Because Someone Asked

A friend asked, "So what order should I read your books in?"

Here was my answer:

My absolute favorite, probably because it was my first "baby", is Sacred Secrets:) which offers an insider look at a BDSM lifestyle club...

My second fav is "So, You Want A Job?" about a wall-street diva on the verge of homelessness after the 'crash' and what lengths she'll go to...

I love the menage "Voyeur" which has a diagnosed sadist as one of the three... followed by Edge.

After that its kind of a crap shoot. Of course, I think they are all good lol
So here is an exact list of all available and/or their coming soon dates:) Most links are in the blogs sidebar:)

Series from Lyrical Press:
Chronicles of Surrender are: 1) Sacred Secrets (avail in print)
coming soon: 2) Sacred Revelations 3) Unholy Promise 4) Echo of Redemption
all Chronicles will be avail in print

The rest are digital...
Two-Book from Loose-Id:
1) Voyeur 2) Edge

Another 2-book coming soon from Loose-Id:
1) Painted Lady 2) Soiled Dove

Others are stand alone and can be read at any time:
coming soon are:
Liquid Silver Books: Prodigal Slave (11/17)
Samhain Publishing: Heart of Change (digital 3/10...print 9/10)
Loose-Id: Survival Instinct (2010)

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