I Love Fan Mail!

I received a note over the weekend about Heart of Change and this is what it said (spoilers editted out): 

Loved HEART OF CHANGE, all the way through.  I found the story quite realistic, in a good way. (Though I know very little about being a porn star). I know girls. I know boys. I know love. This story was awesome. I would love to read more about Geri and Simone. Thanks for another great book Roxy,

And that's a great way to start my day...with positive feedback! I am also very stoked that Heart of Change is still on MBAM's GLBT Top Ten List! Hoorah!

Now, I'm back to the keyboard...
8K Sunday, 10 K yesterday... hoping for another stellar writing day!
So, if you emailed or called in the last 2 days...my phone has been locked in the glovebox of my car....

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