More Survival Instinct Love!

Another review for Survival Instinct. This one by Fallen Angels
Brian Van Zant had thought that the worst that could happen had already occurred. He had discovered that his twin brother and his husband were sleeping together, a fact that left him wounded and broken hearted. But when the two are killed in a car accident only days after their perfidy is discovered Brian is left with the feelings of betrayal, loss, and heartbreak over losing the two people he loved most in the world. Now he's running away from home, running with no destination in mind, only the desire to escape and begin anew. 

Park Ranger Tobias Red Hawk is in the closet and believes that he will stay there. After all, the one time he tried to step out he had his heart trampled upon. But when Hawk rescues a hypothermic Brian off the side of the mountain he finds himself unable to deny the feelings the man brings out in him. 

But fate isn't finished with the two men. Hawk's past has returned and is somehow connected to mysterious lights that appear on Bitteroot Mountain. A past that could put an end to Hawk's future if the men aren't careful. 

What begins as a tragedy ends as a story of survival and growth. Brian has had one heck of a rough time lately and it's understandable that at times he's not exactly rational. Hawk is a pillar of strength, loyalty, and raw sexuality that is exactly what Brian needs to heal and become the man he is meant to be. The betrayals that sent Brian out onto that road and into the arms of Hawk were so heart wrenching that I had to stop and catch my breath at the horror of it. That the two people that should have loved Brian the most were the perpetrators of this crime made it even more emotionally wrenching. Then to have them die before any closure could be reached left a gaping hole that Brian was still struggling to climb out of, and without meeting Hawk he may never have made the attempt. Hawk was a real treat as a man that is out to himself but not to those around him. The subplot of the lights in the night sky gave a little splash of mystery and danger to make this tale even more enjoyable.

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Survival Instinct Love

This full review is posted at Literary Nymphs

Brian Van Zant's world was turned upside down in the blink of an eye. To discover his twin and his husband were having an affair was shocking, but their sudden death, caused by a fatal accident, left no time for Brian to gain the closure he needed. Brian decides to take an impromptu trip, which leads him straight into the arms of Tobias.

Park Ranger Tobias Red Hawk isn’t out to the local residents. He keeps his desire for men and his love of kink tightly tucked away. Meeting Brian puts Tobias’ libido and heart in turmoil. The hurt in Brian’s eyes brings out Tobias’ protective nature but he knows he does not have room in his life for love, or does he?

Roxy Harte brings us love and adventure on a beautiful Montana mountainside in Survival Instinct. Right away, my heart went out for Brian. The betrayal, loss and uncertainty he was going through made me want to cyber box anyone who stepped on his feelings. I will admit I wasn’t truly feeling his family. While I’m sure their hearts were in the right place, they felt cold and unloving to me.

Tobias is a man who makes me want to purposely be stranded on a mountain where I’ll require his special brand of TLC to recuperate. Sexy, handsome, with a heart of gold, he was just what Brian needed to move forward with his life. The story is a mix of action, suspense, spine tingling sex and raw emotions, which makes it a winner in my book. This is the second story I’ve read by Roxy Harte, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Pick up a copy and enjoy.


Eye Candy

Still writing the same MM WIP I was writing at the beginning of the month...my body wasn't cooperating ...
You may have read about the migraines...cross your fingers we're done with that!
Then there was the week getting used to switching between my distance glasses and my reading glasses...yeah, yeah, I know...I should have went for the bifocals...right? Actually the eye doctor advised against bifocals when she realized I spend 12-14 hour in front of my pc every day (except weekends...usually...except this weekend I'm still writing because I didn't finish the damn WIP so I didn't earn a few days off...who said being your own boss is easy? Don't believe it)

Anyway...since I'm writing...you get eyecandy.


Kittens Arrived on My Doorstep

The sad news is... Blackie is still missing and we have assumed journeyed beyond the veil. It saddens me that I will never spend another midnight stroll with him at my heels...but I had fifteen years with his generous loving soul and I am a better person because he was in my life.

And then a strange thing happened this week. Wednesday night at 10pm my hubbie came in and said, "Blackie's reincarnation is in the garage." At first I thought Blackie had come home and I was so excited...but then I realized it was a very small black kitten.

After much hissing and biting hubby's hand (through leather gloves) my bleeding, cussing hubby has rescued the baby. Whew, right? on further investigation there are four more just like him and we looked like rodeo clowns trying to corner a bull as we chased them around the house trying to round them all up. Three and a half hours later, we rescued four kittens.

 My fear is our girl calico lured them home with her for new playmates since she was the instigator in bringing the first little kitten inside the garage and she's missed Blackie terribly.

A horrible thought is that someone intentionally abandoned them...
Or that their mother was injured or worse...

They're safe now.

If I could attract money as easily as strays I'd be a rich woman, as it is I'm wealthy in love...

here they are:) 
Three black and one ginger...
We haven't named them yet but the first kitty to the left is temporarily being called Cujo, because even though I am holding him bare handed in this photo, it was the first and only time I was able to do so...I think he was in shock...now it takes leather gloves and nerves of steel. I know that slowly but surely he will learn to love me...just as Blackie did


Shower Scene

The Shower Scene that almost happened...leaving me somehow less than completely satisfied:

Bill: May I use your shower? 
Sam: Of course. There’s, uh, plenty of towels in the bathroom.
Bill: If you could spare a shirt, I’d be much obliged.
Sam: I— I really didn’t pack anything. It’s kind of an impromptu road trip I’m on. But you could— You could have the shirt off my back if you want it.
Bill: I’ll take what I can get.
Bill: Nice.
Sam: Right. (takes shirt off)
Sam: Well, thank you.
Bill: I’ll take that shower now.
Sam: Mm-hm.
Bill: Unless you’d care to join me.
Sam: Yeah. I think I would.
Bill: Good. We’re gonna have a nice time. I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard.
< Phone Rings, Sam looks to it >
Bill: Come. Don’t answer that.
Sam: Okay.

I Am Such A True Blood Addict

Eric said to Sookie: "You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate, primal sex with you. How ‘bout both?"
Knowing that he looks like this in bed, how did she have the will power to say no?

Mmmm, yummy...
Other favorite moments:

Teen vampire angst...

And a little lesbian "wierdness" thrown in for fun...
roflma off after this scene

I wonder if HBO is playing a rerun right now?

Working on A New M/M Romance

I am really hoping to finish this one this week...
A new MM-romance for Loose-Id titled You're Invited.

This is a photo randomly sent to me from a friend and it is so close to the character Stanley in You're Invited, I think she must be telepathic... Scary

Now, if my pounding head cooperates...
This is insane because I can't remember having a headache for years...
decades maybe...
So to be fighting one migraine after another is sooooo not getting it.


News from Loose-Id

Latest news from my publisher Loose-Id...
who published SURVIVAL INSTINCT ...
and PAINTED LADY among others...

Loose-Id is now offering their titles in .epub format, which works on Astak EZ Reader, Astak EZ Reader Pocket PRO, Astak Mentor, BeBook One,BeBook Mini, Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus, COOL-ER, Elonex eBook, HanlinV5, Hanlin V3, IREX Digital Reader 1000S, NUUT2, Sony PRS-300 ReaderPocket Edition, Sony PRS-505 Reader Digital Book, Sony PRS-600 ReaderTouch Edition, Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book, Nook...whew...hoping that makes a lot of my readers very happy!

Eyecandy Makes Everything Better


uck gets uckier...

My WIP is in so much trouble...week before last couldn't function because of a 3 day migraine...last week spent trying to get used to new glasses...and now...I fear the flu is closing in. I really hope morning is better, a two and a half hour nap sure didn't help.

I hope everyone else's summer is off to a better start than mine!


Writing MM Erotica

Writing MM Erotica for the next week or so, decided some inspiration was in order...


Blackie Is Missing

Our family is very sad because my fifteen year old kitty is missing. I fear the worst. I love this cat...he's raised me up so many times when I've been down. I hope he comes home...

but since he was very ill, I'm afraid he isn't going to.


Oil Spill Continues To Lay Heavy On My Mind

The Sea Gull That Broke My Heart
This bird has become iconic of the disastrous Gulf Oil spill, AOL has an opinion why.
Editors note: Several readers asked about the fate of the bird in the photograph. We asked Matt to look into it, and here is his response: The birds, including our sad looking creature, are all being taken to the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fort Jackson, La. The problem with tracking our particular bird, the one in the photo, is that it became "famous" after it had been taken to the center and attended to. (Meaning Charlie Riedel's photo didn't become an international sensation until the bird had already been cleaned. So no one would know which one it is or was.)

Here's what Jay Holcomb of the IBRRC wrote to me: "I honestly don't know. It was a laughing gull and we received quite a few that day. The problem is that they all got put together and by the time we got them much of the loose oil had been whipped off. A few of the gulls died in the last few days but most are alive. Just really not sure if it made it or not."

The IBRRC has a web site and readers can make donations to their ongoing efforts: http://www.ibrrc.org/index.html


Brazil Gay Pride

Three million people participated in Brazil's Gay Pride Parade in San Paulo! Now, that's some serious pride:)
I tried to load photos and my photo loader isn't loading so go to the main site galley if you want to see pics!

An amazing thing happened this week! I had three novels accepted and two of them are:)
Actually, I'm Gay
You're Invited

The third is a cyber-industrial BDSM romp called Trust.

I think its been a GREAT week, what do you think?


McDonalds Does Gay -- in France

So the new McDonalds commercial airing in France is causing a little controversy...

Is it saying, "Come to McD's and eat our food, but stay in the closet?"

Or is it really saying exactly what it says its saying?


"Come as you are"


Whew...Has Another Week Come And Gone?

I've seriously neglected my blog...eek.
So, what have I been doing with my time?

In May I wrote three complete books, over 150K. All three have been submitted, two of the three have already been accepted:) Yay!

I don't see myself slowing down any time soon...I have several WIP's already target to write fully or partially in June. So aside from the occasional, HELLO, I'm still Alive post, I may not be able to post a lot...but I think about posting...

Lately, I've been thinking alot about the BP Oil Spill...what a mess.

I've also been thinking about my friends who I have completely deserted for my hermitism...I still love you guys!!!!