Sacred Secrets TOP PICK of The Month

Dark Diva's recommends Sacred Secrets as one of their Top Picks from October.

Here is a portion of their review:
Jen said: "There was a lot of action and emotion packed into Sacred Secrets. Roxy Harte took me on a roller coaster ride of new experiences and self-revelation. I truly enjoyed watching Celia’s transformation from fetish reporter to BDSM slave. It was insightful, descriptive and, at times, poignant. My heart went out to both of these characters and I felt vested in the outcome.

Without the underlying suspense storyline this book would have still been quite interesting and engaging; however, the suspense ratcheted up the anticipation of reading each page.

This book had a fantastic ending in and of itself, but also a cliffhanger for lack of a better work. I, for one, cannot wait for the second book in the Chronicles of Surrender Series to find out what happens to Garrett and Celia (oh, and we mustn’t forget Thomas!)."

Thank you Jen and Dark Diva's for reviewing Sacred Secrets!

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