Survival Instinct 5-Nymph Review

Survival Instincts has been reviewed at Literary Nymphs Reviews and received their highest rating! 5 Nymphs.
Here is a partial of the review:

"Roxy Harte brings us love and adventure on a beautiful Montana mountainside in Survival Instinct. Right away, my heart went out for Brian. Tobias is a man who makes me want to purposely be stranded on a mountain where I’ll require his special brand of TLC to recuperate. Sexy, handsome, with a heart of gold, he was just what Brian needed to move forward with his life. The story is a mix of action, suspense, spine tingling sex and raw emotions, which makes it a winner in my book. This is the second story I’ve read by Roxy Harte, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Pick up a copy and enjoy."

I am very excited that Survival Instinct is being well received by both readers and reviewers since it was my first M-M release. So excited that I've started another M-M erotic romance:)

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