E-Books, According to the NY Times

Do you remember when the US Postal Service went insane because e-mail was "free" and they wanted their cut because email was going to be the ruination of the postal system?

Or maybe you remember the panic when AOL and others started "giving us" the news and there was an outcry to "save" the newspaper...

Well the fear of changing technology continues as evidenced by this recent article in the NY Times, suggesting to keep ebooks at a high price to slow the demise of the print book, because who would want a print book aside from a collector or an aficionado?


At the end of the article there is a quote by Anne Rice, one of my many author heros...and I agree with her.

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Jolie Cain said...

It's a changing world, for sure. Publishers are having a difficult time finding their feet right now. It'll be interesting to see what things are like five or ten years from now in the world of music, publishing, etc.