JERR reviewed So, You Want A Job...

I received an awesome review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews for So, You Want A Job.

Here's what was in their newsletter, it should be posted to their site soon!

Title: So You Want a Job?
Author: Roxy Harte
Publisher: Loose-Id
Reviewer: L.T. Blue
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat Level: H

Morgan James unfortunately became the scapegoat of Wall Street and has recently been evicted from her penthouse. Morgan has no other choice but to find a job and she will do anything to get one, even one that doesn't come close to her previous role of CEO. Donathan Cannon has a personal vendetta against the woman he blames for a foreclosure on a senior citizen complex where his paternal grandmother resides. When Donathan hears of Morgan's fate he has the perfect revenge in mind, competing with others in a reality TV show to be his personal assistant. Donathan begins to realize that his dominant streak is showing when it comes to Morgan, could she be the submissive he didn't know he needed?

So You Want a Job? is a fast paced book that kept me thoroughly entertained. Morgan’s character had so many layers that I enjoyed. Donathan’s character was consistent throughout the story, even while he was fighting an internal battle. There was a spark of chemistry on Donathon's part before he even met Morgan that proved there is a thin line between love and hate. There were numerous attempts to put the spark out before it exploded and I am happy to report the sexual chemistry burned long and bright into the sexual relationship of Donathan and Morgan.

Under all of the sex, BDSM, spanking, and other love play there is a unique story line that connects Donathan and Morgan. Morgan’s discovery of her submissive ways with Donathan is actually very moving. The sex between Morgan and Donathan has so many elements and required a great deal of stamina between spanking, nipple and anal play. The sexual acts between Donathan and Morgan took a different meaning and tone each time they came together and that was a lot. There are many secondary characters yet each one played a big part on keeping things moving.

A warning, there is a secret fantasy turned dubious consent of a 'gang bang' that may offend some readers. Even with some of the humiliation scenes a little over the top, there are also scenes that will pull on your heartstrings. So You Want a Job? is another good story by Ms. Harte.

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