So Many Birthday Wishes!

I had so many friends and readers that sent me birthday wishes, I started to feel spectacularly special...and now today the belated wishes are coming in:) How incredibly wonderful! I also received a sweet video from a friend...which I'm sharing here:

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I admit, I share a certain affinity for the Ditty Bops...so if you haven't given them a listen...click,
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I spent part of the morning with my crit partner, getting organized...because my backburners are overflowing and I really need to get focused!

Here's the plan...which for me...may change on a whim...but not too much...at least until all of the main writing is submitted...

Editting now for summer 2008 release...
Old Dog, New Tricks
Unholy Promises, Book 3 of the Chronicles of Surrender

WIP to be submitted in May:
Living Vicariously
Lights, Camera...Orgasm

I have 5 additional WIP that are rolling along, but really need to stay focused until these are submitted...most stay focused!!

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