Sunshine Four Days in a Row!

I know that at some point this summer, I will be complaining that it is too hot, that I'm tired of the sun, and I just wish it would rain, but for now I am hoping that the weather forecast of several days of raining starting tomorrow is wrong!

The sun is shining!
If you don't live in Ohio you may not appreciate the exclamation point...but if you do I'm certain you understand and feel the exact same way.

God, what a long winter it has been. Dark and dreary, frigid cold and snowy. Many of you know that I was very sick...off and on since Thanksgiving, the worst of it the last three weeks of January and first two weeks of February. So, to be feeling mostly better and have something to look forword to (my garden) is phenomenal.

Yesterday, I got my potato and pea beds ready to plant....and ordered some seeds. This morning I sat on the back porch, soaking up the rays and planning out my raised beds. I should have been writing, I have a WIP under deadline...

Now, I'm behind my computer, but finding it hard getting started on the WIP because my heart and mind are still outside under the sunshine...

Maybe it better rain a few days in a row so that I can get cracking on this story. Or maybe I'll just go back out in the sunshine and write after dark. Hmm, now that's a plan.

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Jolie Cain said...

Ack! Rained here again today.