I started edits on Cries of Penance...wow.
I never considered the emotion I'd be swallowed up in as I sat reading it, editing it, tweaking it...all knowing that this is the final book for the menage. I've already contacted my editor that the edits on this story is going to take a bit longer than the others have. (no fears...the release date will stay on target)

It's just hard letting go, letting the menage fly...

I'm crying as I type this, broken.
Without knowing the whole story, I'm certain that's hard to understand.

This series was begun during a very emotionally trying time for me--an escape--from the pain I was feeling in real life. I was caring for my parents, elderly and disabled. My father dementia. My mother partially paralyzed from multiple strokes. I was also homeschooling three daughters and watching my second marriage disintegrate. And then everything tumbled...

My father died. My mother died. My first husband-first love-died. My second marriage ended.

Garrett and Celia and Thomas and Jackie saw me through the rough spots.
Is there any wonder I can't reflect back on the beginning now that I'm at the ending without crying?

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