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Celebrating Koko from A LITTLE INDULGENCE

Coming Tuesday August 16th!



               MEET KOKO

  •  ·      Koko is a 22 year-old Famous J-Pop Artist.
  • ·        Koko loves Lolita Fashion.
  • ·        Koko was born with Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) and considered Intersexed.
  • ·        Koko is a Hmong-American and is a rare blond among Hmong people. She was born in the US, after her mother arrived as a part of an amnesty program that relocated many Hmong refugees from China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam to escape genetic cleansing.
  • ·        Koko is Little.
  • ·        Koko wants and needs a Daddy.

On the fashionable streets of Japan, women and girls of all ages dress in mid-list couture dresses  adorned with frills, lace, and intricately patterned fabric. The baby-doll dresses end in sea of ruffles just above the knees, and giant bows pin their long hair into place. The fashion is “Lolita.” Fans all over the world have embraced the trend.

 Famous Lolita's include the band Baby Metal in Japan and Melanie Martinez of Voice fame now with Atlantic. With titles like Cry Baby, Sippy Cup and Play Date.  


Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) is when a person who is genetically male (who has one X and one Y chromosome) is resistant to male hormones (called androgens). As a result, the person has some or all of the physical traits of a woman, but the genetic makeup of a man.

 According to geneticists, there is a particular Hmong blond gene that is a very specific gene   only found in the Hmong. This Hmong blond gene has very little to do with the Caucasian    blond gene. It’s completely different from the Caucasian one, thus contrary to assumptions, 
blond Hmong children are not the result of the mixing of the two groups of people.

 A little is an adult who behaves in the role of a child at a certain age, and there can be different ages from infant (AB-Adult Baby) to a LG/LB-Adult Little Girl or Little Boy: There are also older adult littles who identify as teenagers and are typically referred to as Middle or Brat.  A little typically adapts to their circumstance, at home alone, or with their Daddy and close, trusted friends, they can be at their littlest. At work most littles act their age or manage to find jobs that support their personality. During a single day many littles drift somewhere between the spectrum of the two...

In the BDSM community age or role play for a single scene isn’t terribly unusual. Age play is not DDLG and DDLG is not age play. For an adult who is little, little is their identity. It's a mix of feelings and emotions, it’s a way of interacting with the world from their most innocent center. For an adult who identifies as a Daddy Dom or Mommy Domme, being a nurturer and caregiver is the essence of their soul expressed.

DDLG has nothing to do with the mental status of a Pedofile and is in now way related to pedophilia. Please go to the bulleted link because there is an abundance of info beyond the space of this space intro to the identity/lifestyle.

Daddy Doms are a lot alike typical dominants in a BDSM relationship. They take charge of their little as a Master would their submissive; they enjoy being in control of the scene. 

However, like for littles, the Daddies aren’t roleplaying either. Caregiver is an integral part of their personality. 

The greatest difference between Daddy Doms and a Dominant seems to be their approaches, caregiver vs controller… both have rules they expect to be obeyed. But like their approach the rules have different purposes. 

A Daddy’s rules will reflect his and his littles goals for the little’s personal growth, may address an abusive or fatherless past, and may address a little’s worst habits. In many cases the little’s in their care have fallen onto one or more self-harm paths, including but not limited to cutting, eating disorders, addiction.


A Little IndulgenceBuy at Amazon

         **A LITTLE INDULGENCE is labeled as age-play for marketing purposes. It seems
         retailers and publishers have not quite adapted to the many changing dynamics within 
         the genre of erotica. DDLG 24/7 Dynamic portrayed as a work of fiction .

           SEX, including anal play, IN AGE PLAY ENVIRONMENT


Primal Identity, Primal Scene

Ever want to know what Primal is or how it started?Are there any Primals in my FB Family?

The author of this particular article only acknowledges that Primal as a kink only made it onto FetLife a few years ago, but older kinky fellows may giggle and smile because Primal is a state of mind you reach with your partner.
There are not a lot of articles out there as of yet...
I did find this one:
and this one:
You were born with all the kink toys you need for playing primal: teeth, nails, hair and skin.

It's been a bit ago, alright a long time ago... first husband, ancient history ago... that I first experienced hard-core rough play, all caution tossed to the wind, non-verbal... scratching, growling, screaming...
It was only after as he tended my scratches, and I his, that we thought clearly enough to say, "I could have really hurt you." ... a nervous giggle and the agreement "I would never really, hurt you" assured us. 

The tenderness and care afterward, I've never felt since that first
time...and it was probably more the extreme contrast, than actuality ...

We didn't have role-models, or kink groups outside our small kinky circle... we didn't have internet or cell phones... all we had was sexual instinct and a chemistry that would make even our closest friends turn their heads to give us privacy when we became too deeply connected by each other's gazes. 

So the Question is, "Have you, Would you?"

Answer with Yes/No or Definitely Would/Wouldn't if you wish...
Or elaborate as indepthly as your comfort level allows in the comment section...



I won't say all, because it's not all, of my erotica has some version of poly commitment...
Not Swingers
Not Cheaters
But Some Version of Triad, Quad, or Complex Arrangement...

Here's a small look... at why the partners in my stories are a hot mess...or mostly functional most the time working unit of love and happiness...

Let's Talk Oral Sex

Stepping away from talking erotica today... let's talk about you, in the bedroom, and how is it going in I know every woman wants to believe she is the best little cocksucker on the planet... men will tell you, not all BJ's are a skyrocket to delight; so, how do you become the one and only because no one has ever done it better. Do get better!

Research...read, practice, read, practice more... and before you know it that gag reflex is under control and so is that cock straining for your mouth...

You will be ready, willing, and able... oh, and for the love of all things holy...

swallow and keep sucking because a man can have a long torturous orgasm despite claims to the contrary, just because he never has, doesn't mean he can't.


A Guide to Blowjobs

But maybe you're in public or situation where going down might be noticed...
That's right, be ready, willing, and able to give the man a hand ;)

The best sex lessons I ever received were from a Dom who was a big fan of the hand job. Tips included experimenting with different oils or lubes, because nothing ruins a handjob like a sticky ass lube that is more like wall paper glue than sex aide..

there's a brand of Apricot Oil has a fun little grit that is especially appreciated by the older man who has lost a little sensation...no I'm not sharing the brand... your homework is to find the oil or lube right for your man...
The other tip was to literally man-handle that length of turgid flesh ...
**I read that descriptor in a competitor's erotica and laughed my ass off, then vowed to never use    
     turgid flesh in a novel ever... so I'm using it here because my edits are done, my stress relieved, 
     and I can laugh and be joyful again...or at least until the next round of edits...
In other words, don't be afraid to bite, pull or ring that gloriously hard cock like a dishrag.


Let's face it, a lot of men are not great clit lickers...

And then there are men who barely go down and you're body is taking off like it's the Fourth of July.... 

This next link, is one I really enjoyed...
Maybe its the author's imaginative references like:
 "that motherfucker smells sweeter than a bowl of steamin’ crawdaddies."
"Pubic hairs are to eating pussy what cavities are to dental hygiene." 
I found the entire read entertaining an after two days of edits, my brain enjoyed very, very much...
have your man read A Guide to Pussy Eating at Tickleberry
Now go make someone's day...