Hardest Critic...

There is a monster who lives inside my head, and I keep her fairly tame, but if I am awake and writing between 3am and 4am...she goes berserk. She is my worst critic...

She points out rambling pages of nothingness and insists I get to the fucking point...even if it means deleting pages and pages...that I thought were fairly intuitive into my characters mind.
"That doesn't matter...move the story along...get to the action."


Last night at 3:01a.m. I hit my goal mark of 35K for my WIP...
Then I read it front to back...
At 4:25a.m. my word count was 24K...I have my inner critic to thank.

This morning I wonder...was it really that awful? I mean, isn't every word that types from my fingers magical? My inner critic who is slumbering sweetly now just laughed in her sleep.

My grandbabies are coming for a visit today and we will be running wild in the fields of wildflowers behind our house, tossing rocks into the lake, and hopefully seeing lots of wee animals to tell mommy about.

When we get too hot from our adventures the $15. plastic kiddie pool is waiting under the pergola for lots of splashing excitement.

And when we are too tired to explore and splash we have the best DVD in the world to watch...a rousting combination of our favorite episodes of SpongeBobSquarePants, the Backyardigans, and Wonder Pets.

I am soooo looking forward to today.

I am not looking forward to the moment after they head back for home because I am already biting at the bit to open my WIP to see what in the hell my Monster Critic did to it.

Just before we both passed out (5a.m.) she was mumbling about bacchanalia. (See more on yesterday's post for why this has anything to do with it...)

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