Interviewed By Joyfully Reviewed

Today had an interesting (read entertaining) beginning.
I was interviewed by Joyfully Reviewed dot com, who I adore, not because they have given me some great reviews, which they have, but also, because they have given me some very honest reviews...which have drastically improved my writing.

So, I've been interviewed before...and with some predictability..."what's your fav color? Fav author? Fav music?...Joyfully asked those questions as well...

But that also asked some questions which seemed so innocuous but which for me drew on something over the top...definitely a brain orgasm moment.

(For those of you without the Roxy Harte abridged dictionary, a brain orgasm is when you are so mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically, overwhelmed with the moment that pleasure/pain sensors are triggered simultaneously within the brain for one of those OH! moments.)

For example:
What makes Roxy...Roxy?
Your story deals with BDSM...what draws you to this genre?

And dozens of others...which you will have to read the interview when it is released...I'll be sure to let you know where and when;)

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