2016 is coming!

Happy New Year 2016

I want to wish all my readers many happy moments, many loving moments, and maybe a few kinky moments because what is life if not an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and do something a little different...

I love you all and thank you for reading my novels... send me a note and don't be shy! What did you love, what did you hate? What triggered your imagination and what pushed you from your comfort zone? I really want to know!


New Titles Written in 2015 

  • Surviving the Big Mistakes
  • Conquering the BIG Mistakes
  • Learning from the BIG Mistakes
  • Shibari Presence
  • Learning to Breathe
  • Learning to Breathe Again

Writing Planned for 2016 

  • Revelations of the BIG Mistakes 
  • Submissive 
  • Secondary Partners 
  • Shibari Christmas


5 STARS for Van Zant Series Books

I am so excited!
So much news to share! Since my Van Zant Siblings series has been introduced...

Both Surviving the Big Mistakes and Consequences of the BIG Mistakes have received 5 STARS from readers at Goodreads! And to be honest I've been holding my breath following several years hiatus while I battled the disease trying to destroy my body... so 5 STARS! YAY!

Alexandra Van Zant and her men are my first ménage a quatre!!!!

So excited... as the series progresses BDSM, Shibari, and polyamory jealousy and resolution are explored.

The first (new) two books are on special at Loose-Id 
for a limited time so get Surviving BIG Mistakes now for $5.59 
and Consequences of the BIG Mistakes for $4.47!!

NEW COVER ART for Learning From The BIG Mistakes!
Available January 11