A Day Off!

Today is the first day off I've had in months...seriously...and I'm clueless as to what to do with it. Normally, I would write but it's a beautiful day and writing can wait until after the sun goes down.

Last night I contemplated driving into the Smokey Mountains which is only a four and half hour drive, nothing compared to the already long day I'd put behind the wheel of my car on the day job...but I would only have today and it seemed like a really silly thing to do to only get to stay for a few morning hours....but the lure to be outside under the trees surrounded by nature was that great and with laptop in tow, I might have actually swept a way a few cobwebs surrounding the continuing saga of Garrett and Celia in book 2. Goddess knows I'm getting nothing accomplished here.

Maybe today I'll walk in the woods. I have a favorite thinking place and it involves a several mile loop around a copse of three trees known as the Sisters in these parts because they are supposedly all that remains of three sisters who were known for practicing witchcraft a long time ago. Whether folklore or something else, I find peace there...and I need time and nature to think.

I've narrowed it down that the writing blockage in my head is in direct relationship to the walls I've put up inside myself. Garrett and Celia's happily ever after is supposed to close the last chapter of Book2 but I'm not feeling very happily ever after...or up until today had totally given up on all thought of its existence at all. A friend called me jaded. Yeah. That and more.

Today, I'm feeling a little less jaded though still not up to facing Celia and Garrett's HEA...


Euro Review

Thank you to Xandra Gregory (who is watching out for me while I kill myself at the "real job") for calling me to tell me the exciting news that Sacred Secrets had its first review!! And thank you to Annie for doing said review at EuroReviews!!

Annie said, "Sacred Secrets: A Chronicle of Surrender is one very scorching tale of BDSM, romance, unexpected impossible attractions, and sensuality. No reader ought to miss this one. Even the BDSM elements are underscored in a manner that is tasteful even when explicit. Roxy Harte has performed an excellent job in this book, of intriguing the reader and eliciting sympathy with all the major characters, with few exceptions. I found myself turning page after page with heart in mouth waiting for the next step, the next revelation. This is a don’t-miss story."

I am very hopped up and excited about getting the sequel, Sacred Revelations) into LSB's hands asap!

Click here to BUY Sacred Secrets today!


Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I remember when every girl dreamed of a left hand diamond ring...and all that supposedly went with it: handsome man, picket fence, two point five children and happily ever after. ..
A story was reported by Elizabeth Boswell in Reuters yesterday about a giant Diamond Selling for More Than $12 Million and it wasn't the glitzy gem or the story about the underpaid female diamond miner who was so excited about finding the gem who's probably wishing she worked on commission right now...but a small sentence in the middle of the article : "Growing affluence has boosted sales and busy shopping streets such as London's Bond Street are awash with jewellers and luxury goods stores offering right-hand diamond rings for well-heeled women."

Yes, ladies, it's becoming all about the right hand diamonds that we're buying for ourselves...and to be honest, for a long time now--since my divorce--it's been on my list of extravagant purchases to buy for myself. The article made me ask myself a few questions...namely why?

And that little question made me realize the answer is either empowering or fatalistic...

E1.) I pay my own bills, I can buy my own diamond damn it, cause yeah, I'm worth it...
F1.) Mr. Happily Ever After? (I won't go down this path...my brain is rolling around laughing hysterically that I even typed the words mister and happy in the same title)

I'm going to go window shopping now for my future right hand diamond ring...maybe something like this one:


Free Hugs

My daughter shared this with me last night before her soccer game...and I hugged her, because...WOW...I have the greatest kid in the world! She pulled me out of my work mindset just to show me this...thank you, Beautiful Girl, thank you, thank you, thank you...some days you make me cry really happy tears!

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

After watching, we went to her soccer game where Beautiful Girl was kicked in the head, sustained a major concussion, and spent the rest of the evening in the ER. She's fine, as in no more soccer for the season and no rock climbing for the next two weekends minimum...but she's going to be okay.

Right now, she's in the other room laughing and talking with her boyfriend...and her laughter is the best sound in the world. Sometimes I cry just because she makes me so happy...like now.

Yes, I missed Folsom 2006

I missed it, but thanks to the powers of the internet, I can still feel like I was there...here are some awesome pics that I grabbed from this guy's site...thank you's and kudos abound...stop by and send him some love.

And just so
we know the
way my brain
is working
put me in the
of these two
and let the
games begin...


On My Mind Today

Life Smacks Us Sometimes...
Yesterday, I was rear-ended sitting at a stop light, minding my own business. The man who did the rearending decided he should run the readlight because it was getting ready to turn green and was furious with me for not knowing to get out of his way. Go figure. In truth, I think he was going so fast, anticipating the change of light, he didn't even see me in front of him. Sometimes life is like that...we look so far ahead that we don't see what's in front of our faces.

I try to stay in the moment but it is really hard...planning a day or two or three in advance as is necesary in my day to day, it's easy to have my mind so focused on the prize that I forget to breathe.

Yesterday, I was so hopped up on endorphines I didn't pay much attention to my body post accident...everything worked, nothing broken, no blood...I'm good. Today, I woke up to no endorphines and I'm moving a little slow...but I don't have time for slow. It's one of those days I should be going full speed for the next fourteen hours. I'll be focusing on my breathing a lot today.

Pink Isn't Dead Yet
If you haven't checked out her new CD yet...do. It's awesome.

The Last Three Chaprters of Sacred Revelations...
I really need to get this book to my edit but I've typed and deleted the last three chapters so many times at this point that I'm ready to send it to her minus the last three and let her tell me how to end it. Kidding. One of my fans, who I have a constant banter going these days told me to "Finish it already--your fans are waiting! Do what Garrett wants for once because it's always about Celia."

It's something to think about.