Writing Avoidance

Writer's Avoidance...otherwise known as look how I spent my evening at YouTube.com...



and my lesson learned from an evening prowling youtube?
yeah, make sure what time the kids are coming home exactly...

Guest Author

I guest authored at Yahoo Group TTABBB (The Truth About Books, Big Hair, and Babe)
today and among their most challenging questions was...

If I could invite 5 people living or dead to dinner who would they be?

1.Mark Twain, I heard he was quite the naughty old codger
2.Johnny Depp, of course I'd have to try to seduce him
3.Julia Butterfly Hill, activist, she was isolated for a year sitting on top of a Redwood...that makes her interesting in my book
4.Paul David Hewson aka Bono of U2, he's outspoken, opinionated, and a philanthropist...in addition to sexy and intelligent;)
5.My own Sir Hotness, because I couldn't imagine not sharing the evening above without his charm and wit for accompaniment...

However, should the above not be available...my backup choices would be:
Hilary Clinton, Madonna, Cher, and Jane Fonda...
all amazing, strong, opinionated women
Let it also be known that Sir Hotness #1 choice for dinner companion was Einstein...yes he really is a Science nerd through and through...but I love him anyway


Sacred Revelations Review

This is what Claire of Two Lips Reviews had to say about Sacred Revelations...

condensed review...
"...Wow! The second book in Roxy Harte’s Chronicle of Surrender series is just as potently intense as the first. Unique and powerfully erotic in every sense of the word, Sacred Revelations provides an intense reading experience. I was on the edge of my seat from the first page, alternating between being concerned for Celia and being aroused right along with her. The author’s skill with first-person storytelling shines in this beautiful novel of finding who you really are at the hands of another. Garett and Lord Fyre are very different men, but it’s easy to see why Celia is drawn to both of them. While the heavy BDSM nature of this book may not be to every reader’s liking, those who enjoy BDSM themes that don’t shy away from the sometimes brutal nature of the lifestyle will relish every word."

See the entire review here;)
Rating: Five Lips

Tonight we are celebrating my first review with Blowjob Shooters...yeah, yeah, make a joke now...just wait until you taste this!

Blow Job Shooter:

The correct way to shoot a Blow Job is to place your hands behind your back, pick the glass up with your mouth, tilt your head back and drink.

1/4 oz Bailey's Irish cream liqueur
1/2 oz Amaretto almond liqueur
whipped cream

Pour the liqueurs into a shot glass.
Top with whipped cream.

More from "Personal Ads" by Roxy Harte

Lila is posting her "Personal Ad" story and has turned it into an every Friday post, I agreed to do one too. Last Friday began "Personal Ads" this is a continuation from where it stopped...

Personal Ads by Roxy Harte
Pt 1
Pt 2 starts here.
I am still reading personal ads an hour later. One hundred and twenty-two ads to be exact, although only fifty-four were straight men not part of a couple in any way, shape, or form. I cringe over the twenty two married men sneaking around and shiver over the twelve couples seeking a playmate. Of the fifty-four straight men ads half are repulsive, leaving twenty seven maybes, not that I will ever dare date one of them…I couldn’t—that would definitely be dangerous. However, for fantasy fodder, yeah…I circle them.

When my phone rings, I see it as a much needed break from my obvious new addiction and answer on the second ring not realizing that it is my ex-husband until it is too late.


I sigh, covering the phone, and try to remember how to breathe as my heart tries to make a run for it through my sternum. My brain yells, hang up! My mouth demands, “What do you want?”

“A truce.”

“A truce?”

“I miss you baby. The last time I saw you, we agreed to remain friends. Friends talk to each other, share a laugh, hang out together.”

“Edward Bucchanan, I am not hanging out with you. It is all I can do to remain civil and not hang up on your ass.”

“Sweetie, I get it, you’re still mad about that whole lapse of judgment.”

“You fucked a strange woman in our bed! That is not a lapse in judgment…that was pure evil. My god, you could have at least gotten a hotel room! Go to hell, Eddie!”

I slam the phone back into the receiver and thank God for my vibrator. Clutching my chest, I let it hurt. I dredge up all the anger and pain and betrayal, embracing it because it makes me remember why I am never getting involved with another man again. I shoot the Personal Ads a hateful glance, telling myself that even Rhett is probably cheating on someone.

A quick glance at the clock reminds me that it’s not too late to join the blue-haired old ladies separating hosta. The phone rings again. I ignore it, knowing it is Eddie. Part of me wants to hear his voice, ask him if he’s okay…the other part of me wants to take a ball bat to his knee caps and a steak knife to his lying, cheating dick. Damn it, it was such a great dick too. Long, thick, heavy veined…oh my God, I am not thinking about his penis! Yes, yes I am. I miss Eddie’s penis. “Fuck you, Eddie, and your damned penis, too!”

The phone keeps ringing. I answer on the fifteenth ring, “What?!”

“I need to see you, baby. Have dinner with me? Just dinner. I want to have a conversation with you.”

“This is such a bad idea, Eddie. I’m really mad at you.”

“I know, baby. You should be mad at me. You should hate my stinking guts. I just really hope you’ll agree to meet me for dinner.”

* * * * *

I blame it as a moment of weakness. I blame it on the vision of his beautiful, perfect penis, dancing in my head…that and the fact that I hadn’t had really good sex since leaving Eddie. Our marriage wasn’t the best, but the one thing we did do well together was fuck. Maybe that’s why I agree to dinner…as a plan to get even with him for taking away the best fuck of my life.

I have a fool-proof plan, my only concern is which one of us is the fool. I am going to go out to dinner with him dressed to entice. I get giddy preparing for my evening, preparing to hit every single one of his hot spots and then some.

Knowing how much he used to love my perfume, Rapture by Victoria Secret, I bathe in it, literally…shower gel, lotion, perfume—it will drive him insane. I pull on a low cut, tight fitting knit top with just an edge of lace sticking above the neckline to both shadow and emphasize my girls, D-cup and nicely tanned. Eddie really likes my breasts. He is really going to like this top, just enough cleavage to make him crazy with the need to touch but I’m not stopping there. He’s also a leg and foot fetish kind of guy, so short skirt, bare legs, and four inch sandals should really get his motor running.

Hearing the door bell, I take a final glance in the mirror. Flash of cleavage, long tan legs, French Pedicure peeking out from the leather straps of my sandals. I blow myself a kiss, wishing me luck, and lift my face with glowing confidence. “Eddie Buchannan, you don’t have a chance against this.”


Okay, Okay, I get it!

It took a swift kick in the pants to get me motivated but thanks to Xandra, I'm writing again...
3500 new words on a new story...whew hoo!

Also, Lila has challenged me to a writing duel...check back Friday for details...

Darragha was nice enough to read my cards and basically said think my next writing project through completely...think, think, think...and great things will come of it. Since my head is pounding, I think I've done enough thinking for the day:)

And Mars...yes the planet...did anyone see mars tonight? OMG! Brilliant red and pretty as a picture outside my front door! It seemed almost touchable it was so close!

Ohoh! And tomorrow...the day I've been waiting for! Pirates! Whew hoo! Johnny, and Orlando, and Keira...need I say more?


Booze Recipe Delayed Due To Grandchildren Invasion

I'm exhausted...my beautiful, wonderful grandbabies (age 1 and 3) showed up Friday a.m.
Their momma, my wonderful, beautiful daughter reclaimed them last night at eleven p.m.

Thus no promised cocktail recipe on the blog, my apologies...

However, it is still the weekend...and after yesterday, every muscle in my body hurts, so I'm getting started early... this one has what I already have stocked in the bar closet (always a plus on Sunday) And if using Apricot Brandy goes surprisingly well with Quiche ... ENJOY!

Between The Sheets

Between the Sheets is an interestingly complex cocktail that is also referred to as a Maiden's Prayer. Try substituting either apricot brandy or peach schnapps for the brandy for a fruitier flavor.

3/4 oz brandy
3/4 oz light rum
3/4 oz triple sec
1/2 oz lemon juice
lemon twist for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.
Shake well.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with the lemon twist.


Something Different

I don't know who started it...maybe TA...but now Lila's doing it...and now that her Forbidden has seen print...she's my new hero...and I'm stalking her...and yeah, copying her idea...although it wasn't an original idea...just a borrowed idea...to share a story as it's written...maybe a few pages every Friday...kind of a TGIF pre-party...but make sure you come back because later there will be another alcoholic beverage recipe for livening up the weekend:)

Personal Ad
by Roxy Harte

I hate Saturday mornings. Never one to sleep in, waking at six-thirty in the morning to have absolutely nothing to do seems ridiculous, but then that is only part of it. I hate Saturday mornings because I wake up by myself, and lonely, the sunrise a cruel reminder that I spent yet another Friday night alone with my vibrator.

Sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee, I flip through the Entertainment section of yesterday’s paper, trying to find something to fill my day. My bright, cheery tablecloth printed with sprays of red cherries mocks me. Single. The matching cafĂ© curtains join the fun. Thirty-four. I glance benignly at the bright red toaster, sitting across from me on the counter top, daring it to say a word. Thankfully, it remains silent.

I turn the page to Saturday Happenings and find a list of all the things I don’t want to do today…Pretzel Festival in the neighboring small town of Hamburg, Kite-flying contest at the Metro Park, and a meeting of The Botanical Society at the Harding Mansion…I do however weigh each option with two seconds serious thought. The festival will be wall to wall giggling couples, the contest will be a chaotic frenzy of smiling families which is slightly worse than giggling couples because small children and the occasional barking dog will be involved, and the meeting of blue haired ladies to discuss the best separation techniques of hostas barely even registered a raised eyebrow until I realized that there would be: a.) no happy couples, b.) no children, and c.) I will be the youngest single woman there and if that doesn’t make me feel better, nothing will.

I am swallowing the last of my coffee, ready to face an exciting day uptown with the little old ladies of Belleville when my eyes land on a classified ad: 6’4”, blond hair, blue eyes, incredible physique. If you have dreamed of being whisked up the staircase like Scarlett O’Hara, then I’m the Rhett you’ve been looking for.

Snorting, I promptly choke myself on that last swallow but I’m hooked, thinking for a moment, is there really a guy out there who would still actually carry a girl up a staircase? Shaking my head, I realize I’m smiling. Crazy. I’m curious about this six foot four, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Rhett Butler wannabe. I’m not calling the advertised phone number but I’m curious, and yeah, starting to feel the teasing edge of arousal starting between my legs. Boy, I really need sex, real sex, not vibrator sex...

Curiousity and horniness leads me to the next ad…
SM seeks SF to spend quality time and fulfill fantasies with. If you’re looking for a spine-tingling, toe-curling rendezvous with no strings attached, I’m your man. Since I'm married and I don't care if you are married or not, secret meetings are required.

Okay, so far Rhett is winning by a landslide. I keep reading…

BDSM Couple seeks SF for light play, mutual friendship, and some housework.

I blink twice over the word housework and three times over the word couple, but the entire ad sends me to my laptop to google BDSM. Clicking the first search result my head tilts, realizing the B is for bondage, and D, I assume, for dominance, not because the bound, gagged, very naked girl on my screen told me but because the flashing button that reads CLICK HERE TO BE DOMINATED didn’t force me to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.

Fearing spy-ware that will leave my computer puking porn-ads if I stay on the site too long, I can’t turn my computer off fast enough. God, I hope my firewall is working.

Vowing to have my computer geek neighbor check it out later, I go back to the table to seek safer entertainment in the personals, hoping to find more Rhett’s and fewer couples wanting to trade spankings for maid services. I pity the one who answers that ad and wonder how many already answered Rhett's ad... blond, and blue eyes, and six feet four inches of man. Does height equate to length in other areas?
I realize I'm still smiling. Smiling because I'm thinking about the length of a total stranger's dick and the question, would he carry me up a flight of stairs before leading me to discover the answer to the question of how height relates to length. Mmmmm. Would it be too risque to read the personal ads with the accompaniment of my vibrator?

Excerpt Ends Here

So this is the beginning of a short story that I had planned to join together with my cohort in crime...


Don't Tell Your Lover

Having survived the BIG RELEASE DATE of Sacred Revelations, I was surfing the web this morning and according to AOL today...which I have here in YELLOW...

Four Things Never to Tell Your Lover
(My thoughts are in PINK)

Whether it's your third date or you've been married for 30 years, there are some things you should never tell your partner. Why? It's hurtful!
(But then again, don't they NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH? I mean, if he has a little dick, and women have lied to him his whole life about it being bigger than average...shouldn't he be told that, "No, it's just average...")

Sometimes you can best show your love by keeping your mouth shut. There are four specific times when it's best to not say what you're thinking. In other words, bite your tongue ...

1. Reminiscing about an ex during a special moment
example: You're cuddled up watching the fire slowly burn out while the snowflakes fall gently from the sky. You turn to him in the glowing firelight and say, "This reminds me of the time Bryan and I were skiing in Colorado." As Cox warns, "Come on -- he knows you've been around the block, spare him the addresses."
(On this one I actually agree...I have to admit I really don't think anyone wants to hear that what they are doing or where you are doing it reminds you of someone else. Unless a breakup is in the near future because you found out he really is screwing your best friend...and then, by all means...reminisce! Let him know that the ex really did have a big ass dick and wow did he really show you that he actually knew how to use it when he took you skiing in Colorado...so much so that no actual skiing took place because you just stayed naked the whole trip!)

2. Betraying each other's secrets

There is one sacred rule about pillow talk: It is never ever to be repeated, to anyone. This is especially true when one of you divulges anything derogatory about friends or colleagues or makes those intimate, highly embarrassing childhood confessions. So when you meet her boss, don't say, "Jen is right. You really do look like that woman on 'Ugly Betty.'"
(This is especially true if you know intimate details about who tied your colleague to the St Andrew's Cross and made him squeal like a girl...*grin*)

3. Criticizing when your honey is trying his or her best

So he doesn't fold the laundry just so. And she doesn't do the yard work with the same meticulous attention to detail as you. Get over it. When your partner is truly trying his or her best to do a job, especially if it's an opportunity to help out in a new way that gives you a break, don't criticize.
(Okay...sometimes their best just isn't good enough and their fingers, tongue...whatever...just isn't doing it. So in that moment I honestly believe it is in everyone's best interest to show them the way you want it...and don't think of it as criticism, think of it as instruction...)

4. Constantly apologizing

Women especially tend to apologize -- a lot. Some might even say it's too much. "Women seem to have far too many polite genes. He knocks a cup of coffee out of your hands, and you're the one who apologizes,"
(Please! STOP APOLOGIZING!) Unless you left a way bigger welt than you intended and future play is at risk, no apologies are necesary.


Blogging Today at Liquid Silver Books

Hey there! We're celebrating the release of Sacred Revelations over at LSB and today, I'm blogging there...so come oon over, the party is just starting! And...because I love celebrations and because I love my readers...I am having a contest!!

To enter the contest:

1. Comment here that you are entering and then wander over to Sexpressions, the Liquid Silver Authors Blog.

2. Comment there about what intrigues you most in Chapter One of Sacred Revelations (the link is there)

There will be two winners today.

One winner for the best comment on intrigue and One winner who is the first to email me that they purchased Sacred Revelations today (must email me a copy of the receipt)...

What will you win?

A copy of Unholy Promises, Book III of the Chronicles of Surrender...aka Lord Fyre's Story.

It is also my privilage to announce that ROSEMARY is the winner of the last contest having become the very first person to buy a copy of Sacred Revelations! Congratulations Rosemary!


Sacred Revelations BUY IT Link!

Dear Readers,

Whew hoo! Sacred Revelations is available!

There's even the first chapter available to tease you with...oh those naughty Liquid Silver Publishers...I should flog them for sharing sooo much...Chapter One, in its entirety...but will it be enough to satisfy you? Or will you need the whole book!

Remember the Contest?



The Prisoner

Okay, so it's Friday...do I hear an alleluia?
Anyway...alcohol is definitely in order...

Recently, we celebrated Sir Hotness birthday ... and what's the perfect gift for not only the guy who already has everything but also the guy I haven't known long enough to know what he would want (yeah, yeah...I know, I married him after dating him 3 months...I should already know everything)

Anyway long story short... he loves wine ... he also knows everything there is to know about wine...like especially how to describe the taste ... jammy, spicy, leggy, complex ... me, I'll tell you if it tastes like chocolate, medicine-y, or dirty ... although the Pinot Noir we drank with dinner was kind of fruity and tart ... he would say it has violet and strawberry notes with an elegant finish...I love that about him:)

and the Pinot Noir, yeah, it was yummy too...

So for his birthday I snuck off to a wine shop with a hundred in my hand planning on asking for assistance and getting the best wine money could buy (or at least my hundred dollar bill)... then the wine seller, female, who was too snooty to give moi the time of day ...except to direct me to the less than ten dollar a bottle Red Truck ... (yeah I like Red Truck...it's good for a dinner at home night) ... but she was all snooty about it and walked away in her four inch leopard print heels (cute shoes...I didn't tell her that)

So I was otherwise left alone in my gold sequined flip flops to cruise the aisles...
I bought a bottle by the label and prayed it was good...just because I love a man in chains:)

The shelf tag described it as...
A fruit forward, ripe berry blend that consists of:
48% Zinfandel
26% Cabernet Sauvignon
14% Syrah
10% Petite Sirah
2% Charbono

The chained man on the label sold me more than the tag... and he doesn't mind blends:)
At the counter it rang up $40.
Not as much as I planned to spend but I refused to ask the lady in leopard print shoes after being snubbed by her... and besides, I wanted to try The Prisoner ...

If you like red blends, you should give it a try ... I highly recommend it


The Stranger

Sometimes I just have to share good advice...even if I wasn't the one who wrote it:

Read this weeks column at The Stranger

Tag, I'm it!

Lisa Andel Tagged me with a Meme...

So here's eight things about myself:
1. I'm a second degree blackbelt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu and I owned and operated a Martial Arts school that averaged 250 students for almost twelve years... I retired in 2002.
2. I'm a real estate agent, although I really, really want to be a FULL-TIME author, so please buy Sacred Revelations...it comes out Tuesday from LSB!!
3. I read tarot, scrye, and love to find magic in my day to day...
4. I teach yoga (and also Reiki) part-time.
5. I meditate twice a day.
6. I love dogs and cats...and usually don't mind too much if strays follow me home. Currently sharing my life are Petey, a five old mutt;Blackie, our eleven year old cat who takes me for walks; and Kitten, obviously the baby. Kitten started out life as Belle, then after two weeks of living with us and still fairly feral, she became Nala, now, after a year, we call her Kitten for nice and Demon Cat the other 99.9% of the time.
7. I have three daughters and two grand-daughters.
8. I met my husband at the Ohio Rennaisance Festival where I was ale-wenching at the time and I married him three months later.

So here's who I tagged :)
Xandra Gregory -http://www.xandragregory.com
Michelle Hoppe- http://experiencetheunexpected.blogspot.com/
Kate Willoughby - http://katewilloughby.blogspot.com/
Darragha Foster - http://darraghafoster.blogspot.com/
Keira Ramsey - http://musingsfromtheblondeside.wordpress.com/
Tina Holland - http://thenaughtydutchgirl.blogspot.com/
Laura Bacchi - http://laurabacchi.blogspot.com/
Rusty Wicks - http://rustywicks.blogspot.com/

THE RULES:Here are the rules according to whomever likes to makeup rules (not me):
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (All's fair in Lurv and bloggin')
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

also, btw, there where several authors who I thought I might TAG...but found they had no BLOG...at least not a FINDABLE BLOG...so...I think they deserve a good flogging for not contributing to the World of Blogs! Shame on you:
Lila Dubois
Robin Danner

Release Date

Yeah! Sacred Revelations has a RELEASE DATE!

Mark Your Calendars!
Because we are also having a contest!!

May 15

The first blog reader who emails me a copy of their receipt for their Sacred Revelations purchase will win a copy of Book3: Unholy Promises!! Now that's a real deal! Two Hot Reads for the Price of One!

Here's the Back Cover Blurb:

Even though her Master, Garrett Lawrence, has agreed to take her back, Celia Brentwood finds herself mesmerized by his best friend and fellow dominant Thomas Stephanopolis, also known as Lord Fyre.
Determined to find her darkness, Celia sets off on an erotic journey—a journey that finds her at Lord Fyre’s mercy for ninety days. Certain that Lord Fyre will help her face her basest needs, Celia doesn’t consider that at the end of their time together, she will not be the same Kitten her Master knows. Nor does she realize that, in finding her darkness, she stands to lose everything…

Molten Silver: M/M, M/F, M/M/F, Group Sex, Bondage, Water Bondage, BDSM Themes


Something Has To Change

Today I was distracted and distressed all day...I thought it was because I lost a $600,000 Real Estate deal over the weekend, or maybe the pergola we're planning to build out back just blew my neurotransmitters, or maybe it was a million other details...I know when Sir Hotness asked me a dozen times today if I was okay, I nodded, "Yeah, okay, I'm fine."

But the truth is...
And I know any minute I'll type something that will piss somebody off...

Here we go...
This morning on NPR radio, they mentioned Greensburg, Kansas...and if you haven't heard about what happened on Friday...just watch the video I found on the Weather Channels website...
Here's my problem:
(photo: what used to be Greensburg)
A tornado LEVELED an entire town on Friday and the town has not received any government assistance. According to the talk I heard on NPR radio our National Guard (yeah, those guys who volunteer believing they are signing on to help our country in times of National disaster...) are tied up in Iraq, as are their big trucks (so no supplies coming from there) as are the big emergency tents (so any survivers won't have shelter.)

I am so pissed off about this I can't see straight. I can't even communicate about it with verging on hysteria...so I've kept my mouth shut all day.

Is anyone paying attention out there?

If anything REALLY SERIOUS happens in this country (not that Greensburg isn't serious because my god, yeah, a town was LEVELED) but we as a people are shit out of luck because the people who are supposed to be helping us are stuck in Iraq, not helping, not because they don't want to help...but because they can't.

And that's not all...
I searched using "Kansas" and "tornado" seeking more info this a.m. and came up with nothing. I had to go to the weather channel to find out anything (they found a survivor today)

I searched using "naked" and "mexicans" and I found art.

It seems even Naked Mexicans trump Dead Americans.

And please don't misconstrue that I don't like Mexicans or Iraqians because of this post...I love everybody...I'm just soooooooooo sad because people died in Kansas, people are missing, homes are lost, an entire town gone... and there isn't a damn thing I can do to change the horrible autrosity that is Iraq and the fact that our men are there instead of here.

This is a peek at the tornado, photograppher unknown:

My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors of Greensburg tonight.


Not Quite Masturbation

Can we please send some horney women to Japan?
Due to lack of sexual interest on the part of Japanese women...
the men are in crisis...
resorting to Air Sex...
not quite the next best thing to being there...

Spank Yourself Already!

sexy & romantic glitter graphics myspace code sexy imagesOkay, not to sound bitchy, but I was having a conversation with my critique partner, Xandra, the other day and the subject came up that I keep getting emails from writers wanting to know if this "sounds" BDSM enough...because they have never done anything even remotely non-vanilla and they need guidance because they are writing the great BDSM novel...

Xandra said to send them to the book, Screw the Roses, Send Me The Thorns...a classic BDSM how-to book for beginners that I actually have on my very own BDSM Research shelf...that way, I wouldn't be giving out info to make their writing job easy...ie NO RESEARCH...

Now, maybe I shouldn't call it a pet-peeve that people want the easy answers and yes, I should be flattered that someone actually trusts and values my opinion...and really, I wouldn't expect someone writing a murder mystery to actually go kill someone for the experience, but I would expect them to do some research...like what size cleaver does it take to cleanly slice through the neck severing the head from the body?

So, is it really asking too much for these very vanilla BDSM Erotica Writers to at least go to a few BDSM sites and read? Or maybe get a belt out of the closet and whack their own ass a couple times for the sensation research?

I know, I'm just one of those sicko pervs who actually likes to be tied up...and have known I was different for a very long time...and now I write about it too... I shouldn't be judgemental of non-kinksters who just want to write an entertaining story and throw in some kink for grins...

I just want them to experience the joy of research...
I mean just the other day, I asked Sir Hotness, "Do you think it's possible to--"

Ah, now that's a story for another day;)


Hmmm...I need a Holiday

Okay, my birthday is past, as is Beltane...

And just when I need a gift-giving holiday!
Not mind you, because I want to give a gift
(although I could) but I'd rather receive a gift...

Wanna see what I want?
Go ahead, you know you want to know...
Take a peek:

Gift 1
Gift 2

And voila...I saw a SALE sign...isn't it nice to save money?


Comment Tags

So, Myspace has had its share of problems...giving me a major headache among other things...my Myspace page is pretty much a blank page because Spammers stole all my pretty pictures and my background...and I know I'm complaining about this a lot...but putting that page together took a lot of time and energy...

Turns out the Spammers Used Comment Tags and other tricks to spread a virus...
and I really really love comments and all of the original comment tags out there...

Anyway, just to blow off some steam, here is a comment tag that won't pass the Myspace censors...so you won't see it there...

sexy & romantic glitter graphics myspace code sexy images
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Luv.com