Flash Fiction Winner Announcement

First, thank you everyone who played! I know how hard it is to put yourself out there with high emotion quickies!! Second, I want to apologize for the delay in posting this...matters out of my control, of which I'm staying mum to protect someone else's privacy, took my time and attention the last few days...

Here are the two FF that made choosing a winner VERY difficult, and so...I declare a tie... and both of you winners!

by Mima...
Heat shimmered off sand. Sweat dripped into her eye the seventieth time and her temper snapped. Lunging, she tackled, straddled, pinned him. “Admit it! You’re LOST!” she screamed. After staring at his ass for hours, his front was fascinating. Edible. Leaning close, she nipped his jaw. Sand stuck to golden skin, gilding his perfection to that of a statue. “Babe, the sand is hot. Let me up.” “Is it?” she cooed. Setting her hands onto his pecs, she ground down with all her weight, pressing firmly.He lunged up with his head. She pulled back.“Nope. I’m in charge now.”

by Nina...
“This is not what I agreed to, Julia.”“It’s exactly what you what you want, Quade.” Julia bit deep into the taut muscle at his neck. Quade hissed. “Well, then I’ve changed my mind. Undo the cuffs.”“Your body says something different.” She ground her ass against his cock, straining to be freed. “Tell me your safe word.” Julia laved his nipple and sunk her teeth deep. Quade’s back arched, but he didn’t cry in pain. His cock jumped.“Stop.”“Doesn’t work that way.”“Cotton candy.”“I like that. Whipped sugar. Just like you.” Julia stood and snapped the rawhide.

Thank you to everyone who played!


Dom/sub First Month Sales

Excerpt and BUY information

I just received the numbers for the first month sales of Dom/sub and I am very excited! I think this one...at least by the numbers...struck a chord with the readers!


A Submissive's Journey the follow-up to Submissive of Dom/sub will be my prime focus for the next thirty days ... I had been working on two other title's simultaneously ... "Unholy Promises," part of the Chronicles of Surrender seres and also a new stand alone title "Living Vicariously" ...which would have put A Submissive's Journey back farther on the release list than I want it....

So...it's off to work I go ... Hi Ho Hi Ho ...


Back To Moderating Comments

Had a small problem with an e-mailer and I don't want it to spread to the blog so I am taking early precautions...anyway sorry to everyone for the inconvenience of not seeing your comment post for immediate gratification...I will check in and out as often as possible to enable seeing your comments ... so don't worry they're there!

Whew Mima, hot Flash Fiction to wake up to!




Lisa pointed out that my flash fiction post two days ago was hidden under the title of the blog Building a Story...

So here is the repost because she is totally right!

Inspirational Photo:

Here's the scoop...

Submit a Flash Fiction about the picture (100 words or absolutely as close as possible) trying to use the characters from the photo and the WINNER (chosen by moi and my two partners in crime: Beautiful Girl and Sir Hotness) will win one of my books...Sacred Secrets, Sacred Revelations, Unholy Promises (soon to be released) or Dom/sub!

The challenge is open until Monday at midnight:)

Good Luck!!


NCS Freedom

Consider this a public service announcement for NCS Freedom...
What is it?

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily focused on the rights of consenting adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities, who often face discrimination because of their sexual expression.

This is where you want to go if you are in need of a KINK AWARE professional...maybe a doctor or a lawyer that understands that you are not only kinky but will not pass judgement because you are... Or, if you are a professional and KINK Aware...please go register...

Here's where I get to put in personal story A:
When I was twenty-two and still fairly self conscious about going to an OB/GYN anyway, I needed to go to get stitches because a little overvigorous play went awry... first the doctor didn't believe that I got hurt in the manner I said I did... "vigorous play" because in his words, "Sex can't do this I don't care how vigorous it was."

Boy, do I have news for him...

Then, he had not one but two nurses and another doctor come into the little room and check out my torn twat...

Yeah, I could have died...especially after being asked the third time..."How did you do this?"

I needed a KINK AWARE professional...but I didn't know they existed...

Here is another place you should go and visit, just so you will feel more educated tonight before you go to bed...The website is called Sex In The Public Square.

And do a small favor by filling out this survey if you are in anyway involved in the BDSM Community...NCFS Violence and Discrimination Survey ... because just because we like to tie each other up and spank each other, doesn't mean that anyone else in the world gets to bully or hurt us just because we're different...

Thanks for your time and attention



Building a Story

Submissive's Journey ... the working title for the continuing story of the Dom/sub anthology is off to a slow start ... I have so much in my brain but it isn't going anywhere...

For inspiration I went to a site I used to use a lot when I was homeschooling my teenagers (great lesson plans) and pulled this idea for something fun to do ... you know, writing exercise to get my creative juices going... it's fun, wanna try? No? Here's more incentive:

Write a story...win one of my ebook's

Here's the instructions:
1. Select a portrait—a painting or a photograph—and write a brief story featuring the subject of the portrait, adding traits such as height or tone of voice. Use the basic elements of a story: setting, character, plot, conflict, climax, and resolution. The main character should be revealed gradually through the elements of the story.
Here's the photo I used:

So write a story using the above picture...but here's the deal...100 words or less (called in writing circles Flash Fiction) submit in my comment box to win a copy of Dom/sub! Winner will be announced Monday night so you even have a couple days to think about it. Yay

Today hasn't been a completely useless day...my writing exercise actually led to me writing not a flash fiction but the blurb to Submissive's Journey...Here it is...

Julia Moran spent a decade as the pampered, isolated slave of Master Jasper only to have her life turned upside down by his death. Choosing what to wear and what to eat posed day-consuming dilemmas without the added stress of where to work, where to live and even learning how to write a check to pay her bills, but after almost two years, she's embraced her new life as a junior high math teacher, if still a bit dysfunctional.

The only thing missing is sex. Well that, and really wanting to be bound, spanked, and gagged, but is she really ready to give up her new found freedom for another Dominant?

Everett Hawthorn has created the life of his dreams: a fulfilling job as a Professional Dominant, steady stream of adoring playmates, and a relaxing restored Plantation in the woods outside Atlanta. In full pursuit of the good life—wine, women, and success--he holds the strong conviction that his life would be perfect if he could own the celebrated submissive of deceased, legendary Dominant Jasper.

The old saying that wanting something is more enjoyable than having something may be ringing true for Elliott because the illusive, mysterious woman that he's dreamt of, Julia Moran, is moving in. Despite his attempts to be tame her, the appealing brunette seems to have a chip on her shoulder about him . . . and the competition of living up to the memory of her past Dom, Master Jasper, may be more than Everett is up to. How far will he go to make the dream of taming her reality?

So, think I can write a story around it? Ooo better question...will this blurb entice you to buy the book?

Thanks for participating...I love you guys!!

**Editted note from Roxy Harte: Whew! Is it getting warm in here? Make sure you read the comments because Kayelle Allen just left a Flash Fiction for us to daydream about...Thank You Kayelle! You can visit her at her Tarthian Empire.

Whew hoo!! Chapter One of A Submissive's Journey is complete!!


It's Research...Honest

Sir Hotness woke up to go to work and as usual he asked, "So what did you do all day?" and after I lifted my brow and gave him that look because he knew what I'd done at least part of the day...at least the 9a.m. part...the noon part...and the four in the afternoon part...and the seven-thirty in the evening part...because it definitely included him. (Sometimes having a husband that works nights and is home during the day is pretty damn convenient...because I'm an erotica writer...which means I am either doing research (which in my line of work can get me pretty steamed up sometimes...or I am writing...and if my writing doesn't do it for me, I figure it won't do it for my readers...so I work on the scene until I'm hot and bothered.) It's those moments having a naked male in the house comes in extremely convenient...

...like today.

"I swear...it was research."

Then I showed him exactly what kind of research I was doing all day... first, the pro version...

If it doesn't play...click here.

then an amatuer version...

You would think that after an entire day of watching women take off their clothes, I would stop getting so damned turned on...but no.

Goddess, I love my job.


DIY Rope Bondage ... In Case You Want To Practice on Yourself First

Lovely Mima, I've been told she's the sexiest librarian in NY and author at LSB posted this lovely D.I.Y. Anime at the LSB Forum today, which I promptly "borrowed" for the use of sharing it here, and all other places elsewhere of my choosing ... so, thank you, Mima...and if you ever want some help tying those ropes...call me. NY isn't that far from OH;)

For those of you with a partner willing to tie you up...the above D.I.Y. can also be used to acheive a look similar to the photo below. Just make sure your partner doesn't tie anything tight enough to cut off circulation and have a pair of safety sciccors handy for a quick get out of rope option...
It must just be a day for sharing, because Shayla (yes, another Erotica author...we run in packs)IM'd me to let me know that on Thursday night Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be airing an episode where the murdered victim is bound in Japanese Rope Bondage...I'm always available to voyeuristicly partake in any venture involving rope...

Watch the clip for this week's L&A:CI Here.

Dom/sub Reviewed by a Man

I was intrigued when I received an email from BD Dark saying that Dom/sub has received another favorable review ... and this one ... by a man. Hmmm, I wondered ... would he be bored senseless by the heavy romantic element of Submissive? And would he be as critical of Dominant as my devout readers have been?

The answer to both questions was "No."

Here's what Chris Gerrib of TCM Reviews had to say:

"Dom / Sub is a pair of novellas, just coincidentally starring a male Dom and a female Sub. Like peanut butter and chocolate, the two novellas complement each other quite nicely.

Dom, the lead-off story, is written by B. D. Dark, an alternate pen name for Bonnie Dee. The story is simple enough- guy wants to be a Dom, finds girl who wants to be a Sub, and much hot sex ensues. The initial hook-up is a bit too convenient, but then that’s not the point of this story. Unlike a lot of erotic fiction, there’s actually a plot here, and some character growth. Steve, the titular Dom, needs figure out how to handle a Sub. Especially problematic is that she’s up for quite literally anything. Watching these two figure out their relationship was quite entertaining.

The follow-up story, Sub, was written by Roxy Harte, and is as much a romance as an erotic story. Julia, a long time Sub, is master-less since Jasper, her first and only, died. She’s not handling it very well, and is barely functional. Then she meets Everett Hawthorn, a professional dominant who runs around calling himself Lord Draco. The pair have a stormy meeting, and an even stormier first date. However, from the reader’s point of view, it’s all good fun, and well executed.

If you’re interested in some spicy bondage-type erotica, I strongly recommend buying Dom / Sub today."

Well. I think that's some fine advice! Buy Dom/sub today!!


Deadlines, Distractions, and A Breakthrough...Even If It's Not What I was Supposed To Be Writing

It's three a.m., I am officially getting up in four hours to start another day. Six and a half hours ago I sat before a blank page, seeking to start the new novel, working title: A Submissive's Journey. Officially the continuing saga of Julia and Everett introduced in Submissive, part of the anthology Dom/sub released by Loose-Id...

I got so far as "Chapter One"...
that's it ... just the words chapter and one...

Sometimes writing is so easy...thousands of words fly onto the page without even a glance at the time...usually missed appointments follow...or a call from Beautiful Girl announcing that I am late picking her up from school...again.

then there are times like tonight when any distraction is a good enough reason to leave the white page glaring the words chapter and one...

like my email...

and talking to Sir Hotness on the phone because he is at work and I am at home...

then suddenly mid-giggle in the excited telling of plans and this and that's...something is said...and I shake my head...surely I misunderstood because for a second there I thought he was drawing a line in the sand, totally out of the blue, unexpected, my heart imploding as if it's caught in the vice-grip of some other man's preconceived notions about how things are or should be...

for a second there I thought I was talking to the wrong guy...like maybe the ex-husband who didn't "get me" at all ... the one who never knew I was Poly in the first marriage because he wouldn't have understood that...nor would he have understood that I was Bi.

but no, right guy on the phone...I just had to clarify that he was the same guy who spent Sunday night watching not one but three women taking turns playing with his wife...

it's a funny thing what happened next ... after assurances that no there really was no line being drawn, no squishing of my soul... I hung up knowing I was loved and appreciated for who I am, even if who I am sometimes pushes his comfort zone. Goddess, I love this man.

I went to bed, closing my eyes, thinking that tonight was a wash...no chapter one...might as well sleep, when wide awake I lay... Kitten sudden;y talking in my head, telling me her story, unbelievable, because I'm already 70k words into Book Three of the Chronicles of Surrender, Unholy Promises aka Lord Fyre's Story, and until this moment she's been completely silent, leaving the book unfinished...unendable.

Kitten evolved tonight and told me how the story ends and she wasn't mewing, or even purring...Kitten roared as loudly as a Lioness protecting her turf, protecting her soul...

and this is how the final three-quarters of Unholy Promises unfurled...
excerpt begins here...told in Lord Fyre's POV

The problem with being here, in Garrett’s bedroom, is that we all follow his rules, and here we are real, as nowhere else allows us to be. All other times we wear masks to fit the situation, only here are we real…no masks, no lies…and the real me, Aristotle, though neither Garrett or Celia knows me by that name, is exhausted. Life has worn me out. It’s been a long year. Lattie, my children, Daniel, Eva, and even Garrett and Kitten have played roles in pushing me to this point, though Kitten least of all. She has been my refuge and now I may have lose the only serenity I had by insisting that another woman be allowed into our fold.


I open my eyes to find her kneeling before me, having not heard her cross the room—so very unlike me—but I find that I don’t even care that I’ve let my guard down so very much with her. Placing her hands on top of my thighs, she rubs softly. “Talk to me.”

“I wouldn’t know where to begin.” I answer.

“You honestly love me?”

“Dear God, yes, Sophia.” I call her by her birth name, cupping her face in my palms as I do so, a hug for her face. “If nothing else in my life is truth…that is. I love you.”

She nods, kneading her fingers deeper into my thighs. Half-rising, she pushes me back into the mattress and follows me, moving to straddle my hips. Her lips are on mine suddenly, kissing me, licking me, tonguing me deep and hard. I don’t try to stop her, I don’t want to stop her…I just lay there beneath her, my hands at my sides, not even attempting to touch her, too afraid of breaking the spell that is allowing her to be so aggressive. I sink into the mattress, relaxing, letting her kisses take me to a place I haven’t been in a very long time,the soft wetness of her mouth, the insistent sweep of her tongue, and warmth of her breath in my mouth lulling me. When she pulls back…minutes later…hours later…she whispers, “You won’t leave us.”

My voice chokes as I answer, or try to answer. My face is wet and I realize that her kisses made me cry. “I’m not leaving you. I am yours and I am Garrett’s for as long as you are both mine.”

“Then how can you say that you want her to come here?”

I feel tired and old looking at Kitten’s fresh, sweet face. Though she is far from being an innocent since meeting Garrett or me, she still evokes a certain naïveté. “I don’t know. All I know is it is unfinished.”

Kitten closes her eyes and I realize that she is shaking.

I wrap around her nakedness, pulling her down onto my chest. “Don’t worry. Know that I love you and I will not risk losing you. If it gets to be uncontrollable, you and Garrett come before anyone else in my life.”

"You are mine." She whispers against my chest and her solid warmth on top of me lulls me once more. I am home.

I awake, in Garrett and Celia’s bed. The curtains are pulled but even not seeing a sky, I know that it is late night. I am still wearing the clothes I arrived in, Celia is still naked though tucked into the curve under my arm, her head resting on my chest. Garrett has joined us. He is wrapped around me, also still wearing the clothes he wore this morning, and lying over me, covering me like a blanket. I don’t move, not daring to wake them. In my mind, I capture this moment, hoping to hold onto it forever, praying I don’t ruin everything. Thinking that I am such a fool to need Eva so much that I am daring to risk losing this.

Excerpt ends...
I leave you here for the day, hoping I leave you intrigued, planning on writing more Wednesday, hoping I will be apologizing on Thursday for not blogging because I was writing either more of Kitten's Story or more of Julia's Story...

Wish me luck.

A Twittering I Go-go

I've joined another group...no, sorry Sir Hotness it isn't FaceBook although I know you really thought FaceBook would improve my professional image...I'm just not ready to hang out there yet...

Instead, I joined Twitter
So far I love it...and in less than fifteen minutes I had found a friend...yeah Graydancer!! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug!!!!!!! If you haven't heard, he reviewed Sacred Secrets on his podcast!! Whew hoo ... you can increase your general perviness and hear his review by listening to his ROPECAST here. In addition to being a rope expert, Graydancer is also polite, charming, and ladies...I'm just gonna say it ... he's a hottie:)

Now, back to the topic of Twitter ... I hope others find me too ... who knows ... MAYBE YOU!


Dom/sub Gets Reviewed!!

YAY What a Review!!

Look at this...

Title: Dom/sub
Author: B. D. Dark and Roxy Harte

Publisher: Loose Id

Reviewer: Julie Esparza

Submissive by Roxy Harte

Rating: Silver Star Award (JERR highest rating for a book less than 100 pages)
Heat level: O (as in O is for Orgasmic, their hottest rating)

Julia lost her previous Master over two years ago when he died of cancer. She is trying to get back into the BDSM game but is struggling. She doesn't know if she really wants to submit again and finds most Dominants she encounters to be lacking. Plus as a minor celebrity in the BDSM scene she isn't sure she can face those who pity her for her loss. Yet she has attracted the attention of a Lord Draco. A very experienced Dominant Lord Draco wants Julia and is ready to claim her. Can Julia find the strength in herself to trust and love again? Exquisite character development leads this BDSM story by Ms. Harte. Julia has felt the sting of the lash, has experienced the power of having her desires and pleasure controlled. Now she struggles with her own insecurities and desires. You can feel her desperate desire to embrace the world she once had through the magnetic words of Ms. Harte. She vibrates with a suppressed passion yet isn't willing to easily embrace submission again. Her feisty personality makes her feel more three dimensional and intriguing. Enter Lord Draco and the delicate wall she has built dissolves. Lord Draco's power leaps off the pages. Through mere gestures, he conveys his power and you gain insight into his personality. Lord Draco always appears in control. Yet Ms. Harte is able to demonstrate that his insecurities, which lurk under the surface, are not necessarily weaknesses and only make him more attractive. The sexual power exchange between Julia and Lord Draco is mesmerizing and beautiful. I had to hold my breath as they parried with one another. Their sexual play is explicitly charged. The BDSM sexual play is harsh to some extent and extremely gentle in other ways. I was extremely aroused and moved to tears by their interactions. While their play is not edgy, pain driven the intensity makes it painful at times for the reader, as it is immensely intimate. The plot moves very quickly but I always felt both in the moment and the scene with the characters. The secondary characters are a delightful portrayal of friends who want to see happiness in their friend. Ms. Harte was able to portray a story that I connected to on a deeply satisfying level. Those readers who love BDSM stories will find the intricate BDSM dance in this story not one to miss. Encompassing passionate characters, electrifying sex scenes, and a superbly written BDSM love story Submission easily deserves my pick for a Silver Star Award. My fervent wish is that Ms. Harte takes us along on the next steps in their journey together.

Dominance by B. D. Dark

Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Steve has had desires to dominate a woman for years. After the latest breakup he has decided to explore those desires. He meets Kim at a BDSM party where as newbies they decide to explore their desires together. Emotional and physically they click but will their exploration of the lifestyle take them too far into their darkest desires? Ms. Dark has written an intriguing and deeply descriptive portrayal of love in the BDSM lifestyle. Steve has deep dark desires that he has suppressed. His character exalts in finally embracing his desires. He is a strong, intelligent man who wraps himself in a world that is seductive. Kim is strong, intelligent and beautiful. She works hard at losing herself in the same world. Kim was the only weakness I had with the story. Since the story is told from Steve's perspective, I felt it harder to connect to her and found her to be more two dimensional. While she is portrayed very well, I just didn't find the same emotional connection that I developed with Steve. His challenges and temptations were vivid and lured you into his journey. At times the story is painful to read since the characters are so deeply involved in their BDSM play they seem to escape reality and you want to shake them from their lust induced haze. The plot moves at a very good pace considering the length of the book. I found the secondary characters to fill a very necessary part in developing the plot. The sex in the story is edgy, sexy and extremely orgasmic for those who enjoy BDSM stories that are more edgy. When I mean edgy there is extreme play involving needles, extreme bondage, and 24/7 submission. I would not make this a first exploration into reading about a BDSM relationship. Yet this story is extremely good portraying a solid power exchange with love.


The Nicest E-Mails...

I love e-mail from readers...
and I love comments on my Myspace page!!
Especially when they read like this...

hiya Roxy,
just wanted to stop by and tell you I loved your story in the Dom/Sub anthology! can't wait for the 3rd of the Sacred books!!!

Whoo-hoo!!! A happy reader!! Thanks for letting me know Alaska!


The Penis

I'm interrupting my Did You Know week with this snippet from Sailor Jim that I ran across a few years ago ... and found again while surfing today...

Writing About the Penis and Etceterras...

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did:)

I'm Just Not In The Mood...

It happens to all of us at one point in another in our lives ... but when it does ... we're made to feel like we are the only person on the planet who just doesn't feel like having sex ...

We're pummelled with thoughts of sex and sexual innuendos, media, and advertising (print, radio, and television) all day long, but after a fourteen or sixteen hour day of work, children, caring for a parent, volunteer activities, grocery shopping and all of that wonderful wasted time behind a wheel of a car, the last thing on our minds is the race to get naked and under the sheets with our partner ...

So what's a girl (or guy) to do?

First, slow down ...
Intimacy sets the tone...
What happens soon after we commit to that relationship that started so hot is that the sparks soon get replaced by the day to day junk...

But remember when you could sit for hours gazing into your partners eyes? Remember when the act of just making eye contact sent a tingle down your spine?

Taking the time to gaze into someone's eyes and letting them feel non-verbally that you are lusting after them triggers a sexual response...

So now, that I have you slowed down enough to think about it ... what else did you used to do when nothing was as important as that new hot, guy in your life?

Flirting, pillow talk, phone sex, cyber sex??
I was trying to remember the last time I actually called Sir Hotness and got him "worked up" while I was driving home. Too long.

I may have to surprise him with a phone call later today:)

Want to join me? Let's put some HOT back into our relationships and soon we'll all be racing home just to get naked and between the sheets again:)



Do You Have Dark Fantasies?

Did you know that it is normal to have what some would consider dark fantasies? Do your dreams or fantasies sometimes turn violent and you aren't sure why? Do you feel that something might be wrong with you?

According to Psychology Today, if you do, you aren't alone...read the entire article here.

So, I know we aren't supposed to think about it, let alone talk about it...but it happens...because erotic fantasies are not simple things.

It wouldn't be shocking to dream about getting spanked, but getting spanked by your Pastor (and waking up turned on!!)? No, still not a problem...

So, readers, I'll tell you one of my darker reoccurring dreams, if you tell me yours...

Comment back!!



Rumor has it that by Spring 2008 my e-book Sacred Secrets will be available in print format!!!

Just remember ... you heard it here first!


Not For The Faint of Heart

BD Dark aka Bonnie Dee commented today on one of my reviews, saying that she loved it when reviewers use disclaimers such as, "not for the faint of heart."

Can someone please explain to me why anyone FAINT OF HEART would actually buy a novel knowing that it had a BDSM theme? And exactly who could be classified as "F.O.H."? Maybe little old ladies born pre-1950 ... or really sheltered women ... I'm thinking Mennonites... but certainly not any woman raised during the last two generations ... taking into account just what receives an "R" rating these days ... and most people's exposure to MTV. I mean, really ... even my teenager's boyfriend, who admits he would love to read my writing sometime ... just not the kinky sex stuff ... could not be considered faint of heart.

BD Dark also made the point that giving a BDSM Erotica novel such a disclaimer is actually giving the novel credence ... yes, I'll agree, Sacred Revelations stands up to its BDSM-theme quite nicely ... no beating around the bush ... or ah---hmmmm....actually there is some beating around the bush ... pun completely intentended.

In other news...
Thank Goddess it's FRIDAY!!

This evening's wine of choice is a Traminer Reisling from Rosemount Estate ... I have two bottles set aside for moi ... everyone else is on their own!



The big news today is the latest review of Sacred Revelations: Book Two of the Chronicles of Surrender from Liquid Silver Books!!

This is what Bella of Joyfully Reviewed has to say about Sacred Revelations...

"Sacred Revelations is the story of one woman’s dark journey of emotional and physical pain and rebirth into herself. It’s a raw and often a disturbing look into Celia’s psyche, all at once delicate and strong. Loving two very different Dominant men, first Garrett, then Thomas, as Lord Fyre, it takes a journey into her own darkness to appreciate Garrett’s light.
Celia battles many demons in this story, including her religious family, her past and the battle that rages within her regarding her masochistic, submissive desires. There is sex involved, but that really doesn’t seem to be the focus here. What really seems to surge to the forefront is the dark tone of the story, the agony and the ecstasy of Celia’s inner discovery of love: of herself, and of the two men who love her in return. The tumultuous twists of this complex plot made Sacred Revelations a difficult read at times. However, if you enjoy intense plots with BDSM/Menage themes, you’ll enjoy Sacred Revelations."

This is what Lil of Love Romances had to say...

This is the anxiously awaited sequel to Sacred Secrets, the edgy BDSM erotica suspense. Whether one sees smoke or one sees steam pouring out from the screen is of little consequence. The heat is set to burning in scenes which can be described as extreme sex, as in, don’t try this at home.
The genre is notched higher in intensity in this sequel and is bound to make many uncomfortable regarding how much pain is involved in the pursuit of pleasure. Certain elements of the hardcore lifestyle like bathroom control may offend. Yet one still sees compelling storytelling like that which impressed us in the first book.
Sadly, the heroine is not as personable in this continued telling of her story. She sinks to angst and tears over unsurprising tumultuous emotions that result in some of her choices in her relationships.

Readers familiar with the first book may find the personality of a secondary character to be unrecognizable in this offering.
There are unexpected twists and an emotional roller coaster to this ride as well as challenges to some sensitivities. This read may be best for those who not only wish to peek into BDSM, but wish to absolutely wallow in it with its characters.
Be aware that there are scenes of m/m interaction as well as ménage and occasions of D/s and S&M that are not for the squeamish.
Ready to experience Sacred Revelations for yourself? BUY IT TODAY!!


I Love Comments That Spark Conversation

If you have been cruising through for the highlights and skipping the comments over the last few days...well, you've been missing the meat of what has been happening around the Flog Blog...

Last night "Anonymous" said as part of a very long comment, "Complete suspension by nipple piercings. I was so horrified at this I stopped reading. I checked to see if there was actually some breast bondage in there, meaning some of the weight could have been on ropes around the heroine’s torso, but didn’t see it. The hero would have ripped her nipples off doing this (despite it only being for a few moments.) The author also mentions clamps, but the heroine has pierced nipples, so then I was just confused as it what exactly is going on. "

So today, there was a response from one who has experience with bondage and suspensions (a friend I have over at Myspace) ... this is what Dov has to say about it, "I wouldn't surmise that they would (nipple rings supporting the weight of a woman). I mean you can lift breasts up by the nipples no problem if the rings are a decent guage... the whole body mmmm-maybe with hooks through the breasts but hardly with clamps on nipple rings. It wouldn't be pleasant ... tho an easy way to cane under the breasts ;-)"

Yummy, I like the way Dov thinks ... maybe not the whole hooks through the breasts part ... though maybe if I was loads younger (and firmer) but no, at forty odd years I am completely happy not having hooks piercing through my breasts (It would make an awesome photo-op though) and seems like something my character Lord Fyre would enjoy doing ... you know ... just to do a bit of caning beneath the breasts!! haha!! Ouch!

Is it strange that I giggle with glee before thinking about the pain?
Hmmmmmmmm ......

**SAFETY NOTE from the real experts: Photos of breast bondage sometimes show that the breasts have turned purple. Always take care whenever the breasts or nipples begin to change colour or become cool to the touch. It is better to have several short sessions than one long one. If you decide to flagellate bound breasts, ensure that you use a low-impact device. Binding the breast removes its natural ability to shift on impact and compacts the tissues so that any hard blow can increase the potential for damage. Rupturing, internal tearing and stretch marks are all hazards of breast suspension if not done properly. If you engage in suspension bondage, make certain that the body is properly suspended through additional means and not by the breasts only.

Has Anyone Actually READ Submissive?

I'm a little disappointed this morning because I thought with Tuesday's post someone would come forward and say that they Had Read and enjoyed Submissive ... or Had Read and equally hated both Dominant and Submissive, but alas no ...

although one anonymous writer wrote, "I really enjoyed both works. Roxy, you rock and you know it!! so I know at least one person read "submissive" and actually liked it. YAY!!

in addition, the original six harbinger's of bad reviews ... have still not made it as far as Submissive, having stopped reading the antho mid-way through Dominant.

Heavy sigh...

I know how important the first five pages of a story are. There are a multitude of books out there to teach authors how to captivate someones attention and keep them reading ... to teach authors how to connect with their reader immediately ...

But come on! It's an ANTHOLOGY, meaning TWO STORIES. For me, I buy a lot of anthos and Collections ... knowing that if I'm not a big fan of one story ... I can "skip it" and go to the next one ... finding years later when I pick up the book and reread and find skipped over ones that sometimes I really enjoy them ... not because the story changed but because time and experience changed me.

So again, if you stopped dead in your tracks or threw the book across the room ... (as I have sometimes done myself ... in print ... poor computer if you get that mad at your e-book) ... please, skip to the middle of the book and read on...

As I advised "Stalker Girl" last night at midnight when she phoned me ... "PLEASE!! Read my story!"

To be fair ... last night, following our long phone conversation that led into the wee hours of the a.m., I see the problem with "Dominant" as being its first five pages are not indicative of a Romance Novel ... ditto its first five pages are not indicative of an Erotica. That's a problem since our target audience is erotic romance readers ...

If anything, this has been a learning experience ... and after the impassioned midnight phone call last night ... I concede ... there are problems with some elements of B.D. Dark's Dominant. I agree with the need for the heroine to feel some "doubt", "remorse", "sadness", "guilt" or "loss of self" ... but then THAT IS WHAT I WRITE ... so THAT is MY voice. It isn't necessarily B.D. Dark's and in her world maybe all the submissive's follow blindly wanting only to do their Master's will without thought or question ... it happens ...

I'm seriously not being a smart-ass here ...

Even though my friend's will undoubtedly be trying to read between the lines this morning...

Here's the easy link to BUY Dom/sub if you don't already know what all the drama is about...

And Thank Goddess I have the final pages of Lord Fyre's story, Unholy Promises: The Third Book in The Chronicles of Surrender from Liquid Silver Books to keep my mind off sales of Dom/sub ...

And not to be UNDONE ... my story "submissive" is a prologue to the story A Submissive Heals which will hopefully be coming from Loose-Id late Winter/early Spring ...


Three Phone Calls, Two IM's, and an E-Mail Later...

I LOVED the uplifting emails I received about Sacred Secrets...
I was SAD I recieved not a peep about Sacred Revelations...

I must say, I was absolutely floored when by mid-day RELEASE DAY, I had already received one phone call and a text message and an IM voicing concerns about the "Dominant" portion of the anthology Dom/sub (written by B.D.Dark...

What was going on that these readers didn't even take the time to read the entire anthology? And more importantly, were they so irate that they would not read MY PART of the anthology?
Chat time later, assurances given...and promises received that they would read "Submissive"...I was somewhat relieved but also quite worried when evening hit and the next round of voiced concerns started rolling in...

I considered posting a blog immediately but decided to wait until the first official review...a week later...I wasn't so certain that I should wait for the review, thus my announcement yesterday promising this blog today.

Last night I reread "Dominant" by B.D. Dark and was left scratching my head about what the fuss was about because I see Dominant as a very lovely, innocent accounting of what happens when two people totally inexperienced in BDSM decide to take on a committed relationship with each other...

I'm also not going to skim-coat it to hides the ugly..."Dominant" alludes to the real darkness and true dangers of what happens when two totally inexperienced players decide to get in deep and end up in over their heads...

So woithout further ado...the answers to soooooo many questions:

Did you really expect anyone to make it past the first five pages?
Without ruining the ending of Dominant...I want to encourage those readers who decided to stop reading part way into the story (because it raised such high levels of emotion) to finish the story, because I find the ending touching and hope filled.

Why would you join "submissive" with B.D. Dark's Dominant?
I embraced B.D.Dark's "Dominant" and decided to run with the anthology when I read it in its rough-draft form..even though it made me nervous...even though I was left shaking my head, thinking "HOLY FUCK!". You will have to trust me when I say that I was scared for B.D. and the reaction she would receive from the reviewers, but I also applauded her bravery because she was willing to shine a big spotlight on what can happen and what DOES HAPPEN when two "Newbies to the Scene" get carried away and someone gets hurt. My only comment to her pre-edit was to make sure that the readers know that BDSM Play is only approppriate when it is done in a safe, sane, consensual manner...and even then...emotional damage can happen if not physical damage...if both players are one-hundred percent inexperienced.

Did you read "Dominant" before deciding to do the joint project?
I was slightly disappointed when I did read the cleaned-up editted version, although it did keep the truly dark undertones that brought out the emotional reaction in my readers, some of the very black and blue ugly was missing, along with the heroine's remorse (although remorse might be the wrong word...maybe just cut and dry doubt). Either way, some of the grit that I had found so compelling was now somewhat toned down...still a WONDERFUL READ...just not quite as scary and quite a bit more romantic, which is what we as Erotic Romance Writer's strive for--a great romance! So, I applaud Loose-Id for their editting skills on both stories. Dom/sub sets the stage for Big Romance albeit Very Big, Very Hot, Very Dangerous Romance.

Post Re-read, I understand the phone calls, texts, IM's and emails. Yes, the first few pages of Dominant herald a very dark, scary intro...but guess what...this is BDSM Erotica at its finest...this is not a Pregnant-Cowgirl-in-Need-of-a-Smalltown-Sherrif-Hero-Story! You would find THAT story under Sweet Romance.

Do you think this was a bad career move and do you regret this anthology?
I don't regret linking "Submissive" with "Dominant"...

As a BDSM Erotic Writer (and player in the scene), don't you feel it is your duty to cast BDSM in a positive light?
There is only one light, the big ugly spotlight, and noplace is absolutely perfect and without flaw...perhaps especially the BDSM scene...and in particular since the advent of Online-scenes, chatrooms, and blogs. I do keep a keen eye on what is happening online, partly because I am an e-book writer. I worry about the young girls I see posting their "trophy-shots" of their bruises, their master's names carved into their breasts, and their genitals pummelled into what could be described post damage as hamburger...

That is the main reason I applaud B.D. and respect the work titled "Dominant"...she gives us a strikingly honest look at what can happen when two newbies get together and explore the BDSM Lifestyle...

Read it and have comments? Post 'em here!
Haven't read it and now you are curious? Feel free to BUY IT NOW! It's only $5.99, easy to download, and the best BDSM Read you will immerse yourself in this year (yeah, I'm prejudice, sue me:)

Love to ALL of YOU!!!