WIP WT Pornstar Now With Editor

Alleluia! I finally managed to get the WIP I've been working on for about three months sent to my editor at Loose-Id. The working title is Porn Star but as with the last book...the title seems subject to change. Either way it is a huge relief to have it out the door and someone looking at it other than me:)

My goal has always been to get four books finished and released in a year...
I'm still trying, I've never hit my goal...
Maybe 2008 is the year.
So far there is...

1. Unholy Promises releasing this summer with Liquid Silver Press.

2. Control releasing July 22 from Loose-Id

3. Porn Star is currently in the very beginning stages at Loose-Id but if I could get an acceptance then that would put me at three and that would be awesome!

In addition, over the rest of July I hope to finish up the WIP Submissive's Journey which is the follow-up to Submissive that was released 11/2007 from Loose-Id. And I am very excited about it coming soon...target still a 2008 release.

And August I have committed to finish a paranormal that I have been working on ... very off and on... for a decade. Which is intended for submission to Samhain.

So my summer is wrapping up as very busy, also considering that I will have my two granddaughters visiting the first two weeks of August!

So...how are you spending your summer???

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