I wanted to give a reminder why we have the three day weekend...
It isn't just about the good times outside, grillin', chillin' and drinking margaritas with our friends and families...

I just want to send out a word of thanks for all those serving in the US military and protecting the liberties I value.



Entertaining Email...

I do a lot of insta-delete based off the subject lines since I get over a hundred email a day and really don't have time for spam or junk...

In the subject line of some interesting emails today...
From Tarot.com Horoscope: "You Can Find The Peace You Are Seeking
From (well, that doesn't matter): Be Trained as A Clergy


I'm off to the airport to get Sir Hotness now:) Yay!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh...and I'm hoping to post some excerpts next week:)



I love sunshine! I feel good when it is warm outside...
Laying in the sun is my FAVORITE thing in the world to do.
(other than have sex, right? Just so we understand that part!)

Throwing frisbee and playing with the dogs is a really close second...

Which basically means I got almost no writing done today.
(1 K words but I don't sleep until I have that much so not really saying much on the writing front today...but I promise, on the next big rain day...I'll put out:)


My Muse Works In Mysterious Ways

I have no idea what is going on here...
I was writing strong on my paranormal and then the worst happened. My thoughts froze, the ideas locked up, my characters stopped talking to me.


So, I step up to the plate and start a new WIP, it's actually in answer to a submissions call from Loose-Id which means there is a deadline involved. Sure, no problem...45 days...I've got this. And I did. I created a killer blurb, plotted the story start to finish, and started writing. Ready, Set...Stall.

Two chapters in and the story just stopped being told in my head.

Yesterday, I woke up and had a serious talk with my muse. It started out "WTF!???"
I didn't like the answer.

"George," she whispered.


"George," she demanded more forcibly.

"I do not have time for these antics." George, meaning the WIP: Vow of Silence, technically the Fifth Chronicle of Surrender is so far back on the back burner that it shouldn't even have a working title and definitely does not belong in my thoughts.

"You have nothing but time," my muse said and I couldn't think of a single thing to say to that. I went outside and looked at my yard...I actually have grass this year, which is a huge improvement over the dirt field and spartan weeds I had last year. I watered the lush perennials which have returned to the bird sanctuary to brighten my day. I weeded the garden (a sure symptom of absolute desperation. I hate weeding.)

I went inside and opened the folder titled Vow of Silence and found the notes I've been taking over the last decade. George thoughts. And damn it if I didn't fall in love with George all over again.

Here's the first look at George from Sacred Secrets:

George Kirkpatrick is pacing, and his nervousness is making me insane. He’s the calmest, most rational handler I have on staff, my Number One, and he is pacing the length of my office. His blond hair and preppy countenance make him seem better suited for the tennis courts of LA or the golf clubs of Solvang. But no, he will tell you that is his past, he gave up a very successful LA psychiatric practice to get lost in the fantasy, a time before he made fantasy real life.

In the World of Lewd Larry's he is known as Dr. Psycho.

In my head he is a list of contradictions. In my head, he weeps. His heart has been broken. Yet, he still loves. He is optimistic, he is jaded.

He's a freaking psychiatrist for crying out loud.
He's a sadist.

Last night I wrote:
Chapter One

Holy shit, I'm really starting this book.
I don't know if I love my muse or hate her, but for the moment...I'm listening...and she's singing me the most beautiful love story about love and loss, betrayal and redemption...

Holy shit.


Janet Jackson Did What?????

Okay, so, I admit it, I'm an on again off again Janet Jackson fan...
The girl has had her glorious moments...

After seeing this video though, I now have a new appreciation for her...
Okay, I could see myself tied down with her on top.

Something tells me she knows how it's done.

Don't believe me?

The girl has some moves.


Eye Candy Week Continues...

Make sure you stop by tomorrow...there is a very sexy bondagesque video sceduled...if you've ever wondered how it is done ladies...this one should clear up any misconceptions. My question is why don't female readers see female domination as a sexy thing?


Eye Candy Week

I'm declaring this week Eye Candy Week since grandbabies are visiting...hoping to see baby goats later in the day:)

To all the mommies trying to raise babies and write...this week is dedicated to you!

Copy Edits are being sent back to the publisher today for Sacred Secrets...yay!


Unexpected Visitors...

My oldest daughter and two grandbabies showed up this morning to stay a week...unexpectedly. So as of this post, I'm running behind on what was supposed to be a jam packed day. There are edits waiting, 2 WIP's waiting, Fetlife members waiting to be greeted...
I have a book I'm supposed to be reading to review...
Three blogs to contribute to...

I'm not sure how I ever managed to do all that I did when I was 23 with a five year old and three year old in the house...but I managed...I'm assuming I will will figure this week out too.

But honestly, family always comes first and the grandbabies are wonderful! I'm glad they are here:) Its been a long time since I braided a little one's hair...what sweet memories I have, of my own babies, and now my grandbabies...


Yes, I Admit It...

I'm a Trekkie...always have been, always will be...that said I would like to say that the new STAR TREK is amazing. I loved it so much I cried when it was over because I didn't want the movie to end. Sigh. Anyone heard if there is going to be a Star Trek II?

Still working on Sacred Secret edits...
And turned in the cover art request form for Sacred Secrets so I'm very excited!


It's Called Multitasking...

When kids get distracted ...it's called ADD.
When white-collar workers get distracted... it's called Adult ADD/

When writer's get distracted ... it's called procrastination.

My family knows when I'm procrastinating...I mop, I vacuum, sometimes I even get out the toothbrush to do the corners that nobody really gives a shit about.

But when I'm focused...and working...
It's called multi-tasking...
It's a little MANIC.

For example, I can watch Netflix on one computer, write on a second computer, and do edits on a third computer...that's called multi-tasking in my house. It gets a little confusing sometimes, not for me, but for my family. They don't seem to understand that I can divide my attention three ways but not hear a word they say. Of course that is the perfect excuse for my teenage daughter who can always say, "I told you my plans..." followed by "You never listen to a word I say."

New house rule instated...
If it involves you being out past midnight, grab mom's face and make her read your lips.
I'm not joking.

I think today went well. Still on edits for Sacred Secrets but moving briskly along. Have I mentioned how much I love this book? This book has my heart in it and a little bit of my soul. I am soooo glad Lyrical Press is releasing as both ebook and print. This book really needs to be a page turner...real paper pages that can be folded down to mark favorite scenes...

God, I have so many favorite scenes in this book.


Sacred Secrets Edits Begin...

Yeah, I said Sacred Secret edits...cause its getting all prettied up for Lyrical Press and I am sooooo excited. Have I mentioned I love my Lyrical Press editor?

So, if you lissed Sacred Secrets while it was at Liquid Silver Books, take heart...its coming soon...again! And you know what they say about coming the second time around...it just gets stronger and better!

Hoping that now edits have started, art work will be soon to follow!!!

Is anyone excited??????
Besides me? Who after my cortisone shot is back to dancing around the room:)

Here's something new:
Some writer friends and I have been debating this question:

Ohmygod? or Omigod? when used in a sentence? Any preference? Speak up now or forever hold your peace...because once I choose...I'm pretty loyal to my spelling and punctuation choices.


It Doesn't Take Much...

I'm fairly easy to please most days and today was an especially nice day. Why?

1. I got a cortisone shot yesterday...and I am feeling fine today:) After five and a half months of almost non-stop pain, I'm good, really, really good.

2. It rained all day. I know, sounds odd that rain would make me happy, but I had six focused hours on the paranormal WIP: Dead Girl and that was wonderful.

3. I cooked. I know, who knew I even knew how to light the oven? but I secretly do:) Salad, coconut shrimp, seared scallops, and baked potato made me verra happy.

4. I took time for a two hour soak in my Jacuzzi and read...yeah...really...read for FUN!

5. I'm plotting a new erotica...very sexy stuff coming up soon...and new sexy, slightly dirty, okay...I lied..very, very nasty, dirty book I'm primed to write is making me very, very happy.

6. I cashed the latest royalty check and that really made me happy. EDGE is selling as well as Voyeur did and readers are loving it. So, if you haven't read it yet...and you are intrigued by BDSM erotica, breath play, bondage, or knife play...I encourage you to buy it!

7. Ooooo...and I almost forgot, I was asked to review a book written by Bonnie Dee and Laura Bacchi that is soon to be released...more about that soon...but I will say, after reading only the prologue and first chapter...I'm impressed.


Why Oh Why Oh Why...?

Dropped Sir Hotness off at the airport and raced home to write...WIP: Dead Girl has been waiting all weekend for my attention and I have twelve pages of ideas scribbled across the backs of envelopes, napkins, scraps of paper, pages from at least various sizes of notebooks...

And then I got distracted.

There is a BIG Dog in my yard, probably has a hundred pounds on my two 50 pound dogs. So now, I have my two kenneled and barking to go outside, the stray is nose pressed to my glass backdoor wanting in...

He has a collar but no tags to tell me where to take him home to...

So, now I am not writing.

I tend to attract strays like a magnet...

I cannot keep this dog.
I did nickname him Bear though...temporary...just temporary...I can't just keep saying "Hey Dog" that seemed rude...

**After some persistent searching and meeting more neighbors than I really wanted to ever meet...the dog's owner has been located. Yay. Dumb owner needs to buy a name tag for his dog. Did I say that? No. Do I wish I had? You betcha.


Is There Truth In Sex?

I was reading a blog post yesterday by Susan Crain-Bakos and it made me remember all of the conversations I've had with men and women over the years...

I really don't think there can ever be real honest to goodness truth between a man and a woman when it comes to sex...hopefully with sexual history and honesty in past, current STD's...but really I don't trust anyone especially when sex is on the agenda.

Think about it:
Does your partner really know who's face, body, etc you are fantasizing about while you are having sex?

Does your partner know the actual number of partners you've had sex with? Honestly?

Does your partner know how many times you masturbate a day? Or how often you travel to porn sites? Or the kinkiest thing you've ever done and with whom? Or exactly how many sex toys you have hidden under the bed?

Or that you have faked an orgasm on occasion...?

Just wondering...



He's too yummy not to share...

And this couple I found courtesy of CatalinaLoves.com, Photography by Andrei Petrosyan

Let the fantasizing begin...


Blessed Beltane!

Beltane is a time for fertility and new awakenings, to celebrate sensuality, summer and life. We'll be lighting our fire tonight:)

Here is a great article on Beltane from AlternativeFaith.com

Of course I tried to talk Sir Hotness into a traditional party where everyone strips, paints themselves red, and dances around the fire...he thought the neighbors would appreciate it if we installed a privacy fence first. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through this party...

Seriously though, the most important part of Beltane for me is when I renew the circle around our property, offering gratitude for another season, for my home and gardens and family.