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Okay, who were the 2500 peopple polled?
Do you agree?

The Harris Poll announced America's Top Ten books today and here is how it stands:

10. The Catcher in the Rye
9. Atlas Shrugged
8. Angels and Demons
7. To Kill A Mockingbird
6. The Da Vinci Code
5. The Stand
4. Harry Potter
3. the Lord of the Rings
2.Gone With The Wind
1. the Bible

So, obviously, my opinion doesn't matter so much...and I agree that Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings need to be on the list due to the enormous impact they've made on today's society...but Gone With The Wind? My mother would have agreed, but I can't say that it affected my outlook on life in the least. And Atlas Shrugged? Published in 1957, I must say, I'm still shrugging that so many people have read it in the last decade to make it relevant, although it was republished in 1996 and maybe that wave of purchases influenced todays voters.

What do you think?

On an even more traumatizing note...
More research has been done into the love/lust connection...as in, "Is he looking at me with love and commitment on his mind?" or "Is he looking at me like he wants a one-nighter?"

According to this report:
Men with a square jaw, large nose and small eyes are more likely to betray the look of lust than of love and men with softer features were more likely to opt for commitment.

It also states that women see masculine men as more likely to be unfaithful and worse at parenting.

Gee, what does that say for our need for every romance novel to feature a square jawed Alpha male hero?

The report doesn't end there. To add a little insult...women who are attractive...more likely to agree to one-night stands going into the relationship. Who knew?

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Nina Pierce said...

Biologically speaking, a man with a square jaw has more testosterone. Supposedly this will push him to spread is genetic material.

Who knows.