The Kids Are All Right...but is the Movie?

Yikes...more gay movie controversy.

I've been anticipating the release of this movie...but after learning that it is the same story told again (lesbian has sex with a man and destroys her happy family) I'm not entirely sure its on the top of my list...

Why can't "Surprisingly new plot twists" sell in Hollywood? 

For example... the affair was with another woman and the sperm donor becomes an even more important part of their family because he helps the women come to terms with the betrayal...and helps the kids understand their parents are only human with flaws and show them how to embrace forgiveness...

Instead, we get another boy gets the lesbian...eek.

Here are two very popular reviews (with some spoilers)

Dan Savage

Sinclair Sexsmith


Vow of Silence

Today I started the sixth Chronicle of Surrender, not known as Book 6 but rather Dr.Psycho.
As you can tell I had a lot of help getting through Chapter One:

Sadie and Tilak gave their seal of approval...

Me, I'm not so sure...Chapter One may become Chapter Two. Not sure at this point but I'm plugging along.

As far s Jazzi goes... she is much improved... eating, drinking, and begging to play frisbee!


Say A Prayer For Jazzi

I'm very worried about my sick girl, a 1/2 black lab, 1/2 australian shepherd mix. She is a very sick girl.

She got choked on a raw hide chewy yesterday and after vomiting hard enough to dislodge it seemed fine, but then proceeded to vomit several more times. I thought she'd just irritated her throat but upon further investigation my microbiologist hubby who isn't squeamish at all reported that something strange was going on. It seems what she'd thrown up hadn't come from us. So now he thinks the raw hide wasn't the culprit at all.

We feed her dry food...
What she threw up was obviously trash pickings...macaroni and corn. The troubling part is that neither of those things were in our garbage.

Now, I'm guilt ridden because she ran out of our fenced yard for a few minutes while I was watering the garden and has obviously gotten something from our neighbor's (guessing since they had a backyard bar-b-que over the weekend--although she wasn't out of our yard more than a few minutes. That's apparently all it took.)

I called the vet who seemed fairly unconcerned by vomiting as an only symptom.
Am I being overly dramatic to worry about dehydration?
I know the vet knows we always keep her inside with us except for potty breaks and play time, maybe that's why she isn't alarmed, but even in our air-conditioned house, if she isn't eating or drinking anything...it seems like a problem! Now, she's just laying around listlessly and obviously feels horrible.


In The Works...

I hope everyone is having a fun relaxing summer!
I know it seems I just can't get caught up...

In the works...
Through edits:
TRUST a cyber-goth BDSM madcap romp coming soon from Loose-Id
CRIES OF PENANCE book 5 of the Chronicles of Surrender coming soon from Lyrical Press

Going into edits:
YOU'RE INVITED       M/M coming out story coming in October from Loose-Id
ACTUALLY, I'M GAY   M/M romance involving two very different men, one of whom's child has autism

Fresh off the back-burner and the new WIP:
VOW OF SILENCE   Dr.Psycho's Chronicle of Surrender coming 2011 from Lyrical

Whew...I'm exhausted! I'd like to be this girl for just a few hours so I could rest up:)



This photo is tickling an idea from my brain for a new book...

Can three men really share one woman?


Longest Cinematographic Kiss in History...

And it goes to the lesbians...

More Lesbian Entertainment & Video

In her new film, Conn wanted to capture the power and magic behind a monumental first kiss, and ended up shooting a 3:24 long kissing scene that breaks the record for longest kiss in cinema history, originally set back in 1941 by — naturally — a heterosexual couple.

Her new project, Elena Undone, follows a well-known lesbian writer who falls for the wife of a pastor. It was conceived by Conn and her partner, Marina Rice Bader, on a weekend getaway when Bader asked, "Why aren't there more lesbian movies out there?" The two decided to "give it a go," and Elena Undone was born. (read more at AfterEllen)


Road Trip...

The weekend finds us at Great Lakes Medieval Faire...

Love Faire...who needs a better excuse for a road trip?
Not me...
But I also had a new corset that needed breaking in...so it seemed like good idea:)

This is me with hubby and youngest daughter...

And daughter with her BFF...


Welcome to the Independence Day Blog Hop! Start the Blog Tour Here for Fabulous Prizes!

Happy Independence Day Weekend!!
It's actually my favorite holiday because of all it stands for...I'm also a big history buff and its a good excuse to head over to some of my favorite history sites. The Freedom Documents...

Then there's also the fireworks...
Too much food...
Too much wine...
However you celebrate Independence Day, please remember what it is we're celebrating!


Announcing A Blog Hop!


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The Omegas by Annie Nicholas
The Bargain by Desiree Holt

See you there!