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Stop by Sexpressions today and say hello. I'm guest Blogging and anyone who tells me that they saw my post at the Flog Blog will be registered to win an e-copy of either Unholy Promises or one of the first two Chronicles of Surrender.

For Surrender fans...there is a never before revealed excerpt from Unholy Promises!
Happy Reading


Unholy Promises Excerpt

I'm switching gears today...
From fantasy...to dream.
This excerpt was taken from the soon to be released Unholy Promises: Book 3 of the

Chapter one of Unholy Promises actually opens with Lord Fyre dreaming of a lost love, Eva...

Excerpt starts here:
“Eva, Eva, Eva.” Bound and gagged, her back and shoulders glistened with a light sheen of sweat in the rosy glow of candlelight. Even cast in shadow, his mark stood in stark relief against the paleness of her skin in a crisscross of stripes blazoned across her shoulders and back. Drawing his finger down the length of a soft, pink welt, pride welled inside him as her shoulders trembled beneath his touch. That alone excited him. Her soft sigh drove him beyond madness.
He smirked at the foresight of her parents, naming her for the original temptress, Eve, because she embodied his every sinful fantasy.
Her ice blue eyes glowed savagely in the candlelight, watching his every move. Her defiant will called to his baser need to tame and he more than willingly answered the call. Leaning toward her, he caressed her cheek with his gloved hand, absorbing her shivered response. Tenderly, he pushed a sweat-soaked tendril away from her eyes. Her growl, feral and wild, shot straight to his groin.
God, how he needed her like that—a wild animal restrained. Pushed to her mental and physical limits, she was mad with primal need. A need he knew she couldn’t have fathomed only hours before.
He saw her as a lioness prowling the lone savanna seeking a mate, she sought the one who would be bigger, stronger, faster. The one she could find rest in—the one worthy of her submission—the one worthy enough to unveil her inner self to. He knew all too well that in her very real world of intrigue and espionage, there was no room for emotion, only survival of the fittest, by any means necessary and few men were even up to her speed—physically, mentally, emotionally—and it was his belief that only here, with him, because he was her equal, could she find the peace within herself to face her fears; tear down the illusions; bare the fierceness of her passion. Only here, with him, in their sanctuary of noir erotica, could she face her weaknesses without shame.
The air was heavy with the sensual smoke of burning sandalwood, which he inhaled deeply, savoring the acrid woodsy scent that called to his deeper subconscious, need older than time fighting to the surface. His primitive ancestor may have been content proving his dominance by clobbering his intended over the skull with a club then dragging her to his cave by the hair on her head, but he needed more.
His leather-covered palm slid over her bare bottom, stopping in its tender caress to cruelly pinch a welt here and there. He laughed at her involuntary jerks, her uncontrollable primitive response to escape the pain. Slowly, very slowly, he spread her ass cheeks, savoring the screamed protests muffled by the ball-gag.


As The Fantasy WIP Nears Completion...

The Healthy Place has a nice article on Women's Fantasies, asking the question, "Are Sexual Fantasies Good For Us?"

I've been spending a lot of time focused on Women's Fantasies...because of the WIP in progress...and I've really enjoyed the creative process on this book more than some of the others...

And maybe so much focus on fantasy affected my dreamscape because I woke up Sunday morning having an absolutely delicious dream, and if that damn puppy (oops, did I say that? She really is quite adorable) hadn't started barking when she did, I'm certain I would have orgasmed in my sleep...I love it when that happens...

I digress, back to the dream...
I was dreaming about a man I haven't seen in years...at least three...and we'd never really been friends, he was just one of the outer realm faces who frequently ran with some of my other friends...but in the dream...wowsah...

After the barking puppy wake-up the mood was obviously broken so I couldn't even take out all that arousal on the naked man in my bed... but the dream lingered... lingered to the point that I grabbed Sir Hotness and said, hold me like this...and if you do that can you still manage to touch here...and bite there at the same time
...what can I say, it was a bit of a contortion...
but he did and then he was "interested"...but I wasn't done with the scenario, I held him at bay saying, "Now, can we do that but with you being the rough aggressor?" We rough housed and I kept giving instructions...bite here...harder...choke me out just a little...

I'm not sure when the scenario ended and he took over...but what had started out as an ordinary Sunday morning got very intense...one more reason he loves being my research assistant...

The point is...I took a fantasy and I brought it into my life... and it worked so well, I'll do it again. And no, I am not confusing fantasy with dream. My fantasy was to be able to share one of my erotic dreams with my husband and enact it together. Most days I'd never share one of my "dreams" because usually they are fairly intense. But I've wanted to... and by initiating it as, "Would this work?" it made it easier to introduce the fantasy.

This morning proved he wouldn't freak out.
I think most women fear what their men will think of them if they share their really deep, dark secrets...

And understandably...
Can a guy understand that a woman has a rape fantasy and not be made uncomfortable by that? Or something "really inappropriate"? Because I know I am not the only one here who has those fantasies...

So if you dare, share a fantasy tonight and let me know how it worked out for you.
And just in case you are afraid your fantasies are too far out there...here is the list of Top Ten Women's Fantasies from The Healthy Place.

10. Uninhibited Sex With A Stranger
9. Group Sex
8. Fem Dom

7. Sex Before An Audience
6. Sexual Ravishment (rape)
5. Sex With Another Woman, While Their Man Watches
4. Prostitution/Stripper
3. Sex With Two Men
2. Strap-on Fantasy
1. Young Girl/Sexual Predator

And just a note, while I enjoyed AskMen.com's list of fantasies I think that The Healthy Place really tapped into what more women are talking about...at least at my coffee shop...

Be sure to stop back tomorrow...I'm hoping to run a sexy excerpt...


Sunday Funnies...

I love commercials.
I especially love foreign commercials which tend to be so much naughtier;)
Here are a few that caught my eye this week...


This one proves that putting on clothing can be as sexy as taking off clothing!

Mmm...this one just got me hot!

And this one? Self explanatory...

And Honorable mention goes to...
Because I love men.

Hat-Drawing Winner

Congratulations Curvaceous Dee for winning a copy of Sacred Secrets!
I love contests!

So to everyone who commented the other day during the Women's Fantasies blog, thank you for participating!

If you haven't been around for a visit this week, be sure to catch up.

The highlight of my week has been the release of CONTROL.

And the Women's Fantasy discussion. I never really believed that anyone else thought the way I did (when it came to fantasy) but I have been proven wrong and some of my fantasies were on the Top Ten list. Whew! I am normal...that's a relief!

So, why all of this interest in fantasy?
I am writing a new novel for Loose-Id for an upcoming Halloween release based on this proposal:
Working Title: Living Vicariously

Cynical-before-her-time corporate attorney A.J. Blessins (imagine Tyra Banks) attends a steamy costume ball, where she is kissed by a masked musician Jonas Michael (a British David Cook) of sunny disposition and lascivious tendencies. Although the kiss provides a moment's diversion she puts the masked man out of her mind until he appears again in her life, this time as an amatuer videographer filming a couple's most intimate public display of affection.

He proves to be the perfect companion for a sordid All Hallows bacchanalia and they set off on a journey that leads them across the countryside on a peeping-tom romp through hay-stacked barns and farmer's daughter's boudoirs. He helps her evolve from shy voyeur to daring exhibitionist.

I have to say, I am having a lot of fun writing this one;)
Voyeurism, exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, breath control...


A Continuation of Yesterday's Theme...

Yesterday we had lots of comments and discussion about women's Top Ten Fantasies...of course the reason why is because I'm writing a book on fantasy...and what women really fantasize about...

But let's talk about making those fantasies a reality...
How do you pull the idea out of your mind and share it with someone you love?

"People in relationships often don’t ask each other to do certain things simply because they are too shy to bring it up. This goes for both guys and girls: We fear that our partners might think we are a bit too weird." -askmen.com

First, I'd say start a conversation about fantasies, making it clear that it is only fantasy...you may find that just talking about each other's fantasies adds a new edgier, sexy feel to your relationship...

Then, after you are comfortable talking about the fantasies, have a conversation about which fantasy you might want to see become a reality...don't worry if you talk about it and it doesn't happen the next day. Honestly it make take months for each of your comfort zones to reach a level to try something new with each other...especially when you both have very strong ideas about how your fantasy evolves.

That is the most imporatnt part of the next step. Your partner will be able to enact his/her version of the fantasy, but will never duplicate your fantasy exactly...it may turn out even better...but one thing is certain, it will be slightly different.

(This advice is for both partners)
Pick a day when you are not rushed.
Get a sitter.
Take time to set up a sensual, relaxing atmosphere.
Dress or groom with special care to make this a very special occasion.

Okay, from there...it's your fantasy...
I thought it would be fun to list the top six "Dirty Things She Really Wants to do But Is Afraid to Ask For List" from AskMen.com
(I am so glad they have time to do surveys btw)
1. Sex In A Public Place
2. Anal Sex
3. Filming It
4. Going To A Strip Club Together
5. Light Bondage
6. Role-playing Dress-up games

If you feel like you could enjoy a little sexual adventure or two, but are too shy to ask, hint that you'd like to talk about your fantasies. Admit you are shy. Then once you've peeked his curiosity don't be surprised if he doesn't ask you to reveal one. And one isn't so hard! Be brave.

Don’t forget the best sex comes to those who communicate.
So don't wait!

Women's Fantasies...

Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time with a woman usually finds out that their mind is on over-drive...with the mental grocery list being constantly added to, floating schedules, to-do lists, calorie/carbohydrate calculations...and fantasies. The truth is women fantasize a lot.
A LOT! Very Naughty Scenarios...

I think it is what keeps us sane...lol...
But what are we fantasizing about? !

AskMen.com thinks they know...and they made a list...
10. Domination (her dominating him)
9. Domination (him dominating her)
8. Teacher/Student Roleplaying
7. Sex With A Stranger
6. Threesome with another Woman
5. Threesome with Two Men
4. Voyeurism
3. Rape
2. Exhibitionism
1. Private Dancer

So, in reading this article this morning, I agreed a bit, disagreed a bit...but in the end...admitted that my top three fantasies are on the list. How about you? Are you brave enough to list your top three fantasies in the comment section? And how far would you go to see your fantasies played out? What was your favorite fantasy enactment?

I'm actually working on a WIP with the fantasy theme and it's turning out to be much hotter than I thought it would...fantasy and role-playing is a very strong medium to work with. So come fall, be watching for a new release...

Until then, it's all about the research. Care to be my assistant?
Prizes...ahmmm...an ebook will be awarded to the brave:) and daring...



To celebrate release day yesterday, here is an excerpt from CONTROL!

Excerpt starts here:

After watching the scene, I wait for Mistress Minerva in her dressing room. I am nervously destroying one of my fingernails with my teeth. There are note cards hanging on her wall, hundreds of them, and I can’t curb my curiosity. I find that each card expresses a different sentiment: “I adore you,” “Thank you,” “You have helped me want to keep living,” but they all have a similar theme -- gratitude. I think of the man she was just with, screaming and begging, and wonder how they can feel such gratitude when their pain seems to outweigh their pleasure, but does it really? I let out a few screams yesterday…is it the same thing? She didn’t humiliate me, not like that man today…is that the difference? Would I have felt differently yesterday if she had humiliated me?

I honestly don’t know. I do know that I only came here with one thought…orgasm. I think orgasm was the farthest thought from this man’s mind today.

“What did you think?” Minerva asks as she walks into the dressing room and closes the door.

“I don’t know what to think, to be honest.”

“I like honesty.” She stands beside me, watching me sit, and I wonder now if I should have stood when she entered. Oops. I stand now and she smiles, taking the chair I just exited. “What you saw bothered you?”

“A little.” I nod, asking as an afterthought, “Why did he obey you? He wasn’t a meek guy. When you first entered the dungeon he was wearing a suit and tie. He was obviously successful -- self-assured.”

“It bothers you because you saw a little of your fiancĂ© in that man?”

I sigh heavily, admitting, “Yes. I saw a lot of Stephen’s personality in that man.”

Looking in the large makeup mirror, she takes down her ponytail and hands me a brush. “Brush my hair.”

I take it and begin to brush her hair without a second thought.

“In answer to your question, people obey when you assume they will. I didn’t ask him to take off his clothing. I told him to take off his clothing and by the tone of my voice, he knew it was expected.”

“Stephen would never do anything like that.”

She watches me in the mirror thoughtfully. “I disagree. From what you have told me about Stephen and knowing how other men with his personality traits respond, I think you would be surprised. You should try an experiment. Show him your confidence and command him to do something. I’ll bet he will do it.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

“Was it hard for me to convince you to brush my hair?”

“That’s different!” I laugh. “I’m only brushing your hair.”

“Really? Is that all?” She asks. “I thought you were obeying your Mistress…and when my slaves obey me, I find great pleasure in that.”

I gasp, lowering the brush as I realize that she is rubbing her clit.

“I didn’t say you could quit.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” I cover my mouth with my hand, shocked that I answered her with such ease. Raising up the brush again, I look at her and see that she is waiting patiently.


I start again, brushing her hair. She pours a little oil onto her mons and starts again, touching herself while I brush her hair.

“Not all power games have to be as harsh as the one you just witnessed. A woman can be in total control by merely being…completely female.” I think about what she is saying, but it seems a riddle to me. Am I daft? Or do I just not completely understand the games played here?


Buy Control Today!

Woot! Release Day for CONTROL is finally here! I am very excited about this release because it is so much more than just a romance novel or just an erotica.
Here is the teaser blurb...

HOT! He loves her. She loves him. Everything's perfect, right? Wrong! It'll take a strong woman to conquer the pride of a man unwilling to admit the sex isn't what it should be. Taylor knows how to fix it but will Sterling agree?

What? A problem in the bedroom? This is not the stuff of a normal romance...
So, my question was...why not? It's real-life...it happens...so I went to work selling this one to Loose-Id and it was an interesting conversation...

He has WHAT wrong with him? Can he be a secondary character? Can his problem be stress related with a quick cure? And then...she wouldn't stay with him. No woman would...

Wow. Really?
The honest truth is...women do stay even when sex isn't amazing...

So does my heroine...and she does so because she is in love...she's also realistic enough to know she needs to "fix things"...and so she takes matters into her own hands. Here is the longer blurb...

Fashion Designer Taylor Cooper has invested everything into her career, but at thirty-four international success remains illusive, and her biological clock ticks louder with each passing day until serendipity provides her with the perfect man to share her dream life with...

Stephen Barrington Sterling III, CEO of a major financial group, who has spent his youth rebuilding the family fortune. At fifty-four, his mid-life crisis is his lack of a family to share his success with...until he meets Taylor.

Together, this jet-setting couple appears to have everything going for them; but looks are often deceiving...and behind the privacy of their bedroom door, they are faced with a very real problem.

Does a woman walk away from love because the one she loves can't satisfy her sexually? Taylor says, "No!" and embarks on a journey into the dark, sensual world of dominance and submission to learn to embrace her own strength and noir sensuality. But will Stephen's titanic ego be able to yield?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM, including bondage, humiliation, spanking.

So, what do you think? Want to read an excerpt?


And...just to add some fun to today, I am running a contest. Be the First to guess Stephen's "problem" and you will win a free copy of CONTROL. Winner announced tomorrow am. Email your entries to roxyharte at gmail dot com

Also...there are so many people to thank because this one actually made it this far. My editor Dan and Senior Editor Treva for believing in me, my cover artist, Marci...and the rest...Jill, Angela, and all of the proofers and test readers...THANK YOU!




Most days I absolutely love having my blog because I can chat, offer small glimpses into my day...flirt, tease...titillate...

And then there are days that I absolutely hate having a blog because I feel like anything I write will be perceived as so boring that I will lose any readers I may have accumulated...

Today is neither of those two types of days. Today I am glad I have a blog and that mostly total just people who give a shit about Roxy Harte are here to read it. Because I really need to believe that someone cares... this is were it is going to get personal so if you are here for anything less than Roxy Harte pouring her heart and soul out...you night want to go elsewhere.

Twenty odd years ago, when my first husband was in the life-destroying car accident I started journaling in a hard bound journal. I didn't have Internet then...

I also didn't have an emotionally supportive family.

Try being twenty-one year old, two babies under the age of three, with a full time job and a mentally incapacitated quadriplegic husband...with no one to talk to...
I wrote a lot...

I recently dusted them off and read them (6 tomes) and really, it doesn't get much more depressing than that...

But that exercise in written purging is probably why when I get distressed now, I go to the keyboard. Sacred Secrets is the result of my mother's long illness and the subsequent care I gave her. Unholy Promises came about as a direct result of my father's coming to live with me after his dementia diagnosis.

This weekend, I got some pretty horrible news...and I am mentally having a hard time processing it all. I don't want to process it...I don't want to think about it...I just want to go back to Friday and not get the news...wouldn't that make my life easier? I hate feeling that way because it sounds so selfish but the only other alternative is to deal with a whole lot of anguish...some new, some ancient history. Some of it I didn't even know hurt so bad until I opened the box of memories and all the shit fell out on my head...

Saturday my phone rang and the Caller ID showed my brother's home phone number and the thought that went through my head is, "This isn't going to be good, you better sit down," because my brother has never called me. We've been fairly estranged for the better part of three decades. I can actually count on one hand the number of times we've spoken in that time.

My gut reaction was right...
My sister in law was on the other line and I kept waiting for her to say that my brother was dead...why else would she call? He wasn't dead, but he does have stage 4 cancer and he might not survive the treatment (the Doctor actually gave him a 20% chance of surviving the chemo and radiation and if he does, then they will try to do the surgery to remove the cancer.) It won't be pretty...it will be disfiguring and life altering...but will hopefully buy him some more time at life.

How should someone react to such news? I don't know...I know how I reacted. With rage. I saw red, the room swam with it, and I didn't know what to do with it all so I redirected it...at the doctors...but after I hung up, after I went running to blow off all that steam, I faced the last three decades...all of the years of separation...the years of trying to hold onto a relationship until it seemed pointless to keep trying...and I kept asking "Why?"

My brain took me backwards...5 years ago I saw him for 10minutes...and it was the best ten minutes we'd had together in 30 years. He came to my house...god knows why...but he came by...and I hadn't seen him since.

My brain took me back again...10 years...to the funerals of my parents. We didn't speak...I think we hugged but we didn't speak.

It seems so harsh when I go backwards...to the times I saw him...but we didn't communicate...a Christmas family dinner...after the birth of his oldest son...a graduation party. I kept trying to remember why we haven't been close...and then the shit fell out of the box and onto my head.

And I'm left sitting with it...trying to decide if any of it matters.

Saturday night, I went to see him and he is a bare wisp of the man he once was. We didn't have a moment alone...I wish we would have...there is so much unsaid between us...but I realized sitting there, a room between us...the look in his eyes was filled with love and that is a connection unaffected by time or circumstances or reasons long forgotten.

How can anyone fit 30 lost years into 3 hours?

I don't know that I will ever see him again.
I love him.



At 12:01a.m. moi, Sir Hotness, and Beautiful Girl met some friends at the very first showing of the day for The Dark Knight. Sir Hotness was our reluctant victim, he'd prefer to see movies weeks after there release when the theater is empty...

I on the other hand have created an addict in Beautiful Girl, that is as strong as mine...we absolutely most be in the first showing...of movies that could otherwise be lessened by a remark, comment, blog, or potential spoiler of any sort. Ever since the movie where the boy saw dead people and all the clues were red, I've harbored this particular compulsion because a friend's husband thought it would be absolutely hilarious to tell everyone he could who hadn't seen the movie..."The shrink is a dead guy." I really would have liked to been able to have figured that one out myself...

So Dark Knight...first showing...absolutely imperative for that reason alone--no one can spoil it for me. But the other part, the part that makes it an addiction is the energy and camaraderie of the people who show up at 10:30pm even though they bought their tickets days prior and enjoy sitting with a few hundred of their new closest friends because they all share a common commitment to having the best experience possible. That is priceless....

So no Dark Knight spoilers, just a friendly word that encourages you to see it as soon as you can and avoid anyone or any medium that might ruin the moment of experiencing it...

As a side note, this will be my fourth night in a row of falling asleep after 4am and probably being awakened by a puppy before 8am...and while I have proven again and again that I can do with as little as two or three hours sleep many successive days in a row...I really need to sleep. Here's to hoping I do.


Hardest Critic...

There is a monster who lives inside my head, and I keep her fairly tame, but if I am awake and writing between 3am and 4am...she goes berserk. She is my worst critic...

She points out rambling pages of nothingness and insists I get to the fucking point...even if it means deleting pages and pages...that I thought were fairly intuitive into my characters mind.
"That doesn't matter...move the story along...get to the action."


Last night at 3:01a.m. I hit my goal mark of 35K for my WIP...
Then I read it front to back...
At 4:25a.m. my word count was 24K...I have my inner critic to thank.

This morning I wonder...was it really that awful? I mean, isn't every word that types from my fingers magical? My inner critic who is slumbering sweetly now just laughed in her sleep.

My grandbabies are coming for a visit today and we will be running wild in the fields of wildflowers behind our house, tossing rocks into the lake, and hopefully seeing lots of wee animals to tell mommy about.

When we get too hot from our adventures the $15. plastic kiddie pool is waiting under the pergola for lots of splashing excitement.

And when we are too tired to explore and splash we have the best DVD in the world to watch...a rousting combination of our favorite episodes of SpongeBobSquarePants, the Backyardigans, and Wonder Pets.

I am soooo looking forward to today.

I am not looking forward to the moment after they head back for home because I am already biting at the bit to open my WIP to see what in the hell my Monster Critic did to it.

Just before we both passed out (5a.m.) she was mumbling about bacchanalia. (See more on yesterday's post for why this has anything to do with it...)


What A Long Day...

It doesn't help I'm sure that I spent a large portion of the night awake and writing. I'm beat...I actually have a Pepsi Max in one hand and a Rum and fruit juice in the other...I'm hoping between the Caffeine and the Rum and the fruit juice...my synapses start firing again...

I think I fell asleep at 4am and threatened the puppies life at 8:30am when she woke me up...but I was a good sport and trotted her little yapping butt outside to pee...

Then it was such a beautiful sunny day I thought, Why waste it sleeping?

So I piddled in the garden, surfed the net, arranged for midnight movie tickets for Dark knight tomorrow night for Moi, Sir Hotness and Beautiful Girl...watched Sir Hotness pour beeswax candles...talked on the phone to oldest daughter...

Then I had no more excuses and it was back to the keyboard by 10:30am. I won't say it was an overly productive day...I will say that I love my Loose-Id editor because he is amazing...he sends me email that makes me use my brain and I admit, I needed a dictionary for an exact meaning on a word I thought I knew the definition of but it's always nice to have the Wikipedia second opinion. The other reason is that my stories always turn out stronger after I listen to his insight...

My brain is currently swimming over the possibilities alluded to by his suggestion to add a sordid All Hallows bacchanalia. I was going for a BDSM play party in a barn and a sex maze in the cornfield...but hey...there's got to be something more exciting than that if it's going to be a bacchanalia...maybe a corn maze orgy...or sex tag...Woot..."tag, you're it!"...thrust, thrust, thrust...whew...now that would be a game worth writing about.

Yes, I'm exhausted and slap happy...

So I ended up deleting faster than I rewrote as I tweaked my conflicts...and decided to add that dang bacchanalia...

I'm still hoping to hit 35K before I fall asleep but we'll see...I'm not holding my breath on this one and as a just in case i rearranged my weekend a bit in case I end up needing writing time...because I will have this ready to submit by the end of next week. Which means the rough draft has to be done by Sunday night...oy vey...it was at 13K when I woke up the morning day before yesterday...so really I'm doing okay. About 8K per day...I was shooting for 10K each day...but I figured I erased 4K...so I'm not down on myself at all.

Right now I'm watching Sir Hotness home brew beer. I walked the dog and came back to a house that smelled of green beans simmering (hops), coffee brewing (dark malt), and biscuits and honey (I think that scent was actually the chocolate malt and 5# of honey)...needless to say my rumbling belly was disappointed that it was beer and not dinner...

GTG because I actually get to hold the strainer while he pours the boiling wort into the carboy...yay...a job for me:) And then I get to watch the rolling fermentation in between spurts of writing jags the next couple weeks. That actually is entertaining...

**edited by author
Mmmm, sample taste of the home brew is amazing considering it has months to ferment before it is beer, but the honey really brought out the chocolate malt characteristic. So it is going to be a really dark, dark beer...but not as heavy as say a Guiness.
If you want the recipe...email me...


Writing...All Day!

Okay, so here's the plan...
Wake-up ... write
Eat snack ... write
Remember to walk the dog ... write

So, other than writing is my favorite way to spend the day...there is a reason behind the madness of trying to spend as much of the next three weeks writing as possible. The first two weeks of August I will have the grandbabies and I don't think much writing will be done...

Note to self...call Xandra asap and arrange a playdate...or two...

What am I writing?
1.Finishing a piece for Loose-Id, hopefully in time for a Halloween release:)
2.Finishing a mid-length for submission to Samhain...paranormal romance...not going as well as the Halloween piece for Loose-Id but I'm struggling through...
3.Starting on the Paranormal Suspense (again) WIP formerly known as Poppet...now it is known as WIP...

I really need 1 and 2 to be done by July 31...
Number 3 is the self-indulgence that can take years and that's fine...but seems to be the one most occupying my brain...and research time...

Writing, writing, writing....
Have I mentioned how much I love my life lately?
Thank you, Sir Hotness, for making it so...


Here's the BBC Story from today : Britain's Secretive S&M Scene by Julian Joyce begins, "Sex seems to be everywhere these days, yet the details of Max Mosley's privacy hearing have helped lift a veil on one type of sexual behaviour still shrouded in secrecy - sadomasochism."

And all of this hoopla because Max Mosley said that, "It was just harmless fun." And that comment led to quite the controversy....Are you scratching your head, asking WTF? And who is this Mosley bloke? For shame...get the facts here. What it all boils down to is Mosley's paid for SM Scene dubbed by the media as an ORGY that involved five prostitutes and a Nazi-Style interrogation scene that has Jewish leaders in London (and elsewhere I am most certain) tripping over themselves trying to be first in line to point a finger and scream that Mosley is a white supremest. Maybe he is, don't know the guy. What I do know is that I've been hand-cuffed and interrogated by a "Nazi" Colonel who reminded me eerily of Clink...anyone remember Hogan's Heros? I digress, anyway, that little scene reigns supreme in my head as an all-time-favorite...and I am not a white supremest. There's just something about military interrogation. Yow! I mean, pick a war, pick a uniform, pick an interrogation tactic and I'll be ready to pay really close attention...

I think my scene was a little more entertaining than what I have seen out of London...Mosley meets his would be interrogator:

Mosley is cracked on the ass:

It was reported that Mosley may be forced to leave Formula One over the scandal. That same report mentioned the interrogator had to stop the scene to get a bandaid for Mosley's bum and that he declined wine after the session in favor of a cup of tea.

Good grief...

So what is it...was the media just having an off day and really needed to stir things up about something? Anything? And they just happened on...Orgy, Nazi...call the Jews and get their OPINION?

Or have I been in the scene myself so long that I no longer understand the "fear" and "concern" expressed by people outside of the lifestyle? Okay, before you send me hate mail...let me say this, "I am horrified by what happened in Nazi Germany. And to keep this short and sweet and avoid my really big soapbox on the ethnic cleansing that is still going on in today's world...and no one seems to be paying attention. I am.

I'm sorry what happened to the Jews happened. Can we move on now? How can I say that? Because I'm also sorry that most of my maternal ancestors died on the Trail of Tears...it isn't going to keep me from a hot scene involving a beaded deerskin dress, rope and an officer in uniform. Just call me sick...it's okay. I've learned to love me despite myself.

And yes, aspects of the scene are out of control...
I get squeamish when I troll some of the blogs, new ones sprouting everyday, where the submissive is "proving" her love and commitment and devotion by allowing her Dom to manhandle and abuse her in ways that will leave her disfigured, scarred, maimed. Don't believe me...go see for yourself. I will never link to their sites from here because I do not want to encourage what I see as very unsafe, unsane, and possibly coerced but not remotely consensual.

What happened between Mosley and his five prostitutes should have never made page 1...or even page 32. What ever happened to privacy behind closed doors?
* * * * *

I'm taking a break from writing the BDSM Erotica WIP's today because my scenes are not my finest when I'm PMSing. I am trying to concentrate on my paranormal WIP...though quite frankly, today the words are not rolling out with any real speed.

I'd rather be curled up in a ball, under a blanket, reading...
Yes, that's a rather good idea...


Sunday Funnies...

A friend sent this to my email today...and I thought how appropriate since I was looking for something for a Sunday Funnies post...I hope you laugh too! And honestly...I needed a laugh after waking up PMSing (I know TMI), and too F'N tired and crampy to care that it is a beautiful, sunny day...so me and my laptop are staying in bed...all day! Good timing though because I needed to start work back on my paranormal suspence and a dark, grumpy mood was just what I needed:)

The Funny starts here:

The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr.Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, 'Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon.'

Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. 'Good morning, Ma'am', he said, 'I've come to...'

'Oh, no need to explain,' Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, 'I've been expecting you.'

'Have you really?' said the photographer. 'Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?'

'Well that's what my husband and I had hoped Please come in and have a seat'.

After a moment she asked, blushing, 'Well, where do we start?'

'Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there.

'Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for Harry and me!'

'Well, Ma'am, none of us can guarantee a good one every time. But if we try several different positions and I shoot from six or seven angles, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

'My, that's a lot!', gasped Mrs Smith.

'Ma'am, in my line of work a man has to take his time. I'd love to be In and out in five minutes, but I'm sure you'd be disappointed with that.'

'Don't I know it,' said Mrs. Smith quietly.

The photographer opened his briefcase and pulled out a portfolio of his baby pictures. 'This was done on the top of a bus,' he said.

'Oh, my God!' Mrs. Smith exclaimed, grasping at her throat.

'And these twins turned out exceptionally well - when you consider their mother was so difficult to work with.'

'She was difficult?' asked Mrs. Smith.

'Yes, I'm afraid so. I finally had to take her to the park to get the job done right. People were crowding around four and five deep to get a good look'

'Four and five deep?' said Mrs Smith, her eyes wide with amazement.

'Yes', the photographer replied. 'And for more than three hours, too. The mother was constantly squealing and yelling - I could hardly concentrate, and when darkness approached I had to rush my shots. Finally, when the squirrels began nibbling on my equipment, I just had to pack it all in.'

Mrs. Smith leaned forward. 'Do you mean they actually chewed on your, uh...equipment?'

'It's true, Ma'am, yes.. Well, if you're ready, I'll set-up my tripod and we can get to work right away.'


'Oh yes, Ma'am. I need to use a tripod to rest my Canon on. It's much too big to be held in the hand very long.'

Mrs. Smith fainted !!


Oh The Joys Of Summer...

8am wake-up call, get to the soccer field by 9am...three hours of off and on rain showers, followed by 100F heat and 80%humidity...oh joy...did I mention the one hour thunder, lightning, tornado watch delay? Or the blazing sun that followed?

Can we forget the sunburn?

Okay, seven hours later...home...yay...the broken lawn mower...knee high grass...
I give Sir Hotness credit though, he completely took the lawn mower apart during the 100F heat/80%humidity part of the day and got it working...if chugging pathetically...joy?
50% of the grass is now knee high...and he promises that tomorrow the yard will be done...yay...I am promised joy.

Dinner time...
Two margaritas into the evening, the crickets are chirping, thunder is rolling off in the distance, ahhhhh, chicken breasts are bar-b-quing...mmmmm...JOY!
The neighbor starts firing a pistol into the field...
Petey dog starts whining from his private cell (the garage) because Jazzi dog is in heat and she is tormenting him from the cat door...

Somewhere...out there...beyond the discharge of weapons, knee high weeds, whining and barking dogs...and a pouting sunburned daughter...my joy is HIDING...and damn it, I'm going to go find it...with my third margarita in hand! BTW...if this blog makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, please keep in mind that I quite possibly could be a bit intoxicated...

And now for some EYECANDY!


Remember Ruby?

Once upon a time The Body Shop had a poster...

I want this doll!

The rubinesque Anti-Barbie is named Ruby and has been recently featured as one of the all-time best censored in advertizing...actually Mattel had a cease and desist order against The Body Shop because the poster was offensive...

Here is another article of note about Ruby.

Actually, I'd like to find the doll...or find a similar doll because my granddaughters are spending the first two weeks of August with me and I want to sit with them and play dolls. Do you know what it is like to have 2 granddaughters coming to visit and not having dolls in the house to play with? And I refuse to buy Barbies...which I find offensive.

Why? Oh please, don't get me started...in a house where I've raised three daughters and seen first hand the damage Hollywood and the fashion industry has done on not only my daughter's self-esteem but also their friends self esteem...

I've seen middle daughter's friend hospitalized for anorexia...at 14 yrs old she weighed 49 pounds.

My oldest daughter in tears because she would never be smaller than a size ten (at six feet tall and German heritage...trust me a 10 was small!)

And my youngest daughter now on a diet...even though she's a size 4.

I've done my best promoting positive self-image and self-worth, but the media seems to be stronger than words and advice...

So for my grandbabies...I'm looking for dolls...

So if anyone has any ideas...

WIP WT Pornstar Now With Editor

Alleluia! I finally managed to get the WIP I've been working on for about three months sent to my editor at Loose-Id. The working title is Porn Star but as with the last book...the title seems subject to change. Either way it is a huge relief to have it out the door and someone looking at it other than me:)

My goal has always been to get four books finished and released in a year...
I'm still trying, I've never hit my goal...
Maybe 2008 is the year.
So far there is...

1. Unholy Promises releasing this summer with Liquid Silver Press.

2. Control releasing July 22 from Loose-Id

3. Porn Star is currently in the very beginning stages at Loose-Id but if I could get an acceptance then that would put me at three and that would be awesome!

In addition, over the rest of July I hope to finish up the WIP Submissive's Journey which is the follow-up to Submissive that was released 11/2007 from Loose-Id. And I am very excited about it coming soon...target still a 2008 release.

And August I have committed to finish a paranormal that I have been working on ... very off and on... for a decade. Which is intended for submission to Samhain.

So my summer is wrapping up as very busy, also considering that I will have my two granddaughters visiting the first two weeks of August!

So...how are you spending your summer???


My Poor Neglected Blog...

I hope summertime is finding all of my readers well...
and hopefully still following my blog, although my posts have become sporadic.

For that, I apologize...

Life went a little crazy on this end...all three of my daughters were (are) experiencing some pretty heavy life issues...and I'm only one mom...it doesn't help that geographically, if we are each points of a triangle, there is a 90 minute drive each direction (thank god one daughter lives at home or I would be insane by now.)

By the 6th things had calmed enough to finally get focused back on my WIP Pornstar and in two days I added 12K words to it. I want to call it DONE... complete... finished! But last night as I sat poised to push SEND and foist the thing to my editor via e-mail, something in my brain said..."Wait!"

I didn't send, I went to bed.
This morning that nagging "Wait!" is still lurking in my brain. So, I'm sitting down to read it, caffeine in hand, cover to cover...to try to figure out what is wrong, what is missing, and why I can't seem to let go of this one.

Oh, yes, I'm certain part of it is mental...
Every author exposes bits of himself/herself when they write and if ever an author actually believes that every work is completely 100% separate from self, they are lying to themselves. I wonder what this latest book says about me.

I've never written a pure F/F scene. I've glossed over a few, but left the nitty gritty to the readers imagination...not so much with this book.

Sure, there is lots of M/F and some BDSM play, but what makes this book different is that I have totally embraced my inner lesbian and haven't shied away from the most intimate details. And I'm not necessarily talking about the physical aspects...it's the psych that makes me feel exposed. And I have no idea why. I have no problem writing about M/F sex...I use my own experiences for story fodder to some degree...and that seems okay. So, why this sudden shyness with sharing my writing when it's from the F/F POV?????

Last night I let Sir Hotness read a scene. He liked it, liked it a lot...but then he said, "This part...I don't think that's physically possible." and we debated it for some minutes and he felt sure that it couldn't happen realistically...I demonstrated that it could be done. He walked away shaking his head and muttering something about not everyone can do yoga moves..."whatever."

The point is, I shared something that was emotionally very edgy for me...and he didn't see that part...or maybe he did and just didn't focus on it. Maybe focusing on the physical saved us both from facing something critically important.

(I think everyone reading knows by now that I consider myself Bi-, my husband and my children know that I am Bi- and even though that makes at least one of my daughters squeamish, we get by. I'm just who I am.)


Happy 4th of July!

We started celebrating early here...the neighbors are shooting off fireworks so we decided to start making margaritas...

Here is Sir Hotness' Recipe for the Perfect Maragarita:

1 shot Cuervo 1800 Reposado Tequila Reserva
1 shot Grand Marnier
1 shot fresh squeezed Lime Juice
1/2 shot Agave Nectar

Shake vigorously until Agave is dissolved then pour over ice
(cubed or crushed...I prefer cubed)

And a little eye candy to get the celebration off on the right foot:)

**edited by author:
I just tried to play Traveler IQ...cause it's my FAV game in the whole world...and I was 1100 pts from passing level 2...a real shame...anyway I was sitting pouting and of course Sir Hotness wanted to know what was wrong, so I told him:
"I screwed up on Travelor IQ, I think I've had too much tequilla..."
His answer was, "Too much Tequilla is an acceptable excuse for anything that happens in life." (gee, one more reason I love this man!)

Make a Man Smile;)

Here's a trick, the next time you want to make a man smile for the camera...

Also of note in the news today...the "pregnant man" gave birth to a healthy baby...
read about it here...
and guess what, he's writing a book about his experience...who'd have guessed...wonder how much he was offered for his story? Before he even wrote word one? As if all writers could have it that easy **snark** but really I do wish him and his family all of the best...


I Needed A Laugh...

And one of my readers sent this...

All I can say is, thank you