Writing! Finally...

Yesterday I finally had a great writing day...after months of being ill and slow writing days...I finally had a 9-K writing day! Halleluia! And all of it in the Chronicles of Surrenders series, so I'm not as panicked now as I was a few weeks ago and I feel like if I can have a few more really good days I can really wrestle Cries of Penance into some semblance of a story...

The problem is...I know how it begins...I know how it ends...and I know all the bits in the middle...but the elements of those middle bits keep wriggling around and they're really hard to grab hold of...

And so I've been struggling.

I also am having some trouble ripping the hearts out of my characters this story...usually I have no problem. Make them cry and scream and beg for mercy. I've got no problems with that. But for some reason, maybe its because I was seeing Cries of Surrender as the final installment, my characters were being difficult.

Well, no more. I caved in and gave them what they wanted.
This morning I woke up and hand wrote 2-K in my bedside tablet before I even climbed out of bed...and I titled it "Hallowed Screams" ... I don't know if it will make it as a full length novel but it tidies up everything that just won't fit into Cries of Surrender. AND it opened up the writing process for me to get an additional 7-K into the story I'm on deadline for.

I ended the day on a high note and for any author that's the bottom line.

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