Spring is Here!

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What else is new and exciting?
Friday night I slept 9.5 hours...whew...that was the equivalent of the three prior days put together and wow did I feel awesome all day Saturday! Of course, last night I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 am, but I didn't get up until 8:30am so all in all 6 hours...not a bad night.

Why the focus on sleep?
If you have never experienced weeks of insomnia...trust me...sleep becomes a focus.
Not the high of orgasm, but the next best thing...

Today and yesterday, 65 degrees in Ohio!
Sir Hotness and I played outside all day in the garden beds...I am so excited that Spring is here...now if we can get through the next three weeks without any significant snow fall or other disastrous weather...I think my strawberries will be fine (I put 100 plants out and 92 of them have at lest three leaves already...)

Today we got one of the main flower beds ready, omg what a task...I'd had a bird feeder above the bed last year and the seeds had sprouted over winter...and in some places the roots were a foot deep...insane amount of digging...so tonight SOMA is in order...almost every muscle hurts...nope, on reevaluation...every single muscle in my body does hurt.

If you have any gardening stories...let me know:)

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