While I'm Writing...

So, for the next few days I'm going to be hitting Cries of Penance hard...write

I have to get this story under control!

So while I'm writing, I want you to consider a few things...

First, I put out a call for "kitties" to profile here on my blog, and though I've had some response, it wasn't overwhelming...so please consider showing the world (My Readers) your pretty-kitty faces!

Second, give my newest release HEART OF CHANGE a read! It's currently #3 on the My Bookstore and More Erotica Chart! I'm really excited about that...and I'm hoping my loyal readers will help it stay there...and maybe even climb higher on the charts!

And finally, if you haven't started reading the Chronicles of Surrender yet...now's the time...Book 4 is coming soon and I'm writing Book 5...and let me tell you...this series is HOT!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
The links will take you to excerpts and more:)

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