I Collect Strays...

I'm the one who sees a stray dog on every corner...and sometimes have them follow me home. Okay, stray dogs follow me home a lot!

And cats...
I feed stray cats...even though everyone knows that if you feed them they won't ever go away.

This weekend posed a first.

Stray FISH.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It all started with a phone call between my daughter and her friend, because Beautiful Girl has been wanting a small tank for few fish...and word got out and about...and came back with an offer from a friend of a friend of a...well, you get the point. For $30 and free delivery a 50 gallon aquarium could be ours.

Sure, why not?

So, the tank arrives...along with a bucket of fish.

Beautiful Girl is planning on keeping Butterfly Telescopes... and the bucket contains a 12" Shark Catfish, a 5" Bala Shark, and a 5" Pl*ka...(*=e but their is an old fish tale that if you write Pl*ka with the "e" in place your fish will die)

After some emotionally drama...and threats of throwing the fish in the river...too much testosterone in the room (3 teenage boys) it was decided that I would take in the "stray" FISH.

An hour later we discover the 50 gallon tank isn't going to navigate the turns up two flights of stairs to Beautiful Girl's bedroom. MORE ANGST.

I promise Beautiful Girl a different tank (which we got this weekend, 29 gallon tank that would fit up the stairs.)

The 50 gallon tank turned out to be a 75 gallon tank upon closer inspection...and it now houses the three stray fish...in my living room.

I'm actually getting kind of attached to the little guys...aren't they cute?


Jolie Cain said...

Sharks are cool...unless you're swimming with them. lol!

Jack said...

What a deal, thirty bucks for all that and fish too!