The Official Game Choice Of Roxy

Wanna play a game? Traveler IQ is my favorite! If you scroll to the bottom of my page...you too can play during those random moments of boredom that happen to all of us sooner or later...

Go ahead...try it! Beat my score! Today I'm trying to beat my high score 170, 987...and Minsk, Belarus is my Achilles...I need to nail that one because the computer seems to remember what I don't know...drats! My plan is to research Minsk...pound it into my brain...and achieve Level 7!

And as far as Minsk goes on a more personal note...not sure I'd ever want to visit...according to the US Embassy based in Minsk, they seem a little unfriendly to Americans.

I know...I'm such a geek.
Post your high scores in the comments section! And don't worry, I won't be offended if you beat my high score. I hope you do! It will challenge me to try harder next time!

Hugs all around!

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