Unholy Promises...No Longer Naked

Whew! My soon to be released Chronicle of Surrender: Unholy Promises has a cover! And the cover artist, April Martinez, really did a great job, capturing so much emotion in a single frame...Wow...I'll say it again...WOW!

Lord Fyre has a secret.
His lovers, Garrett Lawrence and Celia Brentwood, know him by the name Thomas Stephanopolis, but that is just one of his many aliases. Lord Fyre is an international agent, wanted in as many countries dead, as alive, and hiding from his many enemies behind the cloistered walls of Lewd Larry’s BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club has kept him safe…

Lord Fyre’s past has just caught up with him.
His twin brother is in danger and returning to Paris to save him is his only choice, but more awaits him in Paris than the cat and mouse intrigue that he left behind…her name is Eva—and she may be the greatest danger he has ever faced.

Oh my, with Eva in the picture, where does that leave Garrett and Kitten?

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