are staring at each other, increasing tension already so thick in the room I could choke on it. I wait for the war to begin imminently. All because I’m pregnant. No, that isn’t the all.

I tried to tell Thomas first and considered not telling Master. Ever.

Master saw it as me choosing Thomas over him, but I wasn’t. I was choosing the ménage
over a baby. Bloody hell, this is impossible. It certainly doesn’t help that Garrett believes the child is Thomas’s. Every parent wants to see a bit of themselves in their child’s face. Garrett will never have that opportunity. He will look at this child and see Thomas. Every. Single. Time. I am an idiot. I am surprised he is even here.

Without meaning to, my gaze focuses on the reflected image of Thomas, and I try to imagine him as a child. The thought makes me smirk as I visualize his face beardless, his eyes and mouth younger…younger still. I imagine his long dark hair as short dark curls. Bright pink, pudgy cheeks. I snort, the face I have conjured in my mind could be boy or girl. A beautiful child. Their reflected faces are suddenly looking at me, both demanding answers to unasked questions. I force myself to look at neither and both.

I am not choosing sides!
This child could as easily be Garrett’s. An equally beautiful child.
It is hopeless. I love both men.

I can’t help remembering the night Master collared me, the same night he bought me at
auction. We stood in a storeroom and he was explaining the rules of the member’s only area of Lewd Larry’s, his BDSM nightclub. Feline. Canine. Pet play. It all seemed so foreign, but then the collar closed around my neck and he commanded me to meow.

“Merroww.” I’d done the best imitation I was capable of doing of Monet, my luxurious
Maine-Coon cat, and suddenly everything fell in place for me. I was collared, owned, but I could also be a more base being than my mundane-human counterpart could ever be. Animals have no morality. Animals have no sin. I cried, unashamed, and became Kitten in that moment. Garrett Lawrence had claimed my heart the instant he became Master.

But feeling that way, I also feel if Master owns my heart, Lord Fyre owns my soul. I felt it the first time our eyes locked, even though at the time I was comparing him to the one most evil. I felt it then, I still feel it now, every time he looks at me, he sees my darkest needs…and I know his.

I am no longer collared, a matching brand on each of our left arms makes us each others.


Country Singer Chely Wright Tells Her Story

I think its a sad day that the USA is a place where people still fear "coming out" and I applaud
Chely Wright for her bravery.

Love Your Kindle? Love Roxy Harte?

Roxy Harte is on Kindle. Actually, I now have eleven titles on Kindle!

Here's the link to all of them

Heart of Change
Sacred Secrets
Sacred Revelations
Unholy Promises
Echo Of Redemption
So, You Want A Job
Painted Lady
Prodigal Slave

So, which Roxy Harte novel are you missing in your collection?


Tough Love

As much as I love seeing reviews of my books, it's hard to read a bad review or one that the reviewers expectations weren't completely fulfilled...

I get it Mrs. Giggles hates BDSM...I can live with that. But when a reviewer who has never reviewed me before blindsides me with a bad review saying that I cheesed on the emotion...I just have to scratch my head and say WTF? But then I considered the book and holy crap, she's right. But why? How did this happen?

The answer is, I allowed my editor to rip out the first three chapters and some serious internal dialog throughout the story because the publishing house feels a quick start to a story makes for a fun, rapid, HOT read...

And HOT reads make for BIG SELLS...
I love that.

But I don't love a big royalty check as much as I love a satisfied reader, and I have made a name for myself writing erotica that pushes emotional and psychological boundaries. My loyal readers expect ANGST to the tenth degree...and when they don't get it...because the heart and soul of the story was purged during edits...well, that just isn't right.

Lesson learned.
I thank the reviewer for the dose of tough love.

And while I'm not saying the novel isn't good--I still enjoy reading it--the real angst and issues that should have been made bigger were simplified. I regret not standing up for my work in this instance...and it won't happen again. I once nixed an opportunity with a HUGE publishing house (If you consider St Martins Press huge) because the rewrites requested compromised my writing style. That's the writer I've always been. And henceforth I'll be less likely to allow any editor to rip my work to shreds...



SURVIVAL INSTINCT has been on Loose-Id's LGBT Best Seller list two weeks in a row!

How exciting is that?

In addition, HEART OF CHANGE is still on MBAM's Top Ten list!

With my LGBT titles doing this well, I've gotta write more LGBT!!!
I just gotta!

Oh! And BTW, the book in a week experiment was a huge success! Started on Sunday am and finished tonight! Whew my fingers are tired!


I Love Fan Mail!

I received a note over the weekend about Heart of Change and this is what it said (spoilers editted out): 

Loved HEART OF CHANGE, all the way through.  I found the story quite realistic, in a good way. (Though I know very little about being a porn star). I know girls. I know boys. I know love. This story was awesome. I would love to read more about Geri and Simone. Thanks for another great book Roxy,

And that's a great way to start my day...with positive feedback! I am also very stoked that Heart of Change is still on MBAM's GLBT Top Ten List! Hoorah!

Now, I'm back to the keyboard...
8K Sunday, 10 K yesterday... hoping for another stellar writing day!
So, if you emailed or called in the last 2 days...my phone has been locked in the glovebox of my car....



I'm loving that Heart of Change has stayed on MBAM's GLBT Top Ten List for two weeks in a row (three unconsecutive weeks total since its release March 23rd) and not for the reasons you're probably thinking...sure the personal recognition is exciting...but more importantly this is a huge stride for F-F erotic romance and after struggling for over two years to find a publisher willing to take a chance it is a "L" victory for certain!

I am so thankful Samhain Publishing went out on a limb and accepted this one from me. I am soooo thankful for Laurie Rauch, my editor, who went to bat for me.

I'm in the process of writing another F-F book, and whereas with Heart of Change the lead character was Femme, this second book explores Butch. I've blogged about it here and there, trying to stir up some pre-interest, but as always the hard part is the search for a publisher...and I have my work cut out for me because if straight lesbian fiction is a hard sale, a butch lead with gender-related issues may be a nightmare. Honestly, this is the current book of my heart and I really want it to be read and loved...for me its all about expanding the realm of acceptance in the traditional erotica marketplace.


Survival Instinct 5-Nymph Review

Survival Instincts has been reviewed at Literary Nymphs Reviews and received their highest rating! 5 Nymphs.
Here is a partial of the review:

"Roxy Harte brings us love and adventure on a beautiful Montana mountainside in Survival Instinct. Right away, my heart went out for Brian. Tobias is a man who makes me want to purposely be stranded on a mountain where I’ll require his special brand of TLC to recuperate. Sexy, handsome, with a heart of gold, he was just what Brian needed to move forward with his life. The story is a mix of action, suspense, spine tingling sex and raw emotions, which makes it a winner in my book. This is the second story I’ve read by Roxy Harte, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Pick up a copy and enjoy."

I am very excited that Survival Instinct is being well received by both readers and reviewers since it was my first M-M release. So excited that I've started another M-M erotic romance:)