Cincinnati Gay Pride 2006

In Celebration of Cincinnati Gay Pride 2006, I have editted this post...Parade Photo France top, Cinti Celebration Middle, and India Turmoil this week at the bottom.

This picture taken in France by Phillip Wojazer and distributed by Rueters is one of my favorites from around the world. Currently in France, a debate is raging over same sex marriage.

Also, view the video, taped during Cincinnati's Gay Pride 2006

As an add on to this post, just because we are so lucky to live in the United States and not Mumbai, India...Today, July 7, href="http://articles.news.aol.com/news/_a/family-disowns-indian-prince-for-being/20060707091509990010">Manvendra Singh Gohil, who belongs to one of the onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2503/3166/1600/India%20Protest.0.jpg">
country's richest royal families that ruled the former Rajpipla principality in the western state of Gujarat, has been disowned for "activities unacceptable to the society," one disinheritance notice placed by his parents in a newspaper said. Gohil, 40, publicly announced he was gay in a country where homosexuality is outlawed by a 145-year-old law, sentences of up to ten years in jail are not unheard of...a gay activist Gohil runs an NGO working on HIV/AIDS among homosexuals.


The Pet , Announcement Concerning the Movie

The Pet, the movie

Friends at Tricoast asked me to post this announcement on my blog, so here it is!

Please check in by emailing us at: Thepetmovie@tricoast.com so that we can keep you up-to-date with any upcoming THE PET MOVIE news and events. We will soon be releasing new interviews with the director, actors, and scenes from the movie as well as the all important RELEASE DATE...and this roll call email list will be the first to know!!
Thanks again for your support we will definitely keep you in the loop.

And help spread the word: Please re-post this notice on your sites to all of your friends.



"A Human Pet, What An Interesting Concept"

Movies have a powerful impact; they open worlds that we would not believe exist until we actually experience what is, what could be, moment by moment.

We all remember the line, "I am just a girl, looking for a boy," made famous by Julia.
Likewise, "You had me at hello," a Tom Cruise line in Jerry McGuire that was spoofed for years following. There are hundreds of such notable quotes and in fact there is even a list, for those interested AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes.

I love quotes, a quote fanatic if you will, and I am always looking for quotes that make me think..."I found a Way to love in a way that feels right." in the movie The Secretary...was like that for me. What's to say that we all have to experience love the same way?
And when the movie hit the big screen, I cheered! It was a notable day.

Another notable such day is coming...with another "kinky movie" release: The Pet...which had my attention as soon as I heard the line, "a human pet, what an interesting concept." Oh yeah the big red antennae were sticking way outta my head...I'm a sucker like that, give me a human, collared, drinking from a doggy bowl, caged...I pay attention! My next thought, was "I need more information on this movie"...a) for purely selfish reasons, I wanna go see it!!!...and b)I want to blog the hell out of it so that lots of people get to go see it! However, there seems to be some debate as to not only when but if this movie will have a release date. Worse, the blog posts I have run across have blatantly dismissed the idea of a human as a pet...if they read my book, Sacred Secret's, they might begin to imagine the pleasurable possibilities...


The Era of My Daughter

Sometimes I wonder if I had been born as a child of the eighties or nineties instead of a child of the sixties, what kind of woman would I be today? Would I be a more powerful influence than I am? Would I be more able to change my world?

And then I look at my beautiful daughters and see the kind of women they are becoming. They are stronger, more outspoken, more able to stand up for what they believe in...

Tonight, my youngest came downstairs and interupted my writing (and yes, I was in the middle of creating a very HOT scene and it's difficult to break away and then go back to it, just like real life sex, my characters can have their mood broken...) but it was worth it, because she only interupts when it is something of great magnitude and I was only somewhat surprised when I learned that gushing blood or projectile vomit was not the cause for interuption but rather a music video...

Actually, my eyebrow went up and I said, this better be really good!

And it was worth the interuption, because it reminded me once again, what a wonderful, incredible daughter I have that she world share this IMPORTANT VIDEO with me...and if you are brave enough to check it out (yes, I dare you)...you will not only see why I was so proud of my daughter but proud of the generation of daughters who were raised by the women born during my generation...and I am so very proud of the women of my generation for having raised such an enlightened generation of women who are now part of The Era of my Daughter, it brought tears to my eyes.


Father’s Day 2006

I wonder if anyone ever really ever knows their father. You know, the good stuff: what makes them tick, what thoughts go through their head when they are accountable to self only? If they had it to do all over again, what would they change?



And if the answer were everything, would I be setting at this keyboard today?

I hope not everything then.

He taught me to lie in the grass and tell stories about the lives of clouds and the fundamental truth that everything I ever need to know, I was born knowing, I just have to remember what was before…the moment before birth.

Does he remember the moment before death? I think he does. He remembers me. Sometimes I dream him back, telling him things I’ve never told anyone before because now I get his viewpoint from “there.”

How I wish he were still here.

If I close my eyes, he still is…I can hear his voice, feel his hug. He gave the best hugs of anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of hugging. I remember his scent: Dial soap, coffee, and cigarettes. I wish for a way to recapture his scent and wrap myself in it.

I rarely allow myself the luxury of remembering him. It hurts too much.

I hurt too much.

Missing him is unbearable.

He taught me to meditate, and I honor him by remembering to meditate twice a day, even when I’m too exhausted.

He taught me the simple pleasures of reading, and daydreaming, and journaling. I try to take time for each every single day.

He taught me to love—unconditionally—and I think that was the one lesson I can aspire to teach my own children. Thank you Daddy, for loving me like that.

Why A Flog Blog?

Why a Flog Blog?

A friend asked me, “Other than the obvious, why “flog blog”?” Of course, I was then scratching my head, “Which obvious?”

Because it rhythms.

Because I write BDSM erotica.

Because I collect floggers.

Because it’s my absolute favorite toy in the world…after all, they tickle, they tease, they thud, they sting…and when in need of a good flogging, a friend can lend a helping hand, or if desperation calls, one can flog oneself as demonstrated by the Silas, the albino monk in the Da Vinci Code, though hopefully in less extreme measures(unless you really enjoy it.)

So, on that note, a flog or flogging, can take so many forms: physical, verbal, mental, emotional…and this blog is destined to explore them all in an effort to understand them. Even if it really hurts.

Comments are encouraged and if you wish to link to my blog, all I ask is that you let me know you have...don't make me come looking for you, because lovey, I have a flogger with your name on it!


Roxy Harte


Sacred Secrets Coming Fall 2006
an edgy, intense, boundary pushing erotic romance

Read page one now:

The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.
- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Chapter 1

The plastic banner glares at me, rippling in the night air. Honking horns and squealing tires make me frantic. A foghorn raises above the traffic sounds, becoming an odd comfort. Gaining ground, I see a thick ribbon of people extending around the block. A second line gains quicker entrance by presenting VIP passes.
Doug, my boss and for tonights venture, my Master, jerks my chain and I follow him to a third line, the shortest of all. I understand why when Doug presents his pre-registered auction slip. I will be auctioned tonight. A beefy security guard, wearing a skintight black T-shirt that strains around his muscular frame, points us toward our final destination. He winks at me and I smile before it occurs to me that he knows why Im here. I blush insanely; of course, he knows; everyone here knows. I look over my shoulder at him and realize he has already turned his attention to the next couple. The back of his shirt glares SECURITY in neon yellow, as if any of us would have a doubt.
I stumble twice suddenly unable to breathe, but manage to make it inside, my eyes slowly adjusting to the dim light. I wave a cloud of smoke out of my face--no, not a cloud--the smoke is the air.

A spotlight flies over the crowd between slaves.
I am unprepared for the emotional jar as the bidding begins. Flesh is being sold here ...even if it is just for one month. I'm flabbergasted. I had no idea how much money would be exchanging hands. The minimum starting bid turns out to be thirty grand but each time it quickly accelerates to fifty and even to seventy thousand dollars.
It seems there are more men than women being auctioned and that surprises me although Im not sure why. Some slaves walk the stage like old pros. Their personalities shine whether haughty and over-proud, or shy and demure. Others stumble and cry, begging their owners the entire time not to sell them. I wonder if it is an act or whether they are as brokenhearted as they seem.
By twenty, the novelty is over and the night begins to wear on as the knot in my gut tightens. Music blares, competing badly with the drone of loud voices. The crowd is wall to wall, not like the night of our covert visit to check the place out. That night seemed tame by comparison--mostly couples, both straight and gay. Tonight every weirdo on the planet has shown up and they are dressed for the occasion. Leather and latex compete for attention opposite sparkling sequins. There are even a few cowboy hats, floating above the crowd. Worse are the suits: executives out for a thrill. However, we do not even slow to mingle.
Too close--time for Doug and me to venture Stage Right. I am afraid.
Forget afraid; scared shitless.
I cant believe I agreed to this. Why did the words Undercover and Expose seem so tantalizing and the promise of BDSM Sex Slave for a Month alluring? I am a reporter. Yes, I am a reporter.
Our private corral is crowded. Two women argue in the corner. One falls to her knees, begging, crying. Slave. Her Mistress is unsympathetic. A riding crop flashes in the erratic strobe and the enormity of my decision explodes in my mind. I try to ignore the stage, which is suddenly unbearably close, by playing with the gold baby ring that I wear on the end of my right index finger just below the first knuckle. I twist it round and round. An old habit from my college days: final exams and first dates. For a moment, I am lost in memories of long ago, people and events that have led me to this chapter in my life, some good, some bad, but all preparing me for just this adventure.
I feel eyes burning into me long before I glance up to see it is the announcer, Garrett Lawrence.
His eyes grab mine as he reads, Seventy-three.
My number.

Sacred Secrets
by Roxy Harte
Coming Fall 2006

I am so excited! The cover art for Sacred Secrets is almost done! I have uploaded the "proof" and if anyone wants to comment, please do! I personally think the cover model is really hot!

So what is it about seeing the title of my "baby" finally in print? Is it all that I imagined? Is it more than I imagined? I can only say that it ranks really high in the charts of first experiences!

Remember all those firsts? The first time I sat behind a wheel of a car, the first time I kissed a boy, a girl, the day I lost my virginity, the birth of my first daughter...Yeah, today will be a day remembered for the rest of my life.

Thank you to my cover artist at Liquid Silver Books, April Martinez, for making this "first" incredible!