NEWS FLASH!! Vow of Silence, A Chronicle of Surrender:Dr. Pysho

The good news:
Doctor Psycho's story has just been accepted!!!!!

The bad news:
It won't release until April 2011...
I know, so sad! But Lyrical Press is growing and Growing...YAY...which makes scheduling tighter and tighter.

More Info (this is by no means a blurb just the inner workings of my mind run amok):

Titled VOW OF SILENCE, it is in the writing stage, and will focus of George Kirkpatrick, a once well renowned psychiatrist to the stars of LA, whose career was destroyed by the accusations of a young girl, who found solace and a new identity, Doctor Psycho, at Lewd Larry's Fetish Fantasy Nightclub.

It will reveal the inner workings of Lewd Larrys...readers will meet clients, be privy to client sessions...
It will explore George's relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends...
It will reveal what happens when the young girl, now a grown woman, is thrust back into his life...

So, I'm excited! Need to get writing!!

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