Ratings Drop...

You know, I've never paid much attention to the Top Ten Erotica List...until I hit number THREE on the Top Ten Erotica List...now I'm obsessed...

My lesbian erotica HEART OF CHANGE just dropped to number FIVE...still in the TOP TEN...but I want it to go the other way!

I can't understand it...hot, crazy strap on sex stacked against incest and incest is winning...yep, the number one spot was being hogged by an incest story last I looked...eek!

I'm really hoping my fans will BUY THIS WEEK! Help me to stay on the Top Ten List...knocking the incest novel out of the way is purely optional!


Love Kitty Play?

Another pretty, pretty kitten...

Have you started reading the Chronicles of Surrender yet?


A Scene Right Out Of The Pages Of...

So, in my Chronicles of Surrender there is Fetish Fantasy NightClub known as Lewd Larry's, owned by Garrett Lawrence, and catering to the rich and famous...and plain Joe's...

Imagine my interest when my crit partner Xandra Gregory sent me this link straight from the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/29/voyeur-west-hollywood-mic_n_516903.html

A real live Lewd's...celebrities, as long as Lindsey Lohan still counts as a celebrity...and oh yeah, the GOP...

Ahhh, nothing like real life to upstage fiction.

But this scene from inside Voyuer West Hollywood is so reminiscent of the way I described The Oasis, the Member's Only area of Lewd Larry's, I'm beginning to think someone read my mind...except there are no Kitten Pillows to recline on...

Really, I've never been there...but I was certainly entertained by the article and still laughing because Xandra said, "You should write this story." I don't think anyone would find it believable...


While I'm Writing...

So, for the next few days I'm going to be hitting Cries of Penance hard...write

I have to get this story under control!

So while I'm writing, I want you to consider a few things...

First, I put out a call for "kitties" to profile here on my blog, and though I've had some response, it wasn't overwhelming...so please consider showing the world (My Readers) your pretty-kitty faces!

Second, give my newest release HEART OF CHANGE a read! It's currently #3 on the My Bookstore and More Erotica Chart! I'm really excited about that...and I'm hoping my loyal readers will help it stay there...and maybe even climb higher on the charts!

And finally, if you haven't started reading the Chronicles of Surrender yet...now's the time...Book 4 is coming soon and I'm writing Book 5...and let me tell you...this series is HOT!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
The links will take you to excerpts and more:)


You Can't Write That!

When I first started writing a book tentatively titled Porn Star...I emailed the first three chapters to my critique partner to gauge if I was or wasn't on the right track...

Within 20, maybe 30, minutes she called me and before "hello" even came out of my mouth she was screaming into the phone, "You can't write this!"

She wasn't playing around...
Something in those first pages triggered a very emotional response in her and although I consider myself a masochist at heart there is a part of me that gets VERY giddy whenever I can trigger a BIG emotional response.

I wanted to know why she felt the way she did and we talked ourselves in circles for over an hour as to why it was such a bad idea.

A porn star's career can seem (in her mind) demeaning to women (or the way I see it...empowering)

F/F doesn't fly in this market (her argument)
Someone had to break the M/M barrier and write the cowboy movie (my argument)

There was more but I don't really remember THE MORE, I only remember her passion. I remember her begging me to shelve it. And when I hung up I was so upset by the conversation my husband guessed, "Not a go?"

And I was equally passionate in my response, "Oh, I'm writing it. No one gets THAT emotional in the first few pages to something that isn't worth being read. I have to write this book."

And so I kept writing...and the result has now been released by Samhain Publishing as Heart of Change. I hope you'll give it a read and let me know what you think.


Finally Available!!!

I hope you'll take the time to read the excerpt and consider buying this one. It's my favorite thus far in my writing career and one I'm very proud of.

It's available now as an ebook and coming soon in print:)

About the book

True love hides where you least suspect it.

After the truth comes out about her age, forty-something porn star Simone Sinclair is handed her walking papers, ending a career that has become more extreme sport than art form. The final straw is her long-time partner’s idea to start their own international studio with a marriage proposal tossed in to sweeten the deal. After two decades of waiting for him to deliver the white picket fence, it’s not exactly the offer she was expecting.

At least she doesn’t need a man to answer the alarm of her biological clock. And when she shares a dance with Geri, one of her lesbian gal pals, she discovers she doesn’t need a man to fulfill other fantasies, either. But Geri’s not interested in touch and tease—she wants more than Simone is ready to give.

Torn between three dreams—a post-retirement career, a family, or lasting love—Simone retreats to get her head on straight, coming to one conclusion. She can’t have everything. But two out of three is worse than nothing at all…

Warning: Contains an over-the-hill porn star with a lot of attitude and a biological clock that is ticking out of control, who refuses to admit she’s a lesbian until her best gal pal convinces her to cross the lines of friendship. There’s bondage in the back of an ambulance, sex on a public picnic table, and a steamy encounter in the back of a limo. There’s also some super-steamy strap-on action that will challenge every preconceived notion you’ve ever had about female-female encounters.

An excerpt from the book

The boys at the bar start making noise, trying to draw attention and, as I shove my unanswered phone back into my hip pocket, I realize that I’m in enough of a mood to give it to them. Why men think loud and obnoxious equates to sexy is beyond me. I unzip my gray hoodie and pull it off, revealing that I am wearing a tiny white tank with no bra underneath. “I’ll take care of the appetizer order.”

“No, Simone.” Geri puts a restraining hand on my arm. I jerk out of her grip, daring her with my eyes to try to stop me. Our gazes catch, we both bristle.

“Let her be.” Tina leans a shoulder in close to Geri, whispering as she does loudly enough for us both to hear, “Can’t you tell she needs to blow off some steam?”

I lift my eyebrow in a singular challenge at Geri before turning on them both to saunter over to the bar, squeezing between the two loudest men. I give the bartender our table number and appetizer order, taking the pint of O’Hara’s Irish Red she hands me with a wink, knowing she means for this one to be on the house. “Thanks, Sandy.”

I wink at her with a smirk. The beer seems a fair exchange for the scene we both know is coming, since I go way back with Sandy. Even though she knew me in the days I would never have started anything. That was her job then—head cheerleader at Pasadena High, chief troublemaker, center of the limelight. I was the one pushed as close to the wall, hiding as far in the shadows as I could get, though by watching, I knew how a girl like Sandy handled herself. I guess we’ve just changed roles in the last few decades. Now I’m in the limelight, scene-stealer, sometimes troublemaker. I smile at the flash of memory, from the time before I was ever known as Simone.

The girl I was then wasn’t bold. Or sexy. And I’ve spent twenty years perfecting both.

Whipping the elastic tie from my ponytail, I let my hair fall around my shoulders, shaking it free. I lean back against the bar, lift the frosted mug to my lips and drop my head back, stretching my neck out as I chug. Right on cue, the loudest of the obnoxious boys puts his hand on my shoulder. “Well, hello beautiful.”

I turn to face him, running the mouth of the cool glass along my bottom lip, before asking seductively, “Hello, yourself. What’s your name?”

“They call me Jim.”

“Oh they do, do they?” I ask, eyes widening for effect. On the inside, my femme fatale is doing a happy dance. I want him to want me. I want him to want me so bad his balls ache from the wanting…right up until the moment I smack down his ego with rejection. I almost feel sorry for him. I’ve spent twenty years perfecting sexy and, noting that he is probably all of twenty-five, know his hormone-ruled mind doesn’t stand a chance. Such a baby face and a body that five years ago may have been sculpted of stone but has recently gone soft, making him appear even younger, despite his two-day growth of stubble.

He nods, leaning in close enough to gag me on his heavy, cheap cologne. He reaches up to stroke my hair and I grab his testicles through his jeans, squeezing hard, too hard for him to jerk free. “Did they ever tell you that it was impolite to touch a girl without asking permission? ’Cause I bust balls bigger than yours every day and I really don’t like being touched without being asked. Call it my pet peeve.”

Jim starts stuttering and fidgeting around, but getting out of my grip isn’t going to be easy. The man beside him starts laughing, “I told you man, don’t be messing with those Lesbos! This’ll teach you.”

“Oh, I don’t swing that way,” I correct, winking.

The man standing behind Jim points at me, mouth gaping, “Oh my God!” He hits the man identified as Jim on the back of his head. “Do you know who she is?”

He shakes his head, still looking down at his crotch, no doubt wondering how he is going to get free from the vice-grip my fingers have on his balls.

“You idiot. She’s that famous…” he stumbles over the words and I supply, “Porn star?”

The friend nods emphatically. “You know, she did that thing last summer.”

Jim looks at him as if he doesn’t know what his friend is talking about. “What the fuck are you talking about, Luke?”

The man now identified as Luke looks embarrassed, trying to jog Jim’s memory. I supply one, “Did you see the video that was made to commemorate the world’s longest daisy chain?”

Jim’s eyes brighten.


He seems to forget that I could easily destroy any chance he ever had of procreating when he blurts, “Holy shit! You don’t say! You’re that bitch who—” He is interrupted by Luke smacking him on the back of his head hard enough to make him grunt. “Yeah, that, fool. Don’t go all crude now. Simone hangs with famous people, you know, rock stars and shit. Just last week she was clubbing in Aspen with Tommy Lee. You don’t touch a woman like that! And you don’t talk about her like she’s yesterday’s trash. Now, you say you’re sorry!”

“Sorry.” He does as he’s told, looking sheepish, and I wonder if he is even twenty-five. “I don’t suppose I could get your autograph?”

“No.” I shake my head, admonishing him, “Now why don’t you boys go find some other bar to be loud and obnoxious in?”

I release his balls and give both him and Luke a shove toward the door before taking my beer. I watch to make sure they’ve taken my advice before going back to the table. I arrive at the same time as the appetizers and find myself in the middle of a debate about how the porn industry contributes to the victimization of women. I pull my hoodie back on, pushing my arms into the sleeves and pulling the hood over my hair, trying once again to hide the fact that I am a girl, or sexy.

Thankfully, the food quiets the table for the length of time it takes for the first round of bangers with chips and tortillas with spinach dip to disappear. My reprieve ends as I grab the last handful of golden fried chips.

“You totally disgust me.” Geri leans across the table, pointing a finger at me from the hand-wrap she has around her beer. “Don’t get me wrong, I love you, but what you do…it’s just gross.” She smiles and I know she is trying to goad me into a fight, even if it is friendly verbal sparring. The problem is that the more Geri drinks, the more vocal she gets, and I do not need the entire bar crowd hearing us fight over the fact that I am a porn star.

“You know, Geri, I won’t be offended because once, I was just like you, having all manner of puritanical prejudices trapped inside my head. I’m not going to apologize for who I am or what I do.” I’m smiling, laughing really, because the difference between her and me is really as close as one person stepping in and changing your life…by changing how you think. For me, it was Simon.

I look at Geri, seeing her as a beautiful woman, even though every man at the bar would disagree with that statement. Sure, she’s butch, and brawn, but she glows with an inner beauty that is spellbinding. I pull my eyes from her, trying to keep it from being obvious that I’m staring at her. Of all the girls at the table, I know her least, and I hate that, but there has always been a barrier between what could be a better friendship. I don’t try to overanalyze it.

It would be simple if it was just my profession and, though I’m not sure when my job started disturbing her so much, I know that the tension was there before her irritation at what I do for a living. That part has only recently gotten worse, seeming to make the divide between us worse. I don’t back down, though, despite my desire to be better friends. “I’m. A. Porn star. Geri. Deal with it.”


Kitten Play...

What is Kitten Play?

Kitten play is similar to Pony Play and is often seen in the BDSM community, though it may be more prominent in Asia than in the United States. Participants enjoy dressing in character, including ears and tail, and possibly furry leggings and arm wraps and being "forced" to take part in humiliating acts such as:

Crawling on hands and knees.
Communicating with purrs and meows
Drinking and eating from a pet bowl
Wearing a collar (bells and name tags are nice extras)
Sleeping on the floor, in a kennel cage, or on a pet pillow.
Being walked on a leash both privately and publicly.
Forced to use a litterbox

Want to read a story with Kitten Play? Try the first Chronicle of Surrender: Sacred Secrets


Thinking About Three...

I'm so focused on writing Cries of Penance, All I can think about is threesomes...
But also wanted to share the new cover art:)


Feline Persona

I have loved finding new photos of women playing "Kitty" since I first started writing Sacred Secrets over a decade ago...

As many of you know in Sacred Secrets reporter Celia Brentwood becomes Kitten.
Here's my latest pic to share. Isn't she lovely?

If any of you have your own Kitty Play pics you wouldn't mind sharing on my page, just email me at roxyharteATgmailDOTcom. I'd like to have enough submissions to at least profile one real life "kitty" a month...if not more often:)


Attention Chronicles of Surrenders Fans

The first three books are now all available in print! Here's the Amazon.com links:)

Book 1: Sacred Secrets

Book 2: Sacred Revelations

Book 3: Unholy Promises

I am still just totally ga-ga over the cover art and have Rene Rocco at Lyrical Press to thank! She has some amazing talent.


Writing! Finally...

Yesterday I finally had a great writing day...after months of being ill and slow writing days...I finally had a 9-K writing day! Halleluia! And all of it in the Chronicles of Surrenders series, so I'm not as panicked now as I was a few weeks ago and I feel like if I can have a few more really good days I can really wrestle Cries of Penance into some semblance of a story...

The problem is...I know how it begins...I know how it ends...and I know all the bits in the middle...but the elements of those middle bits keep wriggling around and they're really hard to grab hold of...

And so I've been struggling.

I also am having some trouble ripping the hearts out of my characters this story...usually I have no problem. Make them cry and scream and beg for mercy. I've got no problems with that. But for some reason, maybe its because I was seeing Cries of Surrender as the final installment, my characters were being difficult.

Well, no more. I caved in and gave them what they wanted.
This morning I woke up and hand wrote 2-K in my bedside tablet before I even climbed out of bed...and I titled it "Hallowed Screams" ... I don't know if it will make it as a full length novel but it tidies up everything that just won't fit into Cries of Surrender. AND it opened up the writing process for me to get an additional 7-K into the story I'm on deadline for.

I ended the day on a high note and for any author that's the bottom line.


American Idol Fan-Addict...

Yep, that's me...an out of the closet Fan-Addict...so if there is work to be done, it has to be done before the show airs...and EVERYTHING else is removed from the calendar for two nights in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday for non-viewers) and I get very attached to each weeks outcome. Which is why I almost didn't tune in this week.

I was ready to boycott, man, all because Lilly Scott got voted off last week.
But then, Ellen DeGeneres had her on her show Tuesday morning and I thought, "Okay, all-right, maybe Lilly can go just as far without American Idol's blessing. Maybe she has just enough raw talent and spunk and determination to get her career where it needs to be all on her own.

So, in case you miss Lilly, as I do, and in case you missed The Ellen Show, here's the clip:


Happy St Patrick's Day

Who'd have thought that finding a little sexy eyecandy for the day's theme could be so damn hard? So if anyone has any hot guy or gal photos they want to share in the spirit of "KISS ME I'M IRISH" ...feel free to leave a link:)

This is all I've got...

But there is this site celebrating the sexy girls of St Patty's Day...so if you're feeling voyeuristic...

And if you need sexy green lingerie fast...go here.


I Collect Strays...

I'm the one who sees a stray dog on every corner...and sometimes have them follow me home. Okay, stray dogs follow me home a lot!

And cats...
I feed stray cats...even though everyone knows that if you feed them they won't ever go away.

This weekend posed a first.

Stray FISH.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It all started with a phone call between my daughter and her friend, because Beautiful Girl has been wanting a small tank for few fish...and word got out and about...and came back with an offer from a friend of a friend of a...well, you get the point. For $30 and free delivery a 50 gallon aquarium could be ours.

Sure, why not?

So, the tank arrives...along with a bucket of fish.

Beautiful Girl is planning on keeping Butterfly Telescopes... and the bucket contains a 12" Shark Catfish, a 5" Bala Shark, and a 5" Pl*ka...(*=e but their is an old fish tale that if you write Pl*ka with the "e" in place your fish will die)

After some emotionally drama...and threats of throwing the fish in the river...too much testosterone in the room (3 teenage boys) it was decided that I would take in the "stray" FISH.

An hour later we discover the 50 gallon tank isn't going to navigate the turns up two flights of stairs to Beautiful Girl's bedroom. MORE ANGST.

I promise Beautiful Girl a different tank (which we got this weekend, 29 gallon tank that would fit up the stairs.)

The 50 gallon tank turned out to be a 75 gallon tank upon closer inspection...and it now houses the three stray fish...in my living room.

I'm actually getting kind of attached to the little guys...aren't they cute?


Sunshine Four Days in a Row!

I know that at some point this summer, I will be complaining that it is too hot, that I'm tired of the sun, and I just wish it would rain, but for now I am hoping that the weather forecast of several days of raining starting tomorrow is wrong!

The sun is shining!
If you don't live in Ohio you may not appreciate the exclamation point...but if you do I'm certain you understand and feel the exact same way.

God, what a long winter it has been. Dark and dreary, frigid cold and snowy. Many of you know that I was very sick...off and on since Thanksgiving, the worst of it the last three weeks of January and first two weeks of February. So, to be feeling mostly better and have something to look forword to (my garden) is phenomenal.

Yesterday, I got my potato and pea beds ready to plant....and ordered some seeds. This morning I sat on the back porch, soaking up the rays and planning out my raised beds. I should have been writing, I have a WIP under deadline...

Now, I'm behind my computer, but finding it hard getting started on the WIP because my heart and mind are still outside under the sunshine...

Maybe it better rain a few days in a row so that I can get cracking on this story. Or maybe I'll just go back out in the sunshine and write after dark. Hmm, now that's a plan.


Acadamy Award Breakaway Shot

Tonight The Cove won for best documentary but when the filmaker took the stage and held up a sign to promote the salvation of the great animals portrayed in the documentary, the cameras were instructed to break away from filming...

In case you missed the number:
Text DOLPHIN to 44144

In case you missed the documentary:

In case you want to do more to get involved:


E-Books, According to the NY Times

Do you remember when the US Postal Service went insane because e-mail was "free" and they wanted their cut because email was going to be the ruination of the postal system?

Or maybe you remember the panic when AOL and others started "giving us" the news and there was an outcry to "save" the newspaper...

Well the fear of changing technology continues as evidenced by this recent article in the NY Times, suggesting to keep ebooks at a high price to slow the demise of the print book, because who would want a print book aside from a collector or an aficionado?


At the end of the article there is a quote by Anne Rice, one of my many author heros...and I agree with her.


Posting at Lyrical Press's Blog Today

Whew hoo! It's March! That means Spring soon follows, right? I sure hope so! Enough cold! Enough snow! I say on to sunny skies and warm days already!

This is going to be a short post today because I am insanely behind on Cries of Penance: Book five of The Chronicles of Surrender and I need to focus on writing...

But I did want to mention that I am posting at Lyrical Press's Blog today and I hope you will stop by and say "hi" especially if you are a writer yourself and share any of your personal stories on the subject of Booksignings!