A Continuation of Yesterday's Theme...

Yesterday we had lots of comments and discussion about women's Top Ten Fantasies...of course the reason why is because I'm writing a book on fantasy...and what women really fantasize about...

But let's talk about making those fantasies a reality...
How do you pull the idea out of your mind and share it with someone you love?

"People in relationships often don’t ask each other to do certain things simply because they are too shy to bring it up. This goes for both guys and girls: We fear that our partners might think we are a bit too weird." -askmen.com

First, I'd say start a conversation about fantasies, making it clear that it is only fantasy...you may find that just talking about each other's fantasies adds a new edgier, sexy feel to your relationship...

Then, after you are comfortable talking about the fantasies, have a conversation about which fantasy you might want to see become a reality...don't worry if you talk about it and it doesn't happen the next day. Honestly it make take months for each of your comfort zones to reach a level to try something new with each other...especially when you both have very strong ideas about how your fantasy evolves.

That is the most imporatnt part of the next step. Your partner will be able to enact his/her version of the fantasy, but will never duplicate your fantasy exactly...it may turn out even better...but one thing is certain, it will be slightly different.

(This advice is for both partners)
Pick a day when you are not rushed.
Get a sitter.
Take time to set up a sensual, relaxing atmosphere.
Dress or groom with special care to make this a very special occasion.

Okay, from there...it's your fantasy...
I thought it would be fun to list the top six "Dirty Things She Really Wants to do But Is Afraid to Ask For List" from AskMen.com
(I am so glad they have time to do surveys btw)
1. Sex In A Public Place
2. Anal Sex
3. Filming It
4. Going To A Strip Club Together
5. Light Bondage
6. Role-playing Dress-up games

If you feel like you could enjoy a little sexual adventure or two, but are too shy to ask, hint that you'd like to talk about your fantasies. Admit you are shy. Then once you've peeked his curiosity don't be surprised if he doesn't ask you to reveal one. And one isn't so hard! Be brave.

Don’t forget the best sex comes to those who communicate.
So don't wait!

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