You Can't Write That!

When I first started writing a book tentatively titled Porn Star...I emailed the first three chapters to my critique partner to gauge if I was or wasn't on the right track...

Within 20, maybe 30, minutes she called me and before "hello" even came out of my mouth she was screaming into the phone, "You can't write this!"

She wasn't playing around...
Something in those first pages triggered a very emotional response in her and although I consider myself a masochist at heart there is a part of me that gets VERY giddy whenever I can trigger a BIG emotional response.

I wanted to know why she felt the way she did and we talked ourselves in circles for over an hour as to why it was such a bad idea.

A porn star's career can seem (in her mind) demeaning to women (or the way I see it...empowering)

F/F doesn't fly in this market (her argument)
Someone had to break the M/M barrier and write the cowboy movie (my argument)

There was more but I don't really remember THE MORE, I only remember her passion. I remember her begging me to shelve it. And when I hung up I was so upset by the conversation my husband guessed, "Not a go?"

And I was equally passionate in my response, "Oh, I'm writing it. No one gets THAT emotional in the first few pages to something that isn't worth being read. I have to write this book."

And so I kept writing...and the result has now been released by Samhain Publishing as Heart of Change. I hope you'll give it a read and let me know what you think.

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