Please Don't Confuse The Two...

I have many friends who are involved in loving, caring, if at times difficult to manage...polyamorous relationships (meaning that they have more than one partner and all partners involved are aware of the fact that others are involved) And I will not say that every polyamorous relationship is sane or healthy, usually the people involved figure it out quickly enough and make the changes necessary to stay sane and healthy themselves. Here is a good link...http://www.polyweekly.com

Polyamory is between consenting ADULTS...

What is not polyamory?
Cheating...which is when only one person knows that they are having other partners involved...and I especially abhor...I cannot say this strongly enough the person who is knowingly in a polyamorous relationship and decides to tell the other that they want to add to the list of partners (until they decide if they like them enough to involve them)...huh?

The excuse is...why tell (them) about x and y if it isn't going to work out...
Uhhh...this is a hard question?
This is (yes I'm going to through the big word out there that no one wants linked to sexuality these days...) immoral! Because (they) are now having sex with all of you whether they know it or not (and do not tell me...I use protection...so they are safe).

That's a whole other soapbox for me...

What is not polyamory?

My heart is breaking for a lot of women today because they have been kept prisoner...prisoner to a marriage that they may (or may not) have agreed to...and married to a church that didn't keep them safe. Now, they are separated from their children while the investigation into the well-being of all concerned is looked into.

I can understand the why.
As in why the kids have been taken from their mothers...
I think there has to be a better solution.

So before you mistake polyamory with **fundamentalist religious polygamy...get the facts. There's a world of difference. Especially when it involves 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old teenagers forced into marriage with older men (40, 50, 60) and used as brood mares.

**The intent is not to show disrespect for any one single religion, because though the target of the sting represented in the news this week, they are not the only guilty religion doing so.

**The sect in the news is a break-away group denounced by the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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