Day One of Vaca

We woke up to thunderstorms and pouring rain...which meant I wasn't driving ... but by the time we hit the middle of Kentucky, we had beautiful skies!

Really, this is not me working as we drive through Tennessee...

And then, I drove through Georgia and everyone else slept...
This is the worst picture of the Atlanta skyline you will probably ever see...lol

Thanks to WiFi and the foresight of packing computers, tonight we chill in a Marriott after our twelve hour drive...and I get to update my blog!!

Tomorrow we arrive in Orlando Florida:) Seaworld here we come! If you want to keep up on our journey, check back daily...I hope to have photos each day:)


This is officially my out of office message...

Revisions are finished on "So You Want A Job"
Edits are completed on "Reaper."
My laptop and rough draft of WIP "Lovers" is going with me (just in case)

Bags are packed...
The house/pet sitter will be here first thing in the morning...

I am going to bed earlier than I have in a year so that I can get this night over with. See you in a week!


Barnes and Noble Booksellers

I am very excited to announce that Loose-Id Publishers is now releasing books through Barnes and Noble, so if you have wanted to read a Roxy Harte novel ... you now have one more outlet! So save a tree and buy my erotic ebook!! I am fairly certain you can also read sample pages there:) But if not, you can find excerpts for all of my released books at my website RoxyHarte.com

Roxy Harte at Barnes and Noble


EDGE Review

In the latest newsletter from Just Erotic Romance Reviews, EDGE was reviewed by Amanda Nelson...

Rating: 5 Stars

"Not your usual roses and candy romance, Edge touches on the edges of BDSM that most authors shy away from. Edge not only pushes the limits of the characters, it also pushes the reader into the darker sides of BDSM. The deeper I got into the book, the more I felt entwined with the characters and not only their physical journey but the mental journey Ms. Harte took them on. A word of warning to readers, there are a few scenes of pain that some may find disturbing. I found this book to be a fantastic read and not only was I enthralled with the story, I learned even more about the sadism and masochism lifestyles in the process. The sex between the characters was highly erotic. Whether it was m/f or m/f/m the scenes were very arousing and stimulating. It was written pretty graphically and even a little raunchy in the pillow talk, but it added to the character development. I highly recommend Edge if you are looking for something different to whet your appetite. The story line is so unlike others that I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Harte can conjure up."

For readers unfamiliar with my BDSM/Menage series published at Loose-Id, the first book Voyeur started the story...Edge rounds out its middle...and the yet untitled WIP will wrap up the ending...unless I get permission to keep the series going and I hope my fans reaction (purcahses) will make this series continue to grow:)

My other Loose-Id books are available here.


Secretary Tale Finds Home

A few weeks ago I submitted the secretary WIP to Loose-Id and over the weekend it was accepted and edits started! I am anticipating release around October 16th in conjunction with Boss's Day:)

The new title is:
"So You Want A Job?"

I'm very excited...
Going to be a busy week with edits and packing for vacation...not sure how little or how much I will be posting so forgive me in advance if I get overwhelmed and post little at all...

Then again, I may be super productive and get a lot done and post at the Flog Blog daily:) Of course, I'm hoping for the latter


Cover Art for Sacred Secrets!

I woke up this morning to cover art in my email and let me tell you ... there is no better way to start the day!! As many of you know, Sacred Secrets was previously published as an ebook at Liquid Silver Books. Now it is coming out at Lyrical Press as both an ebook and a print release!

So I'm very excited...

Here is the much anticipated cover!
I hope to have release dates soon:)


Nothing To Hide...

A friend sent me this in my email earier this week and this is the first chance I've had to share it...

This first video is the commerceial for New Zealand Air, watch careful there are some surprises hidden there...

And the second video is a behind the scenes look at the making of the commerial...

Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did!


Midnight Magic

At midnight we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...
As always there were scenes I wished had been expanded on...scenes I thought went too long...but I enjoyed it thoroughly none the less as an Addition-To the book. No one should judge the work solely by this one movie...

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet...

Pleasant surprises:
The depth in which Tom Felton portrayed Draco Malfoy. Read an article about his role and the man(yes, over the years all of the boys in this film have become men.)

Tom Felton definitely steals the show as far as character growth. I wish I could say that about the rest of the ensemble...but perhaps that wasn't the fault of their acting ability but a weakness of the script because there was plenty of grit in the book to have gained inspiration from...


Secretary WIP Done!

I am throwing confetti and doing the happy dance. The story even has a tentative title "Recession Crazy" though I'll assume it will be shortened in editing...

I can honestly say this was the hardest story I've ever written. Thank Goddess, it is done...even emailed to my editor. Whew!

And just in time to review score for Sacred Secrets...since my editor at Lyrical wants it back asap as well.

It's Sunday night and I haven't seen the light of day...gonna go catch some twilight and play with the dogs:) I know Jazzi is more than ready! Me too!


Some Days...

Some days writing is work...take today. I'd rather be playing but I 5K to write before tomorrow ends, meaning wrap up the secretary story...tie all the loose ends, give it a happily ever after...or at least I'm happy for today ending.

But hubby is home...and I don't want to write.

I wish I would have stayed up Thursday night and finished it while ideas were coming at me by the thousands...oh well...too late for should have's. I need to just sit my ass in a chair and do it!

Maybe after dinner and another glass of wine...
Maybe after we snuggle a little longer...


Blogging at SexPressions Today

I hope you will join me at SexPressions today where I will be posting about FETISH.


Calling Out My Demon

Whew, I had no idea I was emotionally on edge about my current WIP, the yet titled secretary story. Yesterday, I was brainstorming with hubby about what I can do to kick the secretary novel up a notch...and eyyyow! The stuff that came to the surface made my blood BOIL...not in a good way...in an angry way.

Anything that stirs up that kind of emotion has to be written because a writer's best friend is intense emotion: anger, fear, hate, love, lust, envy, jealousy.

Raw, undiluted emotion is scary stuff and in the writer's world, separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls. No one wants to face their darkest fears, their losses, their inner demon on a good day, but to purposely poke those demons to make them rise even closer to the surface of thought so that the demon drives the thought--only a real masochist, or a writer--would force themselves through such torment.

My family is used to coming into the office by now and finding me slumped over the computer sobbing...and typing as fast as my fingers can move. I've learned that the scenes that make me ache or cringe or want to run screaming into the night are the scenes my readers write me about, saying they've been inexplicably "moved" "touched" or "in some way changed."

I've also learned from my critique partner that when I cheat and edge around an emotionally touchy idea it is obvious (maybe only to her since we can see right through each others writing, just sometimes not our own) She'll call and say, "You cheesed that scene so bad." And I'll take a fresh look and say "Yeah, yeah I did"

Fixing those scenes takes opening up...finding the pain inside...and harnessing it.

Yesterday, I outlined the scene, then backed away -- I need to be alone with my demon awhile to pull up the kind of emotion I need to write the scene. Cheesing out is not an option. Today I'm digging deep and hoping the scene flows easily.


Feminist vs Romance Conversation Continues

In 1970, feminist Germaine Greer claimed (reading romance novels) and I assume writing them) enslaved women, encouraging them to cherish "the chains of their bondage." Always controversial, Greer has had an inspirational career writing such novels as The Female Eunuch, in which she argued women do not realise how much men hate them, and how much they are taught to hate themselves.

Wow, have we come a long way.
At least, as women we are now encouraged to love ourselves and empower ourselves.

As a response to this difference, an article,Scholarly Writers Empower Romance, declares romance as a genre empowers women.

I'm not sure if romance is empowering women, but I do think women are now empowered enough that we don't need anyone telling us how we have to look, act, or think to be a feminist. We're not ashamed of what we read anymore than we're not ashamed of sliding into a dress or heels for special occasions.

A scientific study was conducted by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan of Rutgers University who found that romance and feminism are not in direct conflict. And may actually improve heterosexual relationships.

Which makes me ask, what about bisexual or homosexual relationships? Were individuals who identify other than heterosexual not studied? Or is there not enough LGBT-romance on the market for them to feel a study was practical?


I'm hopeful. It seems that gay material is becoming more and more available in response to public buying response. With my first F/F having gained a publisher, I can only be hopeful that it is a sign, that the market is opening for lesbian and bisexual female romance.
Now, if I can just get the word out so that all of my bisexual and lesbian friends will BUY, BUY, BUY ensuring my publisher (Samhain Publishing) is happy with the results! One thing for certain, I'll keep you posted.

Erotica on hold for Black Lace and Nexus at Virgin

Supposedly, Virgin Books will release a statement about their decision not to add books in the Black Lace and Nexus erotica imprints in 2010 later today. Rumor has been flying since Friday and various posts have been popping up all over but as of Monday, the authors at Black Lace and Nexus had not been formally notified; although Virgin Books' managing director, John Sadler has been quoted as saying: "As part of our strategic planning for 2010 we will be prioritising our rapidly growing non-fiction list and as such have decided not to add to our erotica list for that year."

Now that's getting the cart before the horse a bit.
Especially considering in times of recession people reach for escapism as an outlet, reading and watching more television/movies. Typically, we also boink like bunnies to escape our woes...so maybe this hold on erotica is really a ploy to curb a population explosion over the next few years...

I know...my humor sucks.
This is dreadful news from a major contributor for the erotica industry and I hope it resolves itself soon.

In a sigh of relief for me, this news could explain my rejection letter dated two weeks ago which asked me to submit new material at a later date. (I do hate those rejection letters that begin "I love your style of writing (writing voice etc) however...") especially following a good response to a query + sample letter that earned me a full manuscript request...

Oh well...keep plugging away...US publishers are still acquiring:)


Remembering Great Men...

Perhaps I am not using the correct word in the title of this post. Great may not be adequate in either case, one man so loved, one man so hated.

Tomorrow, millions will be watching Michale Jackson's memorial. It will be live streamed, it will be televised, and I for one will be tuned in to watch. I almost feel guilty about that. I would almost prefer to remember the man as he was onstage.

Sir Hotness and I have rarely ever disagreed, I found out the day Michael died that we disagree on how we choose to remember him. I won't apologize for loving Michael Jackson's music. I won't apologize for thinking he was a musical genius.

There is another man who died today (at the age of 93) who may sooner be forgotten but who left an equally large, if terrible, fingerprint on our society. Robert McNamara, often heralded as the architect of the Vietnam War. See the TimesOnline obituary.
Read a 2004 interview with Doug Saunders

I heard a rebroadcast of an NPR radio interview with him this morning and felt how hard it has been for him to deal with the events of that war and the events caused by that war. However, even facing old age and pending death, i don't believe he ever repented for his role in the Vietnam War. He didn't see a need to. Did he say, "I'm sorry?" sure, but he'd immediately follow his apology with "Please understand" ... "Regrettable" ... and excuses. Always saying, "We need to learn a lesson..."

I think he honestly believed that the Vietnam War was necessary. He made decisions at the time based on intel which led him to belief communist Asia and World War (nuclear) War was eminent if Vietnam wasn't helped and he saw the US role in Vietnam as "helping" much as our soldiers now are helping Iraq.

He felt so strongly about trying to share what lessons he felt should be gleaned from Vietnam that he wrote an autobiography: In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam

I was so enthralled listening to him that I have found my "Beach Book" for when we go to Florida in a few weeks for summer vaca.

Many will agree with me, many will disagree with me but this week we say a final farewell to two men who helped shape the United States as we know it. Two Great Men.

Horror Down There...

No, I'm not talking about the dust bunnies under the bed...the other down there...

You know I've had forty-odd years to grow completely comfortable with my nether region. I can say that I love my clitoris. I love my clit so much I play with it every day...

But there was a day long ago. I think I was twenty-one. And I was flipping through a copy of Hustler with some friends and one of those friends pointed out that one of the model's rim was exceptionally dark...

I was shocked, I'd never considered that the skin around my anus might be anything other than the pleasing shade of pale cream or rosy pink that the rest of my body is. I'd always assumed my butt hole was the same color as my nipples...I mean, seriously, you'd think, right? And I'd never looked before...

I was assured by my friends that it was indeed tan...they volunteered to hold a mirror, but mortified by the prospect I declined and raced home to hold my own mirror in the privacy of my bathroom.

Oh my god!
Mortal embarrassment. Tan not rosy pink. Forget cunnilingus in the daylight ever again. I vowed no one would ever see my parts again...

Thankfully, I met a guy who after a few full-on dark sessions demanded on seeing my labia because he thought it felt beautiful. Eventually I admitted that I was embarrassed about the darker pigment around my anus. He needed proof and upon embarrassing reveal, assured me that he thought my anus was hot. So hot he insisted on rimming it right there in full-spectrum overhead lighting.

Thank goddess I was born when I was because what if I'd had the option of anal bleaching? I might have gotten a little lightening with my Brazilian...and I wouldn't have experienced my first rimming. (I highly recommend that experience so if you've never been licked there...find someone to do it for you asap)

There are so many options available now...to beautify the horrors of what is not beautiful enough down there. Anal bleaching. Labia nipping and tucking. Hood reduction. Oh, and this one. Hymen replacement.

Seriously, I was reading an article about a woman who had her virginity restored for the sixth time...

Do I really want to relive my "first time" enough to have surgery to ensure I bleed when I have sex? Not a chance. I was recently talking to some friends about this...because believe it or not the surgery is "in."

We unanimously agreed "no way" but one of the still single women at the table admitted that if her fiance wanted to break her hymen on their wedding night she would do it for him...

No. No. NO!

I am so happy that I have grown to love my body just the way it is because there are just too many options available for fixing what others might see as the horrors down there but I just see as beautiful!


Reaper Cover Art

I think it's an awesome cover for my paranormal romance coming soon to Liquid Silver Books. What do you think?

Sex Stuff...

I think I need to make Susan my official (unpaid) but dearly loved research assistant...she doesn't realize it but she keeps sending me these great emails and well, one link leads to another and before you know it...I've discovered something I can share here.

I can also share tidbits with the family as we sit around enjoying family dinner. Like tonight following my daughter's recent announcement she was quiting her job because she couldn't stand working one more night with that bitch (co-worker)...I kept telling her the chick just needed to get laid...and tonight I had proof. I think she should laminate it and stick the info next to the time clock...

Anyway here it is:
We’ve all heard it before, whether you work in a Fortune500 company or waited tables at a restaurant. There’s always an uptight guy or girl who’s defensive, paranoid, over-stressed and nitpicky. And someone– maybe you’re too polite– but someone says, “That guy (or girl) soooo needs to get laid.”

Yep, there is scientific proof we're happier and more productive on the job when we're getting regular sex. Read about it here.

Like I said, one link led to another...

Valuable life lesson: If you are going to announce that you masturbate at work, make certain your Twitter name isn't your real name. Case in point as found on MySexProfessor.com

BTW you can follow My Sex Professor on Twitter...you can also follow me on Twitter:)