It's A Birthday Celebration!

Funny thing...I was sitting at home this morning...alone...and it's my birthday. I could be sad because Sir Hotness is on a business trip but don't feel bad about the alone part because I won't be alone all day...its just sitting here alone, it dawned on me that there are probably people in the world who really are completely alone on their birthday...with no one to share it with... so I'm lighting a candle for them today too...

I will forever and always share my birthday with Beautiful Girl who turns 17 today. Yep! She was my birthday present and honestly, having her in my life has been a blessing and a miracle that I will always cherish.

Last night, I went to bed slightly after midnight and I found confetti in my bed and on my pillow...and also on the night stand...and a glittery path through the master bath and over the vanity. Beautiful Girl had been there:) but the celebration didn't end there...she'd also filled the room with balloons and hung pennants that read "Happy Birthday."

So what did I do?
I went up to her room (third floor)... and pounced on her...yep, she was sound asleep...I jumped on her anyway... and threw confetti on her...cause we have double the reason for confetti throwing...then I tossed some confetti on her bathroom vanity before I cloimbed into my own bed...and wrote on her mirro in bright red lipstick:

And this morning there is yet another reason to throw confetti!
Because there is bright news on the horizon because Loose-Id offered me a contract on Old Dog, New Tricks bright and early this morning:) Woot! I'm throwing confetti....
This was especially great news since I have decided to take a break from my day job (real estate agent) because the housing market is what it is... I prefer to see it as serendipidous ...I wanted to write but I was working 12-14 hour days... now the long real estate hours are yesterdays drama and I am WRITING! Yay!!! Throwing more confetti...
I have to make some revisions but am hoping to have it completed for Loose-Id's projected July release date...part of their Hot Hot Hot! Summer Sizzle line up...so now I'm rearranging things again...and pulling this one back to the forefront for revisions...which is awesome timing because the Liquid Silver editor needed time to get to Unholy Promises...so that one isn't going to be edited until sometime next week...leaving me plenty of time to work on Old Dog!
...awww...Sir Hotness just called to wish me a Happy Birthday:)
Where was I?
Oh yeah, shuffling projects...mmm...tomorrow I am meeting with my critique partner and I'm really just going to spend the time focused on my paranormal...and her Male/male...

But then...back to Old Dog, New Tricks...I really hated that title and wanted to change it but it's growing on me...I think I actually like it:) I'm gonna keep it. (I sure hope my Loose-Id editor agrees with that decision...)

So how am I spending my birthday?
After school I'm taking Beautiful Girl out to an amazing Chinese restaurant that has two menus...one public and one private for special customers ... guess which we are ordering from?

Then...we're taking in back to back movies...it's becoming a tradition...
her pick: The Other Boleyn Girl
my pick:The Spiderwick Chronicles

And then?


Nina Pierce said...

Happy Birthday, Roxy. Enjoy the celebration! Throwing confetti for you in Maine!

treva said...

Happy birthday, youngster! (As the mother of a 17 year old and a very soon to be 14 year old, kids keep you young ... and make you old.)

And yes, if the contract gets in and the edits get done, we're thinking July for "Old Dog, New Tricks." It ought to sizzle in the July heat very nicely.

Roxy Harte said...

Opening Old Dog, New Tricks to start revision right now! I am so excited. This is the best part!!!

I admit, I am sitting on my back porch, soaking in the sunshine...but my fingers are typing as fast as they can!

CntrySigns said...

Happy Birthday - enjoy the movies. I'd love to see The Other Boleyn Girl, let me know how you like it.