I officially am taking the rest of the year off...no writing, no thinking about characters...no plotting or settings...just a nice, quiet few days with my family...


Going to see Avatar in 3-D

Researching dreadlocks...for me...not a book idea.

Returning to my twice a day yoga/meditation practice which has been sorely neglected.

Fixing my diet because after 15 years of 90% veganism, I backslid, and added some meat, which fixed one health issue but added about a dozen others. So after a few days of water and juice fasting and a couple of weeks all-raw, I should be able to get back onto the vegan wagon...

Other than that, I may play a whole bunch of Facebook Apps...get caught up on all the blogs I haven't read...post a few blog entries of my own... and really plan 2010 around life-balance.


The Never Ending Holidays...

I'm cranky, I want the holidays to be over. Trying to figure out a way to get all of the relevant family members together for a single gathering next year. I tried this year but it didn't work, the trick is getting everyone's cooperation...

Oh well.

The standing joke is, "There's always Fiji."
At some point my hubby said, "Next year we're skipping the holidays and just doing Fiji."

So, when we couldn't get everyone to gather together and it looks like more travel is immenent..."There's always Fiji."

When the ham burned..."Fiji."

And so on...

I know at least one daughter would kill me if I left her high and dry on the holidays but warm sandy beaches and a glorious sun is awfully tempting...


A Great Review To Bring in Yule!

First and foremost Happy Winter Solstice and Blessed Yule!
I hope tonight begins many magical family celebretory moments of the season on a high note!

I know mine has been made extra special by a four and a half star review of Prodigal Slave by Vallerianna ofNight Owl Romance qualifying it as a Reviewer Top Pick!

Charlotte Sullivan is the picture perfect Conservative soccer mom and career-minded Paralegal, complete with ex-husband, suburban home and twin daughters; but she wasn't always. A birthday present for "Cassiopeia " forces her to remember a time and person that she's worked hard for twenty years to forget. Master Francois Rene de Hart is determined to have her back, his Cassiopeia, as his slave for the rest of their lives. But time has changed them both and there are other people to think about, Charlotte's daughters for one; but the main stumbling block may by Pierre-Louis, Francois' lover. Can Francois and Pierre-Louis convince Charlotte to love them both or will she leave them again?

This book was a lot of fun. I was really able to identify with Charlotte's character, her insecurities and doubts are something that many women feel as their children grow. This is also a combination of most women's favorite fantasies, having your first love want you back after years apart and having a younger man want you. As a one-two punch it really works. Probably my favorite part was the fact that, although the story was very dramatic, little bits of humor kept it from being overly so. I really loved Charlotte's parents and daughters. Well written, this was a great read.

Read more about Prodigal Slave and read an Excerpt


Summing it up...

Last THursday I cam e home from an editor meeting and climbed into bed, it was 4pm...
With the exception of going to the doctor on Monday (an event I almost remember, hubby drove) I can honestly say I've stayed in bed...

I lost a week.
and remember very little of it...

Today, I crawled out of bed and made it to the couch to answer a few email. I even managed to review a galley of Unholy Promises, which took entirely too long and wore me out...

I can't ever remember being as sick as I've been the last few days. The doctor said he thought it was bacterial, prescribed antibiotics and sent me home. The antibiotics have definitely helped, I'm on an uphill swing.

So, to any and all of you who have been sick, caught the flu, headcolds, strepthroat or any other ailment...goddess bless you...and I sympathize.

I am officially so far behind on my writing, I don't know how I'll catch up but am determined to do so. I've never missed a deadline yet. That said, I won't be blogging, or twittering, or facebooking...well maybe a little facebooking...I am an addict.

I'm unplugging my phone...
If you don't hear from me before the holidays are over...

and a healthy, happy New Year!


JERR reviewed So, You Want A Job...

I received an awesome review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews for So, You Want A Job.

Here's what was in their newsletter, it should be posted to their site soon!

Title: So You Want a Job?
Author: Roxy Harte
Publisher: Loose-Id
Reviewer: L.T. Blue
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat Level: H

Morgan James unfortunately became the scapegoat of Wall Street and has recently been evicted from her penthouse. Morgan has no other choice but to find a job and she will do anything to get one, even one that doesn't come close to her previous role of CEO. Donathan Cannon has a personal vendetta against the woman he blames for a foreclosure on a senior citizen complex where his paternal grandmother resides. When Donathan hears of Morgan's fate he has the perfect revenge in mind, competing with others in a reality TV show to be his personal assistant. Donathan begins to realize that his dominant streak is showing when it comes to Morgan, could she be the submissive he didn't know he needed?

So You Want a Job? is a fast paced book that kept me thoroughly entertained. Morgan’s character had so many layers that I enjoyed. Donathan’s character was consistent throughout the story, even while he was fighting an internal battle. There was a spark of chemistry on Donathon's part before he even met Morgan that proved there is a thin line between love and hate. There were numerous attempts to put the spark out before it exploded and I am happy to report the sexual chemistry burned long and bright into the sexual relationship of Donathan and Morgan.

Under all of the sex, BDSM, spanking, and other love play there is a unique story line that connects Donathan and Morgan. Morgan’s discovery of her submissive ways with Donathan is actually very moving. The sex between Morgan and Donathan has so many elements and required a great deal of stamina between spanking, nipple and anal play. The sexual acts between Donathan and Morgan took a different meaning and tone each time they came together and that was a lot. There are many secondary characters yet each one played a big part on keeping things moving.

A warning, there is a secret fantasy turned dubious consent of a 'gang bang' that may offend some readers. Even with some of the humiliation scenes a little over the top, there are also scenes that will pull on your heartstrings. So You Want a Job? is another good story by Ms. Harte.


More Chronicles of Surrender News...

I hope you're keeping up because this week has been a whirlwind of Chronicles of Surrender excitement. Over the weekend I had my first booksigning with Sacred Secrets, Book 1 of the Chronicles of Surrender!

Sacred Revelations (Book 2) released digitally, with the print release announced as March!

I received my cover art for Unholy Promises (Book 3)...

and now today, as I was working on Echo of Redmption (Book 4) I was also able to get a contract extention to include a 5th book! So following Echo will be Cries of Penance!

Who's excited besides me? Cause I'm jumping around throwing confetti like a crazy woman....


From Saturday's Booksigning:)

Saturday, I had my first book signing! I was so excited:) Lots of friends showed up to cheer me on:) Here's some photos...

If you missed thebooksigning but want to get a print copy of Sacred Secrets, you can order through amazon.com


Sacred Revelations Released Today!

The sequel to Sacred Secrets, Sacred Revelations Book 2 of the Chronicles of Surrender, released digitally this morning! You can buy and download it here.

I am very excited because over the weekend I had my first book signing at a Barnes and Nobles in West Chester and lots of friends showed up to lend their support:) I'll be posting photos from the event tomorrow!

If you missed the booksigning but want to get a print copy of Sacred Secrets, you can order through http://www.amazon.com/Sacred-Secrets-Roxy-Harte/dp/1616501065/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260200596&sr=1-1...

Sacred Secrets is also available digitally for those of you who prefer to keep your reading material on disk:)

So, what is Sacred Revelations about? It's the continuing saga of Garrett, Kitten, the reporter Celia Brentwood from book 1, and Thomas.
Quick Blurb:

Can one woman serve two masters?

Celia Brentwood meets Garrett Lawrence at a time of change. Not knowing what to expect from this man who has suddenly become her master, she submits to him and discovers how pleasure and pain combine to create euphoria. Garrett then introduces her to the care of Lord Fyre, a man who sees into her heart and understands her darkness.

Leaving her master to be under the three month tutelage of Lord Fyre proves to be harder than she imagined, but the greater difficulty is returning to Garrett. She’s a different woman than the one who left him. Celia struggles with powerful emotions for each.

Both men have dominated her body. Which man will claim her heart?

Content Warning: Shibari, BDSM, Multiple sex partners

I love this story...a little edgier than Sacred Secrets and definitely more emotional:)


I have a booksigning on Saturday! I'm nervous, excited, and hoping someone I recognize shows up to say hello!

So if you live anywhere near West Chester, Ohio which means from Dayton to Cincinnati...please mark your calendar and come see me!

December 5th from 1pm to 3pm
Barnes and Nobel - The Streets of Westchester
9455 Civic Centre Blvd
West Chester, OH 45069

If you can't see me in person maybe you can at least be with me in spirit:)

And if you haven't bought Sacred Secrets order one today!


Trying To Finish ECHO by Deadline...

This week is officially eyecandy week all week so enjoy!

Don't you just love a man who enjoys reading?


Happy THanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday. I will be seeing my in-laws and I'm very excited. Family...food...ahhh...

I am thankful for my family, my health, my pets...and my publishing houses,
Loose-Id, Lyrical, Samhain, and Liquid Silver Books, for the acceptance letters I received this year:

The Chronicles of Surrender, coming out both digitally and in print at Lyrical.

Voyeur, Edge, and So You Want A Job?which released digitally, and for Painted Lady which was accepted but which won't officially release until February.

Reaper and Prodigal Slave.

Heart of Change which was accepted but won't release until May.


For Liberty and Justice For All...

Today I’m supposed to be posting about my new release, Prodigal Slave, and I’ll get to that, but first I want to draw your attention to a ten year old boy in Arkansas who is refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance in his classroom because of one sentence: “For Liberty and Justice for all.”

I’m not even certain I knew what that sentence fully meant when I was ten and here there is a kid exercising his write of freedom of speech or for him, refusing to speak, because he feels gays in America do not have liberty or justice in the US. You can read more here.

I’m bringing this article to your attention because the ideal behind the boy’s stance needs more attention than my book release. You know, it’s a funny thing. When I started writing my first book a dozen years ago, I pitched it to an editor…and basically said there’s a gay couple, a bisexual couple, and a transgender…want it? Yeah, I was laughed out of the one on one…but here we are so many years later and gay erotic romance tops the eBook charts month after month as best sellers. I have to think that in our own way erotic romance writers are helping to open more people’s minds to sexual orientation, diversity, and equality, and that soon, very soon, attitudes in America will shift. Gay marriage will be recognized in all fifty states…

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep doing my part by writing really sexy stories that will challenge peoples boundaries, make them question their core beliefs…and hope that Liberty and Justice For All will become a reality.

And now, I can express my excitement about Prodigal Slaves release!
I’m excited that Prodigal Slave is finally seeing publication! This was always a book of the heart. And it’s been collecting dust on my hard drive for almost as long as I’ve been writing. In 1998 my critique group started calling it “The Red Corset” story…

It started with a question: What if?
What if a recently divorced mother of twin girls…a professional/soccer mom…was suddenly confronted with her past when her “Master” summons her home?

I know why I wrote the book…on some subconscious level I was struggling with being a mom, being different (bisexual), being kinky…and how can I be two people…never really showing the truth. Writing the story triggered a lot of emotional response, and made me question whether keeping my sexual identity of from children was a good idea. Lying is never a good idea. I’m not sure if writing the book I became strong enough to be completely honest with my children or whether being completely honest with my children helped me to write this book. I do know I am a better person for this story. My relationship with my children is stronger.

I love this book and it will always have a special place in my heart…I hope you love this book too. Let me know at roxyharte at gmail dot com.

Here’s the blurb:
Recently divorced paralegal extraordinaire and soccer mom, Charlotte Sullivan, has a secret past life that has just returned to haunt her in the form of a red bustier that arrives perfectly gift wrapped in time for her birthday. With it is a summons from her once Master Francois Rene de Hart, “Come to me.”

With her twin teenage daughters in Europe for the summer with her parents, she finds herself with the perfect opportunity to relive her youth with a man she once loved, but can her heart survive the temptation of the man a second time around? Pure lust awaits a mere train ride away but does she dare make the journey she fears may break more than her heart this second time around?

Added surprise awaits when she meets her Master’s lover Pierre-Louis and discovers she can only be truly reunited with her Master if she learns to love the other man.

Read an Excerpt?
And of course you can buy it today:)


Prodigal Slave Released Today!

Read an Excerpt
Buy in E-Book

Recently divorced paralegal extraordinaire and soccer mom, Charlotte Sullivan, has a secret past life that has just returned to haunt her in the form of a red bustier that arrives perfectly gift wrapped in time for her birthday. With it is a summons from her once Master Francois Rene de Hart, “Come to me.”

With her twin teenage daughters in Europe for the summer with her parents, she finds herself with the perfect opportunity to relive her youth with a man she once loved, but can her heart survive the temptation of the man a second time around? Pure lust awaits a mere train ride away but does she dare make the journey she fears may break more than her heart this second time around?

Added surprise awaits when she meets her Master’s lover Pierre-Louis and discovers she can only be truly reunited with her Master if she learns to love the other man.


Let's Talk FemDom in Erotic Romance

I've given myself permission to not write this weekend, after logging 60 hours behind the keyboard last week, not including social networking, I decided I need some time off...

That meant my brain could go crazy again...
It seems when my fingers aren't busy typing the next word, my brain has to take up the slack and writing idea after idea is rolling through my brain...

Here's what I'm thinking about:
D/s with a woman Domme...
This is a problem because Femdom isn't as marketable as submissive girls with powerful alpha males. Why? After years (centuries) of fighting for equality we still have to have the man in the more powerful position in our romance novels? Is this a cross over from real life?

I love to see a powerful woman wielding a whip...
That isn't to say that with the right man I won't be tied up, gagged, flogged...
But I really like to be in control to so writing about women controlling men...or another woman...yeah, I enjoy that.
I have a F/F started ... emphasis on the darker side of bdsm...hopefully come 2010 I'll have time to focus on it...

I also have a stand alone that was originally meant to be part of the Chronicles of Surrender... Morgana's Story... and she is a Domme in every sense of the word.

In the meantime, I'll just keep looking for pretty pics to inspire me:)

But tell me...what's your take on Female Domme's in erotic romance? Love it? Hate it?
Would you be more or less likely to buy an erotic romance with a female domme with a male submissive? How about with a female submissive?

How about real life? Tied up your man to the bedpost lately and forbidden him from orgasm no matter what you do to him?


So, You Want A Job? Gets Reviewed

So, You Want A Job? just scored a "Gotta Read it" review!

Reviewed by Roberta, she said I challenged her boundaries AND made her question what she considered taboo...for me, that makes my night PERFECT! (read the review at the above link)


Because Someone Asked

A friend asked, "So what order should I read your books in?"

Here was my answer:

My absolute favorite, probably because it was my first "baby", is Sacred Secrets:) which offers an insider look at a BDSM lifestyle club...

My second fav is "So, You Want A Job?" about a wall-street diva on the verge of homelessness after the 'crash' and what lengths she'll go to...

I love the menage "Voyeur" which has a diagnosed sadist as one of the three... followed by Edge.

After that its kind of a crap shoot. Of course, I think they are all good lol
So here is an exact list of all available and/or their coming soon dates:) Most links are in the blogs sidebar:)

Series from Lyrical Press:
Chronicles of Surrender are: 1) Sacred Secrets (avail in print)
coming soon: 2) Sacred Revelations 3) Unholy Promise 4) Echo of Redemption
all Chronicles will be avail in print

The rest are digital...
Two-Book from Loose-Id:
1) Voyeur 2) Edge

Another 2-book coming soon from Loose-Id:
1) Painted Lady 2) Soiled Dove

Others are stand alone and can be read at any time:
coming soon are:
Liquid Silver Books: Prodigal Slave (11/17)
Samhain Publishing: Heart of Change (digital 3/10...print 9/10)
Loose-Id: Survival Instinct (2010)


To Write Love on Her Arms Day - Friday, Nov 13th

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform.

To Write Love On Her Arms Day is a day where anyone can write the words love on their arms, to support those who are fighting against depression and those who are trying to recovering. On this day, just write love on your arms, and show it off, other people will ask why you have love written on your arms, and you tell them you are supporting to write love on her arms day, and how its benefiting a non profit organization helping stop depression, and make love the movement ♥

The vision is that we actually believe these things…

You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you're part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters.

We live in a difficult world, a broken world. My friend Byron is very smart - he says that life is hard for most people most of the time. We believe that everyone can relate to pain, that all of us live with questions, and all of us get stuck in moments. You need to know that you're not alone in the places you feel stuck.

We all wake to the human condition. We wake to mystery and beauty but also to tragedy and loss. Millions of people live with problems of pain. Millions of homes are filled with questions – moments and seasons and cycles that come as thieves and aim to stay. We know that pain is very real. It is our privilege to suggest that hope is real, and that help is real.

You need to know that rescue is possible, that freedom is possible, that God is still in the business of redemption. We're seeing it happen. We're seeing lives change as people get the help they need. People sitting across from a counselor for the first time. People stepping into treatment. In desperate moments, people calling a suicide hotline. We know that the first step to recovery is the hardest to take. We want to say here that it's worth it, that your life is worth fighting for, that it's possible to change.

Beyond treatment, we believe that community is essential, that people need other people, that we were never meant to do life alone.

The vision is that community and hope and help would replace secrets and silence.

The vision is people putting down guns and blades and bottles.

The vision is that we can reduce the suicide rate in America and around the world.

The vision is that we would learn what it means to love our friends, and that we would love ourselves enough to get the help we need.

The vision is better endings. The vision is the restoration of broken families and broken relationships. The vision is people finding life, finding freedom, finding love. The vision is graduation, a Super Bowl, a wedding, a child, a sunrise. The vision is people becoming incredible parents, people breaking cycles, making change.

The vision is the possibility that your best days are ahead.

The vision is the possibility that we're more loved than we'll ever know.

The vision is hope, and hope is real.

You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story.

Feel free to upload pictures of love written on your arms on November 13th!

For more information go to their website


This is my youngest daughter Kiya.
She is selling AVON to help pay for her college tuition.
If you love AVON buy something from her AVON Distributer page:)
Kiya's AVON Shop


Writing on ECHO OF REDEMPTION Continues

With the beginning of November came the start of NaNoWriMo... normally one participating would write 50,000 words from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30th but since I also need to get Echo of Redemption to my publisher, I've decided to complete it for NaNo.

One hundred thousand words...
Today I am barely and I do mean barely on schedule at 15,000 words.

Oh what fun I'm having!

I haven't talked to Kitten or Garrett or Thomas for over a year. It's like going to a family reunion the chatter I have going on in my head. Everyone talking at once and everyone thinking what they have to say is more important than anything anyone else has to say...

Unexpectedly, Eva has returned, crashing the party like a jilted bride's attendance at her past lover's bachelor party.

I did expect Thomas's brother. He was actually formally invited. For a man so outrageously exaggerated...he is turning out to be quite shy. Which should be disappointed but is rather endearing.

I am still waiting on Latisha, Thomas's wife, and children, to RSVP.

In the meantime...I have more than enough dictation to keep me busy.


I Have A Book Signing Scheduled!

I know...if you've already been there and done that and had a horrible experience...you are thinking, "You poor dear."

I've already heard all the author horror stories where no one shows up...Or people are there but just don't stop by the author table...and the author is stuck sitting at the table pen in hand feeling like a dork.

I hope I am mentally prepared for the worst, but of course I'm hoping for the best.
If I sell a few copies of Sacred Secrets I'll be thrilled.

So if you live anywhere near West Chester, Ohio which means from Dayton to Cincinnati...please mark your calendar and come see me!

December 5th from 1pm to 3pm
Barnes and Nobel - The Streets of Westchester
9455 Civic Centre Blvd
West Chester, OH 45069



Sacred Secrets TOP PICK of The Month

Dark Diva's recommends Sacred Secrets as one of their Top Picks from October.

Here is a portion of their review:
Jen said: "There was a lot of action and emotion packed into Sacred Secrets. Roxy Harte took me on a roller coaster ride of new experiences and self-revelation. I truly enjoyed watching Celia’s transformation from fetish reporter to BDSM slave. It was insightful, descriptive and, at times, poignant. My heart went out to both of these characters and I felt vested in the outcome.

Without the underlying suspense storyline this book would have still been quite interesting and engaging; however, the suspense ratcheted up the anticipation of reading each page.

This book had a fantastic ending in and of itself, but also a cliffhanger for lack of a better work. I, for one, cannot wait for the second book in the Chronicles of Surrender Series to find out what happens to Garrett and Celia (oh, and we mustn’t forget Thomas!)."

Thank you Jen and Dark Diva's for reviewing Sacred Secrets!

Read an Excerpt or Buy Sacred Secrets now.


National Novel Writing Month Begins...

Okay, so all your friends are talking about NaNoWriMo...and you may be scratching your head...
either you don't know how they do it and you admire them for their guts...
or you wish you had the guts to try but you always have something more important to do in November...
Or, you've tried and failed...
Or you did it once and you just don't know if you want to torture yourself again...

Me? I'm always so focused on whatever I'm writing I don't need something to tear me away from the current WIP. Until this year. This year coincides with a DEADLINE.

I need to say that again just to get it through my brain: DEADLINE!!!!!

Yes, I've delayed, procrastinated, blamed my muse, dwelt on my ideas, waited for my characters to tell me what happens next until I. Am. Out. Of. Time.

So, I am joining the foolhardy novel in a month aspirees to get the job done. Period.

Here is a really good post by someone who has done this many times and has lots of wonderful tidbits of wisdom, which I totally agree with, to inspire you should you decide to join me in this endeavor, or to remind myself what in the hell I'm doing should I forget.

For those of you still scratching your heads:

What is NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. You can actually register here and track your progress! Just go to the tab marked My NaNoWriMo.

If you are a teen or young adult...this site is slightly more cool...and includes workbooks...speaking of workbooks...

As a past homeschooling mom, if any of you are currently homeschooling a child of any age...the Young Novelest NaNoWriMo has great materials for elementary, intermediate, jr or senior high students. What a great opportunity. Makes me wish I still had a young child under roof to torture with literary fun...

Ok, so, if you don't see any great posts for the next...say, month...you will know my efforts are either going really, really, well, or really, really, badly...

I'll try to update on a more regular basis though...

and if you are NaNoWriMo-ing... GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


Blessed Samhain! Happy Halloween!

For me and my honey Samhain is our most important ritual day of the year and treated as a two day event...

From Wikipedia: "Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/, /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/, or /ˈsaʊn/ in English; from Irish Samhain [ˈsˠaunʲ], cf. Scottish Gaelic Samhuinn [ˈsavɯɲ], Manx Gaelic Sauin and Old Irish Samain [ˈsaṽɨnʲ] — "summer's end", from sam meaning "summer" and fuin meaning "end") is a festival held on October 31–November 1 in Gaelic cultures. A harvest festival with ancient roots in Celtic paganism, it was linked to festivals held around the same time in other Celtic cultures, and continued to be celebrated in late medieval times.

Samhain marked the end of the harvest, the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half". Many scholars believe that it was the beginning of the Celtic year. It has some elements of a festival of the dead. The Gaels believed that the border between this world and the otherworld became thin on Samhain. Bonfires played a large part in the festivities."

We treat the day as the end of our year and will finish up projects and goals set for the year...for example, last November 1st, the first day of our year, I set my personal goal to have twelve acceptances from publishers and succeeded...so tonight I will also be celebrating with gratitude that I was able to do so...

It's going to be a busy day!

We will mow the yard one last time...
Clear the garden beds and cover them so they will be ready for Spring...
Plant our garlic crop...
Put up our seed potatoes from this years crop...
Harvest the last of the carrots and onions...

We will carve pumpkin lanterns...
Feast on this year's harvest...
Drink the last of last year's home-brewed ale and meade...

We will walk a ritual circle around our home, remembering those we have shared the year with, those we have loved and lost...

We will rejoice and reflect beside a bonfire...

Whether you are celebrating Halloween or Samhain with your family, I wish you a blessed night!


Cowboy WIP Has a Title...

Okay, so it HAD a title before I wrote word one... then it became the Cowboy WIP because it seemed the title just didn't fit anymore...

And now, finally, the Cowboy WIP is "Painted Lady"

No worries, there's still a super hot cowboy...
And a really, really wicked sheriff...

But the story is one of growth...and not to have any serious spoilers...but does center around one woman, a former slave, who embraces her own power by becoming a Painted Lady...

Want to read about some real painted ladies while you are waiting for my Painted Lady to release? Go HERE.


It Has Been Twelve Days ...

I couldn't believe it...
When I opened up my blog and saw it had been almost two weeks since my last post, I was shocked. Where has the time went? What have I been doing?

Oh yeah...
Whew, it's finished...before deadline. Life is good again. Now, all I have to do is compose a really great blurb...

I loved writing this book! For years I've been wanting to focus on a historical look at the woman's journey...east to west...on the wagon train.

A long time ago...twenty five years to be exact...I read Women's Diary of the Westward Journey and have wanted to write a story ever since and now that I have, I'm addicted! I'm ready to write the sequel...


Well, maybe not yet. I cannot write the sequel until the first of the year, or until after I finish the 4th installment of the Chronicles of Surrender.

Writing begins on the 4th book: Echo of Redemption on Monday.

This week I am officially on vacation, which I suppose is why I actually have time to blog...


Working on final chapters of the Cowboy WIP

I keep getting strange notes asking me what a WIP is... I guess I thought everyone knew it was my current Work In Progress... I forget not everyone writes...it just seems that way.

Why just the other day I met at least four people who said the same thing after asking me what I "do"...

Their answers were...
"Oh! I write too."

"Oh. I should do that.I have so many great ideas. Or better yet...Maybe I could tell them to you and you could write them down. You know, be my ghost writer. You can do that, right?"

"I wrote a story once. I never did anything with it..."

"Oh, I wrote a great proposal a long time ago and had a New York publishing house interested and everything. Damn, I should write that book and send it to them..."

Yeah, that's why I thought everyone knew what a WIP was...


So, You Want A Job Releases Today!

Thanks to Anne Cain for doing such an amazing job on my cover:)

Want to read an excerpt?

The ebook will be available here after midnight on Oct 13.


So You Want A Job Cover

Yay! Another new cover to show off!

So You Want A Job will be released by Loose-Id October 13th, right in time for boss's day. Here's the rough-draft blurb:

Recession-stressed, out-of-work, recently evicted CEO Morgan James needs a job and has absolutely no chance of getting one after Wall Street uses her as their scapegoat when the market crashes.

Financial mogul Donathon Cannon has personal reasons to hate her but is more than willing to give her a job – if she wins the position by competing in a reality tv show for a chance to be his personal assistant.

Will his plan come tumbling down when he realizes they are more alike than he’d ever want to admit? And when he decides to humiliate and punish her in private, can he keep his dominant streak from crossing the line?


Soiled Doves Research...

Writing and research go hand and hand...
Painted ladies, soiled doves, working girls...

Here are some real life women of the wild west I found interesting:

Dora DuFran

Irene Love

Pearl de Vere


The Latest WIP

Cowboys and Saloon Girls and...

Oh my...


Contemplating Burned Bridges

Following the full moon craziness, I've spent a few days inside my head... not talking to my characters (because that is my every day) but trying to figure out my real life thoughts and I came to some very unexpected conclusions.


Just because I feel like I am "supposed to do something" doesn't mean "I have to"... sometimes, it's okay to do what I think is right for me... just me... even if it goes across the grain of what someone else believes.

Just because someone else is fulfilling their obligatory 12-step program apologies, doesn't mean I have to be open to forgiveness or reconciliation. I have to do what is right for me... just me... first and foremost.

And the only answer I have to give for my own selfishness is "Just Because."

This week I have literally been visited by not one but three ghosts from my past... all wanting me to know they didn't mean it when they hurt me... or they want me to know they love me, even though their actions continue to say they hate me... or they want me to remember the good times the way they do with a more negative spin...

I am who I am.
I refuse to allow negativity in my life.

All three ghosts are filled with so much bitterness, anger, sadness, regret, addiction...

What is right for me is to not allow them to ever affect my life again.
Some bridges are best left burned.

Painful wisdom, but true.


Full Moon Weirdness...

So is it just me or was this a very strange weekend?

Yes it was a full moon, maybe that explains it.

My horoscope for Saturday said: Take time to process thoughts on your own. For Sunday it said: Maintain your own balance.

It's all about me? What? Usually my horoscope addresses my needs to nurture, or a focus on creativity...

An unsettling phone call made me realize just how relevant Saturday's and Sunday's horoscopes were.

Anyone else feeling weird?


Sacred Secrets One Day Closer to Print!

I just received the print galley for Sacred Secrets, so its release is very close! December 1st as a matter of fact! So mark your calendars!


Two Contracts!

Yesterday Loose Id sent me two acceptances letters!

A Cowboy to Submit To ...
a historical plus BDSM, try to wrap your head around that! Thus a large chunk of my days have revolved around reading big, thick theme history books. So what am I researching? Black Cowboys, Soiled Doves, the California Gold Rush, and the Overland Trail... good thing I LOVE HISTORY... and especially reading the memoirs of people who lived in the past. It will be released in February right in time for black history month.

Survival Instinct...
will be my first M/M release :)

I'm not certain when it will be released but have to assume early 2010...

I am really looking forward to both of these releases and I will let you know more as I have info


Weekend Eyecandy

Since I'm at the RenFaire Saturday and Sunday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite eyecandy... a man and a kilt...
I also posted at Sexpressions blog about my upcoming release: Prodigal Slave


TRS Makes Stand Against Gay Hate

I received this note from TRS in my email and felt it should be seen by as many people as possible, so I am sharing it here.

As those of you who visit us at TRS know, we held a summer event that ran from July 20, 2009 through September 20, 2009. In conjunction with this event, we held a hero competition where our featured authors could enter their heroes and everyone who loves a sexy guy of any type could go and vote for their favorite. It was a popular competition and seemed to be in good fun. But between last night and this morning, apparently things took a turn for the ugly.

The staff at TRS was incredibly disappointed to learn that comments had apparently been made to one of the authors doing well in the competition because her hero was gay. We haven't spoken with this author, we really can't wait for that to make this statement, and we don't know what was said or by whom. All I know was that I discovered various messages across social networking sites (Twitter, etc) that TRS itself "did not think gay men could be heroes" and other negative comments to that effect. Apparently folks took issue to what was said by whatever third party to this author and posted that the comments came from TRS itself.

This is false.

I've been in contact with one of the posters of such comments to find out what happened and why. We've accepted their apology and understand why the comments made by whatever party made them would create such animosity even if it was misdirected.
What I would like to say this morning is this: TRS has always promoted GLBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) romance because we support ALL romance -- and we always will. If you'd like to read about some really spectacular GLBT romances, please check out the recent addition to our site -- The Rainbow Studio

http://theromancestudio.com/rainbow -- which showcases these romances by today's best authors.

TRS and its staff -- and those are the ones I can speak for -- has not and wouldn't make such comments that would offend anyone in any walk of life be it race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, music taste, planet origins, shoe size -- you name it. You're all welcome here.

For myself personally, I'm saddened about this because it all casts a very negative pall on the summer event and the competition for me. It reminds me that there is still a lack of acceptance out of there for what is considered different or out of the norm.

Well, it won't stop us from doing what we do best -- promoting the books we love and the authors who write them. My apologies for any upset or confusion for anyone who ran across any of these message and thought they were issued by TRS. They weren't. We'll continue to look into this matter.
Most sincerely,
Tina Pavlik
Owner of The Romance Studio

**Note From Roxy
I cannot believe there are still those out there who are gay-bashing ... I am disheartened and very sad today. I have written several novels with bisexual men and women, and have just recently been notified my lesbian erotica Heart of Change will be released by Samhain in 2010. I have also just completed my first gay erotica Survival which I hope will also see release in early 2010. I am glad to see TRS stand up to Gay Bashers.


Absinthe Fun

We had a fun weekend with a friend and a bottle of absinthe...
Yes, the real absinthe not the bastardized absinte.

I'll just say a good time was had by all and leave it there:)


Crazy Writing Week...

Sorry I haven't had a lot of real me updates, seems like the last few weeks have been crazy hectic...in case your life has been as crazy as mine. Here's the official update:

Youngest Daughter started college, YAY
Ohio Renaissance Festival opened and I am ale wenching again this year!

Missed last two episodes of Trueblood, I'm an addict so that is a tragedy indeed. Hoped to catch a bit on You Tube but no such luck... I did however find a vid that combines clips from Trueblood and Marilyn Manson (another fav:) which is awesome, amazing:

And finally, in writing news...
REAPER - August 31st
Sacred Secrets - September 7th

Coming Soon:
Prodigal Slave - cover art completed this week, still awaiting release date
So You Want A Job - no cover art yet - projected Oct 16
Sacred Revelations - cover art completed, still awaiting release date

WIP's in progress
Survival - m/m - submitted
Cowboy - wrote 20K last two days...


Prodigal Slave Cover!

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!
Prodigal Slave is coming:)

Edits ... check.

Cover Art ... check.

Release Date? Oh hell, still need a release date ... I'll let you know as soon as I know. In the meantime, check out this smokin' cover!


Saving The World

Submitted the M/M WIP, now I'm off to plot the next big story... saving the world with erotica, one sex scene at a time :)

Seriously, that's the whole plot. Sex saves the world from apocolypse...no magic required.


World War III In Headlines...and in My House

Waking up this morning to a calendar date of 9-11 was hard enough. It always brings the memory, that moment of fear and panic ... and sadness ... knowing we would be going to war. Again.

Since being old enough to understand that watching the news daily feed of the Vietnam War and knowing it wasn't a movie, men were dying, I've hated war. I like to think of myself as a pacifist, but also accept the fact about myself that if someone comes into my backyard and tries to hurt my family, there will be seven levels of hell to pay...

Maybe not so much of a pacifist then.

A few weeks ago threat of a Third World War circulated and it vaguely got my attention...I hate to say I was too busy enjoying the last days of summer...but I was...and didn't give the headline much more than a cursory glance. Today my husband brought the drama responsible for the headline back to my attention and we discussed it, I got on my big fat soapbox that women can compete with women given the chance...he walked away laughing at the audacity of my beliefs...and I sat down in front of my computer pissed off.

I promise not to shout from my soapbox here...

Instead, I will bring your attention to the story that has Africa in an uproar.
Caster Semenya is an intersex individual who lives and competes as a woman. She is an 18 year old 800M World Champion who at one point risked losing her medal because of her gender.

The question being: Is she a woman? Is she a man? The obvious answer is, she is neither definable as completely male or completely female and so should she be barred from competing because she doesn't fit in either category...

The other question is, will the country supporting her actually go to war in defense of her right to compete as a woman?

I will leave this post as it stands. You can start your own discussions. Fight with your spouses. Whatever you need to do to release the emotional anger that explodes inside of you when you start to consider all of the what if's and whys...

Or maybe that is just me.
I do get very emotional but then my emotion is based in lack of equality from the cradle and I will argue day and night that boys and girls can be should be raised as equals, maybe then we won't have stupid discussions about whether a transgender should be allowed to compete in the gender they feel most comfortable representing.

Hell's fucking bells... maybe I should just go back to bed and start over tomorrow.


Now Available on Kindle

I have several books now available at both Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.
I love having more options for people who want to buy my books!!
Just click the button or go to the site and key word search: Roxy Harte


Note to the Girls...

It's fun being a girl...

Advice from a friend...
Five tips for a woman:
1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to You.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.
(Or if they do know each other, make sure they share well...)

Joke from the same friend:
One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
'If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts.'