Title Change

Okay, so thanks from a little help from a friend, I have a new title for the WIP:

Old Dog, New Tricks...

is now


-Roxy Harte

Here's the unofficial blurb:

Fashion Designer Taylor Cooper has invested everything into her career but at thirty-four international success remains illusive while her biological clock ticks louder with each passing day until serendipity provides her with the perfect man to share her dream life with…

Stephen Barrington Sterling III, CEO of a major financial group, has spent his youth rebuilding the family fortune. At fifty-four, his mid-life crisis is his lack of a family to share his success with…until he meets Taylor.

Together, this jet-setting couple appears to have everything going for them; but looks are often deceiving… and behind the privacy of their bedroom door, they are faced with a very real problem.

Does a woman walk away from love because the one she loves can’t satisfy her sexually?

Taylor Cooper says, “No!” and embarks on a journey into the dark, sensual world of Fem Dom to learn to embrace her own strength and noir sensuality. With great inner courage, she faces the colossal pride of a man more at home in the boardroom than his bedroom and attempts to change the dynamic of their relationship.The question is, will Stephen Barrington Sterling III be able to embrace submission


Let's celebrate with some FemDom moments from the ad world...

Can you identify the ads? Correctly place all 5 photos and win a copy of Control when it is released!!

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Xandra Gregory said...

I dunno about where they come from, but damn, that first pic is HAWT.