Kitten Play...

What is Kitten Play?

Kitten play is similar to Pony Play and is often seen in the BDSM community, though it may be more prominent in Asia than in the United States. Participants enjoy dressing in character, including ears and tail, and possibly furry leggings and arm wraps and being "forced" to take part in humiliating acts such as:

Crawling on hands and knees.
Communicating with purrs and meows
Drinking and eating from a pet bowl
Wearing a collar (bells and name tags are nice extras)
Sleeping on the floor, in a kennel cage, or on a pet pillow.
Being walked on a leash both privately and publicly.
Forced to use a litterbox

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Jolie Cain said...

Meow! ;)

Xandra Gregory said...

::snerk:: I dunno how your cats behave (since I've never seen them) but mine never fail to own the joint...even when they use the litter box. Between me and my cats, I'm pretty sure I know who's the sub in the relationship! :P

Nicole King said...

Meow from a fellow kitten https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kitten-Scratch-Kinky-Playhouse/369824663144916