I officially am taking the rest of the year off...no writing, no thinking about characters...no plotting or settings...just a nice, quiet few days with my family...


Going to see Avatar in 3-D

Researching dreadlocks...for me...not a book idea.

Returning to my twice a day yoga/meditation practice which has been sorely neglected.

Fixing my diet because after 15 years of 90% veganism, I backslid, and added some meat, which fixed one health issue but added about a dozen others. So after a few days of water and juice fasting and a couple of weeks all-raw, I should be able to get back onto the vegan wagon...

Other than that, I may play a whole bunch of Facebook Apps...get caught up on all the blogs I haven't read...post a few blog entries of my own... and really plan 2010 around life-balance.

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