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I created this Slide Show for my MYSPACE ... let me know what you think;)


Edits Done!

So my book Sacred Revelations, Book Two of The Chronicles of Surrender is officially out of my hands and back into my editors... I'm waiting for word on the release date!!

Just an update;)

Tomorrow...I hope to work on Submissive (the short I'm doing for the anthology that is about 4,000 words from completion)...If I could get two projects done this week...well, it would be awesome! I can not say ofte enough how glad I am that I quit the old job! Whew hoo! IQUITIQUITIQUIT!!!

I don't get tired of saying that:)

Tomorrow, I hope to have a teaser excerpt...so hurry back...that's assuming I make it to the coffee shop again. Tonight I have my three year old granddaughter with me because her mommy was too sick to take care of herself, let alone two babies... and just let me say, I no longer have the patience of a saint...BIG DEEP BREATH...I have to remember how precious and adorable she was the moment before she toppled an entire display of books.

I think we're going home now...


Coffee Shops and Breech of Contract Suits

So Life is wonderful, exciting...A-Fucking AMAZING!!! (I did spend a large amount of quality time in bed with Sir Hotness over the weekend *grins* and played hooky in bed with him today which GREATLY contributes to my happiness level...I'm DELERIOUS)

After crawling out from under the sheets today (and showering together and crawling back under the sheets...) we finally did make it out of the house and into Home Depot to pick out paint colours;) we even agreed YEAH on paint colours!!!

Then we went to the furniture store to pick out a new bed (poster bed) OMG WAY TOO HOT

So the day was awesome...
Until I realized that the cable company LIED!! Still no internet in sight : ( Boo Hiss
So, I'm still hanging out in the coffee shop

And the iccing was a certified letter from my old company (the one I QUIT on Friday)
I haven't technically received the letter...it's haanging out at the Post Office and all I got was the crumby orange slip of paper alerting me to its existance... I'm 99% certain that they are going to claim breech of contract ... so I'm thinking I may need a good lawyer....

So I was all set to rant and rave and sob at the ruination of my day ... when Sir Hotness wrapped his arms around me and asked, "Has it been a good day?"

How could I claim, "No." When it's been a totally A-Fucking Amazing Day??????

So then, he assured me, "Everything is going to be okay...no matter what...because we are totally in love and we have each other...We win! Nana na na na."
And that sentiment is straight from his mouth:)

How can I not love this man?


Whew hoo! I QUIT! I QUIT! I QUIT!

okay, I guess everyone figured out that I quit the 12 hr a day seven day a week job that was killing me!!! Thank you, Sir Hotness for making THAT possible!!!

So I'm HAPPY! HAPPY! HAAAAAAPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that that is out of my system, let me just ask: "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO SPRING?" Yesterday was balmy, sun shining, windy with a Big WHOOSH...obviously March...
I didn't wear a coat, wore the cute shoes that showed off part of my pedicure even:) and now today?? It's a frickin white-out! seriously...microfine snow that makes it impossible to see off and on all day...though it isn't really accumulating...thank goddess! I WANT SPRING!! Now, please:)

Other noteworthy events...Sir Hotness doesn't work tomorrow and has plans to tie me to the bed:) Yippee for me:) Wonder what else he will do???

He did promise me a road trip to Barnes and Nobles though so that I could log-on and get some work done...AM I EVER GOING TO GET INTERNET AT HOME???????

Somebody write me...let me know you are still there!! I miss everyone!!